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Died Pretty : Trace 1993

At a time when Australian rock meant pub rock and every other band sounded like Cold Chisel, Died Pretty were something of an anomaly. Influenced more by the Velvet Underground, the Stooges, and the Doors .

While playing around Sydney venues like the Trade Union Club they were spotted by John Needham, founder of the indie label Citadel Records, who offered to manage them and release some of their songs. After several singles and the EP Next to Nothing, all of which made the local alternative charts, the rhythm section changed once again. Mark Lock (formerly of the Phantom Agents) and Chris Welsh (who had played drums with Peno in his old band the 31st) joined them for the recording of their first album, Free Dirt, which was released in 1986. A European tour followed, and they signed to British label Beggars Banquet for their overseas distribution. As a result, their second album, 1988's Lost, made it into the Italian charts. In Australia, the album was released on Blue Mosque, a collaboration between Citadel Records and major label Festival.

Frank Brunetti and then Mark Lock left the band during the period of intense overseas touring that followed Lost's release and were replaced by John Hoey and Steve Clark on keyboard and drums respectively. While in Los Angeles, they recorded 1990s Every Brilliant Day. It was their fourth album, Doughboy Hollow, recorded back in Sydney, that finally gave them the popularity in Australia that they had enjoyed in Europe. After years of only making the alternative charts they entered the Top 20 of the mainstream album sales charts and were nominated for an ARIA award for best independent album (as well as best independent album cover ). Unfortunately, their label had failed to press enough copies of the album and there were also problems with overseas distribution, preventing it from being the runaway success for them it could have been. Died Pretty signed to Sony soon after the Doughboy Hollow fiasco.

Robert Warren became the band's new bass player for their two albums with Sony, 1993's Trace and 1995's Sold. Both albums did well by their standards but not by Sony's. A senior figure at Sony had also been disappointed by the band during a live showcase, and they were dropped from the label's roster in 1996 and returned to Citadel Records. The two albums from this period would be the last of their career. These albums, Using My Gills as a Road Map and Everyday Dream, marked a move away from rocky post-punk and towards Kraftwerk-style electronica. After a best-of collection released in 1999, Out of the Unknown, the band broke up.

In 2008 Died Pretty reunited to perform their most popular album, Doughboy Hollow, in its entirety as part of All Tomorrow's Parties' Don't Look Back series of concerts to coincide with its re-release.

(all music .com)


Side ONE

1. Harness up (Soul's on Fire) Myers, Peno 4:07
2. Caressing Swine Myers, Peno 4:07
3. Headaround Myers, Peno 3:16
4. Til We Get It Right Myers 4:06
5. The Rivers Myers, Peno 7:15

Side Two

1. A State of Graceful Mourning Myers, Peno 5:53
2. Just Forever Myers, Peno 5:28
3. Through My Heart Myers 3:47
4. 110 BPM Hoey, Peno 5:07
5. Dream Away Hoey, Peno 5:35
6. Seize Your Ways Myers, Peno

There's plenty to love about Trace, but it is in parts a brighter, slightly lighter album -- but who's to knock the band for that particular approach? "Harness Up (Soul's on Fire)," which an earlier version of the group might have really torn through, gets an easy pace and swing here, sounding just right as it goes, Peno and Myers once again at the core of it all. The most radical track is "110 B.P.M." -- as the title indicates, it's actually a stab at dance groove, if not necessarily moving at said speed. Successful? More than might be thought -- while it's clearly a dipping of toes into a genre the band had never otherwise been associated with, it's a dark, smoky track with snarling work from Myers and aggro vocals (and lyrics!) from Peno. All this said, there are some things that are forever Died Pretty, and the lead single from the album, "Caressing Swine," is a great example, with a low, rumbling rhythm, some quick, slashing guitar from Myers, and an air of general intensity building up to a fine chorus. The strong rave-ups of the past aren't as prominent here, continuing the pattern of Doughboy Hollow, but the overall sense of passion hasn't changed a bit. Myers takes a fine vocal bow on "Til We Get It Right," while the frazzled drama of "The Rivers" is a deserved standout, and the beautiful "Seize Your Ways" concludes the album. On balance, a fine way to end. ~ Ned Raggett, All Music Guide


You rant and scream, 'Hey! something's wrong!'
Your flavour's gone from your favourite song
You've got to cease for this sound
You've got to turn my headaround

Here comes the scene-stealin' moon
The life and times of a 'none-too-soon'
For something lost, yeah something's found
You've got to turn my headaround

Spin , Linda , spin !

