Monday, October 28, 2013

Goodbye Great Man


What a perfect day, drink Sangria in the park
Later when it gets dark, we go home
Ooh such a perfect day feed animals in the zoo
Then later a movie, too and then home

It's such a perfect day, I'm glad I spend it with you
Such a perfect day you just keep me hanging on
You just keep me hanging on
Oh such a perfect day, weekenders on our own
It's such fun

Such perfect day you made me forget myself
I thought I was someone else, someone good
Oh, it's such a perfect day, I'm glad I spent it with you
Such a perfect day you just keep me hanging on
You just keep me hanging on

You're going to reap just what you sow
You're going to reap just what you sow

Oh what a perfect day
Oh such a perfect day
Ooh such a perfect day

Wishbone Ash : Live Dates 1973

Wishbone Ash are a British rock band who achieved success in the early and mid-1970s.
They are considered to be one of the major innovators of the harmony twin lead guitar format. During the early- and mid-'70s, Wishbone Ash were among England's most popular hard rock acts.

The group's roots dated to the summer of 1966, when drummer Steve Upton formed a band called Empty Vessels with bassist/vocalist Martin Turner and guitarist Glen Turner.

Wishbone Ash were formed in October 1969 by bass guitarist Martin Turner and drummer Steve Upton. When Tanglewood's original guitarist, Martin's brother Glenn Turner left the trio and returned to his native Devon, their manager, Miles Copeland III advertised for a guitar player and also for a keyboard player. 

After an extensive search for a guitarist, the band could not decide between the final two candidates, Andy Powell and Ted Turner (no relation to Martin). It was suggested that they try both guitar players "just to see what it sounds like".

The band's eponymous debut album, Wishbone Ash, was released in December 1970. One year later, the group released Pilgrimage. The band peaked commercially in 1972 with Argus, their highest placed entry in the UK Albums Chart (#3).

The album was voted by the readers of Sounds as the "best rock album of the year", also "Top British Album" (Melody Maker). The band were getting international acclaim for their live performances as they gained popularity around the world.


The album was recorded in June 1973 at Croydon Fairfield Halls, Reading University, Newcastle City Hall, and Portsmouth Guildhall. The version of "Phoenix" on disc one was recorded in Memphis, Tennessee in 1972, and was also included on the Live from Memphis album. However, the MCA double-album set (MCA2-8006) also issued in June 1973, contains only the seventeen minute, thirteen second version. It follows "Lady Whiskey" on side four.


Side A

A1         The King Will Come     7:50    
A2         Warrior     5:50    
A3         Throw Down The Sword     6:00

Side B

B1         Rock 'N Roll Widow     6:08    
B2         Ballad Of The Beacon     5:02    
B3         Baby What Do You Want Me To Do     6:33

Side C
C1         The Pilgrim     9:15    
C2         Blowin Free     3:28    
C3         Jail Bait     4:39

Side D
D1         Lady Whiskey     6:15    
D2         Phoenix  16:48

Format : Vinyl Double LP
Label : MCA Records MCSP 254
Made i n : Grait Bitain
Year : 1973

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Re - Up : Roky Erickson and The Aliens : I Think Of Demons

                                                            FLAC   Here

Saturday, October 26, 2013


Ανθρωπε ! Της φύσης εραστή
κι απ'τη φύση σου διωγμένος
σακάτη από όνειρα
στη δόξα σου χαμένος .

Μίζερε ! Θεϊκή πνοή
απ' την Εδέμ σταλμένος
Αθλιε ! Από το Τίποτα Ζωή
κι απ' τη Ζωή λιωμένος .

Ανθρωπε ! Υπουλε , θρασύ
βουβέ κριτή και θύμα
μικρέ , δειλέ και άσεμνε
βαθιά σκιά στο κύμα .

Φύρα από πνεύμα ζωντανό
σε προσευχές χαμένος
κρυφοκοιτάς τον ουρανό
και δείχνεις τρομαγμένος .

Μέσα σε βίαια κελιά
μήν κλείσεις την πνοή σου
Τσίριξε ! Σκούξε ! Οργωσε !
Το Σύμπαν με τη φωνή σου .

Κι οταν ακούσεις τη φωνή
που θα έχεις βγάλει
τότε θα βρεις τα όνειρα ,
ναρκωτικά . αλκοόλ και μιά ζωή κρεπάλη .

