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Slaine : Pat Mills ( Designers : Paul Staples - Siku - Rafael Garres - Simon Bisley )

Slaine is a comic hero from the pages of 2000 AD – one of Britain's most popular comic books.

Slaine is a barbarian fantasy adventure series based on Celtic myths and stories which first appeared in 1983, written by Pat Mills and initially drawn by his then wife, Angela Kincaid.
Pat Mills has written comics since the early seventies.

As well as his influential role in creating and contributing to numerous of British comics, Mills has produced work in both America and Europe. In particular he is known for creating 2000 AD where he was the first editor and contributed to a number of long-running stories like ABC Warriors which has run for nearly thirty years. He was also responsible for creating The Butterfly Children series of books for children with his former wife, Angela Kincaid.

Most of the early stories were drawn by Massimo Belardinelli and Mike McMahon.
Other notable artists to have worked on the character include Glenn Fabry and Simon Bisley. The current artist is Clint Langley, whose artwork combines painting, photography and digital art.

Slaine's favourite weapon is an axe called "Brainbiter". He has the power of the "warp spasm", based on the riastrad or body-distorting battle frenzy of the Irish hero Cu Chulainn, in which earth power "warps" through his body,

Slaine and Ukko


turning him into a terrifying, monstrously powerful figure. He is a devotee of the earth goddess Danu.At the start of the series Slaine was a wanderer, banished from his tribe, the Sessair. He explored the Land of the Young (Irish Tir na nOg) in the company of an unscrupulous dwarf called Ukko (Finnish for "old man", and the name of the Finnish pagan Thunder god), fighting monsters and mercenaries in the fantasy tradition.

In one early adventure he rescued a maiden, Medb (named after the Irish mythological queen Medb) from being sacrificed in a Wicker Man, only to earn her enmity – she was a devotee of Crom Cruach, the god to whom she was to be sacrificed, and was looking forward to the experience.

Her master and mentor, the ancient, rotting and insane Lord Weird Slough Feg, became the series' main villain.

Following stories featured sky chariots (flying longships), dragons and prehistoric alien gods.

 As the series progressed, Slaine returned to his tribe and became king

 leading them against the Fomorians, a race of Sea Demons who were oppressing them.
Then, in the landmark storyline The Horned God, Slaine united the tribes of the earth goddess against Lord Weird Slough Feg
and his allies, while his personal devotion to the goddess led to him becoming a new incarnation of the Horned God Carnun (based on the Gaulish deity Cernunnos).

Slough Feg : The Horned God

By the end of the story the Land of the Young is no more, and Slaine is the first High King of Ireland.

These new enemies turned out to be a full Fomorian invasion led by Balor and the sadistic Moloch, murdering, raping and eating their way through Slaine's tribe until, wracked with warp-spasm, Slaine was able to take out Balor. The tribal council forced Slaine to let Moloch go, hoping he'd fulfill his promise of keeping the Fomorians out of Ireland

The tribal council forced Slaine to let Moloch go, hoping he'd fulfill his promise of keeping the Fomorians out of Ireland; instead, he deliberately returned to rape and murder Niamh.

Wanting vengeance, Slaine abdicated the throne to go to Albion and kill Moloch, which he succeeded in doing. In his absence, his son Kai left the tribe to search for his father .

Slaine also killed Dagon  , The sea monster coming from the deep .

Slaine was able to convince the tribal council that the demons could be killed and war was once more declared on the invaders, but it was clear that Ireland would be constantly attacked by wave after wave of Fomorian invasion.

Slaine hit on the idea of having the Tribe of Danu escape to the Otherworld that their Sky Chariots had been sent to, thus freeing them from the demons and allowing the Atlanteans to settle peacefully in Ireland; both armies united against Odacon and his Sea Demons.

Slaine was able to free the Atlantean leader Gael from being Odacon's Golamh by handing over Sethor to take Gael's place; and they led their armies to bolster the city of Tara.

While the tribes fought a defensive battle, Slaine was sent to the Otherworld to secure the blessings of Danu for the Tribes of the Earth Goddess to settle there; this done, he returned with her power behind him and led a charge that decimated Odacon's forces. The Tribe was cast to the Otherworld in the aftermath, and Slaine assisted Gael in finally destroying Odacon and the parasitic spawn with which he had infested the outer-lying villages.

With Gael as High King of Ireland and founder of the eventual Gaelic race, Slaine left to track down his son. He found Kai at a travelling funfair, and later embarked on a quest to track down Crom Dubh.

Main characters

SLAINE MAC ROTH : Mighty black-haired Irish warrior exiled from the Sessair tribe for having an affair with the chief's fiance Niamh. He loves fighting and often beats up Ukko. His weapon is the stone axe Brainbiter and he first experienced the Warp Spasm as a child.