Turn my head around
Turn my head around

Just say goodbye to your flares
Those purple pants and that lime-green hair
You've got to dance on new ground
You've got to turn my headaround

Turn my headaround
Turn my headaround and around and around and around
Turn my headaround and around , yeah !

Size : 123 MB
Format : Vinyl Lp
Label : Sony Music
Made : London UK
Bitrate : 320


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The Hellacopters : Darling Darling 45 rpm Single 2008

The Hellacopters were a Swedish garage rock band that was formed in 1994 by Nicke Andersson (vocals and guitar) , Dregen (guitar) , Kenny Håkansson (bass) and Robert Eriksson (drums) . Andersson (sometimes known as Nick Royale) had been the drummer for death metal band
Entombed and Dregen was taking a break from his full-time band Backyard Babies . Dregen and Eriksson had been roadies for Entombed , while Håkansson was a childhood friend of Andersson's .

The Hellacopters were initially conceived as a side project for Andersson and Dregen , but it eventually became the main songwriting and performance vehicle for Andersson .

The band was , together with The Hives , one of the most important Swedish bands in the garage rock revival and one of the most influential rock bands in Sweden .


1. Darling Darling
2. Baby , Come

Size : 18 MB
Format : 45 rpm Vinyl Single
Label : Psychout Records ,
Licensed to Wild Kingdom
Stocholm , Sweden
Bitrate : 320

DMCA complaint received. Link removed. Find it elsewhere or buy it!


The Hellacopters : SuperShitty To The Max : 1996
The Hellacopters : Payin ' The Dues : 1997

Take Them HERE

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Give me Innocence . I' M Sick ! Tales from the Greek Underground N0 3 The Greekfone Bands


Αυτή δεν είναι μιά συλλογή που κυκλοφορεί σε CD στα περιοδικά και στα περίπτερα .
Είναι απλά μιά συλλογή που έφτιαξα για πάρτη σαs .
Εάν γουστάρετε πάρτε την .
Εάν όχι , γράφτε τη στ' αρ@ϊδια σαs !!!

1. Νοστράδαμοs : Atlantis
2. Tsopana Rave : Mou ' to ha pei
3. Δημήτρηs Πουλικάκοs : Σκόνη πέτρεs λάσπη
4. Δέσποινα Γλέζου : Χoντροκέφαλη
5. Μίκρο : Σταγόνεs
6. Τρύπεs : Πονάει πάντα την πρώτη φορά
7. Μαικ Ροζάκηs and the Playboys : Μιά μέρα θα' ρθειs
8. Εξαδάχτυλοs : Εχουν κακούs σκοπούs
9. Στερεο Νόβα : Ο Εξώστηs
10. Δάμον και Φιντίαs : Ο κόσμοs τουs
11. Σπυριδούλα : Ναιλον κέφια και ψόφια κέφια
12. Πελόμα Μποκιού : Υμνοs στη ζωή
13 .Poll : Οσεs φορέs
14. Κώσταs Τουρνάs : Ο Αχιλλέαs απο το Κάιρο
15. Νικόλαs Ασιμοs : Ο Μπαγάσαs
16. Πουλικάκοs : Υπάρχω
17. Διάφανα Κρίνα : Κατ' αρχήν

Ελληνικέs Μπάντεs απο χθεs έωs χθεs .

Σάιζ 160 MB

Το κθέρω Εεεεεεεεεεεε !!!! θα ' ρθειθ
κι όλεθ τιθ μπύρεθ θα μαθ πιειθ .


Πόσεs φορέs με λαχτάρα στο στόμα έχω δώσει τροφή

Τόσεs φορέs μιάν ανάσσα έχω πάρει για να κανω αρχή

που θ' αντέξει .

Λίγεs σταγόνεs κλεμμένηs αγάπηs μου πουλήσανε χθεs

Μου άλλαξαν τη σκέψη Μου άλλαξαν ρούχα

Να ' κοίταμ' αν θεs .

Να πιστέψειs !!!

Να πιστέψειs !!!

( Κώστας Τουρνάς )

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Reiser : Ο Μπαμπάs μου



Thursday, January 21, 2010

Neil Young : Harvest : 1972


Someone and someone
were down by the pond
Looking for something
to plant in the lawn.