Ανθρωπε ! Παράδεισος και κόλαση
δαιμονες και αγγέλους
εσύ τα έφτιαξες όλ' αυτά
γελάς στους Γελασμένους .

Ανθρωπε ! Ομορφε ! Γλυκέ !
Υστατε Γητευτή χρωμάτων
Ανθρωπε ! Μυστήριε και πλούσιε
στα Πάντα και των Πάντων .

Ανθρωπε ! Χαρισματικέ !
Ανθρωπε που ανήκεις ;
Ανθρωπε του πολιτισμού
που χτίζεις και γκρεμίζεις .

Ανθρωπε ! Τι άλλο μένει ;
Ανθρωπε , Ομορφε ! Χαζέ !
Ανθρωπε ! Τίποτα ! Σκασμός !
Πιό Τίποτα σε περιμένει ;

Κι όταν θα βρεις το Τίποτα
και ψάξεις παρακάτω
Ανθρωπε έλα να μου πεις
πότε θα πιάσεις Πάτο .

Λέξεις :Κώστας  -  Σχέδια Viktor Koen

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Robert Fripp and Brian Eno : The Equatorial Stars 2004

The Equatorial Stars is a 2004 album by British ambient musicians Robert Fripp and Brian Eno. The album marked almost 30 years since the two musicians had collaborated on their previous album, Evening Star, in 1975.

Robert Fripp (born 16 May 1946) is an English guitarist, composer and record producer.

As a guitarist for the progressive rock band King Crimson, Fripp has been the only member to have played in all of King Crimson's line-ups from the late 1960s to the early 2000s. He has also worked extensively as a studio musician, notably with singer David Bowie on the albums "Heroes" and Scary Monsters, and contributed sounds to the Windows Vista operating system. His complete discography lists more than seven hundred releases over four decades.

He is ranked 62nd on Rolling Stone magazine's 2011 list of the "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time" after having been ranked by David Fricke 42nd on its 2003 list. Tied with Andres Segovia, he also is ranked 47th on's "Top 50 guitarists of all time".

Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno,(born 15 May 1948 and originally christened Brian Peter George Eno), professionally known as Brian Eno or simply as Eno, is an English musician, composer, record producer, singer, and visual artist, known as one of the principal innovators of ambient music.

Eno was a student of Roy Ascott on his Groundcourse at Ipswich Civic College. Then he studied at Colchester Institute art school in Essex, England, taking inspiration from minimalist painting. During his time on the art course at the Institute, he also gained experience in playing and making music through teaching sessions held in the adjacent music school.

He joined the band Roxy Music as synthesiser player in the early 1970s. Roxy Music's success in the glam rock scene came quickly, but Eno soon tired of touring and of conflicts with lead singer Bryan Ferry.

Eno's solo music has explored more experimental musical styles and ambient music. It has also been extremely influential, pioneering ambient and generative music, innovating production techniques, and emphasising "theory over practice".



    1.Meissa – 8:08
    2.Lyra – 7:45
    3.Tarazed – 5:03
    4.Lupus – 5:09
    5.Ankaa – 7:01
    6.Altair – 5:11
    7.Terebellum – 9:40

Ambient Music only for the lovers of this kind
All the others stay out of it .

Friday, October 18, 2013

No War In Syria

No War in Syria Mr. President .
We can't stand it any more .
Too much dead soldiers in Irak
Too much lifes in Afghanistan .

WHY  ?

Send your daughter to fight and be killed there if you like so ,
not Us .

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Μοναχικά Κορίτσια / Κώστας και Βάσω Delirium

Μοναχικά κορίτσια με κορμιά τεντωμένα σαν παλλόμενες χορδές
στην αυγή του έρωτα ,
Προσμένοντας το γλυκό της νιότης σας φιλί
στο σφιγγαλιάλιασμα από τα φύκια ,
Ζηγιάστε με τα κύματα τα δάκρυά σας ,
κάντε πνοή τον φλοίσβο της νεαρής αμμουδιάς ,
Γίνετε ένα με τις ώρες της μοναξιάς .

Πάνω στο βράχο , Ονειρα !
Κάτω οι τρικυμίες , λόγια που ροκανίζονται .
Αγάπες ! Θυσίες !

