Wednesday, January 28, 2009

801 : Live 1976

This is a sophisticated musical project of great 70' s musicians , released in 1976 , by Virgin Records , in the middle of the Punk Era .

 801 provided Roxy Music guitarist Phil Manzanera with one of his most intriguing side projects. Although the band only played three gigs in August and September 1976, this album captures a night when everything fell right into place musically. That should only be expected with names like Eno and Simon Phillips in the lineup. (Still, the lesser-known players -- bassist Bill MacCormick, keyboardist Francis Monkman, and slide guitarist Lloyd Watson -- are in exemplary form, too.) The repertoire is boldly diverse, opening with "Lagrima," a crunchy solo guitar piece from Manzanera.

Brian Eno ( keyboards , synths , guitars & Vocals ) ROXY MUSIC
Phil Manzanera ( Guitars ) ROXY MUSIC
Simon Phillps ( Drums )
Francis Monkman ( Piano & clavinet ) CURVED AIR
Lloyd Watson ( Guitars & Vocals)
Bill Mac Cormick ( Bass & Vocals ) MATCHING MOLE

1. Lagrima
2. Tommorrow never knows
3. East of asteroid
4. Rongwrong
5. Sombre reptiles
6. Golden hours
7. Fat lady of Limbourg
8. Baby' s on fire
9. Diamond
10.Miss Sharp
11. You really got me
12. Third uncle

Size 133 MB
Bitrate 320


  1. Μεγάλη δισκάρα.
    Εχουν και 1-2 στουντιο αλμπουμς...
    Εγω έχω ενα δηλαδή...δεν θυμάμαι αν εχουν δεύτερο.

    1)801 Live 1976
    2)Listen Now 1977( Studio album )
    3)Complete 801 at Manchester University 1977 (released in 2001)(Χωρις τoν Εnο)

  3. Thanx!
    I still posess the LP, but i have no player...

  4. Thank u so much for this great CD. Tampa, FL


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