Out in the fields
they were turning the soil

I'm sitting here hoping
this water will boil

When I look through the windows
and out on the road
They're bringing me presents
and saying hello.

Singing words , words
between the lines of age.
Words, words
between the lines of age.

If I was a junkman
selling you cars,
Washing your windows
and shining your stars,
Thinking your mind
was my own in a dream
What would you wonder
and how would it seem?

Living in castles
a bit at a time
The King started laughing
and talking in rhyme.

Singing words , words
between the lines of age.
Words , words
between the lines of age.

One of the best songs of Neil . Ever !!!

Harvest is the fourth solo album by Neil Young , released February of 1972 on Reprise Records, catalogue RS 6317.
It featured the London Symphony Orchestra on two tracks , while noted guests David Crosby , Graham Nash , Linda Ronstadt , Stephen Stills , and James Taylor contributed vocals.
It topped the Billboard 200 album chart for two weeks , and spawned two hit singles , "Old Man" , which peaked at #31 on the Billboard Hot 100 , and "Heart of Gold" , which peaked at #1. It was the best-selling album of 1972.


I caught you knockin'
at my cellar door
I love you, baby,
can I have some more
Ooh, ooh, the damage done.

I hit the city and
I lost my band
I watched the needle
take another man
Gone, gone, the damage done.

I sing the song
because I love the man
I know that some
of you don't understand
to keep from running out.

I've seen the needle
and the damage done
A little part of it in everyone
But every junkie's
like a settin' sun.

Μακριά απο τιs βελόνεs φιλαράκια μου .
Καπνίστε όλη την Καλαμάτα εάν γουστάρετε
απλά αφήστε όλη τη χημεία απ' έξω .


1. Out on the Weekend – 4:34
Neil Young - guitar, harmonica, vocal; Ben Keith - pedal steel guitar; Tim Drummond - bass; Kenny Buttrey - drums

2. Harvest – 3:11
Young - guitar, vocal; Keith - pedal steel guitar; John Harris - piano; Drummond - bass; Buttrey - drums

3. A Man Needs a Maid – 4:05
Young - piano, vocal; with the London Symphony Orchestra

4. Heart of Gold – 3:07
Young - guitar, harmonica, vocal; Teddy Irwin - guitar; Keith - pedal steel guitar; Drummond - bass; Buttrey - drums; Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor - backing vocals

5. Are You Ready for the Country? – 3:23
Young - piano, vocal; Keith - pedal steel guitar; Jack Nitzsche - lap steel guitar; Drummond - bass; Buttrey - drums; David Crosby, Graham Nash - backing vocals

6. Old Man – 3:24
Young - guitar, vocal; Keith - pedal steel guitar; Taylor - banjo guitar, backing vocal; James McMahon - piano; Drummond - bass; Buttrey - drums; Ronstadt - backing vocal

7. There's a World – 2:59
Young - piano, vocal; with the London Symphony Orchestra

8. Alabama – 4:02
Young - electric guitar, vocal; Keith - pedal steel guitar; Nitzsche - piano; Drummond - bass; Buttrey - drums; Crosby, Stephen Stills - backing vocals

9. The Needle and the Damage Done – 2:03 (recorded in concert January 30, 1971)
Young - guitar, vocal

10. Words (Between the Lines of Age) – 6:40
Young - electric guitar, vocal; Keith - pedal steel guitar; Nitzsche - piano; Drummond - bass; Buttrey - drums; Stills, Nash - backing vocals

Size 89 ΜΒ
Bitrate 320

No link sorry

The Residents : Demons Dance Alone 2002

Over the course of a recording career spanning several decades, the Residents remained a riddle of Sphinx-like proportions; cloaking their lives and music in a haze of willful obscurity, the band's members never identified themselves by name, always appearing in public in disguise -- usually tuxedos, top hats and giant eyeball masks -- and refusing to grant media interviews. Drawing inspiration from the likes of fellow innovators including Harry Partch, Sun Ra, and Captain Beefheart, the Residents channeled the breadth of American music into their idiosyncratic, satiric vision, their mercurial blend of electronics, distortion, avant-jazz, classical symphonies and gratingly nasal vocals reinterpreting everyone from John Philip Sousa to James Brown while simultaneously expanding the boundaries of theatrical performance and multimedia interaction.
(all music)

Demons Dance Alone is a 2002 concept album by The Residents about the emotional effects of the September 11, 2001 attacks. The album is split into three main parts, "Loss", "Denial", and "The Three Metaphors", bookended by "Tongue" and "Demons Dance Alone", and broken up by various untitled transitional instrumentals.

