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VA - Objectivity The Object Singles Album



The Object Singles Album


Label: Object Music
Catalog#: OBJ 006
Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation
Country: UK
Released: 1979
Genre: Rock
Style: New Wave []

A1 Spherical Objects - The Kill
A2 Spherical Objects - The Knot
A3 Steve Miro And Eyes, The - Dreams Of Desire
A4 Steve Miro And Eyes, The - Queen Of The Sea
A5 Grow-Up - River
A6 Grow-Up - Stay Awake
A7 Grow-Up - 10 Mins
A8 Alternomen Unlimited - Facade

B1 Warriors, The - Martial Time/Martial Law
B2 Steve Miro - Up And About
B3 Steve Miro - Smiling In Reverse
B4 Spherical Objects - Seventies Romance
B5 Spherical Objects - Sweet Tooth

Compiles Object Music singles: OM-01, OM-03, OM-04, OM-05 (A-side), OM-06 (A-side), OM-07 and OM-10.
Both sides of OM-7 are spliced together into one track.

mp3@320 & scans 96KB
Martial Time

The Object Music

Label Discography

Object Music was a Manchester based record label active 1978-81. It more or less grew directly out of the Manchester Musicians' Collective, which initially included Dick Witts [Passage], classical and electronic composers (respectively) Simon Holt and Trevor Wishart, and Tony Friel, whose band The Fall had their first gig at a Collective meeting.

This webpage is intended as an information resource and nothing more. Scans of covers will be added ASAP.

If you have never heard any of these releases, then I suggest you track down a copy of the Spherical Objects "Elliptical Optimism" LP, an outstanding record.

Update 9.feb.2009:
For reasons too stupid to waste anyone's time describing, I have been unable to update this website since early last year which is why I am so late with the following piece of very good news:

In September 2008, LTM/Boutique released the first four titles of a hopefully complete reissue program of the Object Music catalogue. All four Spherical Objects albums are now available on two CDs, plus an almost complete singles compilation and, somewhat surprisingly perhaps, the Noyes Brothers albums as a double-CD with bonus material. The Grow Up catalogue was a strong contender for the first set of releases but it turns out the band themselves have plans in
that regard. See the LTM website for full details. Those titles again are:

various artists - Auteur Labels: Object Music (LTMCD 2527)
Spherical Objcts - Past & Parcel/Elliptical Optimism (BOUCD 6614)
Spherical Objcts - Further Ellipses/No Man's Land (BOUCD 6616)
Noyes Brothers - Sheep From Goats 2xCD (BOUCD 6615)

Needless to say these are all strongly recommended.

If you like this collection,you'll be in love


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