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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: B.R.M.C 2001 (Reissue 2008) + Take Them On, On Your Own 2003 (Reissue 2008)


The seed that became Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, or BRMC for short, was planted in 1995, when Robert Levon Been (aka Robert Turner) and Peter Hayes met while attending high school in San

Francisco. The two formed a solid friendship and a shared camaraderie based on a mutual love of early-'90s U.K. bands like Ride, the Stone Roses, the Jesus and Mary Chain, and My Bloody Valentine. Despite such similar tastes, both joined different bands, Hayes spent time in the Brian Jonestown Massacre circa "Give It Back!", and worked apart for several years, although they occasionally kept in touch by attending each other's gigs.

In 1998, however, Turner and Hayes regrouped and added British drummer Nick Jago to the fold. The band began performing live in November 1998 as the Elements, a name they quickly ditched after discovering many other bands that shared the same title. They purloined their new moniker from the Marlon Brando-led biker gang that stormed into that dusty California hamlet in The Wild One.

By 1999, the band had recorded a polished 16-track demo CD and relocated to Los Angeles. Santa Monica-based radio station KCRW jumped on BRMC's demo first, giving them their initial airplay, but

interest in the band eventually spread across the Atlantic, where BBC Sheffield named the demo their "Record of the Week." Oasis' Noel Gallagher even expressed interest in signing the band to his new Brother Records imprint, telling MOJO magazine that they were his favorite new group. After inking a lucrative Warner/Chappell publishing deal, however, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club began fielding offers from several labels, and they ultimately chose to sign with Virgin Records in March 2000.

Following a short U.S. tour with the Dandy Warhols, the band entered the recording studio and eventually emerged with a self-titled debut, "B.R.M.C.", which was released in March 2001. Two years later, the trio returned with a slicker edge and a new album, "Take Them on, On Your Own", which

peaked at number three on the U.K. charts. They severed ties with Virgin Records eight months later. A deal with RCA surfaced within months, and the acoustic, Americana-influenced "Howl" arrived in August 2005. The band moved back to the loud rock & roll approach favored on their first two albums with 2007's "Baby 81", and the resulting tour was documented by the band's first concert DVD, LIVE, in 2009.

Nick Jago left the band after "Baby 81's" release, ostensibly to focus on his solo career. With the Raveonettes' touring percussionist, Leah Shapiro, now handling drum duties, BRMC decided to change their direction once again, this time embracing electronica and ambient noise on "The Effects of 333".

Independently released via the band's own label, "The Effects of 333" failed to gain either commercial or critical acclaim, and BRMC chose to partner with Vagrant Records for the release of their next album, 2010's "Beat the Devil's Tattoo". While touring that album, the band lost their engineer and Been's father, Michael Been (the leader of '80s alternative heroes the Call), who died of a heart attack backstage after a show in Belgium.

BRMC toured throughout 2012 and 2013, then released their seventh album, "Specter at the Feast", in early 2013. Fittingly, they covered the Call for their first single, "Let the Day Begin," and Been also joined the Call for a string of concerts, standing in for his late father. The concert album and DVD Live

in Paris appeared in 2015. Filmed at the Theatre Trianon in Paris, France, the concert showcased BRMC during their sold-out 2014 European tour. Also in 2015, Shapiro underwent successful surgery for the brain condition known as Chiari malformation, symptoms of which had severely inhibited her ability to play drums. BRMC next headed into Sunset Studios with producer Nick Launay (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Arcade Fire) to record what would be their eighth album. "Wrong Creatures" was released in 2018, and featured the singles "Little Thing Gone Wild" and "Haunt."
Artist Biography by Bryan Thomas

Peter Hayes – vocals, guitar, bass, harmonica, synthesizer (1998–present)
Robert Levon Been – vocals, bass, guitar, piano (1998–present)
Leah Shapiro – drums, percussion, backing vocals (2008–present)

Former members
Nick Jago – drums, percussion (1998–2004, 2005–2008)



