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Keep Shelly in Athens - Hauntin’ Me [video]

Keep Shelly In Athens - 'Hauntin' Me' from Jamie Harley on Vimeo.

I love this song, i love this band...
The next big thing!

 3 upcoming shows:
Jun 7
Madame JoJo's London, Greater Lo, gb
 Jun 11
Start The Bus Bristol, UK
Jun 12
Parklife Festival Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM

Sunday, April 24, 2011

ACDC : More Bon's Ultimate Volts ( Picture Vinyl Australian LP ) Limited Edition

AC/DC was formed in 1973 by brothers Angus and Malcolm Young, and released two albums in Australia before releasing their first international effort, " High Voltage " with vocalist Bon Scott, bassist Mark Evans and drummer Phil Rudd.

In 1980, Bon Scott died less than a year after the release of the successful " Highway to Hell ", and was replaced by British singer Brian Johnson , with whom AC/DC released their best selling album, " Back in Black " .

Their latest album to date, " Black Ice " , was released in 2008, selling over 8 million copies worldwide.

In 36 years of their career, AC/DC sold over 200 million albums worldwide, roughly 71 million in the US. " Back in Black " alone sold 22 million (49 million worldwide) , and is the 2nd best selling album worldwide .

AC/DC have released 19 studio albums, 4 albums issued in Australia only , 3 live recordings , 12 video collections of concerts and music videos , and 2 box sets. Although a large number of AC/DC singles have been released , the band always refused to release any greatest hits type packages .

This is a limited edition Picture Disc Vinyl LP and this format is not available on CD .

Now in Greece is the Easter Celebration .
You know , all these beautiful stories about crucifixtion and resurrection .
So , this is the Easter Gift of URBAN ASPIRINES to all our friends all over the world .


Traxs :


1. Rock In Peace (R.I.P) 3:33
2. Carry Me Home 3:55
3. Dirty Eyes 2:21
4. Crabsody In Blue 4:43
5. Cold Hearted Man 3:31


1. Get It Hot 4:18
2. If You Want Blood 4:28
3. Back Seat Confidental 5:23
4. Touch Too Much 6:34

Song 1 :

Taken from the Australian LP " Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap "
Release : September 20th , 1976

Song 2 :

B - Side of Australian " Dog Eat Dog " Single

Songs 3 & 4 :

First Studio session for " Let There Be Rock " .
Released on Box-Set CD Volts in 1997
Relrase : November 20th , 1997 ( Original release : March 21 , 1977 )

Song 5 :

Released on a limited 12" ( AC DC 6 LP Box )
and on European " Powerage " LP .
Release : April 28th , 1978 .
Songs 6 - 7- 8 - 9 :

First Studio Session for " Highway To Hell " .
Released on Box - Set CD Volts .
Release : November 24th , 1997 .



Format : Picture Vinyl LP
Label : Dirty Records Ltd
Made in : Melbourne Australia
Size : 92 MB
Bitrate : 320



Γιά τον Φρέντυ και όλους τους ΧαρντΡοκάδες φίλους μου .
Αλητήριοι !!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lee Clayton : Naked Child 1979

His style has been described as in between rock and country.

His most successful album was 1979's Naked Child.

The songs' style was reminiscent of Bob Dylan and the single, "I Ride Alone", became very notable. In 1979, he went on a big world tour which became a huge success in America .


01. (03:11)  -  Saturday Night Special02. (05:14)  -  I Ride Alone03. (06:22)  -  10,000 Years-Sexual Moon04. (02:41)  -  Wind And Rain05. (05:04)  -  I Love You06. (04:14)  -  Jaded Virgin07. (05:25)  -  A Little Cocaine08. (04:41)  -  If I Can Do It (So Can You)09. (07:11)  -  INDUSTRY  ( VINYL  LP RIP )

BONUS TRACK : INDUSTRY ( From the Vinyl LP )

Industry - Lee Clayton lyrics

( Art Work By Urban Aspirines )

I grew up surrounded by fencese

electrified and three in a row.

With machine-gun nests at the entrances to town
and plants that at any minute could go .

They made the first atomic bomb 'cross the hill from where I played.

Me and the dog used to hide in the woods
when the guards were checking for strays.

I remember fire engines in the night flying out and terrified.

Physicists cracking beneath the strain and their children, my friends, terrified.

Industry - that 's why.

My father worked hard for thirty-two years
for a sweater and a watch a clock.

And a heartbeat that doesn‘t push blood very well
through veins as hard as a rock.

Three years away from retirement,
they forced him to take a new job.

And as the hatchet-man for the company clan,
he was hated and he was cursed like a dog.

