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Shriekback - Oil And Gold


Oil And Gold


Label: Arista
Catalog#: VG 60028 [GR]
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Greece
Released: 1985
Genre: Electronic, Pop, Rock
Style: Alternative Rock, Synth-pop

Side A'
Everything That Rises Must Converge
Fish Below The Ice
This Big Hush
Faded Flowers
Side B'
Only Thing That Shines
Health And Knowledge And Wealth And Power

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Here is Oil & Gold

Shriekback was originally formed in 1981 by Barry Andrews, and Dave Allen, expanding to a trio with the addition of Carl Marsh.They enjoyed some success on the dance chart on their original Y Records label, and had a string of hits on the UK Indie Chart, and their debut album, Care (1983) was picked up by Warners in the United States. They left Y for Arista Records for 1984's Jam Science, also recruiting drummer Martyn Baker.The album reached number 85 on the UK Albums Chart, and the single, "Hand on my Heart" charted in the Top 60 in the UK.
Finding little success, they switched to Island Records for the 1985 album Oil & Gold; Marsh left during the recording of the album, to be replaced by Mike Cozzi.After the follow-up, Big Night Music, Allen left to rejoin Gang of Four, and Shriekback remained a collaborative centred around Andrews. Allen would also go on to play in King Swamp and The Elastic Purejoy. Marsh was also in the band, Happyhead.
After a further album in 1988, Go Bang!, the band split up. Andrews continued working on other projects before re-forming Shriekback in 1992, although after the single "The Bastard Sons of Enoch" and album Sacred City, there would be no further releases until 2000's Naked Apes & Pond Life album.
Both Allen and Marsh returned to the studio to contribute to the recording of Shriekback's 2003 release, Having a Moment. Since Having a Moment Andrews has recorded two albums for Malicious Damage (Killing Joke's original label) under the Shriekback moniker. Film director Michael Mann, was a fan of Shriekback, and used several of their songs in his films Manhunter and Band of the Hand.
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Our time has come
age of the hammerhead
This is our mission
to be the Daleks of god
Too late for silence
too late for anything
It's all too much for me
it's roots go down too deep for me

A punishing fire, an animal frenzy
These hammerhead people
know what danger is for
You let them in and now they're everywhere
If it's mineral or vegetable it's back a little up a little

Shout push hammerheads bold and resolute
Marching balancing in too far to go back
Yes yes hammerheads swimming kissing
We are big and clever and we don't know anything
Your vocation by immersion in our filthy demon seed
We know the only things you like are paranoid sex and childish greed
Our own worst enemies they hollowed us out of wood
Look at the beasts inside us gonna get us this time but good
Whether we pull it out or push it it in all ends up the same
You know a hammerhead is a hammerhead by any other name

Shout push hammerheads,
Bold and resolute,
Marching balancing in too far to go
Yes yes hammerheads!!
Swimming kissing we are big and clever and we don't know anything
Onwards hammerheads bright and dangerous
Jumping running in the field and factory
God save hammerheads keeping going
We are sleek and special and we're sure of something

(Chorus 2 - spoken)
Blessed are the airmen
Blessed are the shit kickers
Blessed are the jackhammers
Blessed is the big damage
Blessed are the faith healers
Blessed are the moon walkers
Blessed are the snake people
Blessed are the heat seekers

Correct lyrics verified by
Barry Andrews and Phil Hetherington

* * * * *
Ένα από τα τελευταία άλμπουμς που είχα πάρει προτού να πάω να παρουσιαστώ , δεν ξέρω γιατί, αλλά μου θυμίζει χειμώνα. Το άκουγα τότε αρκετά και είναι ένα καλό άλμπουμ και τότε είχα κολλήσει με τα Nemesis και Hammerheads.
Αφημένο στην άκρη για καιρό , ξαναανακαλύφθηκε από τον Κωστάκη χρόνια μετά...
Αυτή η ανάρτηση είναι για τον φίλο μου τον Κωστάκη, να μας θυμίζει τις πρώτες μας απόπειρες να μεταφέρουμε τα βινύλια σε cd...