A highly underrated group that brings a mysterious black leather cool to alt-rock, BRMC brings a load of killer hooks to the table on its debut. Unfortunately, BRMC never seemed to get the respect it deserved due to the homogeneity of the early 2000s music scene that birthed several other similar sounding bands. Very few were as exciting as this San Francisco outfit. "Love Burns," "Whatever Happened to My Rock 'N' Roll (Punk Song)" and "Sure As The Sun" are undeniably great rock tracks.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club ‎– B.R.M.C. (Bonus Tracks Edition 2008)
Label: Virgin ‎– 50999 5 19694 2 4, Abstract Dragon ‎– CDVUSX 207
Format: CD, Album, Reissue, Bonus Tracks Edition 2008
Country: Europe
Released: 2001
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock, Indie Rock  



01. Love Burns – 4:05
02. Red Eyes and Tears – 4:00
03. Whatever Happened to My Rock 'n' Roll (Punk Song) – 4:38
04. Awake – 6:12
05. White Palms" – 4:55
06. As Sure as the Sun – 7:27 (5:52 on some releases)
07. Rifles – 5:30 (7:02 on some releases)
08. Too Real – 4:55
09. Spread Your Love – 3:45
10. Head Up High – 5:35
11. Salvation – 6:06

EU edition bonus tracks (2008 reissue)

12. At My Door - 3:33
13. Screaming Gun – 3:14
14. Tonight's With You – 5:53
15. Loaded Gun – 6:08

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Flac  Size: 511 MB




Black Rebel Motorcycle Club made an impressive debut in 2001, taking both America and England by surprise while alternative metal ruled the charts. Their psychedelic/space rock/glam-colored blend was hungry to give rock a new face. Three years later and garage rock still reviving the late-'90s pop-soaked scene, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club aims to save a bit of rock & roll with its sophomore effort "Take

Them On, On Your Own". More gutsy, more aggressive, and more dynamic than "B.R.M.C.", "Take Them On, On Your Own" blazes on with an intoxicating presentation from the Brit-American collective; vocalist/bassist Robert Turner and guitarist/vocalist Peter Hayes boasted cocksure appeal on the last album, however "Take Them On, On Your Own" showcases drummer Nick Jago's powerful presentation, ultimately bringing the trio together. They're fearless and this dozen-track release is all swagger, emotive, and cool.

Swanky guitar riffs and Turner's faltering drawl on "Stop" and "Six Barrel Shotgun" is classic BRMC. There's not a lot of sauntering like "Red Eyes & Tears" and "Spread Your Love" or snarly punk-tinged bits like "Whatever Happened to My Rock & Roll." The band gives the impression that the last album was lifeless, therefore, the split in song and craft on "Take Them On, On Your Own" isn't exactly a

messy thing. There's more character to songs themselves and BRMC appears a touch more confident. From the acoustic ballad "And I'm Aching" to the post-punk fire of "U.S. Government" and "Rise or Fall," BRMC offers substance over shtick. Reworking some of rock & roll's natural components for their own brash arrangement highlights the band's overall brilliance. For only a second album, they've got the maturity that most young bands lack on a creative level. Such tenacity will carry them a long way.
by MacKenzie Wilson

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club ‎– Take Them On, On Your Own (Bonus Tracks Edition 2008)
Label: Virgin ‎– 50999 5 19695 2 3, Virgin ‎– CDVUSX 245
Format: CD, Album, Reissue, Bonus Tracks Edition 2008
Country: Europe
Released: 2003
Genre: Rock
Alternative Rock, Indie Rock



01. Stop     4:37
02. Six Barrel Shotgun     3:05
03. We're All In Love     3:38
04. In Like The Rose     5:22
05. Ha Ha High Babe     4:13
06. Generation     5:01
07. Shade Of Blue     4:22
08. US Government     5:31
09. And I'm Aching     3:52
10. Suddenly     4:56
11. Rise Or Fall     3:56
12. Going Under     3:14
13. Heart And Soul     7:15

Bonus Tracks (2008 reissue)

14. High / Low     4:03
15. Take Them On, On Your Own     5:27
16. Waiting Here     3:49

Recorded at Mayfair Studios (in Primrose Hill), B.R.M.C. Studio, and The Fortress (in London).

