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The Souther Hillman Furay Band : Trouble In Paradise 1975

The Souther Hillman Furay Band (SHF) was a country rock supergroup led by singer-songwriters :

J.D. Souther (Longbranch Pennywhistle , noted songwriter for Linda Ronstadt and Eagles)Richie Furay (Buffalo Springfield , Poco)
and Chris Hillman (The Byrds , The Flying Burrito Brothers , Manassas) .

The band recorded two albums during the 1970s before breaking up due to the disagreements between the members.

Formed in 1973 at the urging of Asylum Records president David Geffen, Souther-Hillman-Furay was the offspring of just about every notable country-rock band.

With producer Tom Dowd , known for his work at Atlantic Records , at the helm , the Souther-Hillman-Furay Band seemed to be distancing itself a bit from its country-rock roots with its second release , the appropriately titled " Trouble in Paradise " . Here the band expands on the funkier aspects of its debut album , while at the same time slipping even closer to the middle of the road . Originally released by Asylum Records in 1975 and reissued on CD in 2002 by Wounded Bird .

The highlights are from Souther and Furay and are mainly on the old side two . Souther's " Prisoner in disguise " is a great slow paced composition about a sour relationship and has a damned good middle 8 or variation . And his " Somebody must be wrong " is West Coast with soul and funks along like a Steely Dan composition .
In Poco , Richie Furay's songs were often right out there , loosely grounded flights of pedal steel fantasy .

Here though , his songs are more solidly bedded down and " For someone I love " and " On the line " are both excellent songs with great hooks . It's got a great chorus.
At the time they came out , in the mid seventies , there was a plethora of good West Coast music out and so this album and it's predecessor didn't cause much of a stir .

The band was finished by 1976 following Trouble in Paradise's poor showing , with each of its primary members recording solo records for Asylum within the year .


1. The Souther Hillman Furay Band (Asylum Records, 1974) US #11
2. Trouble in Paradise (Originally on Asylum Records now available on Line
Records, 1975) US #39


J.D. Souther - vocals, guitar, drums
Chris Hillman - vocals, bass, mandolin
Richie Furay - vocals, guitar
Paul Harris - keyboards, flute
Al Perkins - guitar, pedal steel, dobro
Joe Lala - percussion
Jim Gordon - drums (1973-74)
Ron Grinel - drums (1975-76)


1 Trouble in Paradise Souther 5:05
2 Move Me Real Slow Hillman 3:03
3 For Someone I Love Furay 2:56
4 Mexico Souther 3:14
5 Love and Satisfy Hillman 2:59
6 On the Line Furay 3:40
7 Prisoner in Disguise Souther 4:51
8 Follow Me Through Hillman 3:50
9 Somebody Must Be Wrong Souther 3:49

Size : 78 MB
Format : Vinyl LP
Label : Asylum Records
Made in : Los Angeles , Californ ia , USA
Genre : Country Rock
Bitrate : 320 MB

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