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Apokalypsis : 14 Great Songs 1980 - 1981

Greek band APOCALYPSIS was the creative vehicle of composer and keyboardist Vasilis Dertilis, who formed the band in 1979. The initial line-up consisted of Giannis Palamidas (vocals), Achileas Spyrou (guitars), Harris Photopoulos (bass), Stavros Sidiropoulos (drums) and Dertelis (keyboards). They recorded and released their self-titled debut album in 1980, issued by the EMI affiliated Minos label.

Their style was heavily orientated by the Theatrical Progressive Rock of GENESIS with emphasis on the dominant keyboard parts, the dramatic vocals and the smooth guitar touches.While the production is not the best, Apocalypsis' arrangements are full of passion, intensity and different colors with some nice interplays between the synths and guitars, plenty of sudden breaks and a great amount of vintage organ passages.

Palamidas' voice is also decent, having a nice range between theatrical performances, regular singing and operatic lines.There are also numerous melodic multi-vocal harmonies throughout.The whole release flows in a Classic Symphonic Rock vein, divided in atmospheric offerings, dramatic vocal parts and strong keyboard-based themes with a good sense of melody.

Their Genesis-inspired music did attract some attention, but it was vocalist Giannis Palamidas who was the shining star of this band's fist incarnation. Unfortunately he decided to leave the band not too lang after their debut album was released to pursue a solo career. History might indicate that the inward stability of Apocalypsis was rather frail too, because when they reappeared in 1981 with their second album No it was as a totally different band. Dertilis still remained, but now backed by Kostas Stratigopoulos (guitars), Lambros Tselentis (bass), Takis Liarmakopoulos (drums) and Kimon Vassilopoulos (vocals).

And to the dismay of existing fans, Apocalypsis had altered style too, now exploring a sound distinctly influenced ny new wave and AOR sounds


01. Explatory Victim
02. Journey in the night
03. Metempsychosis
04. Lies mistakes and closin' eyes
05. My death at a rugby game
06. No art
07. No change ?
08. No communication
09. No morality
10. No respect
11. No security
12. No trust
13. No food ( Part 1 )
14. No food ( Part 2 )

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