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The Sonics: Boom 1966 (Reissue 2016) + Introducing The Sonics 1967 (Reissue 2004)

American rock and roll group, formed 1963 in Tacoma, Washington, counting as the pioneers of “proto-punk” and “garage rock”. They played in several local dance halls and in high schools, until Buck

Ormsby, bass player of The Wailers, discovered them. They recorded two LPs with Ormsby that were released in 1965. They scored some minor hits before disbanding in 1969. Reunited in 2007, still actively performing as of 2015.
They're renowned for their crude and brutal sound, for Gerry Roslie’s lyrics (hinting at drugs, evil women and disturbing mental states) and screams.

Early in 1965 Etiquette released the Sonics' debut LP, "Here Are The Sonics", which was produced at

Audio Recording in Seattle, Washington with famed Pacific Northwest recording engineer Kearney Barton. It was recorded on a two-track tape recorder, with only one microphone to pick up the entire drum kit. It was here that they began to pioneer some of their infamously reckless recording techniques. A second album, "Boom", followed in February 1966. During the recording, the Sonics ripped the soundproofing off the walls at the country and western-oriented Wiley/Griffith studio in Tacoma to "get a live-er sound." The covers of both albums feature the moody photography of Jini Dellaccio.

Their heyday began to come to a close when the band transferred to Jerden Records in late 1966, and headed to Hollywood to record the poorly selling album "Introducing the Sonics" with Larry Levine at

Gold Star Studios. Although it has been rumoured that Jerden executives pushed the Sonics into a more polished sound, the band itself had decided to follow new influences in modern music, resulting in songs that were quite different from their raucously early recordings. The band, however, was not satisfied with the material on "Introducing the Sonics", calling the cleaner, slicker recordings "the worst garbage."

The original band fell apart between 1966 and 1968, with members leaving to attend university or join

other bands; saxophonist Rob Lind became a fighter pilot in the Vietnam War. Eventually, all of the original members left, with new members continuing on with the name Sonics (later 'Jim Brady and the Sonics') until 1980, although it was a completely different band, at times even incorporating string and horn sections.

Original lineup: Gerry Roslie (organ, piano, lead vocals), Rob Lind (saxophone, vocals, harmonica), Larry Parypa (lead guitar, vocals), Andy Parypa (bass guitar), Bob Bennett (drums)
Lineup 2015: Gerry Roslie, Rob Lind, Larry Parypa, Freddie Dennis (bass guitar, lead vocals), Dusty Watson (drums)

BOOM 1966 (REISSUE 2016)


The success of "The Witch" and "Psycho" made the Sonics a major draw in the Northwest, and they were playing some of the biggest and most prestigious venues available to local rock bands of the day

(including the Seattle Coliseum), as well as sharing stages with the Beach Boys and the Shangri-Las. In 1966, the Sonics cut a second LP for Etiquette with Barton, "Boom", which featured several more local hits, including "Cinderella," "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark," and "Shot Down." However, it became evident that the Sonics had gone as far as a local band could go in the Northwest, while they enjoyed only scattered airplay in the rest of the United States.

The Sonics ‎– Boom  1966
Label: Norton Records ‎– CNW 905
Format: CD, Album, Reissue, Repress
Country: US
Released: 2016
Genre: Rock
Style: Garage Rock



01. Cinderella  (Written-By – G. Roslie)  2:44
02. Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark  (Written-By – G. Roslie)  2:22
03. Skinny Minnie  (Written-By – Keefer, Haley, Cafra, Gabler)  2:11
04. Let The Good Times Roll  (Written-By – Lee, Goodman)  2:00
05. Don't You Just Know It  (Written-By – Smith, Vincent)  2:49
06. Jenny Jenny  (Written-By – Johnson, Penniman)  2:19
07. He's Waitin'  (Written-By – G. Roslie)  2:32
08. Louie Louie  (Written-By – R. Berry)  3:00
09. Since I Fell For You  (Written-By – B. Johnson)  3:59
10. Hitch Hike  (Written-By – Paul, Gaye, Stevenson)  2:45
11. It's Alright  (Written-By – Andrews)  2:10
12. Shot Down  (Written-By – G. Roslie)  2:08
13. The Hustler  (Written-By – G. Roslie)  2:12
14. The Witch (Alternative Take)  (Written-By – G. Roslie)  2:39
15. Psycho (Live)  (Written-By – G. Roslie)  1:53
16. The Witch (Live)  (Written-By – G. Roslie)  2:50

MP3 @ 320 Size: 101 MB
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The Sonics signed a deal with Jerden Records, another Northwest label that had a distribution deal with

ABC-Paramount Records, giving the band a better shot at national success. Unfortunately, Jerden head Jerry Dennon sent the Sonics to Los Angeles to record their third album, 1967's Introducing the Sonics, and while producer and engineer Larry Levine had an impressive résumé (including recording many of Phil Spector's classic singles), he couldn't deliver the hard-edged sound Barton had brought to their earlier work, and Introducing the Sonics sounded anemic compared to their Etiquette recordings, despite strong performances by the group.

