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The Fixx : Reach The Beach : 1983 Flac - MP3

A London-based new wave group that managed to sustain a successful career in America for several years in the mid-'80s," the Fixx " always flirted with the mainstream with their catchy, keyboard-driven pop.

"Reach the Beach" would go platinum by the end of the year, launching two more Top 40 singles "Saved by Zero" and "Sign of Fire." Despite all of their American success, the Fixx failed to break back into the British charts with Reach the Beach.

The Fixx returned in 1984 with Phantoms. While it performed well , it peaked at number 19 and went gold , it didn't match the success of Reach the Beach.

"Reach the Beach" is the second studio album by British new wave band The Fixx, released in 1983. The album reached number eight on the American albums chart, their highest to date there. It also contains their most well known and highest charting single, "One Thing Leads to Another", which reached number four on the Billboard Hot 100.

Anafi Island ( Greece ) - Roukounas Beach

The Fixx seemed to fade away before resurfacing in 1998 with Elemental. A year later, they returned with 1011 Woodland, a collection of re-recordings of their greatest hits.

Anafi Island ( Greece ) - Roukounas Beach


1 One Thing Leads To Another 3:18
2 The Sign Of Fire 3:51
3 Running 4:26
4 Saved By Zero 3:41
5 Opinions 4:49
6 Reach The Beach 4:00
7 Changing 3:25
8 Liner 3:39
9 Privilege 4:16
10 Outside 5:25

OUTSIDE lyrics

I stretch the mind that hides within
New pride,
I lose four walls that keep me tied
I breathe new air that reaches me
Fresh tide,
does all the cleansing life can give
no words will match this point of view
Chastise, I don`t belong as no-one owns
Washing, flowing, taking,
all my fears away
Rushing, blowing, touching,
gives all life a grace
Washing, flowing, taking,
all these fears away

Format : Vinyl LP
Label : MCA Records
Year : 1983
Made in : Greece
Genre : New Wave

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The Black House - The Black House [WOR 1994]

Request from
Agelos X.

The Black House

The Black House


Label: Wipe Out! Records
Catalog#: WOR 075
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Greece
Released: 1994
Genre: Rock
Style: Hardcore

A1 Stop - Rain (Who Is Gonna Stop...?)
A2 Flower And The Power
A3 New Day's Affair
A4 Irish War
A5 Psycho War
B1 You Are Human
B2 Friendly Relationship   
B3 The Hunting Of Fur
B4 Let's Burn The Earth

Recorded at  Praxis Studio

Bass – Kostas Stathopoulos
Cover [Design] – Black House
Executive Producer – Gregg Vaios, Teo Kritharis
Backing Vocals A2 – Anna Houliara
Performer – Alexis Beltaos, Kostas Armariotis,
Michalis Molokotos
Producer, Mixed By – Black House, Kostas Parissis
Rhythm Guitar [On Four Songs] – Thanasis Petsas

Blackhouse :
Dimitris Tsourgiannis : rhythm / lead guitars
Nikos Papadakis : drums
George Spanos : vocals
Harry Leontopoulos : bass

Hardcore & sometimes metal sounds from this band, from Peristeri, Athens.This is their only L.P. and before this one they released one song [Psycho War] in a compilation of the fanzine "in the shadows of B-23", Greek "Στις Σκιές του Β-23", “Fragmenta IV”, came out in 1992.

Mp3@320 & Scans 120 MB
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For some more infos :
Wipe Out here

Tribe4mian here

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Για τον φίλο Άγγελο Χ. που είχε την καλοσύνη να το ζητήσει...
Άγγελε ελπίζω να μην περίμενες πολύ...

Κατά τα άλλα καιρό είχα να φανώ αλλά διακρίνω στον εαυτό μου μια άρνηση σε ότι έχει να κάνει με το μπλοκ, και για αυτό είχα μείνει λίγο εκτός.
Όσο έχει ακόμα καιρό κάνω κανένα μπανάκι, μέχρι να δούμε τι μας περιμένει τον χειμώνα.
Να  ευχαριστήσω εδώ όλους τους φίλους για τα καλά τους λόγια και για την δύναμη που μας δίνουν για να συνεχίζουμε.
Καλό φθινόπωρο σε όλους...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dolphins and Whales Massacre in Denmark

This is a small village in Denmark beside the sea .
But the sea is not blue .

It's RED !!!

Cause of the blood of thousand Dolphins and Whales massacred about what ?
This crime happens every year in the same area .
Where ?

In the Faroe islands that belong in Denmark .