1. Tongue – 1:11
2. Loss: Life Would Be Wonderful – 3:50
Occasionally listed as "Mr. Wonderful
3. Loss: The Weatherman – 3:06
4. Loss: Ghost Child – 2:56
5. Loss: Caring – 3:50
6. Loss: Honey Bear – 4:14
7. Loss: The Car Thief – 3:59
8. Loss: Neediness – 4:08
9. – 0:25
10. – 0:44
11. – 0:06
12. Denial: Thundering Skies – 2:54
13. Denial: Mickey Macaroni – 2:44
14. Denial: Betty's Body – 3:31
15. Denial: My Brother Paul – 3:07
16. – 0:17
17. Denial: Baja – 2:29
18. – 0:27
19. – 0:32
20. – 0:04
21. Three Metaphors: Beekeeper's Daughter – 2:53
22. – 0:08
23. Three Metaphors: Wolverines – 2:58
24. – 0:04
25. Three Metaphors: Make Me Moo – 2:41
26. – 0:35
27. – 1:03
28. Demons Dance Alone – 3:43

Size 139 MB
Bitrate 320

The Residents : Freak Show Album ( HERE )

The Real Mc Kenzies : Off The Leash 2008

The Real McKenzies have been bringing out their hybrid of aggressive punk and traditional Scottish folk songs since their formation in 1992.
After several lineup changes, this Vancouver-based sextet eventually settled with Paul McKenzie (vocals), the Bone (guitar/vocals), Kurt "Dirty" Robertson (guitar), Matt MacNasty (bagpipes), Brad Attitude (drums), and Jamie Fawkes (bass).
By 1995, IFA Records released the band's first full-length, appropriately titled Scotland. After the band spent four years touring throughout North America, Joey "Shithead" Keithley's Sudden Death Records eventually funded the release of the Real McKenzies' second album, Clash of the Tartans, in 1999. Loch'd & Loaded appeared two years later on Fat Wreck. The band returned to Fat Wreck for 2005's 10,000 Shots.
After spending the bulk of 2007 touring throughout Europe, the United States, and Canada, the Real McKenzies returned to the studio and announced the completion of their seventh album in March 2008. Off the Leash was released later that same year.

Since 1992 the band has toured the entire planet, released 8 albums, and revolved through more members than can be counted on two hands. The McKenzies are indebted to their thousands of fans across the globe and are committed to delivering crushing performances at all costs in appreciation of their audience.

The Real McKenzies have been described simply as a ‘Scottish-influenced Celtic Punk band’, but within their repertoire you’ll be swept away by jacked-up, traditional Scottish ballads, original hard-edge electric-folk songs, and Scottish-Canadian political commentary, most times more controversial than is socially-acceptable.

Now, nearly 20-years-secure in Canadian history, the band roster currently consists of 9 talented musicians (Not necessarily all in the same place at the same time).


1: Chip Download
2: The Lads Who Fought & Won
3: The Ballad Of Greyfriars Bobby
4: Kings Of Fife
5: Old Becomes New
6: White Knuckle Ride
7: The Maple Trees Remember
8: Anyone Else
9: My Mangy Hound
10: Too Many Fingers
11: Drink Some More
12: Guy On Stage
13: Culling The Herd

The Lads Who Fought & Won
( Lyrics not available in the Net )

That Serbian man
Assassinated Archduke Ferdinand
With What Would transpire
and set Europe afire .

On one side the Czar and the king
and on the other stood
the kaiser and Ottoman thang
The boys and the men and the girls
Were armed and mobilized
their forces aligned .

They craWled through the mud
and they cut through Wire
a constantassault of artillery fire
the curtain of shrapnel
took the flesh from the bone

They fell in the field
and they never got home .

They Were the lads
Who fought and Won .

Up over the bridge
a heavy fortress lies
Atop of the ridge
bristling With guns
Austro - Hungarian Empire dug in .

They fought through the night
like the Devil at daWn
The enemy captured
or dead on the ground
It Wasn' t achieved Without terrible loss
Posthomous aWard of Victoria Cross .

They Were the lads
Who fought and Won .