The Sonics ‎– Introducing The Sonics  1967
Label: Sundazed Music ‎– SC 6198
Format: CD, Album, Mono, Reissue
Country: US
Released: 2004
Genre: Rock
Style: Garage Rock, Rock & Roll



01. The Witch  (Written-By – Gerald W. Roslie)  2:39
02. You Got Your Head On Backwards  (Written-By – Andy Parypa, Gerald W. Roslie, Larry Parypa, Rob Lind)  2:20
03. I'm A Man  (Written-By – Ellas McDaniel)  2:57
04. On The Road Again  (Written-By – John Sebastian)  1:44
05. Psycho  (Written-By – Gerald W. Roslie)2:09
06. Love Lights  (Written-By – Gerald W. Roslie)  2:43
07. I'm Going Home  (Written-By – Gerald W. Roslie, Larry Parypa)  2:23
08. High Time  (Written-By – Andy Parypa, Gerald W. Roslie)  2:03
09. I'm A Rolling Stone  (Written-By – Andy Parypa, Gerald W. Roslie, Larry Parypa)  2:21
10. Like No Other Man  (Written-By – Gerald W. Roslie)  1:59
11. Maintaining My Cool  (Written-By – Gerald W. Roslie)  1:50

Bonus Tracks

12. Bama Lama Bama Loo  (Written-By – Richard Penniman)  2:38
13. Leave My Kitten Alone  (Written-By – James McDougal, Willie John, Turner Titus)  2:41
14. Dirty Old Man  (Written-By – Gerald W. Roslie)  2:14
15. Diddy Wah Diddy  (Written-By – Andy ChristensenWritten-By [Uncredited] – Ellas McDaniel, Willie Dixon)  2:25

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Flac  Size: 126 MB

The Sonics - Here are The Sonics on Urban Aspirines HERE

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John Mayall And The Bluesbreakers: A Hard Road 1967 (2CD Expanded Edition 2003) + Crusade 1967 (Expanded Edition 2007)

Throughout the '60s, John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers acted as a finishing school for the leading

British blues-rock musicians of the era. Guitarists Eric Clapton, Peter Green, and Mick Taylor joined his band in a remarkable succession in the mid-'60s, honing their chops with Mayall before going on to join Cream, Fleetwood Mac, and the Rolling Stones, respectively. John McVie and Mick Fleetwood, Jack Bruce, Aynsley Dunbar, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Andy Fraser (of Free), John Almond, and Jon Mark also played and recorded with the band for varying lengths of times in the '60s.

Mayall's personnel tended to overshadow his own considerable abilities. Only an adequate singer, the

multi-instrumentalist was adept in bringing out the best in his younger charges (Mayall himself was in his thirties by the time the Bluesbreakers began to make a name for themselves). Doing his best to provide a context in which they could play Chicago-style electric blues, Mayall was never complacent, writing most of his own material, revamping his lineup with unnerving regularity, and constantly experimenting within his basic blues format.                                                                                 



A Hard Road is the third album (and second studio album) recorded by John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, released in 1967. It features Peter Green on lead guitar, John McVie on bass, Aynsley

Dunbar on drums and John Almond on saxophone. Tracks 5, 7 and 13 feature the horn section of Alan Skidmore and Ray Warleigh. Peter Green sings lead vocals on "You Don't Love Me" and "The Same Way". The album reached #8 on the UK album charts which is Mayall's third biggest chart next to Bare Wires and Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton which reached #3 and #6, respectively.
The cover art and the original LP sleeve design are by Mayall. In 2003 and 2006 two different expanded versions of the album were released.

