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Eloy : Power And The Passion 1975

Power and the passion is a concept album released by the Prog Space Band named Eloy .
I did'nt cut the songs with the program MP3 Producer , so the tracks are like this :


1 .

a) Introduction 1:11
b) Journey into 1358 2:54
c) Love Over Six Centuries 10:09

2. Mutiny 9:08
3. Imprisonment 3:13
4. Daylight 2:38


a) Thoughts of Home 1:05
b) The Zany Magician 2:48
c) Back into the Present 3:02

6. The Bells of Notre Dame 6:21

Bonus Track : The Bells of Notre Dame ( Remix 1999 )


This is the story of a young guy ,
named Jamie ,
who's father is a scientist
making experiments about time ,
in his laboratory , using time-eroding drugs .

Jamie lives his life passing exams at school like a fool .
Somehow he taste The Time-eroding Drugs
made by his father and ...
and he lives a voyage to the Past.

He travells back to 1358
and he meets a young girl named Jeanne .

He wonders :

In this lonely room, where my father plays with science
On some hair-brained scheme,
He lives in a dream
But he can't do much for me know
I've spent all my life eating knowledge at school
Driven hard to pass exams like a fool
And now they're all behind me
Success has come to remind me
Where do I go from here?

(He drinks something of his father's potion
and he goes back in the Past ,
in a medioeve time )

Hey, what's this, I'm disappearing
Seeing strange things, hey what's happening?
I don't understand what it's meant to be
Is it something in my drink or is it me?

What are these things around me ?
I'm coming down , I'm coming down
surrealistics sights around me
I'm coming down, I'm coming down
And who's that smart chick over there?
But they're old fashioned clothes to wear!


In the past
he meets a girl named : Jeanne

He tries to explain to the girl
from where he came
but that is not easy to explaine .
He came from the future
and he went back to the Past .


Jamie :

I'll tell you who I am and whence I came,
It's not going to be easy to explain
By body has returned, my mind is all at sea
Will you tell me who you are and where we're meant to be?

She answers in an gentle, lilting style,
Says little but speaks volumes with her smile
With a sparkle in her eye, she takes me by the hand
come with me and I'll answer all I can.'


April , 1358 Paris

I don't understand any more .
My name is Jamie
and mine is a strange story
one which even I don't fully understand

My father is a scientist
and he has been
experimenting with time-eroding drugs

Well , I was sitting in his workroom
it was late at night
and I was thinking , you know,
about me and my future

Cause I've just left school
and I don't know
what I want to do
I must have somehow have taken the drug
and landed up here.


My name is Jeanne
and let me tell you my story
my father owns
many acres around here
which are farmed by peasants
whom he rules with an iron hand

the neighbouring landlord's even worse
... and I'm supposed to marry his son
That's not my choice,
you know, '
like father, like son'.


Well I see we've both got our problems
perhaps we can help each other
I've got something here
lots of my friends smoke it
I don't suppose you know it
try it, it helps at times like these


Oh what a beautiful feeling.
everything shimmering in the twilight
look at that sunset
I've never seen such colours before

it all seems suspended in eternity
I wish moments like these would last forever

I'm not worried any more
what are you thinking?


I can't think at the moment
let's just enjoy it.


Somehow we must stay together,
lifelong friend, my lifelong friend,
Love like ours will last forever,
never end, and never end:
We'll somehow wipe away our fears,
And find a way bridge the years.


Your father told me I can stay,
But he mistrusts my unfamiliar ways:
He want's to use the things I've learnt
Six hundred years of knowledge sorely earned.
But if we can stay together,
I don't mind

The things he tells me
Of defending him in mutiny,
I don't care if you're there,
I don't care

One the farms they've made a stand,
Against the hated iron hands, they're uniting
They're backed by everyone in town,
And I must ride to beat them down, how they're fighting:

But I understand their cause
To fight against the laws, they're right

I promised to defend
your father to the end and fight

The hatred's there in their eyes,
They'll break his might it's no surprise if they do it

But I must take the other side
And somehow learn to stand and fight, and come through it

Though there's little chance
That I beat bow and lance, I must

Our love drives me on
For you're the only one I can trust.


I'm sitting here in my empty cell
It's dark and drab and damp
They throw me crusts to eat
Drink water from the well.

I was playing my part in this dreadful war
When someone ran me through
They bound me up in chains,
And that's the last I knew.

The guards are watching day and night,
And they observe each move I make
I wonder if they'll let me out alive
I know there's no way to espace

I know the feeling of dejection
To be imprisoned for no crime
So God please take me out of here
You are my one hope at this time.

Why are those people shouting?
Is the battle lost or won?
Now the footsteps of the guards
Will my chains be tightened or undone?


Daylight, back to daylight,
see the sun break through the trees
Daylight, back to daylight,
turning darkness into peace

Daylight, daylight,
freedom once again
Daylight, daylight
farewell to the chains

Living can be easy if you take life in your stride
I see new horizons push my loneliness aside


Though I don't want to play with magic
there's nothing else to do
I wish that I was home again,
sitting there with you

I've heard that there across the valley
Lives a weird old man possessed with devilry
Who lives in secrecy

The wise magician , he alone
Can find a way to take us both back home


HA ! HA ! HA ! HA ! HA !

Welcome to my catacomb
pull up a tomb, sit down
This is the brew
try it it's new
I've been waiting for you just you drink this

The wings of a bat
the blood of a cat, the skin of a rat
it does taste nice

You'll forget where you've been
forget what you've seen
you won't feel a thing
you just drink it all down
your heart will pound see you around

HA ! HA ! HA ! HA ! HA !


Back into the present,
it's different since I've been away
War and desolation,
it's getting worse with every day

Even back in thirteen fifty-eight
People had to fight to keep things straight.

Waiting in the disco,
tell my friends just what I've seen,
They won't believe my story when I tell them where I've been
Smoke and lights and music blow my mind
Must go somewhere quiet to unwind.


It seems like a dream that's come to an end
But it still carries on,
I don't know what to think, it's unreal

The world seems to start outside of my body
I don't know what I feel.

In these four hallowed walls
the peal of the bells remind me
of my journey through time
but Jeanne still remains in my memory

I wish she were with me,
I need her here.

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Bitrate : 320

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  1. ωραιοι οι Eloy, τους έμαθα απο έναν φίλο μου που τους έχεει ιδιαίτερη αδυναμία.

  2. αχ κυριε ινδιανε πολυ σας ευχαριστουμε κατεβασαμε 2 αλμπουμ που δεν τα ειχαμε ακουσει για παραπολυ καιρο στριψαμε κανονακια και ταξιδεψαμε και εμεις στο παρελθον το μονο που ελειπε ηταν ο ινδιανος και το ραδιο detersivo.

  3. Φίλλη και γλυκιά μου Suzan γράφτε μου πότε θα είστε σπίτι να σας τηλεφωνήσω . Μίλησα στο τηλέφωνο με την Agnese . Ψάχνω να βρω το τηλ. της Cianna ,γιατί αυτό που μου δώσατε δεν ισχύει .