The Faroe Islands are an island group situated between the Norwegian Sea
and the North Atlantic Ocean,
approximately halfway between Scotland and Iceland.
The Faroe Islands are a self-governing territory within the Kingdom of Denmark,
along with Denmark proper and Greenland .

These dolphins are a kind of smart mammales , very friendly to man ,
who trust and respect us .


Every year a lot fishermen , wached by the people of the island
start an orgy of Death and Blood in the sea .
This dolphins appertain to the cast of "Calderon" .

This is a KILLER'S PARTY !



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V.A : Dream Injection N0 3 : 1996

Future sounds , Electronic Trips , Electric Nightmares , Psychedelic Vibes , Mushrooms , Mother Earth out of controll , Voices from nowhere .
Ambient atmosphers

Do you need more ?

Label:Sub Terranean
Catalog#:T-51, SPV 089-47132, DCD 089-47132
Format:2 CD, Compilation
Style:IDM, Trance, Techno
Distributed by SPV

Dream Injection N0 1 HERE in this Blog

CD 1

1 : Scuba : Deep Blue Sea 7:49
Producer – Stephane Holweck
Written-By – Kate Holmes

2 : Orbital : Halcyon On And On 11:08
Written-By, Producer – Barton, Hartnoll

"Halcyon" is a song written and performed by Orbital. The song features a backmasked vocal sample by Kirsty Hawkshaw from "It's a Fine Day" by Opus III (1992) (Hawkshaw played the mother who was 'under the influence' in the video, which was shot in the Hartnolls' home). Ed Barton, the composer of "It's a Fine Day", receives a co-writing credit for the track. This original form of the song is relatively uncommon. It first appeared on the Radiccio EP, and was only in the U.S. release as a single under its own name. It did not appear on a full-length album until the compilation Work 1989-2002, and then only in its shorter "single edit".

Orbital is a British electronic dance music duo from Sevenoaks, England, consisting of brothers Phil and Paul Hartnoll. Their career initially ran from 1989 until 2004, but in 2009 they announced that they would be reforming and headlining The Big Chill, in addition to a number of other live shows in 2009.
The band's name was taken from Greater London's orbital motorway, the M25, which was central to the early rave scene and party network in the South East during the early days of acid house. One of the biggest names in British electronica during the 1990s, Orbital were both critically and commercially successful, and known particularly for their element of live improvisation during shows, a rarity among techno acts. They were initially influenced by early electro and punk rock.

3 : Darren Price : Blueprints 6:25
Written-By, Producer – Darren Price

4 : Lobe : Affective 6:54
Written-By, Producer : Ian Hartley

Ian Hartley (Lobe) is an Edinburgh based musician on Colin Newman & Malka Spigel’s swim ~ label. He is notable in that despite not having released a record since 1999 his music continues to be used in quite high profile places. He remixed the Pet Shop Boys 2006 single “Minimal” after having been featured on their 2006 Back to Mine compilation. Lobe’s music has also been used in all series of BBC 3’s IDEAL comedy written by Graham Duff and starring Johnny Vegas.

5 : C.J. Bolland : Con Spirito
Written-By, Producer – Christian Jay Bolland
C. J. Bolland (born Christian Jay Bolland, 18 June 1971, Stockton-on-Tees, England) is a British electronic music producer and remixer.
His first productions were aired in the early 1980s on Belgium's 'Liaisons Dangereuses' radio show, and Bolland was one of the first record producers to be signed to the fledgling Belgian techno record label R&S.7:42

6 : The Ambush : Casablanca 7:30

Written-By, Producer – Oliver Lieb

Genre: Electronica / Live Electronics / Techno

Location Frankfurt, Hessen, Deutschland

7 : David Morley : Stardancer 6:03
Written-By, Producer – David Morley

8 : Beaumont Hannant : Psi-Onyx (Moon Meets Mars) 7:11
Written-By, Producer – Beaumont Hannant
Good ambient. The Autechre remix is the standout track, worth owning this record for that alone!

9 : Zero Men : Low-Key Sonics 8:52
Written-By, Producer – Jochem Paap
Released:09 Oct 1995
Style:Progressive House

10 : Xyphax : T.N. Forces 8:06

Written-By, Producer – L. Krueger

Style:IDM, Industrial


1 : Nuw Idol : Union Of Ilk 6:39
Written-By, Producer – Michel Spiegel

2 : Red Sector A : Atlantis 6:50
Written-By, Producer – Red Sector A
After hitting hundreds of European dance charts with successful records like SPIRIT OF GIPSY, REMAKE, VIRTUAL PASSAGE, etc... Andrea Bellucci (a really active guy from La Spezia, Italy) signs on MINUS HABENS under the name of RED SECTOR A. It's completely different from his previous commercial projects. RED SECTOR A is born to bring an intelligent marriage of deep atmospheres and new e-music. Big-beats, dub & drumandbass: RSA is installing his refined aesthetics on assimilated codes.