[AllMusic Review by Richie Unterberger
Eric Clapton is usually thought of as John Mayall's most important right-hand man, but the case could also be made for his successor, Peter Green. The future Fleetwood Mac founder leaves a strong stamp

on his only album with the Bluesbreakers, singing a few tracks and writing a couple, including the devastating instrumental "Supernatural." Green's use of thick sustain on this track clearly pointed the way to his use of guitar riffs with elongated, slithery tones on Fleetwood Mac's "Albatross" and "Black Magic Woman," as well as anticipating some aspects of Carlos Santana's style. Mayall acquits himself fairly well on this mostly original set (with occasional guest horns), though some of the material is fairly mundane. Highlights include the uncharacteristically rambunctious "Leaping Christine" and the cover of Freddie King's "Someday After a While (You'll Be Sorry)."]

Recorded in October and November of the previous year, A Hard Road was released on the Decca label in February 1967. In addition to the leader on vocals, guitar, harmonica, piano, and organ, Green on guitar, John McVie (soon to contribute the third syllable to Fleetwood Mac) on bass, either Hughie Flint or Aynsley Dunbar on drums, this version of the Bluesbreakers also packed brass in its pocket. John Almond and Alan Skidmore added sax while Ray Warleigh contributed ‘wind instruments’.

A Hard Road is a solid sixties British blues album. Mayall’s vocals were never the slam-you-against-the-wall kind, but he truly sings with character. Eight of the fourteen tracks are Mayall originals with Green getting onto the scoreboard with two songs. Indeed, where this LP really flies is when Peter Green steps forward, as on the instrumental number “The Stumble” and his own “The Super-Natural”, two highlights. The latter piece is worth the price of admission alone. In fact the sustained opening note of “The Super-Natural” is worth the entry fee.


Original album

John Mayall – vocals, guitar, harmonica, piano, organ
Peter Green – guitar, vocals
John McVie – bass
Hughie Flint, Aynsley Dunbar – drums
John Almond, Alan Skidmore – saxophones
Ray Warleigh – wind instruments

2003 expanded edition Same as above with the addition of:

Colin Allen
– drums
Paul Butterfield – harmonica, vocals
Mick Fleetwood – drums
Henry Lowther – trumpet
Nick Newell – saxophone

John Mayall And The Bluesbreakers ‎– A Hard Road
Label: Deram ‎– B0001083-02, Chronicles ‎– B0001083-02
Series: Blues Classics Remastered & Revisited –
Format: CD, Album, Reissue
Country: US
Released: 2003
Genre: Rock, Blues
Style: Electric Blues, Chicago Blues, Harmonica Blues



01. A Hard Road     3:08
02. It's Over     2:48
03. You Don't Love Me  (Vocals – Peter Green/Written-By – Cobbs)  2:48
04. The Stumble  (Written-By – King, Thompson)  2:51
05. Another Kinda Love     3:04
06. Hit The Highway     2:15
07. Leaping Christine     2:22
08. Dust My Blues  (Written-By – James, Josea)  2:46
09. There's Always Work     1:37
10. The Same Way  (Vocals – Peter Green/Written-By – Green)  2:09
11. The Super-Natural  (Written-By – Green)  2:55
12. Top Of The Hill     2:39
13. Some Day After Awhile (You'll Be Sorry)  (Written-By – King, Thompson)  3:00
14. Living Alone     2:23

Bonus Tracks

15. Evil Woman Blues (From Raw Blues)     4:02
16. All Of My Life     4:23
17. Ridin' On The L&N     2:27
18. Little By Little     2:45
19. Eagle Eye     2:52

MP3 @ 320 Size: 124 MB
Flac  Size: 307 MB



01. Looking Back (Single A-Side)     2:34
02. So Many Roads (Single B-Side)     4:46
03. Sitting In The Rain (Single A-Side)     2:56
04. Out Of Reach (Single B-Side)     4:42
05. Mama, Talk To Your Daughter (Session Outtake)     2:37
06. Alabama Blues (Session Outtake)     2:32
07. Curly (Single A-Side)     4:49
08. Rubber Duck (Single B-Side)     3:57
09. Greeny (Session Outtake)     3:54
10. Missing You (Session Outtake)     1:57
11. Please Don't Tell (Session Outtake)     2:26
12. Your Funeral And My Trial (Session Outtake)     3:54
13. Double Trouble (Single A-Side)     3:19
14. It Hurts Me Too (Single B-Side)     2:55
15. Jenny (Single A-Side)     4:46
16. Picture On The Wall (Single B-Side)     3:01
17. First Time Alone (From Blues From Laurel Canyon)     5:00