Is there a fire in the sky?
Is there a moon up there?
Is anything alive now?
This darkness is what I hear

This is a breathless silence
A moment out of time
I see your face in the shadows
The tell-tale signs are in your eyes

More than I can hold in my hand
Running through the gaps like water
Aching with a passion inside
Deep as the river

All desire
The ashes and the fire
Turning this night inside
And the light from you

Is there a flame in the dark
Is there a bright heart star
There creatures look the same now
We freeze wherever we are

We wake alone in the blackness
We sleep wherever we fall
One dream all around us
This big hush infects us all

Holding up an animal fear
Soaking up the waves underwater
Tuned to music no one can hear
Forever in this half-light

All desire
The ashes and the fire
Turning this night inside
And the light from you

All desire
The ashes and the fire
Turning this night inside
And the light from you

More than I can hold in my hand
Running through the gaps like water
Aching with a passion inside
Deep as the river

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Peter Murphy : Alive Just For Love 2001

After the monumental Bauhaus reunion tour in late 1998, Peter Murphy quickly jumped back into his solo work, making around the U.S. during the new millennium. He didn't have a label or industry support, just the love of his fans. And in celebration of their dedication, Murphy issued a best-of collection on Beggars Banquet and took to the stage. Two successful legs surprised Murphy, and his expanding fan base as well. For everyone instantly took to his new musical boundaries of Middle Eastern authenticities while forever appreciating his solo hits. To thank his loyal fans, Murphy issued his eighth album Alive Just for Love in summer 2001. Now with a new record deal (Metropolis), and a fresh fervor, this double-disc reflects the intimate evening captured at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles.The songs were stripped and delicately approached while Murphy's harkening vocals never sounded so lush. Accompanied by Peter DiStefano (Porno for Pyros) on guitar and violin virtuoso Hugh Marsh, Alive Just for Love highlights personal appeal and intricate acoustic beauty on favorites like "All Night Long" and "Marlene Dietrich's Favourite Poem," however new song "Cool Cool Breeze" exudes a sweet airiness to Murphy's approach to songwriting. "Keep Me From Harm" from 1994's Holy Smoke glitters with Marsh's violin plucking composing a new-fangled sneakiness to the song itself. "Cuts You Up" slides fragile bow guitar licks with Murphy's hushing vocals, bringing the most cheers of adoration from the crowd. Disc two is short with a rare performance by Bauhaus mate David J. on "Who Killed Mr. Moonlight" and "All We Ever Wanted Was Everything." Humble and enjoying his cult-like status, Peter Murphy appears grateful for what he does for a living. He's a perfectionist, but with added humility. Alive Just for Love personifies that exact thing.


CD 1

1. Cool Cool Breeze (Live Version)
2. All Night Long (Live Version)
3. Keep Me From Harm (Live Version)
4. Indigo Eyes (Live Version)
5. Subway (Live Version)
6. I'll Fall With Your Knife (Live Verson)
7. Marlene Dietrich's Favourite Poem (Live Version)
8. A Strange Kind Of Love (Live Version)
9. My Last Two Weeks (Live Version)
10. Big Love Of A Tiny Fool (Live Version)
11. Gliding Like A Whale (Live Version)
12. Cuts You Up (Live Version)
13. Time Has Got Nothing To Do With It (Live Version)
14. Angelic Harmony (Live Version)

CD 2

15. Who Killed Mr. Moonlight (Live Version)
16. All We Ever Wanted Was Everything (Live Version)
17. Hope (Midnight Proposal) (Album Version)
18. Love Me Tender (Album Version)

Double CD

Bitrate 320

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Caravan : Caravan 1968

Caravan was one of the more formidable progressive rock acts to come out of England in the 1960s, though they were never much more than a very successful cult band at home, and, apart from a brief moment in 1975, barely a cult band anywhere else in the world. They only ever charted one album in their first six years of activity, but they made a lot of noise in the English rock press, and their following has been sufficiently loyal and wide to keep their work in print for extended periods during the 1970s, the 1990s, and in the new century.

Caravan grew out of the breakup of the Wilde Flowers, a Canterbury-based group formed in 1964 as an R&B-based outfit with a jazzy-edge. The Wilde Flowers had a lineup of Brian Hopper on guitar and saxophone, Richard Sinclair on rhythm guitar, Hugh Hopper playing bass, and Robert Wyatt on the drums. Kevin Ayers passed through the lineup as a singer, and Richard Sinclair was succeeded on rhythm guitar by Pye Hastings in 1965. Wyatt subsequently became the lead singer, succeeded by Richard Coughlan on drums. Hugh Hopper left and was replaced by Dave Lawrence then Richard Sinclair, and Dave Sinclair, Richard's cousin, came in on keyboards. Finally, in 1966, Wyatt and Ayers formed Soft Machine and the Wilde Flowers dissolved. In the wake of the earlier group's dissolution, Hastings, Richard Sinclair, Dave Sinclair, and Richard Coughlan formed Caravan in January of 1968.

