Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Dead Boys : Night Of The Living Dead Boys 1981

This is a Bootleg LP Album not available on CD

The Dead Boys were an American punk band from Cleveland , Ohio . Among one of the first bands to play punk rock , the band was initially active from 1976 to 1979 , they reunited several times until a so far permanent break-up in 2005 .

The Dead Boys evolved out of the band Rocket From The Tombs and were originally called Frankenstein . When the band members relocated to New York City in July 1976 , they adopted the name by which they are best known .

Moving to New York City at the encouragement of Joey Ramone , the Ramones' lead singer , the Dead Boys quickly gained notoriety for their outrageous live performances . Lewd gestures and profanity were the norm . On more than one occasion , lead singer Stiv Bators slashed his stomach with his mic stand . They frequently played at the legendary rock club CBGB and in 1977 they released their debut album , Young , Loud and Snotty , produced by Genya Ravan . Their song "Sonic Reducer" is often regarded as one of the classics of the punk genre , with Allmusic calling it "one of punk's great anthems.

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1. Detention home - 3rd Generation
2. All this and more
3. Caught with the meat in your mouth
4. Tell me
5. Catholic boy
6. Won't look back


1. Ain' t fun
2. What love is
3. Ain' t nothing to do
4. I need lunch
5. Son of Sam
6. Sonic reducer

Recorded Live at CBGB
Label : BOMP Records
Genre : Punk
Made in L.A - U.S.A
Format : Vinyl LP
Bitrate 320

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  1. αφου πηρα τικετς(ουαου) για τον εξωστη..δεν στο ειπα προχθες?
    anyway...μεγαλη μπαντα φιλε..
    χωρις λαλακιες.
    ο stiv bators ηταν κ παραμενει
    μπραβο σου φιλτατε κωστακη.

  2. rats i downloaded this and it was something called cracker .....where is the dead Boys ??

  3. @ DEMON:Trying to restore so many dead links it's very easy to do some mistakes.I restored over 250 links in only 2 weeks.I confused the link of "Cracker" with the link of "The Dead Boys".Now it's ok my friend,you can download it.Many thnx for the comment,it was impossible to know the problem without it.

  4. I Can Understand !!! We Are All But Human , Thanx For The Reup.....