Sunday, November 29, 2009

Peter Murphy : Alive Just For Love 2001

After the monumental Bauhaus reunion tour in late 1998, Peter Murphy quickly jumped back into his solo work, making around the U.S. during the new millennium. He didn't have a label or industry support, just the love of his fans. And in celebration of their dedication, Murphy issued a best-of collection on Beggars Banquet and took to the stage. Two successful legs surprised Murphy, and his expanding fan base as well. For everyone instantly took to his new musical boundaries of Middle Eastern authenticities while forever appreciating his solo hits. To thank his loyal fans, Murphy issued his eighth album Alive Just for Love in summer 2001. Now with a new record deal (Metropolis), and a fresh fervor, this double-disc reflects the intimate evening captured at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles.The songs were stripped and delicately approached while Murphy's harkening vocals never sounded so lush. Accompanied by Peter DiStefano (Porno for Pyros) on guitar and violin virtuoso Hugh Marsh, Alive Just for Love highlights personal appeal and intricate acoustic beauty on favorites like "All Night Long" and "Marlene Dietrich's Favourite Poem," however new song "Cool Cool Breeze" exudes a sweet airiness to Murphy's approach to songwriting. "Keep Me From Harm" from 1994's Holy Smoke glitters with Marsh's violin plucking composing a new-fangled sneakiness to the song itself. "Cuts You Up" slides fragile bow guitar licks with Murphy's hushing vocals, bringing the most cheers of adoration from the crowd. Disc two is short with a rare performance by Bauhaus mate David J. on "Who Killed Mr. Moonlight" and "All We Ever Wanted Was Everything." Humble and enjoying his cult-like status, Peter Murphy appears grateful for what he does for a living. He's a perfectionist, but with added humility. Alive Just for Love personifies that exact thing.


CD 1

1. Cool Cool Breeze (Live Version)
2. All Night Long (Live Version)
3. Keep Me From Harm (Live Version)
4. Indigo Eyes (Live Version)
5. Subway (Live Version)
6. I'll Fall With Your Knife (Live Verson)
7. Marlene Dietrich's Favourite Poem (Live Version)
8. A Strange Kind Of Love (Live Version)
9. My Last Two Weeks (Live Version)
10. Big Love Of A Tiny Fool (Live Version)
11. Gliding Like A Whale (Live Version)
12. Cuts You Up (Live Version)
13. Time Has Got Nothing To Do With It (Live Version)
14. Angelic Harmony (Live Version)

CD 2

15. Who Killed Mr. Moonlight (Live Version)
16. All We Ever Wanted Was Everything (Live Version)
17. Hope (Midnight Proposal) (Album Version)
18. Love Me Tender (Album Version)

Double CD

Bitrate 320

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