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Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes : Call Of The Wild 1973

Call of the Wild is the next to last album by Ted Nugent and The Amboy Dukes.

It's Ted Nugent going through another mutation, but shows him as more diverse and adventurous than he sometimes gets credit for. It's nice to see bassist/vocalist Rob Grange stay onboard the ever changing merry-go-round here that was the Amboy Dukes.

Not as blistering as his Cat Scratch Fever, but more metallic than the psychedelia/blues of the original Amboy Dukes, the riff-jamming opening track of side two is more Jeff Beck gone rock than the quasi-Ozzie persona Nugent gleefully would embrace.

It is interesting stuff that you wouldn't expect from either the original Amboy Dukes or the madman the world knows as Ted Nugent.

Highly creative stuff that the album cover of a tiger penetrating a sleeping city hardly hints at.

The mostly instrumental second side culminates in a heavy vocal progressive rocker, "Cannon Balls."

These Amboy Dukes sides are a long way from the manic, in-your-face metal that Nugent favored after going solo in 1974; however, this LP also points to the fact that the Amboy Dukes were among the tougher, grittier psychedelic bands of the late 1960s and early 1970s.


A1         Call Of The Wild     4:46    
A2         Sweet Revenge     4:03    
A3         Pony Express     5:18    
A4         Ain't It The Truth     4:54    
B1         Renegade     3:34    
B2         Rot Gut  2:42    
B3         Below The Belt     7:02    
B4         Cannon Balls     5:42    

    Rob Grange – Bass, vocals
    Vic Mastrianni – Drums, vocals
    Ted Nugent – Guitar, vocals, percussion
    Gabe Magno – Keyboards, flute
    Andy Jezowski – Vocals

Format  :  Vinyl LP
Label  :  Edsel Records
Year  :  1973
Made in  :  UK
Genre  : Rock
Style  :  Hard  Rock

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