UKKO : Slaine's dwarf sidekick and chronicler, named after the Finnish storm-god Ukko. He is lecherous and greedy; like most fantasy dwarves he loves gold and has a business mind centuries ahead of the human characters. When Slaine becomes king Ukko is appointed his jester.

NEST : Druidess who urges Ukko to record Slaine's deeds. Ukko argues with her all the time but it is hinted there may be some mutual attraction between them.

NIAMH : Slaine's strong-willed wife. She is very assertive even for a woman of her times and prone to anger and jealousy, often beating up Slaine's other wives and concubines[9]

Supporting characters

MACHA : The mother of Slaine

DANU :  Goddess of the earth who provides Slaine with guidance. Originally earth was ruled by female goddesses but the druids suppressed them and replaced them with male counterparts

CATHBAD :  Chief druid who wears a horse skull and has a strong dislike of Ukko. He is a short old man with a moustache and bald head, save for a single tuft of hair.

MYRDDIN :  Half-Cythron Atlantean survivor and high-level magus analogous to Merlin. His fortress is located in modern-day Wales.

MURDACH :  Time-displaced son of Brian Boru.

KAI : Slaine's son. Slaine wanted him to be a warrior but Niamh had him train as a druid. Later Kai became a travelling acrobat .

KING RUDRAIGE MAC DELA :  Ruler of the city of Gorlias and guardian of the Silver Sword of the Moon. His hand was bitten off by Avagddu and replaced with a metal prosthesis, preventing him from becoming High King. He was married to Niamh for a year but left her for a warrior resembling Arnold Schwarzenegger's Conan .

KING GANN MAc DELA :  Ruler of Finias and wielder of the Spear of the Flaming Sun. To celebrate the defeat of the Fomorians Gann was sacrificed and eaten by the tribe .

LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG : The insane horned God .

KING SENGANN MAC DELA : Mad ruler of Falias, a moon-worshipping society. His people, the black-skinned Tribe of the Shadows, were responsible for exterminating the Neanderthal-like Beaver folk and stealing the Stone of Destiny.

MOGROOTH : Fearsome Atlantean dragon rider and gladiator with enlarged, sharpened fangs. Despises Ukko for his thievery.

AVANC :  The Avanc was a monstrous creature that, like most lake monsters, was said to prey upon any foolish enough to fall into or swim in its lake.

TLACHTA : Mogrooth's daughter and one of Myrddin's best warriors. Was badly disfigured by Cythron laser beam.

BALOR : Leader of the Fomorians. He only has one eye which is capable of destroying anything he stares at.

AVAGDU : Son of the godess of Earth is the most ugly , stupid and dark creature who wants to kill Slaine. He dies eating himself .

ROBYM :  An evil dwarf who acts as a servant to Medb .

MEDB MEGRIM : Drune priestess saved by Slaine from human sacrifice. It is revealed she wanted to be sacrificed to the worm-god Crom to become a goddess.

MOLOCH :  Balor's cruel lieutenant, who wields six swords in battle. Based on the pagan god Molech. Assumed command of the Fomorians when Balor was killed, and brutally murdered Niamh.


The first Slaine novel was released at the end of 2006:

    Slaine: Slaine the Exile (Steven Savile, Black Flame, December 2006, ISBN 1-84416-387-3)
    Slaine: Slaine the Defiler (Steven Savile, Black Flame, September 2007, ISBN 1-84416-493-4)

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Edit in Greece By : Ο2Η. BOOKS
September 2000
Pages :    48
Size Book : 24x17
Μετάφραση : Μπριασούλης Αλέξανδρος
Creator : Pat Mills
Designers : Paul Staples - Siku - Rafael Garres - Simon Bisley

Edit in Greece :

 1. Master Of The Beasts ( Ο Κυρίαρχος των Θηρίων )
  Published in Greece : 2000


2. The Queen Of Serpents ( Η Βασίλισσα Των Φιδιών )
   Publised in Greece : 2000

 3. The Horned God, Book 1 ( Ο Κερασφόρος Θεός ) Βιβλίο 1
Publised in Greece : 2000


4. The Horned God, Book 2 ( Ο Κερασφόρος Θεός ) Βιβλίο 2
   Publised in Greece : 2000

 5. The Horned God, Book 3 ( Ο Κερασφόρος Θεός ) Βιβλίο 3
   Publised in Greece : 2001

6. The Horned God, Book 4 ( Ο Κερασφόρος Θεός ) Βιβλίο 4
   Publised in Greece : 2001

All these books was published in Greece By " O2H "


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