MP3 @ 320 Size: 139 MB
Flac  Size: 352 MB



Crusade is the fourth album and third studio album by the British blues rock band John Mayall & the

Bluesbreakers, released on 1 September 1967 on Decca Records. It was the follow-up to A Hard Road, also released in 1967. As with their two previous albums, Crusade was produced by Mike Vernon. The album was the first recordings of the then-18-year-old guitarist Mick Taylor.

[AllMusic Review by Matthew Greenwald
The final album of an (unintentional) trilogy, Crusade is most notable for the appearance of a

very young, pre-Rolling Stones Mick Taylor on lead guitar.
Taylor's performance is indeed the
highlight, just as Eric Clapton and Peter Green's playing was on the previous album. The centerpiece of the album is a beautiful instrumental by Taylor titled "Snowy Wood," which, while wholly original, seems to combine both Green and Clapton's influence with great style and sensibility. The rest of the record, while very enjoyable, is standard blues-rock fare of the day, but somewhat behind the then-progressive flavor of 1967. Mayall, while being one of the great bandleaders of London, simply wasn't really the frontman that the group needed so desperately, especially then. Nevertheless, Crusade is important listening for Mick Taylor aficionados.]


John Mayall – vocals, organ, piano, harmonica, bottleneck guitar
Mick Taylor – lead guitar
John McVie – bass guitar (except tracks 21–22)
Keef Hartley – drums
Chris Mercer – tenor saxophone (except tracks 13–20)
Rip Kant – baritone saxophone (except tracks 13–22)
Peter Green – lead guitar (tracks 13–20)
Aynsley Dunbar – drums (tracks 13–18)
Mick Fleetwood – drums (tracks 19–20)
Paul Williams – bass guitar (tracks 21–22)
Dick Heckstall-Smith – tenor and soprano saxophone (tracks 21–22)

John Mayall's Bluesbreakers ‎– Crusade
Label: Decca ‎– 984 217-5
Format: CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered
Country: Europe
Released: 2007
Genre: Rock, Blues
Style: Blues Rock



01. Oh, Pretty Woman  (Written-By – A.C. Williams)  3:35
02. Stand Back Baby  (Written-By – John Mayall)  1:45
03. My Time After Awhile  (Written-By – Robert L. Geddins, Ronald Dean Badger)  5:09
04. Snowy Wood  (Written-By – John Mayall, Mick Taylor)  3:37
05. Man Of Stone  (Written-By – Eddie Kirkland)  2:26
06. Tears In My Eyes  (Written-By – John Mayall)  4:17
07. Driving Sideways  (Written-By – Beverly Bridge, Freddy King, Sonny Thompson)  3:58
08. The Death Of J.B. Lenoir  (Written-By – John Mayall)  4:24
09. I Can't Quit You Baby (Written-By – Willie Dixon)  4:31
10. Streamline  (Written-By – John Mayall)  3:15
11. Me And My Woman  (Written-By – Gene Barge)  4:01
12. Checkin Up On My Baby  (Written-By – Sonny Boy Williamson (2)  3:56

Expanded release

13. Curly  (Written-By – Peter Green)  3:25
14. Rubber Duck  (Written-By – Aynsley Dunbar, Peter Green)  3:46
15. Greeny  (Written-By – Peter Green)  3:55
16. Missing You  (Written-By – Peter Green)  1:58
17. Please Don't Tell  (Written-By – John Mayall)  2:28
18. Your Funeral, My Trial  (Written-By – Sonny Boy Williamson (2)3:56
19. Double Trouble  (Written-By – Otis Rush)  3:22
20. It Hurts Me Too  (Written-By – Melvene R. London)  2:55
21. Suspicious (Part One)  (Written-By – John Mayall)  2:48
22. Suspicious (Part Two)  (Written-By – John Mayall)  5:31

MP3 @ 320 Size: 181 MB
Flac  Size: 462 MB