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The Aggrolites : Reggae Hit L.A 2007

The Aggrolites are an amalgamation of two previous Los Angeles reggae and ska bands, the Vessels and the Rhythm Doctors. They formed in 2002 as a live backing band for reggae icon Derrick Morgan, and were asked to record music for a new Morgan album. The project was never released but the recording sessions inspired the Aggrolites to become a permanent band. They have served as the backing band for Phyllis Dillon, Scotty, Joseph Hill of Culture, Prince Buster, and Tim Armstrong.

In 2003, the Aggrolites released their debut album, Dirty Reggae, on local reggae label Axe Records. The album was recorded at Signet Studios in Los Angeles in one day, with each song recorded in one take, and with many lyrics improvised on the spot. In November 2004, the Aggrolites were featured on Hellcat Records compilation Give 'Em the Boot IV, and were officially signed to Hellcat in October 2005. The Aggrolites' self-titled Hellcat debut was released on May 9, 2006. In December 2006 they toured the UK as the support band for Madness. The Aggrolites finished a collaboration with Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong for his new solo album, A Poet's Life. They are providing the instrumentals with Tim as lead singer.

They released a new album on June 5, 2007 called Reggae Hit L.A., which won an IGN award for Best Reggae Album of 2007.

The Aggrolites made an appearance on the Nick Jr. show Yo Gabba Gabba!, created by Christian Jacobs, lead singer of The Aquabats.

The band's name comes from the English slang term agro, which is commonly thought to be short for aggravation or aggression (often referring to violence).


1. Work It (4:14)
2. Faster Bullet (3:12)
3. You Got 5 (2:53)
4. Reconcile (4:33)
5. Reggae Hit L.A. (3:06)
6. Let's Pack Our Bags (4:10)
7. Left Red (3:05)
8. Free Time (3:01)
9. Lucky Streak (3:06)
10. Rhythm & Light (4:03)
11. Well Runs Dry (a.k.a. Free Soul) (3:31)
12. Hip to It (2:58)
13. Fire Girl (3:20)
14. Baldhead Rooster (Chapter 3) (3:11)
15. We Came to Score (3:50)
16. Hidden Track (18:35)
The hidden track is composed primarily of repeating drum beats.
There is also another hidden track on this album. If one rewinds the CD from the beginning of "Work It", there is a honky-tonk style instrumental song.

Reggae Hit L.A. is the third full-length studio album from Los Angeles reggae band The Aggrolites. It is also their second album for Hellcat Records, following their May 2006 self-titled release. The album was released 2 weeks after Tim Armstrong's debut album, A Poet's Life, on which The Aggrolites served as the backing band.

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26 August
Thessaloniki : Block 33

27 August
Athens : AN Club
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This album won an IGN award for Best Reggae Album of 2007.


Jesse Wagner - Vocals, Lead Guitar
Roger Rivas - Organ, Piano
Brian Dixon - Rhythm Guitar
J Bonner - Bass
Korey "Kingston" Horn - Drums

Additional Musicians

Tom Cook - Trombone
Boogie Jones - Saxophone
MC Junor Francis - DJ on "You Got 5"
Background chants by Nicki Mansuetti, Christina Wagner, and Gabe Aguirre


Hellcat Records

Ευχαριστώ πάλι αυτό το παλιοPunkόσκυλο τον Τάσο που ντρέπομαι να τον έχω φίλο μου !
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