Αλλόγιστα κορίτσια του Ερωτα , φτερά στη χαραυγή σας .
Μα ...
Ποιό κρεβάτι έγειρε , της ηδονής ,
ν'αφουγκραστεί την κραυγή σας ;

Αστεία τόλμη πολεμά το θάρρος της ματιάς σας
Γευθηκατε αμαρτωλούς οργασμούς στην επανάσταση της γενιάς σας .

Αντιφατικός όρος είναι ο Ερωτας .
Πότε Δυστυχίες μας χαρίζει , πότε Ευτυχίες .
Καλύπτει όμως ,
την ανθολογία από τα περισσότερα χρόνια μας .

Κορίτσια !

Στης απόγνωσης τα σύννορα γατζωμένα
στου κορμιού την υγρασία παραδομένα
στης νύχτας το σκοτάδι χαμένα
στης μέθης το ρυθμό προδομένα .

Κορίτσια !

Γεννημένα γιά έρωτα , που ο έρωτας συνθλίβει
γεμάτα σπέρμα γέννησης , που ο τοκετός τα θλίβει .

Κορίτσια !

Ενα λουλούδι . Κυκλάμινο . Στο φθινοπωρινό δάσος .
Σα χρώμα !
Μαβύ ! Βιολετί ! Μωβ !
Η πρώτη βροχή που θρέφει .

Κι αρχίζουν τα πράσσινα φύλλα να σκιρτούν στην ομορφιά του δάσους
σφίγγουν τα πρώτα κλόνια σας , πυκνοί βλαστοί του δέους .

Το κορμί γέρνει στο πάθος και η αναπνοή στην ταχύτητα .
Οτι Ζει γεύτεται τη δημιουργία στην έκσταση της πρώτης ημέρας .
Χαμόγελα από άρωμα θηλυκό απλώνονται
πάνω στη γλάστρα του βασιλικού
σπέρνοντας το ζευγάρωμα με το αρσενικό .

Κορίτσια !

Κι εσείς σα τη ΓΗ
πασχίσατε τα παιδιά σας να γεννήσετε .

Δίπλα στην εκκλησία , ο Ερωτας πενθεί το νυφικό της παντριάς σας .

Μοναχικά κορίτσια της θάλασσας
κάντε Ναό την ερημική παραλία της Μοναξιάς .
Προσευχηθείτε στο άρωμα του γαλάζιου
σκαρφαλώστε στα διαμάντια του λογισμού
και μη σκεφθείτε πόσο αυστηρές είναι οι κατακόμβες της συνουσίας

Μην εξηγήσετε τις εντολές που γατζώνουν στην ευφορία του Ερωτα .

Τι διάβολο συμβαίνει ;
Τώρα που όλοι εκπληρώνουν τον προορισμό του βίαιου χαμού τους ;

Εχουν καρδιά τα Κορίτσια !
Καρδιά αληθινή !
Υπεύθηνη γιά τις κρεμασμένες συμβουλές
που τα προηγούμενα βράδια έφεραν .

Κορίτσια !

Μέσα σ'ένα θάλαμο υγρής αναστάτωσης από φωνές μοιχείας
στη γκιλοτίνα του οργασμού ζούνε .
Σα λουλούδια ντροπιασμένα από το Θάνατο
αναπνέουν μέσα στο βάζο της διακόσμησής μας
σκορπώντας Ζωή στο γύρω χώρο και τον ομορφαίνουν .

Καίγεται ;

Η Ζωή ;
Ο χρόνος ;
Οι λέξεις ;
Ο πόνος ;
Οι τάξεις ;
Ο μύθος ;
Τι θα διατάξεις ;
Ο Φόνος ;

Μοναχικά Κορίτσια
Τέλειωσε !!!

...Και η Ζωή σέρνεται στα τέσσερα
Σαν ερπετό !
Καταραμένο ΟΝ !!!

Στίχοι  Κώστας  ,  Σχέδια Βάσω Delirium

Jose Luis Garcia - Lopez / Mora

José Luis Garcia-Lopez is simply one of the most iconic DC Comics artists of all time! He is well known for his work on Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Teen Titans, Flash, Jonah Hex, Batgirl, and pretty much every other DC Comics character from the 1970's to the present day.
Spanish Artist best known for his career at DC Comics during the 1970's, 80's and 90's. His artwork was often used for style guides and stock images in various DC Comics merchandise and still is to this day.
Luis Garcia Mozos was born in the small Spanish village of Puertollano in 1946. Remembering his early inspirations he has said the he “learned to draw by copying Emilio Freixas when I was 8 or 9 before moving to Barcelona.” But as the example here by the 7 year old Luis shows, he was clearly a child prodigy of enormous talent even before becoming besotted by comics.
Luis’ first professional work was drawn for the publishing house Bruguera under the directorship of Francisco Ortega, astonishingly he was only 14 years old but even at that age showed an assured draughtsmanship that belied his years.

