Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Rocky Horror Picture Show 1975

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This is the best CULT Rock'n'Roll Musical ever ...
Tim Curry is the sweet Transvestite from the planet Transexual ,
Transylvania and he is very - very horny .

Φορεστε τις ψηλοτακουνες γοβες σας , το διχτυωτο καλσον σας ,
και ελατε να μπιθουλιαστουμε !!!

Το σουτιεν μου !!!

Καποιος μου εκλεψε το σουτιεν μου !
Γαμωτοτο ! Αχ ! Καλε !
Μη μου ρουφας το αυτι !
Θα καταπιεις το σκουλαρικι !

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is the 1975 film adaptation of the British classic rock musical stageplay,
The Rocky Horror Show, written by Richard O'Brien.
The film is a parody of science fiction and B-movie horror films.


Tim Curry : As Dr. Frank-N-Furter : A scientist.

Susan Sarandon : As Janet Weiss : A heroine. Sweet and somewhat naive.

Barry Bostwick : As Brad Majors : A hero. The clean-cut fiance of Janet Weiss.

Richard O'Brien : As Riff Raff : A handyman. Frank's minion and Magenta's brother.

Patricia Quinn : As Magenta : A domestic. Riff
Raff's sister.

Nell Campbell : As Columbia : A groupie. A tapdancer.
Self-proclaimed lover of Frank, and formerly involved with Eddie.

Jonathan Adams : As Dr. Everett V. Scott: A rival scientist. Brad and Janet's high school science teacher .

Peter Hinwood : As Rocky Horror : A creation. Blond-haired and tanned, Rocky is mute except for his musical numbers.

Charles Gray : As The Criminologist : An expert. The film's narrator.

Meat Loaf : As Eddie : An ex-delivery boy.


1 Science fiction
2 Dammit Janet
3 Over at the Frankenstein place
4 The Time Warp
5 Sweet Transvestite
6 I can make you a man
7 Hot Patootie Bless my soul
8 I can make you man
9 Touch - A , Touch - A , Touch me
10 Eddie
11 Rose tint my world
12 I'm going home
13 Super heroes
14 Science Fiction

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  1. I am very happy that you posted this, but the link to part 2 actually goes to the part 1 page. Could you please put the link to the correct second half?

    1. @ Anonymous : Thnx for your comment , the Flac Link for Part 2 is restored now . You can take it . Greetings from Athens - Greece .