But he kicked and he clawed,
he cursed back and he cried a tired man running on his pride.
He got the job done though it cost him his legs.

Thanks, Union Carbide.

Industry- -father forgive industry.

My brother works now in a sparkling clean room wearing clothes he could take to Mars.
One little tear in that airtight suit
and I doubt if he could get to his car.

And ain‘t it funny how all of the big boys
seem to always be packing their bags?
And headed somewhere that the water is clear.

And the air, don‘t make me gag.

- -it makes me sick and well.

Before we think ourselves blameless,
let's call a spade a spade.
It always takes two to the tango, my friend,
and we are half - half of this beautiful day.

Man Kind is sold out too cheaply for her cars

and her color TV's?

But I guess the price doesn 't matter too much.
when you're drug-crazed,

you're easy to please.

praise industry

of the people,by the people,for the people.
And yea though we walk through the valley of the shadows,

let us fear no evil
or industry.

Size : 104 MB
Bitrate : 320

Take it HERE

Punk O Rama Vol 6 2001

CD Rip
Compilation album by Various Artists
Released : June 5, 2001
Genre : Punk rock
Label : Epitaph Records
Made : in Amsterdam

Punk-O-Rama Vol. 6 is the sixth compilation album in the Punk-O-Rama series.

The cover is a reference to a scene in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, as this was the release from the year 2001.

The US release of Punk-O-Rama Vol. 6 included a total of five previously unreleased tracks. The unreleased tracks are "Blackeye" by Millencolin (US only), "We're Desperate" by Pennywise, "Original Me" by Descendents, "Let Me In" by Beatsteaks and "Bath of Least Resistance" by NOFX.

Pennywise perform "We're Desperate" with Exene Cervenka, who is from X which is the band that originally performed the song. "Original Me" was originally performed by ALL, which is the band the members of the Descendents formed when Milo Aukerman went to college.

"Bath of Least Resistance" by NOFX was later released on their rarities compilation 45 or 46 Songs That Weren't Good Enough to Go on Our Other Records. "Blackeye" by Millencolin was later released in their album Home from Home, and was the only previously unreleased track to not appear on the UK release of Punk-O-Rama Vol. 6.


1. Guttermouth : Can I Borrow Some Ambition? 2:20
2. Deviates : Come With Me 2:57
3. NOFX : Bath of Least Resistance 1:48
4. The Donnas : Blackeye/Do You Wanna Hit It (US Release Only/UK Release Only) 2:56
5. Hot Water Music : Jack of All Trades 2:42
6. The Bouncing Souls : True Believers 2:30
7. Pennywise with Exene Cervenka : We're Desperate 1:47

8. Osker : Strangled 2:58
9. Rancid : It's Quite Alright 1:29
10. Death by Stereo : Holding 60 Dollars on a Burning Bridge 2:11
11. Dropkick Murphys : The Gauntlet 2:47
12. Descendents : Original Me 2:50
13. Pulley : Runaway 2:51
14. ALL : She Broke My Dick 0:43
15. Heideroosjes : Home (UK Release Only) 1:58
16. downset : Pure Trauma 2:33
17. Beatsteaks : Let me in 3:28
18. Union 13 : Innocence 2:25
19. Bad Religion : I Want to Conquer the World 2:17
20. Undeclinable : Whatever (US Release Only/UK Release Only) 2:41
21. Voodoo Glow Skulls : Say Goodnight 3:02
22. Terrorgruppe : Do you mine 2:15

Εγώ συνεχίζω το βιολί μου με Πανκιάρικες μπάντες της Epitaph Records .

Size : 129 MB
Bitrate : 320

Take it HERE

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British India : Guillotine 2007

Guillotine is the debut studio album by Australian music collective British India, released on June 30, 2007. It reached #4 on the AIR Charts July 2007 and was selected as Triple J's Feature Album in that month and was also nominated for the 2007 J Awards.

Also that year it won the AIR Award for "Best Independent Release."

By Jody Macgregor

Declan Melia (guitar, vocals) Nic Wilson (guitar), Matt O'Gorman (drums), and Will Drummond (bass), were all teenagers when they formed British India, naming themselves after a B-side by psychedelic rock band Strawberry Alarm Clock.

They started with acoustic covers of Blur and Bob Dylan before moving to droning electric dirges and violently energetic stage jams.
Their stage presence briefly made them darlings of the street press while they shuttled back and forth between gigs in Melbourne and Sydney.

Eventually they came to the attention of Harry Vanda, former guitarist in '60s rock icons the Easybeats, then helping independent acts record in his private studio, Flashpoint Music.

With Vanda they recorded an EP called "Counter Culture". Released on Shock Records, it was a dry run for the album they would record with him next.

