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dEUS : In A Bar Under The Sea 1996

The band , whose songs are primarily sung in English , was founded in Antwerp in 1989 , but did not get its form until after Humo's Rock Rally of 1992 . In the tour that followed through Spain , set up by Filip Eyckmans , they laid the foundation for their sound . Deus displays a wide range of influences , including Captain Beefheart , Frank Zappa , Big Star , Sonic Youth , Flipper , Rapeman , Sun Ra and Mingus-style jazz , Leonard Cohen and the Velvet Underground . Consequently , they incorporate a wide variety of styles , including pop , folk , free jazz , noise rock and progressive into their work . They became the most successful (and influential) Belgian rock band ever .


Studio albums

Worst Case Scenario (1994)
In a Bar, Under the Sea (1996)
The Ideal Crash (1999)
Pocket Revolution (2005)
Vantage Point (2008)

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Tracks :

1. I Don't Mind What Ever Happens 0:46
2. Fell Off the Floor, Man 5:13
3. Opening Night 1:38
4. Theme from Turnpike 5:46
5. Little Arithmetics 4:30
6. Gimme the Heat 7:38
7. Serpentine 3:17
8. A Shocking Lack Thereof 5:52
9. Supermarketsong 1:56
10. Memory of a Festival 1:52
11. Guilty Pleasures 4:23
12. Nine Threads 3:34
13. Disappointed in the Sun 6:03
14. For the Roses 4:57 (also named "Roses")
15. Wake Me Up Before I Sleep 2:53


That's right I aim to please
That's right I aim to please

I'm acting like some kind of Victorian serf child
I have considered the possibility of trading fluids
on the platform of the underground station ,
but I have watched and I have seen ,
and I have counted all the passers-by
me and my friend here we have been engaged
in a search for some time months now
for houses hotels and highlights , experienced midwives .

For money to turn into medicine
and what do we find?
What do we find?
What do we find?
A shocking lack thereof. But wait...

Wear your moonboots , they suit you too

And more like Elvis Presley on the booze
believe that you have everything to lose .

That's right I aim to please
That's right I aim to please

Pay a visit to a nurse to have your head deloused
talk for hours about the politics of Mickey Mouse
You know how it is
Nighttimes , gotta get out of the house
Gotta get out of the house
Gotta get out of the house
Gotta get out of the house .

My life is for pleasure , a wiggle in flesh
I'm soaked and in malice , I'm all in distress .

And as I was promised my life is for rage
my guide is a drunk and a female bouquet .

My life's been mistaken for garbage and gold
My life is in private , I gotta move on 'till I'm old
'Till I'm old, 'till I'm old
I gotta move on 'till I'm old
I gotta move on 'till I'm old
That's right I aim to please
'Till I'm old, 'till I'm gone
'Till I'm gone, 'till I'm gone

Bitrate 320

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