"Red Sector A" is a song by Rush that provides a first-person account of a nameless protagonist living in an unspecified prison camp setting. "Red Sector A" first appeared on the band's 1984 album Grace Under Pressure.

Red Sector A lyrics

All that we can do is just survive
All that we can do to help ourselves is stay alive

Ragged lines of ragged grey
Skeletons, they shuffle away
Shouting guards and smoking guns
Will cut down the unlucky ones

I clutch the wire fence until my fingers bleed
A wound that will not heal
A heart that cannot feel
Hoping that the horror will recede
Hoping that tomorrow we'll all be freed

3 : Cosmic Baby : Traume 6:38
Written-By, Producer : Cosmic Baby
Harald Bluchel was born at 19/Feb/1963 in Nuremberg, a classically trained concert pianist who began at the Nuremberg Conservatory at the tender age of 7, he has been composing pieces for synthesizer since discovering Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk in 1980. In 1987, continuing musical studies, Cosmic Baby moved to Berlin and entered the Art Academy, composing experimental music on a Fairlight computer. At the Technical University, he studied sound engineering, learning the technical side of music production.

4 : Interloper : Surrender 5:47
Written-By, Producer : Jon Ryman
Released:24 Jun 1996
Style:Techno, Downtempo, Experimental, Ambient

5 : Plastic System : Dynamic Solution 6:30

Written-By, Producer – Madel

6 : Resistance D : Dark-Side 9:11
Written-By, Producer – M.M.Diehl , Pascal F.E.O.S.
Resistance D
Profile:Performing Live Acts since 1990.
Style:Trance, Progressive Trance

7 : Klange : No Future 5:46
Written-By, Producer – M. Bocchio

8 : Soma : Corporate Anthem Pt.1 4:51
Written-By, Producer – D. Thrussell, P. Bourke
Original Release Date: 13 April 1994
Label: Extreme
Copyright: 1994 Extreme
Genres: Dance & Electronic

9 : Leo Anibaldi : Muta 3 6:35

Producer – T. Verde
Written-By – Leo Anibaldi

10 : Aphex Twin : On (µ-Ziq Remix) 8:45
Remix – µ-Ziq
Written-By, Producer – Richard D. James
Producer [Re-produced By] – Michael Paradinas

Richard David James (born 18 August 1971), best known under the pseudonym Aphex Twin, is an electronic musician and composer described as the most inventive and influential figure in contemporary electronic music .
The first full-length Aphex Twin album, Selected Ambient Works 85–92, was released in 1992 on R&S Records. It received high ratings and praise from critics. John Bush of Allmusic described it as a "watershed of ambient music". In 2002, Rolling Stone wrote of the album: "Aphex Twin expanded way beyond the ambient music of Brian Eno by fusing lush soundscapes with oceanic beats and bass lines.

11 : Influx : Love Song 5:01
Written-By, Producer – James Bernard
12 : It : Dream Injection 4:17
Written-By, Producer – Ivan Iusco

Take it HERE MP3 Size : 177 MB @ 320
I did n't post it on Flac , because the file is very big for our not premium rapidshare friends

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Fields Of The Nephilim : Earth Inferno 1991

Informations , Fotos and Biography HERE

Vinyl One

Side One :

1. Intro (Dead but Dreaming)
For Her Light
At the Gates of Silent Memory
(Paradise Regained) : 16:08
2. Moonchild : 5:25

Side Two :

1. Submission : 7:34
2. Preacher Man : 4:51
3. Love Under Will : 6:17

Vinyl Two

Side Three :

1. Sumerland : 8:26
2. Last Exit for the Lost : 10:18

Side Four :

1. Psychonaut : 9:05
2. Dawnrazor : 9:09


Well it's a righteous dream
Out of mind
A righteous dream
Out of mind
Is it right just dreaming
Out of my day

Take your horses
Let them crawl
Put them in their cages
That's righteous for your soul

Open your eyes
Despite what seems
That's a righteous part of me

Lower me down, lower me down
Lower me down down down down down down

Well it's a righteous day
Out of mind
A righteous day

Never return, I'm waiting no more
They take no prisoners in the promised war
I'll die for this
I'll die for this
Take it away

Take off for safer places
Can't you see
You're losing me

Well I'm listening to an empty hall
You can't see for they've burned before
They take me down to the window shame
Longevity hear my fame