The Caravan album never sold in serious numbers, and for much of 1968 and early 1969, the members were barely able to survive -- at one point they were literally living in tents.

Suddenly, Caravan was an up-and-coming success on the college concert circuit, even making an appearance on British television's Top of the Pops. With national exposure and a growing audience, the group was at a make-or-break moment in their history. They rose to the occasion with their second Decca LP, In the Land of Grey and Pink, which showed off a keen melodic sense, a subtly droll wit, and a seductively smooth mix of hard rock, folk, classical, and jazz, intermingled with elements of Tolkien-esque fantasy. The songs ranged from light, easy-to-absorb pieces such as "Golf Girl" to the quietly majestic "Nine Feet Underground," a 23-minute suite that filled the side of an LP.



1. Place of my Own – 4:00 Stereo
2. Ride – 3:41 Stereo
3. Policeman – 2:45 Stereo
4. Love Song with Flute – 4:09 Stereo
5. Cecil Rons – 4:05 Stereo
6. Magic Man – 4:01 Stereo
7. Grandma's Lawn – 3:23 Stereo
8. Where but for Caravan Would I? (Sinclair, Hastings, Coughlan, Sinclair, Hopper) –
9. Hello Hello ( Single Version )

Size : 92 MB
Bitrate 320
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Caravan : In the Land of Grey and Pink 1971

In the Land of Grey and Pink is an album by progressive rock band Caravan, released in 1971. According to Allmusic, "it is considered by many to be the pinnacle release from Caravan."
It has remained in the catalogue ever since its original release in 1971.

Along with the Soft Machine, Caravan were a leading exponent of what became known as "the Canterbury sound" - a concoction of styles including jazz , classical and traditional English influences.

1. Golf girl
2. winter wine
3. Love to love you
4. In the land of Grey and Pink
5. Nine feet underground


Pye Hastings – guitars & vocals
Dave Sinclair – Hammond organ, piano, Mellotron
Richard Sinclair – bass, acoustic guitar & vocals
Richard Coughlan – drums


Jimmy Hastings – piccolo (1), flute (3 & 5), saxophone (5)
Paul Beecham - trombone (1)
David Grinstead - canon, bell & wind (5)

In The Land Of Grey And Pink lyrics

In the land of grey and pink where only boy-scouts stop to think
They'll be coming back again, those nasty grumbly grimblies
And they're climbing down your chimney, yes they're trying to get in
Come to take your money - isn't it a sin, they're so thin ?
They've black buckets in the sky, don't leave your dad in the rain
Cigarettes burn bright tonight, they'll all get washed down the drain

So we'll sail away for just one day to the land where the punk weed grows
Won't need any money, just fingers and your toes
And when it's dark our boat will park on a land of warm and green
Pick our fill of punk weed and smoke it till we bleed, that's all we'll need
While sailing back in morning light, we'll wash our teeth in the sea
And when the day gets really bright, we'll go to sea drinking tea

So we'll sail away for just one day to the land where the punk weed grows
Won't need any money, just fingers and your toes
And when it's dark our boat will park on a land of warm and green
Pick our fill of punk weed and smoke it till we bleed, that's all we'll need
They've black buckets in the sky, don't leave your dad in the rain
Cigarettes burn bright tonight, they'll all get washed down the drain

Size : 102 MB
Bitrate 320
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Peter Murphy : Unshattered 2004


1. Idle Flow – 5:18
2. Kiss Myself – 4:19
3. Piece of You – 5:19
4. Face the Moon – 5:24
5. Emergency Unit – 4:05
6. Thelma Sings to Little Nell – 3:33
7. The Weight of Love – 4:09
8. Give What He's Got – 4:20
9. Blinded Like Saul – 3:58
10. The First Stone – 4:15
11. Breaking No One's Heaven – 6:04


I looked at all the women
Checking out their features
One walked a fine line
While the other's drew it
One's lips came close
One finger tripped it
One glistened in the sun
But none were coming from it

I threw a look
I faced the moon
Asked the maker
‘Where were you'?
I threw a look
Faced the moon
Where were you?

