Friday, January 26, 2018

Savages : Silence Yourself 2013

Savages are a rock band from London and lead singer and lyricist Jehnny Beth (real name: Camille Berthomier) is from France. The band's guitarist Gemma Thompson had come up with the name for the band and had been discussing the idea with singer Jehnny Beth for almost a year.

Thompson says the band's name was derived from books, such as Lord of the Flies, that she read when she was younger. The band was eventually formed in October 2011 and they had their first gig in January 2012 supporting rock band British Sea Power.

Their manager John Best also manages Sigur Ros. The Observer has said of Savages: "it's not exactly sexy, it's not funny and they're not going to be rolling around in mud like the Slits. But it's the closest thing to art that "post-punk"... has offered in a while". The New Musical Express described their performances as "frottage-inducingly intense affairs".

The group's first released tracks, a double A-side in June 2012, were "Flying to Berlin" and "Husbands" on the Pop Noire label.

The Guardian wrote: "Husbands makes us dream of what it must have been like to have been around to hear, in real time, the debut releases by Public Image Ltd, Magazine, Siouxsie and the Banshees and Joy Division, to feel, as those incredible records hit the shops, that unearthly power and sense of a transmission from a satellite reality."

In October, their concert at the CMJ Music Marathon in New York received good reviews. The Chicago Reader noted that their set was "influenced by Siouxsie & the Banshees, but with an anthemic quality that makes me think of PJ Harvey and heavy doses of the rhythmic jaggedness and angularity of British postpunk."

The group expressed their liking for these bands, and added : "We listened to a lot of different music [...] Our influences are male and female in equal measure."

The band's first album, Silence Yourself, was released on 6 May 2013 via Beth's own label Pop Noire and Matador Records.
The band's second album Adore Life, was released on 22 January 2016 via Matador Records.


01. Shut Up     4:48
02. I Am Here     3:20
03. City's Full 3:27
04. Strife     3:57
05. Waiting for a Sign     5:25
06. Dead Nature 2:06
07. She Will     3:27
08. No Face     3:35
09. Hit Me     1:41
10. Husbands     2:50
11. Marshal Dear 4:03

Total length:     38:39


Jehnny Beth - vocals (2011–present)
Gemma Thompson - guitar (2011–present)
Ayse Hassan - bass (2011–present)
Fay Milton - drums (2011–present)

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  1. que vous aimiez ou pas la musique, je vous invite à aller les voir en live, il y a chez elle une siamoiserie iggy pop pj harvey absolument réjouissante sur scène.