Unable to close a deal with a label they were satisfied with, their debut album, Guillotine, also became the first release for Flashpoint Records Vanda creating the label solely for the band.

It didn't disappoint, charting in the Top Five and having its single "Tie Up My Hands" make the JJJ Hottest 100 in 2007. The follow-up album, "Thieves", which they had worked on while trying to find a way to release "Guillotine", came out in 2008.

This album was engineered and mixed at Flashpoint Studios in 2006. Mastered at Sterling Sound, NYC.

? & © 2007 Flashpoint Music.
Manufactured & Distributed in Australia & New Zealand by Shock Entertainment.
Barcode: 5 021456 149469
Matrix Number: BI002 6171016108
Other (SID Codes): ifpi LR11, ifpi 7961

Λυπάμαι που δεν σας δίνω το οπiσθόφυλλο , αλλά καταστράφηκε όταν μου έπεσε μπίρα πάνω στο CD στο μαγαζί που δουλεύω . ( Δεν πρόσεχα ο Μαλάκας ! )

1. Black & White Radio 2:37
2. Tie Up My Hands 3:37
3. Run the Red Light 3:39
4. Houseparty 3:31
5. Russian Roulette 3:49
6. Teenage Mother 3:08
7. Edgy Looking Clothes 2:05
8. Automatic Pulse 2:59
9. Council Flat 5:24
10. Outside 109 3:08

Russian Rulette Lyrics

Let's go
And last week on Swan street
People pointed to me they said boy that's last week
And I tried last night
and they laughed had a drink and said boy your alright

So hold on
And be strong
When you think it's as good as it gets
Well I can show you how to win at Russian roulette
And I can show you how to win at Russian roulette
I can show you how to win at Russian roulette
I can show you how to win at Russian roulette
Pull the trigger pull the trigger
pull the trigger, pull it!

And if we could just be
Quiet for one second I think they would see
And so leave, but don't leave
Coz she's throwing my things out onto the street

So hold on
And be strong
When you think it's as good as it gets
Well I can show you how to win at Russian roulette
And I can show you how to win at Russian roulette
I can show you how to win at Russian roulette
I can show you how to win at Russian roulette
Pull the trigger pull the trigger
pull the trigger, pull it!

I can show you how to win at Russian roulette
I can show you how to win at Russian roulette
I can show you how to win at Russian roulette
Pull the trigger pull the trigger
pull the trigger, c'mon!

CD Rip
Size : 80,6 MB
Bitrate : 320


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Antonis Livieratos - Mother Tongue (Tronix Series Vol. 1)

Αντώνης Λιβιεράτος

Mother Tongue
(Tronix Series Vol. 1)

Label: Hitch-Hyke Records
Catalog#: Lift 076
Format: CD
Released: 2002/12
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Alternative Rock, Experimental

01 .Skia
02 .Mother Tongue
03 .Doug From L.A.
04 .Makria
05 .Die Nummerierten Frauen
06 .The Positive Dub
07 .Jisei
08 .Le Fauteil Volant
09 .Love Your Sins
10 .Men Don't...
11 .Nightslide
12 .Muchacha

-Όλα τα κομμάτια (στίχοι και μουσική) γράφτηκαν, παίχτηκαν και ηχογραφήθηκαν απ' τον Αντώνη Λιβιεράτο στο hobARt phASe STUDIO (8/2000-8/2002)    

-Παραγωγή: Αντώνης Λιβιεράτος
-Κιθάρα στο '5' και συνθεσάιζερ με εφφέ στα 3 & 10: Στάθης Ιωάννου
-Ηλεκτρονικά κρουστά στο 10: Μάριος Σαρακηνός
-Τα "Doug from L.A." και "Men Don't" γράφτηκαν αρχικά για την μικρού μήκους ταινία του Κυριάκου Χατζημιχαηλίδη "Οι άντρες δεν κλαίνε" (2001)
-Mastering: Χρίστος Χατζηστάμου / Athens Mastering
-Εικαστικό εξωφύλλου: Ελένη Πιπίνη
-Μακέτα εξωφύλλου: Πάνος Κασιάρης