As rivers run
And moonlight shines
I'll catch her in the mirror
And in a our land that time forgot
We'll catch them close
One finger to trip with
One glistening the sun
Then see you coming from it

You threw the look
I faced the moon
Asked the maker where were you
We threw the look
Faced the moon
Then there was you
As rivers run
And moonlight shines
I'll catch her in the mirror
And in our land that time forgot
One lip came close
One finger tripped it

I threw the look
We faced the moon
Asked the maker where were you
You threw the look
I Faced the moon
Where were You?

Emergency Unit
Save me save me, make me true
Turn turn, let me through
Nothing's hard and nothing's to be gained
Without you
Leave us always looking in the now
Not loosing looking for it
Not loosing looking for You
Guide us always
Save me, save me, say ‘you do'
Even as the bird flies
Out in the blue

Out of the blue
Nothing's hard and nothings gained
Without You

Size : 95 MB

Τσαντίστηκα που σβήσανε 2 Links του Peter Murhy , γι' αυτό θα σαs δώσω όλα τα Αλμπουμ του .
Υπομονή και έρχονται !!!


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Roswell Rudd' s + Toumani Diabate : Mali Cool 2002

Roswell Rudd (born Roswell Hopkins Rudd, Jr. in Sharon, Connecticut, on November 17, 1935) is an

American jazz trombonist and composer.
Although skilled in all styles of jazz (including dixieland, which he performed while in college) and other genres of music, he is known primarily for his work in free and avant-garde jazz. Since 1962 Rudd has worked extensively with saxophonist Archie Shepp, a close friend.

The connection between Mali and the American blues (and therefore, for many, American jazz) is now accepted popular musicology, regardless of which side of the chicken-or-egg debate you might stand. Musicians on both sides of the Atlantic know it when they hear it, and the smart ones don't give a damn about ethnomusical origins.

Kora player Toumani Diabate has long understood the connections between the world's various

musical sounds, and has made his name in both traditional Malian music and in a wide range of cross fusions with Americans, Europeans and even Japanese musicians. On MALIcool he takes another step out on the edge, joining free jazz trombonist Roswell Rudd on a unique collaborative project that taps both players' unique ability to stand outside of the expected. In the liner notes Rudd makes much of how he was subsumed into the Malian musical culture, relearning how to play his instrument in the local style and such. But what you hear on MALIcool is really a cross-hybrid where all the musicians are so thoroughly absorbed in one another's music that the lines blur completely and beautifully.R

Joined by Lassana Diabate on balafon, Basseko Kouyate on ngoni, Sayon Sissoko on guitar, Sekou
Diabate on djembe and Henry Schroy on bass, the mood is decidedly cool and groove driven rather than melodically 'outside.' The arrangements are sparse, leaving everyone room to improvise (and not just the two leaders). This is exemplified in the opening cut, "Bamako" and the following "Rosmani," where Rudd's raw horn lines are elegantly wrapped by the kora and bass, Diabate offers a true blues-guitar style solo, Sissoko's guitar riffs like a kora and Lassana Diabate's balafon shimmers everywhere. On Rudd's sprawling "For Toumani" they head into harder, jazzier turf, with hand-struck snare drums and djembe and a throbbing bass line offering a driving rhythm over which the rest of the ensemble roars. The title track is pure swing, albeit with a balafon where Lionel Hampton's vibes might be expected to appear. There's a few odd turns, like their slowly evolving interpretation of Monk's "Hank," the swinging twist they give to an old Welsh folk song, or their brief, nutty take on Beethoven's "Ode to Joy," but most of the pieces are pure Rudd and Diabate, and therefore out of any specific tradition while still beholden to many.


