Friday, November 14, 2008

10.000 Maniacs : In My Tribe (1987)

This is one of my favorite albums of the 80's . The voice and the poetry of Natalie Merchant are a complete Psychosis without boundaries . Their sound is not Country , is not Indie , is not like everybody else . Of course you can dream listening the voice of Natalie Merchant , but you can make your nightmares come true reading her lyrics . Smash your bottle in the wall and take the road with the Beat Boys of San Francisco. This is the era of Jack Kerouac .


Hey Jack Kerouac ,
I thing of your mother and the tears she cried
she cried for none other than her little boy
lost in our little world
that hated and that dared to drag him down .

Hey Jack
You chose your words
from mouths of babes
got lost in the wood
Cool junk booting madmen
street minded girls in Harlem howling at night .

You've gone away without saying goodbye . Hey Jack
Of the San Francisco beat boys
you were the favorite .
Allen baby , why so jaded ?
Have the boys all grown up
and their beauty faded ?
Tracx :

1. What' s the matter here ?
2. Hey Jack Kerouac
3. Like the weather
4. Cherry tree
5. The painted desert
6. Don't talk
7. Peace train
8. Gun shy
9. My sister rose
10. A campfire song
11. City of angels
12. Verdi cries

Take it HERE  Flac  Size : 281 MB

" Don' t talk " is a great big song


  1. Natalie Merchant is a recent discovery for me, thanks for sharing this album! but unfortunately the piece number four Cherry Tree is missing XD...Could you post it, please?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I was in vacation about 2 months this summer , now I am back in Athens . New link for 10000 Maniacs is ready now .