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Marnie - Woman With Bass [1994]


Label: Penguin Records GR
Catalog#: 30070
Format: LP, Album
Country: Greece
Released: 1994
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Experimental, Avantgarde, Melodic

Side A'
Tiger Be True
Woman With Bass
Coquette,Circus Girl
Lucky Fellow
Nude In Solitude

Side B'
Cinema Song
Seashell Song
Bubble Blues
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Take It Here [Zippy]
Take It Here []

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Real Name: Marnie Weber
Profile: Marnie is a performance artist hailing from Los Angeles. Her musical output is not her main focus, a love for bizarre and naive costumes, sculptures and film keeps her often away from recording. Her probably most popular piece of art can be found easily on A Thousand Leaves.
From 1979-1987 she was involved with The Party Boys, as song writer, bass player and singer. 3 Albums where published, the first being 'No Aggro' 1984 on Bruce Licher's Independent Project Records, followed in 1986 by 'Truckers/Strike' (Iridescence Records) and 'Daddyland' in 1987 via Nate Starkman & Son.
1986 to 1988 she worked as part-time assistant at Independent Project Records while recording her solo debut with Philip Drucker.
3 Albums followed, the first two being released on the Greek Penguin label and 'Cry For Happy' in 1996 on Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace! label. After a Best Of Collection she returned to a group effort in 2007 with The Spirit Girls.
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