The Real Mc Kenzies Live in Athens - Greece 15 January 2010 at the "Sin City Club"

Size : 95 MB
Bitrate 320

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Nuggets Vol. 9: Acid Rock

RNLP/RNC 70033
Nuggets Vol. 9
Acid Rock
Various Artists

Switching to a decidedly heavier mode, this comp includes hits by Love, the Byrds, Steppenwolf, Iron Butterfly, the Chambers Brothers, Vanilla Fudge, and the Strawberry Alarm Clock, as well as worthy lighter, slightly obscure offerings by The Grass Roots, the Monkees, and the Young Rascals.
Review by Richie Unterberger [allmusic]

Label : Rhino Rec.
Catalog#: RNLP 70033
Format: Vinyl, 12",
Country: USA
Released: 1986
Genre: Rock
Style: Garage , Psychedelic , Rock'n'Roll , Pop , 60's
Mp3@320 & Scans

Eight Miles Here


Side A'
7 And 7 Is - Love
Eight Miles High - The Byrds
Feelings - The Grass Roots
Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) - The First Edition
Magic Carpet Ride - Steppenwolf
It's Wonderful - The Young Rascals
Porpoise Song - The Monkees
Side B'
She's My Girl - The Turtles
Incense And Peppermints - The Strawberry Alarm Clock
The Wind Blows Her Hair - The Seeds
You Keep Me Hangin' On - Vanilla Fudge
In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida - Iron Butterfly
Time Has Come Today - The Chambers Brothers
I Won't Hurt You - The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band

Nuggets is a series of releases dedicated to preserving the hits
and undiscovered gems of the first psychedelic era...

Vol. 01 Vol. 02 Vol. 03 Vol. 04
Vol. 05 Vol. 06 Vol. 07 Vol. 08
Vol. 10 Vol. 11 Vol. 12

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Nuggets Vol. 6 : Punk Part Two

RNLP / RNC 030
Nuggets, Vol. 6:
Punk Part Two
Various Artists [1985]

Includes a lot of the greatest regional garage hits of the mid-'60s: the Brogues, We The People, the Unrelated Segments, the Chocolate Watch Band, and Mouse & the Traps all weigh in with strong cuts. Also includes worthy obscurities by Captain Beefheart ("Diddy Wah Diddy") and minor but exciting hits by The Shadows of Knight ("Oh Yeah") and The Electric Prunes (the psychedelic classic "Get Me To The World On Time"). [allmusic]

Label : Rhino Rec.
Catalog#: RNLP 030
Format: Vinyl, 12",
Country: USA
Released: 1985
Genre: Rock
Style: Garage , Psychedelic , Rock'n'Roll , Pop , 60's

Mp3@320 & scans

Take me Here


Side A'

Public Execution - Mouse & Traps
Diddy Wah Diddy - Captain Beefheart
Little Black Egg - The Nightcrawlers
I Ain't No Miracle Worker - The Brogues
Where You Gonna Go - The Unrelated Segments
Forget It - Black Pearl
Mirror Of Your Mind - We The People

Side B'

Oh Yeah - The Shadows Of Knight (S, 45 version)
Sookie Sookie - Steppenwolf
Sweet Young Thing - The Chocolate Watch Band
Mr. Jones (Ballad Of A Thin Man) - The Grass Roots
Try To Understand - The Seeds
Love's Gone Bad - The Underdogs
Get Me To The World On Time - The Electric Prunes

Nuggets is a series of releases dedicated to preserving the hits
and undiscovered gems of the first psychedelic era...

Vol. 01 Vol. 02 Vol. 03 Vol. 04
Vol. 05             Vol. 07 Vol. 08
Vol. 09 Vol. 10 Vol. 11 Vol. 12