MP3 @ 320 & scans120ΜΒ
Take It Here

Σύντομη Βιογραφία

Συνιδρυτής (το 1982) και από τότε και μέχρι σήμερα μέλος του γκρουπ "Κεφάλαιο 24". Το "Κεφάλαιο 24", έχει μέχρι στιγμής κυκλοφορήσει 3 δίσκους ("Tin Invaders",  "Το Ευρετήριο των Συμπτώσεων" και "Drop-in/Drop-out").
Απ' το 1995 αρχίζει ν' ασχολείται (συνήθως σε συνεργασία με τον Σωτήρη Δεμπόνο) με τη σύνθεση μουσικής για το θέατρο και τον κινηματογράφο. Οι δυο τους έχουν κυκλοφορήσει ως ντουέτο έναν δίσκο ("Του Χάρου τα Δόντια").
Από το 1997 εμφανίζεται στη δισκογραφία και ως "σόλο" καλλιτέχνης. Έχει μέχρι σήμερα στο ενεργητικό του 4 προσωπικούς δίσκους ("Το Τεράστιο Κίτρινο Πράγμα", "Κόκκινος Ουρανός", "Το Πλαστικό Κουτί" και "Mother Tongue").

Τα τελευταία χρόνια έχει συνεισφέρει (άλλοτε με την ιδιότητα του παραγωγού, άλλοτε του μουσικού κι άλλοτε και με τις δυο μαζί), σε πολλούς  δίσκους άλλων μουσικών, ενώ για μια περίπου διετία (1998- 2000) ήταν και μέλος του γκρουπ Sigmatropic.
Από τον Ιούνη του 2000 μέχρι την άνοιξη του 2003 υπήρξε μέλος των Illegal Operation. Σ' αυτό το διάστημα το γκρουπ εκτός απο την πλούσια συναυλιακή δραστηριότητα, κυκλοφόρησε τα CD "Space Boogie", "Careless Love", "Blue Project" και "The Bust".
Τον τελευταίο καιρό μοιράζει την δημιουργική του ενέργεια ανάμεσα στους Dr Atomik που εμφανίστηκαν για πρώτη φορά στη σκηνή τον Μάρτη του 2004 και το -ξανά- δραστήριο "Κεφάλαιο 24". 
Ο Λιβιεράτος ασχολείται κυρίως με τα πληκτροφόρα (φυσικά ή ηλεκτρονικά) όργανα, χωρίς όμως να μπορεί ν' αντισταθεί στον πειρασμό να παίξει που και που και λίγη κιθάρα (ή οτιδήποτε άλλο μπορεί να παράγει ήχο και τύχει να πέσει στα χέρια του).

*Προσωπική δισκογραφία
  Το Τεράστιο Κίτρινο Πράγμα     1997     CD
  Κόκκινος Ουρανός     1999     CD(ep)
  Το Πλαστικό Κουτί     2000     2CD
  Mother Tongue       2003     CD
*Δισκογραφία ως μέλος του γκρουπ "Dr.Atomik"
  Dr.Atomik     2007     CD
  Reptiles        2011    CD & LP
*Δισκογραφία ως μέλος του γκρουπ "Κεφάλαιο 24"
  Tin Invaders      1988     LP
  Το ευρετήριο των συμπτώσεων     1995     CD
  Drop-in/ Drop-out    2007     2CD
*Αντώνης Λιβιεράτος & Σωτήρης Δεμπόνος
  Του Χάρου τα Δόντια     1996     CD+ & 10"EP
*Δισκογραφία ως μέλος του γκρουπ "Illegal Operation"
  Space Boogie    2001     CD single
  Careless Love     2001     CD single
  Blue Project     2001     CD
  The Bust    2002     CD+

 Antonis Livieratos was "officially" involved with music for the first time in 1982 when he as a keybordist and Vagelis Boulouhtsis as a bassist co-establish in Ioannina, Greece, the nowadays cult band "Chapter 24", ("Kefaleo 24" in Greek, named after  Syd Barrett's song by the same name).  Their first album (following a couple of independent home- produced cassettes), "Tin Invaders"  in 1988 features lyrics in English and despite the avant-garde reputation of the band, is definitely pop- oriented. In 1989 the original duo grows into a quartet with the addition of guitarist Periklis Boulouhtsis and drummer Yannis Mitsis and moves from Ioannina to Livieratos' hometown, Athens. This second line-up is featured in the instrumental album "To Evretirio ton Simptoseon" ("Index of Coincidences") recorded between 1989 and 1991. After Mitsis' departure in 1992 the band remains a trio. After a long period of virtual inactivity, Chapter 24 returned on stage for two concerts  to celebrate their 20th anniversary (May 2002).
 In the meantime, since 1992, Livieratos teaming-up with guitarist- fellow composer Sotiris Debonos has become involved in scoring for films and theatrical plays. The only sample of their common activity available as a record until now, is the enhanced-CD  "Tou Harou ta Dontia" ("Jaws of Death") featuring the Livieratos- Debonos soundtrack along with a full-lengthed CD-ROM version of the Kyriakos Hatzimichailidis' awarded short film by the same title.
The first solo record by Antonis Livieratos "To Terastio Kitrino Pragma" ("The Huge Yellow Thing") was released in December 1997 - a classic in terms of Greek rock music.  The album was in its entity composed, performed, engineered and produced by him. This album marks the beginning of the ever-since continuous presence of Livieratos as a solo recording artist and performing bandleader. Its sequel is the EP "Kokkinos Ouranos" ("Red Sky", May 1999). In April of 2000 he releases the double-CD album "To Plastiko Kouti" ("The Plastic Box"). In December 2002 he releases the all-electronic, multilingual CD "Mother Tongue".
 During the last few years Livieratos has also been successfully involved with other people's projects, either as a producer or a keyboards/ guitar player or both, usually within the limits of the "hobART phASe system" musicians' collective in which he participates. One may find samples of this activity in some of the finest contemporary Greek records such as the records of "Sigmatropic", "Woofer" and Manolis Angelakis.
From June 2000 to spring 2003, he was also the keyboardist of "Illegal Operation". During that period of time the band recorded and released  "Space Boogie", "Careless Love",  "Blue Project" & "The Bust".