Luis had established himself as one of the leading artists in the revival of Warren's horror titles, but after only a year he was ready to move on. It was a journey that began with a meeting with Salvador Dali ( hey- things like that happened in the '70s! )
In Paris Luis arranged to show his work to the editor of Pilote magazine

Pilote offered Luis complete artistic freedom and it was here that he finally established his own, fully realised artistic personality.

Taking us full circle, some of Luis’ latest works have been comic strips which marry his early interest in narrative with his later painting technique.

Artist  :  Jose Luis Garcia
Story Teller  :  Moro

This Conic story was publised by the Greek Comic Book " Epomeni Mera "  ( Next Day )
by Ars Longa Editions

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Social Distortion : White Light White Heat White Trash 1996

"White Light, White Heat, White Trash" is the fifth album by American punk rock band, Social Distortion, released on September 17, 1996, by Epic Records. The album was produced by Michael Beinhorn. "White Light, White Heat, White Trash" is the last Social Distortion album to feature guitarist Dennis Danell who died on February 29, 2000, of a cerebral aneurysm at the age of 38. It is also the band's last release on Epic Records



    01. Dear Lover     4:46    
    02. Don't Drag Me Down     3:51    
    03. Untitled     4:46    
    04. I Was Wrong     3:59    
    05. Through These Eyes     3:16    
    06. Down On The World Again     3:22    
    07. When The Angels Sing     4:15    
    08. Gotta Know The Rules     3:28    
    09. Crown Of Thorns     4:16    
    10. Pleasure Seeker     3:33    
    11. Down Here (w/ The Rest Of Us)     4:20
    12. Under My Thumpb 

The Track No 11 is a litlle Masterpiece .


This ain't the way it's supposed to be
There's a dark cloud following me,
I'm disillusioned I'm down on the world again

There's movies going on in my head
And all I can see is the color red.
I'm relentless I'm down on the world again

Give me tomorrow's broken dreams now
I'm feeling like a loaded gun

There's a world of guilt written on my face
I'm feeling ashamed for the human race,
I've been forsaken I'm down on the world again

Well , I feel so alone in this crowd
Thoughts of despair are getting loud
I'm disrespected I'm down on the world again

Love and tolerance have abandoned me
And I feel the gloom hovering over me,
I'm resentful I'm down on the world again

Give me tomorrow's broken dreams now
I'm feeling like a loaded gun

Give me tomorrow's holy schemes now so hopeless
When there's no place else to run.

Well I tried to play for the higher stakes
You wont let me forget my mistakes
I'm unforgiven and I'm down on the world again

This ain't the way its supposed to be, there's a dark cloud following me
I'm distorted
And I'm down on the world again

Desinigner Artist  :  Mark Harrison
From the Comic Book : Durham Red

Γειάς ρε παιδιά . Επέστρεψα στην Αθήνα ( Γαμώ το το ) ύστερα από δυόμιση μήνες σε κάποιο νησί του Ιoνίου , απέχοντας από τον κωλο-υπολογιστή μου , και γύρισα τώρα γιατί τέλειωσα όλες τις μπίρες του νησιού .
Του χρόνου που θα φέρουν καινούργια φορτία θα ξαναπάω πάλι .
Καλό χειμώνα στη μούρη μας και καλές φυλακές στους Φασίστες .

You work hard now
To put the food on the table
You're working for the men
Who don't even know your name
That's the way that it goes
When you're down here with the rest of us
You might lose now
Your beautiful children
Your happy home, yeah
And your beautiful wife
That's the way that it goes
When you're down here with the rest of us

You'll suffer hard now
As you bury
Your loved ones
You'll suffer hard now
When you lose your best friend
That's the way that it goes
When you're down here with the rest of us
That's the way that it goes
And I know how you feel

No ones immune now
To a world of problems
No ones exempt now
From a world of pain
That's the way that it goes
When you're down here with the rest of us

I try hard now
To do the right thing
Yet I wonder
Why I still do what's wrong
That's the way that it goes
When you're down here with the rest of us
That's the way that it goes
And I know how you feel