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Σκέψεις [9] Θά 'θελα…

Θά 'θελα
Θά 'θελα να σου πω πόσο δίκιο έχεις…
Θά 'θελα να σου δώσω μια πελώρια αγκαλιά [μου ξέφυγες]
Θά 'θελα να’μαι δίπλα σου [αν με χρειάζεσαι]
Θά 'θελα να σ’ακούω και να σου δίνω δίκιο…
Θά 'θελα νάμαι δίπλα σου και όλα να μ’ αρέσουν
Θά 'θελα να ήξερα όλα όσα σε ενοχλούν
Θά 'θελα να μην αρνούμαι αυτά που πιστεύεις
Θά 'θελα να λειτουργούμε μαζί
Θά 'θελα να ’ξερα πόσο δίκιο έχεις
Θά'θελα να μπορώ να σου σκουπίσω ένα δάκρυ
Θά 'θελα να κάνω το δάκρυ σου αγώνα
Θά 'θελα να κάνω τον αγώνα σου πίστη
Θά 'θελα να κάνω την πίστη σου χαρά
Θά 'θελα να κάνω την χαρά σου τραγούδι
Θά 'θελα να κάνω το τραγούδι σου γνώση
Θά 'θελα να κάνω την γνώση σου ζωή
Θά 'θελα να κάνω την ζωή σου χαμόγελο
Θά 'θελα να κάνω το χαμόγελο είναι
Θά 'θελα να κάνω το είναι είμαστε
Θά' θελα…
Να ψιθυρίσω φράσεις γνωστές
Δοσμένες με ένα καινούργιο νόημα
Θά 'θελα…

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Los Bravos - Black Is Black 7'' Single

Los Bravos

Black Is Black

7'' Single

Label: Decca Records
Catalog#: 45 GD 5100
Format: Vinyl, 7", Single
Country: Greece
Released: 196?
Style:Pop Rock, Classic Rock

This single is a reissue about 1980 i think

1. Black Is Black (Grainger, Hayes, Wadey) – 2:59
2. I Want a Name (Dias, Raymonde) – 2:41

wav & scans file size: 66 MB
Black is here

"Black Is Black" is a song by rock band Los Bravos, released in 1966 as the group's debut single for Decca Records. Produced by Ivor Raymonde, the song reached number two in the UK, number four in the U.S., and number one in Canada. With the song's success, Los Bravos became the first Spanish rock band to have an international hit single. A dance remix of the song was released as a single in 1986. [Wiki]

Ένα από τα πρώτα singles που αγόρασα, μέσω Ποπ & Ροκ, νομίζω αρχές '80, τότε που γινόταν μια προσπάθεια να ξαναδοθεί μια ώθηση στην αγορά των singles.

Τιμή δραχμές 100 αν δεν με απατά η μνήμη μου, πάντα μου άρεσε αυτό το τραγούδι, τότε δεν ήξερα ότι μας έρχονται από την Ισπανία.
Μονοφωνικό, όπως το παλιό, μην μασάτε όταν το παίζετε και στον player γράφει stereo...
Κομμάτι ιστορίας για μένα...

To video πιο κάτω...

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The Residents : Freak Show 2002 Remastered


The Residents is an American Avant-Garde music and visual arts group who have been active since 1966 . Their first official release under the name of The Residents was in 1972, and since then the band have gone on to release over sixty albums, numerous music videos and short films, three CD-ROM projects, ten DVDs, and have undertaken seven major world tours.

Throughout the group's existence, the individual members have ostensibly attempted to conceal their identities from the public, and much public speculation and rumor has focused on this aspect of the group. In public, the group appears silent and costumed, often wearing eyeball helmets, top hats and tuxedos - a long-lasting costume now recognized as their signature iconography. Their albums are often complex conceptual pieces, composed around a theme, theory or plot, and are noted for surrealistic lyrics and disregard for standard Western pop music composition.


Freak Show marked the beginning of The Residents' obsession with emerging computer technology in the 1990s.
Much of the music was made with various MIDI devices. "Freak Show" also served as the name for a CD-ROM that was released in 1994, a stage performance by a theater company at the Archa Theater in Prague that premiered on November 1, 1995, and a COMIC BOOK .

Several of the songs were also performed live during the 1997 25th anniversary concerts at the Fillmore in San Francisco. After the CD-ROM's success, the album was re-released as The Freak Show Soundtrack with a different cover. A limited edition, The Freak Show Special Edition, was released in 2002 to mark their 30th anniversary.



1. Everyone Comes to the Freak Show
2. Harry's Introduction
3. Harry the Head
4. Herman Watches TV (Mexican Porn)
5. Herman the Human Mole
6. Wanda Does Her Act
7. Wanda, the Worm Woman
8. Jack Amuses the Crowd
9. Jack, the Boneless Boy
10. Benny Bounces
11. Benny, the Bouncing Bump
12. Mickey, the Mumbling Midget
13. Lillie
14. Nobody Laughs When They Leave


Size 155 MB
Bitrate 320

Take it HERE (Includes The Comic Book )