1. Bamako ( This is one of the best Ethnic tracks in this blog )
2. Rosmani
3. Jackie-Ing
4. All Through The Night
5. Hank
6. Johanna
7. For Toumani
8. Mali Cool
9. Sena Et Mariam
10. Malijam

Roswell Rudd: Trombone
Toumani Diabate: Kora
Lassana Diabate: Balaphone
Basseko Kouyate: Ngoni
Henry Schroy: Bass
Sayon Sissoko: Guitar
Sekou Diabate: Djembe
Mamadou Kouyate, Dala Diabate: Vocals

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Animal Testing

Animal testing, also known as animal experimentation, animal research, and in vivo testing, is the use of non-human animals in experiments. It is estimated that 50 to 100 million vertebrate animals worldwide — from zebrafish to non-human primates — are used annually. Although much larger numbers of invertebrates are used and the use of flies and worms as model organisms is very important, experiments on invertebrates are largely unregulated and not included in statistics. Most animals are euthanized after being used in an experiment. Sources of laboratory animals vary between countries and species; while most animals are purpose-bred, others may be caught in the wild or supplied by dealers who obtain them from auctions and pounds.

The research is conducted inside universities, medical schools, pharmaceutical companies, farms, defense establishments, and commercial facilities that provide animal-testing services to industry. It includes pure research such as genetics, developmental biology, behavioural studies, as well as applied research such as biomedical research, xenotransplantation, drug testing and toxicology tests, including cosmetics testing. Animals are also used for education, breeding, and defense research.

Supporters of the practice, such as the British Royal Society, argue that virtually every medical achievement in the 20th century relied on the use of animals in some way, with the Institute for Laboratory Animal Research of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences arguing that even sophisticated computers are unable to model interactions between molecules, cells, tissues, organs, organisms, and the environment, making animal research necessary in many areas. Some scientists and animal rights organizations, such as PETA and BUAV, question the legitimacy of it, arguing that it is cruel, poor scientific practice, poorly regulated, that medical progress is being held back by misleading animal models, that some of the tests are outdated, that it cannot reliably predict effects in humans, that the costs outweigh the benefits, or that animals have an intrinsic right not to be used for experimentation. The practice of animal testing is regulated to various extents in different countries.


The application of animals to test a large number of products from household compounds and cosmetics to Pharmaceutical products has been considered to be a normal strategy for many years. Laboratory animals are generally used in three primary fields: biomedical research, product security evaluation and education. (Animal Experiments) It has been estimated that approximately, 20 million animals are being used for testing and are killed annually; about 15 million of them are used to test for medication and five million for other products. Reports have been generated to indicate that about 10 percent of these animals are not being administered with painkillers. The supporters of animal rights are pressurizing government agencies to inflict severe regulations on animal research. However, such emerging criticisms of painful experimentation on animals are coupled with an increasing concern over the cost it would have on the limitation of scientific progress.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is an animal rights organization based in Norfolk, Virginia, USA. With two million members and supporters worldwide, it claims the status of the largest animal rights group in the world. Ingrid Newkirk is its international president.[1]

Founded in 1980, the organization is a nonprofit, tax exempt, 501(c)(3) corporation with 187 employees, funded almost entirely by its members. According to its website, PETA focuses on four core issues: factory farming, fur farming, animal testing, and animals in entertainment. It also campaigns against the killing of animals regarded as pests, the abuse of backyard dogs, cock fighting, dog fighting, and bullfighting. It aims to inform the public through advertisements, undercover investigations, animal rescue, and lobbying. Its slogan is "animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment."[2]

The organization has been criticized for the style and content of its campaigns, and for the number of animals it euthanizes. It was also criticized in 2005 by Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe, who said it had acted as a "spokesgroup" for the Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front, after those groups were listed in a draft planning document as domestic terrorist threats by the U.S.


Greenpeace believes that every effort must be made to avoid the use of animals for chemical testing and to reduce future reliance on animal testing, with the ultimate aim of eliminating such uses.

Greenpeace supports a two phase approach to testing in which substances that exhibit bioaccumulative potential or are persistent in the environment will be automatically prohibited without the need for toxicity testing. It is not necessary to use animals to test for these intrinsic properties and such a policy will reduce the need for animal tests.


