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The Slits : Cut 1979

Almost as well-known for its cover (the three Slits are half-naked and covered in mud)
as for its music, Cut is an ebullient piece of post-punk mastery that finds
the Slits' interest in Caribbean and African rhythms smoothly incorporated into their
harsher punk rock stylings.
Ari Up's wandering voice might be initially off-putting,
but not so much so that it makes listening to the record difficult.
Six tracks are revamped from earlier Peel Sessions and sound better for the extra effort
(especially "New Town" and "Love und Romance"). With its goofy charm, gleeful swing
and sway, and subtle yet compelling libertarian feminism, this is one of the best
records of the era.

by John Dougan
With Reggae producer Dennis Bovell on the dub-influenced Cut. The album attracted considerable press interest ... ". By 1981, The Slits had lost much of their original cutting edge and it came as little surprise when ... they disbanded at the end of the year. Ari-Up revived The Slits in the new millennium for a series of low-key .

Cut is the debut album by The Slits. It was originally released in September 1979 on the Island Records label (ILPS 9573) in the UK and on Antilles (AN 7077) in the U.S. Although it only made a brief impact on the UK top 30 at the time, in 2004 it was voted at no 58 in the Observer's list, The 100 Greatest British Albums.

[ Sprung from the same UK punk scene as the Clash, the Slits are more often lumped in with all-female groups like Switzerland’s Liliput. It's a logical impulse, but the truth--as ever--is more complicated. For one thing, they weren't all female after Palmolive left to join the Raincoats and Budgie (Siouxsie and the Banshees) stepped in as drummer. Then there's the unclassifiable musical concoction reggae producer Dennis Bovell helped them create. It's punk, it's no wave, it's dub--and ultimately has more in common with the post-punk of PiL or the Pop Group. Met with critical accolades, Cut failed to ignite the charts and was their only recording for Island (they broke up two years later).

Kathleen C. Fennessy ]

Side one

  01. Instant Hit – 2:43
  02. So Tough – 2:41
  03. Spend, Spend, Spend – 3:18
  04. Shoplifting – 1:39
  05. FM – 3:35

Side two

  06. Newtown – 3:48
  07. Ping Pong Affair– 4:16 
  08. Love und Romance – 2:27  
  09. Typical Girls – 3:57
  10. Adventures Close to Home – 3:28


    Ari Up - vocals
    Viv Albertine - guitar
    Tessa Pollitt - bass guitar
    Budgie - drums

Label : Island Records
Year : 1979
Format : Vinyl LP

 Flac Here

Shoplifting  Lyrics

Put the cheddar in the pocket
Put the rest under the jacket
Talk to the cashier, he won't suspect
And if he does...
Do a runner!

Ten quid for the lot
We pay fuck all
Babylonian won't lose much
And we'll have dinner tonight
Do a runner!

Camera's trying to watch us
Mirrors and TV
But they're not gonna catch us
'Cause we're gonna gonna gonna run run run
Do a runner!

Το αλμπουμάκι μου το χάρισε ο φιλαράκος μου ο Τασος απο την Ολλανδία . Thnx .


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