Cutting razors and violence
Recalling cutthroats razor sin
Ee're watching heaven as the sun goes down
I watch the sun burst it hits the ground
You've gone too far
Dawnrazor's falling brush their skin
Dawnrazor's falling brush their skin

Dawnrazor well now
Dawnrazor well now

Only dreams survive
Been lost before
Only dreams survive
Been cut before

Cutting razors and violence
Recalling cutthroats razor sin
You've gone to far
Dawnrazor's falling brush their skin
Dawnrazor's falling brush their skin
Dawnrazor's falling brush their skin
Our dark angel has fallen brush their skin

Precious for the lost
Γύρισα λοιπόν πίσω , μετά απο 20 και κάτι μέρες διακοπών στο σπίτι του κολλητού μου "Θείου" στο νησί του .
Χρόνια τώρα του κατσικώνομαι κάθε καλοκαίρι , φιλοξενεί εμένα και τα καφάσια μπίρες
που ρουφουχλίζω . ( Τι μεγάλη υπομονή έχει αυτός ο άνθρωπας !!! )
Λοιπόν , λοιπόν , αυτό είναι το πρώτο μου Post . Ελπίζω να το γουστάρετε .
Καλό χειμώνα παιδιά .

Format : Double LP
Label : Beggars Banquet
Imported in Greece : By Virgin Records
Year : 1991
Made : in England
Genre : Gothic

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Kelly Kantanoleon

Η Κέλλυ Καντανολέων γεννήθηκε στην Αθήνα. Φοίτησε στο κολλέγιο Αθηνών και στο Λύκειο είχε καθηγητή τον Βασίλη Χάρο, ο οποίος την παρότρυνε να ακολουθήσει σπουδές στην Ανωτάτη Σχολή Καλών Τεχνών στην ζωγραφική. Το 1994 γίνεται δεκτή από το Coventry University Of Fine Arts στην Αγγλία.Τελειώνει τις σπουδές της το 1998 και παίρνει τίτλο BA (HONS) FINE ARTS. Επιστέφει στην Αθήνα το 1999- 2000 όπου και ακολουθεί το επάγγελμα του ζωγράφου μέχρι και σήμερα. Έχει συμμετάσχει σε εκθέσεις ατομικές και ομαδικές στην Ελλάδα και στο εξωτερικό [Αγγλία].
Είναι μέλος του Επιμελητηρίου Εικαστικών Τεχνών Ελλάδος [Ε.Ε.Τ.Ε.].
Αφορμή για αυτήν την παρουσίαση ήταν τα σκίτσα που για χάρη των γενεθλίων μας έφτιαξε και μας χάρισε η Κέλλυ, που είναι φίλη μας 20 χρόνια τώρα και που μας αγαπά και την αγαπάμε...
Μια μικρή παρουσίαση μέρους της δουλειάς της είναι αυτό το video που παρουσιάζουμε σήμερα σε όλους εσάς. Kostas Σχόλια : Η δουλειά της φίλης μας είναι ένα δύσβατο μονοπάτι εικόνων , το οποίο εάν το ακολουθήσεις εγκυμονεί χρωματικούς κινδύνους για το τι θα αφουγκραστείς , βλέποντας τους πίνακες της Ζωγράφου . Το γυμνό , ασφυχτιά πολλές φορές πάνω στον ασπρόμαυρο καμβά , και στα ψυχεδελικά χρώματα που ανοίγουν το μυαλό σε νέες διαστάσεις . Ουρλιάζει λέξεις δύσκολες να τις αφηγηθείς , ενήλικες με μια Ποίηση που πόνο δεν έχει , μα πόνο κρύβει . Χαρίζει εικόνες που διδάσκουν το πως ένας Εφιάλτης μετατρέπεται σε όνειρο . ... Και η Κέλλυ είναι ικανότατη να το πράξει με τα πινέλα της . Σκάβει βαθειά το φρέαρ ενός ανήσυχου Νου που συμβιβασμούς δεν αποδέχεται ! Είναι ότι πιο δελεαστικό εικαστικά , ότι πιο ειλικρινές γνώρισα στην Τέχνη τα τελευταία 20 χρόνια . Την ΑΓΑΠΩ και το ξέρει !!!

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Happy Birthday : 3 Years Urban Aspirines

Illustrated by Kostas.

2008 - 2009 

2009 - 2010

 2010 - 2011
Illustrated by Kelly Kantanoleon.

P.S. These  pictures are copyrighted.
If someone want to use them, please contact with us.