Friday, September 11, 2009

Asian Dub Foundation : Concious Party 1998

The Asian Dub Foundation is better described as a group that arose from a community rap organization. The different forms of music include toasting , dub , funky guitars and many other African instrumentals .
One of their most influential tracks is named Strong Culture which gives the listener an idea of the Asian culture.
Their distinctive sound is a combination of hard ragga-jungle rhythms , indo-dub liners , searing sitar- inspired guitars and 'traditional' sounds gleaned from their parents record collections , shot through with fast-chat conscious lyrics .


1. Assassin (5:37) (Live)
2. Black White (3:47) (Live)
3. Naxalite (5:24) (Live)
4. Taa Deem (5:23) (Live)
5. Mentality (4:53) (Live)
6. Hypocrite (4:19) (Live)
7. Buzzing (5:25) (Live)
8. Charge (4:13) (Live)
9. Free Satpal Ram (5:17) (Live)
10. Tribute to John Stevens (5:15)
11. Free Satpal Ram (5:24) (ADF Sound System Remix)
12. Charge (5:03) (ADF Sound System Remix)
13. Digital Underclass (5:24)
14. Culture Move (4:35) (ADF vs. MC Navigator Disco Plate)


We will get inside your mind
You will pay for your crimes
We will bleed you dry
Your pockets will be empty
But you won't know why.

Redistribution is the name of the game
All the cash that you stash man
We're gonna give away
Lizard man beware
This is the digital underclass
Coming from places you've only seen from your car
Accountant, lawyer, financial adviser
PR Consultant, journalist, advertiser
We know your game
And you think that we're playing it
But when the bill comes through the door
You're gonna be paying

The word is community
We shout it with impunity
It's so uncool
It's incendiary
No slogans
No soundbites
But a long term plan
Teaching is the framework
Building chains of command
So when the Lizard Man sticks out his tongue
We pull out our scissors and do a hit and run.

This is the digital underclass...

Live Dates Greece
Friday 11 September
Asian Dub Foundation + guests Block 33, Θεσσαλονίκη
Saturday 12 September
Asian Dub Foundation + Anna Mystic + Funxion Gagarin 205, Αθήνα.

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Bitrate 320

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