* * * * * * *
Συνέντευξη στο Mic :
Από αυτές τις περιπτώσεις που δηλώνω προκατειλημμένος...
'Ενας σπάνιος άνθρωπος και καλλιτέχνης,  ανήσυχος και πειραματιστής, πολυγραφότατος, τριάντα χρόνια στο κουρμπέτι.
Μου αρέσει πολύ η απλότητα του, αυτό που λέμε low profile .
Μόλις κυκλοφόρησε και το νέο άλμπουμ των Dr Atomik με τίτλο  "Reptiles" , προσπαθήστε να το ακούσετε και αν τον πετύχετε σε live να πάτε να τον δείτε...
Επισκεφτείτε οπωσδήποτε και το site του, όλες οι πληροφορίες εδώ είναι από εκεί, έχει κάνει φοβερή δουλειά.
Εγώ απλά να πω ότι εδώ στο blog δεν θα μείνουμε μόνο σε αυτό το cd, αλλά θα συνεχίσουμε και με άλλες δικές του κυκλοφορίες...

Lee Perry : The Upsetter 1998

Lee "Scratch" Perry (born Rainford Hugh Perry, 20 March 1936, Kendal, Jamaica) is a musician, who has been influential in the development and acceptance of reggae and dub music in Jamaica and overseas.
He employs numerous pseudonyms, such as Pipecock Jackxon and The Upsetter.

The Upsetter tells the fascinating story of Lee " Scratch " Perry , a visionary musician and artist from poor rural Jamaica who journeyed to the big city in the late 1950's with dreams of making it in the burgeoning record industry .

Lee Perry burst on the scene with a brand new sound , inventing a genre of music that would come to be called Reggae while mentoring a young Bob Marley and gaining international recognition as a record Producer and Solo artist .

The Black Ark Studio became a hotbed for the production of Reggae and Dub Music and made Scratch quite famous .

At that time in Kingstom however , gang warfare driven by warring Political factions was causing havoc in the streets . In the chaos that ensued , the gangsters and the police both extorted Scratch , threatening his life on many occasions .

After a decade of alcohol , Ganja ( Marijuanna ) , Lee Perry banned all toxic substances
from his body and adopted a strict vegetarian diet .

In 2006 at the age of 70 , Perry embarked on a world tour to spread his message of Peace and Prosperity in UK , Russia , Brazil , Japan and Nrw Zealand .

The Upsetter charts 70 years in the life of Lee Perry .
It is 30 years of Jamaican music and culture as it is study of one of the most creative and inspiring human beings of all time .

Album One : The Reggae Side

1. King Burnett : I Man Free
2. The Flames : Zion
3. Easton Clarke : Bike No Licence
4. The Heptones : Crying Over You
5. The Silvertones : Financial Crisis
6. Junior Murvin : False Teachings
7. Winston Heywood and the Hombres : Backbiting
8. The Meditations : Houses Of Parliament
9. George Faith : Guide Line
10. Junior Murvin : Philistines On The Land

Album Two : The Dub Version

The Upsetter .

1. Free Man
2. Zion Version
3. Unlicensed Dub
4. Crying Dub
5. Financial Dub
6. Teachers Dub
7. Chastising Dub
8. Dub Of Parliament
9. Dub Line
10. Bingo Kid
Size : 75 Mb

Format : Vinyl LP
Label : Pressure Sounds
Year : 1998
Made : In England
Fax 0171 288 1339.
E-Mail :
Website :
Size : 85 Mb + 75 Mb
Bitrate : 320