Monday, March 22, 2010

No Man's Land : Home In The Sky 2008

Is a Greek Psychedelic Rock Band formed in Athens at 1985 .
They took their name from a Syd Barrett's song .

Home in the sky was released in 2008 by Anazitisi Records

No Man’s Land , a band from Athens , Greece , whose music defies easy categorization but for the sake of simplicity could be said to belong to the ever-elusive realm of psychedelic rock , have been around since the late eighties .

After almost a decade of activity , which included hundreds of gigs as well as the release of an LP and an EP (“Zalion” and “The Reality Trip” respectively , gems still much sought-after among connoisseurs) , the band decided to embark on a lengthy hiatus , during which the individual members pursued various other, mainly musical, interests.

Then , in 2002 , three of the five original members got together , started writing new songs and rehearsing. The gigs soon followed.

What emerged was essentially a new band , which drew on its past while concentrating on its future: new members (drums, keyboards, violin, trumpet) arrived to weave their magic and shape new music and songs which incorporate sundry diverse elements without ever sounding all over the place.

No Man’s Land’s vision lies beyond the hype, beyond the easy-listening pretensions of today’s forgettable post-indie mainstream. Their live shows are showcases of energy, excitement and unpredictability, as those who have experienced them will readily testify. And now, at last, their new album is ready: “Home in the Sky”, on ANAZITISI Records on CD.

Psychedelic space funk , avant psych – rock , call it what you will – we call it music to dream and groove to.

Personnel: Vassilis Athanassiades (vocals, guitar)
George Papageorgiades (bass, vocals)
Chris Triantafillopoulos (drums)
Tina Psalida (violin, vocals)
Chris Avramoudas (keyboards, programming)
George Tzivas (percussion)
Michalis Vassiliou (keyboards)
George Pavlis (trumpet)

CD version contains 13 tracks


1. Brand new sun
2. Arcane
3. war town
4. Peace in mind
5. D.P.
6. Monkey in the twilight
7. Spiral
8. News from the sun
9. Long summer nights
10. Destination
11. This time
12. Oh.Jericho
13. Kill the beat

News from the sun

Cool like a kiss
soft like the breeze
bright like the news from the sun
try and you'll miss

Well , try again .

I' m not afaid anymore
stranded in time
time 's in your mind
I' m not afaid anymore
high summer , that's when she takes her flight
that's whenshe makes open my eyes .

This Time

Dance beneath those starnge constellations
falling into the night
tell the night to go to sleep
to go down and go deep
out of reach out of sight

This time were' gonna make it.

Stand up , Be strong , light up the Darkness.

This time we won't forget
we won't be crushed by the unexpected .

From your bottomless dream
throw it up , turn around , go piss in the wind
whisper : " Soon we' ll be free " .

Size : 142 MB
Bitrate 320
Take it HERE


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  4. please βαλτε τίποτα και απο echo tattoo...δεν βρίσκονται με τίποτα αυτά...

  5. @ Andreas :
    Έχεις δίκιο, και μένα μου αρέσουν πολύ οι Echo Tattoo,γιαυτό επιφυλάσσομαι λίαν συντόμως...

  6. thanks a lot , so rare Album but problem in track 13 - Kill the beat - No Man's Land bad rip : (
    if you have other albums of this perfect band form ancient Greece set for down thanks again .

    1. There is also the album "Home in the sky" on the Blog . Take it .

    2. Thanks about your comment . I will fix the problem as soon as possible . Now i am very busy to reupload all the dead links of the shit Rapidshare. Stay on line .

  7. Home in the sky > track 13 - - Kill the beat - No Man's Land -bad rip- can you set this track without (rip) problem on the blog for dl? this Album is so rare and fantastic here ,other sources on the net seems a copy of your rip, in other website track 13 of the Album (Home in the sky) have problem !! noise and crash...

    1. I tried to fix the problem.Now the track 13 is OK exept a very little problem,only for 1 second,cause my CD Disc is scrached on this song.After a few days(Next week) I will post another alboum of this great Band.Stay tuned.