Peter Murphy : Deep 1990

Perhaps the stars were right, or perhaps his American company, flush from the unexpected success of Murphy's former bandmates in Love and Rockets, just decided to give Murphy a well-deserved publicity push. Whatever it was, with Deep Murphy scored an honest to goodness American radio/MTV hit thanks to the tender, lively "Cuts You Up," a love song with solid energy and an inspired vocal. It was a perfect calling card for the album as a whole, with Murphy in excelsis throughout and his Hundred Men providing everything from the lush, acoustic guitar wash of "Marlene Dietrich's Favorite Poem" to the stripped-down Arabic-tinged funk/hip-hop punch of the commanding "Roll Call." Through it all, Murphy simply sounds like he's having the time of his life, singing both for the sheer joy of it and for the dramatic power of his commanding voice. He's even comfortable enough to do an open rewrite of Bauhaus' "In the Flat Field," renamed "The Line Between the Devil's Teeth"; it has almost the same verse structure, definitely some of the same lyrics, but still, it's something he could have only done in his solo days. Quite why nothing else on the album connected with the public as strongly as "Cuts You Up" is a mystery; its follow-up single, "A Strange Kind of Love," was a striking love song, with acoustic guitar and plaintive Statham keyboards supporting one of Murphy's strongest lyrics and performances. Regardless, Deep showed Murphy balancing mass appeal and his own distinct art with perfection.


1 Deep Ocean Vast Sea : Murphy, Statham 4:09
2 Shy : Murphy, Statham 4:36
3 Crystal Wrists : Murphy, Statham 4:09
4 Marlene Dietrich's Favourite Poem : Murphy, Statham 5:20
5 Seven Veils : Murphy, Statham 5:58
6 The Line Between the Devil's Teeth (And That Which Cannot Be Repeat) : Murphy 5:37
7 Cuts You Up : Murphy, Statham 5:27
8 A Strange Kind of Love [Version One] : Murphy 3:48
9 Roll Call : Murphy, Statham 6:34
10 Roll Call (Reprise) : Murphy, Statham 8:19


Your ocean heart
Clothed in respect
And sweet caress
My uneasy mind
You dip and you swell
Float and you find
And sweet caress
My uneasy mind

Deep ocean vast sea
Deep ocean vast sea - well that's deep

Imagine set of steps easily climbed
The tower of pride
The plastic of mind
Where there lies a table
The table stands
For the power of success
Respect on the sign
Intelligence so cold
A heart like glass
From the surface to deep
You wave and you dive
Like the heart and the sun
You wave and you dive
You hold me so cold
You wave and you dive

Deep ocean vast sea
Deep ocean vast sea - well that's me

You're clothed in respect
You smell of sweet caress
Dip and swell beyond the power of fists
Your ocean heart
Healing uneasy minds
And I wanna dive in with you
Clinging to the rock, I'm waiting
I'm waiting, I'm waiting, I'm waiting
I'm waiting

Deep ocean vast sea
Deep ocean vast sea - well that's deep

Your heart is hard
You think your legs hurt
You smell of aching sweet success
Your head's a supernova
And you would like
Anything to stop the pain from your fingers
And you stand naked in the sun
Without leather
Whose pain you think you need
Well all you need to do is undress
Let go and wash
Take the step through the other side
Up-turned razor
The air is thick with karma
A sutra of the way down
Well listen boy it's a long way down
Down through heaven's gate
To heaven's gate the step's the step
The tower of pride
The devil lied
Dive up to the highest poi

Size : 100 MB
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Material : Hallucination Engine 1994

By the mid-'90s, Material was simply another word for Bill Laswell, so as Laswell's fascination with ambient mysticism grew, so did Material's tendencies in that direction. After 1991's dark and reggae-inflected The Third Power, Hallucination Engine's long, spacy jams aren't exactly a dramatic departure, but the combination of Wayne Shorter and various North African elements is certainly interesting. In fact, the array of guest musicians is more diverse than ever: Trilok Gurtu, Jonas Hellborg, Zakir Hussain, Bootsy Collins -- the list goes on and on and even includes William Burroughs (who intones a hilarious list of "Words of Advice" over a churning mid-tempo funk groove). In his ambient mode, Laswell has been accused of turning too little music into too much track length, and there's some justice to those criticisms; here, "Black Light" and the unbelievably well-named "Eternal Drift" both plod along for far too long with far too little development. But that William Burroughs track kicks in just as you're about to fall asleep, and it's followed immediately by a very funky and very jazzy remix of "Cucumber Slumber." "The Hidden Garden/Naima" proposes an interesting juxtaposition of Arabic pop song and modal jazz, with dramatic and beautiful results, while "Shadows of Paradise" brings the album to a close with a gentle whimper, not a bang. ~ Rick Anderson,

All Music Guide


1. Black Light
2. Mantra
3. Ruins - (submutation dub)
4. Eternal Drift
5. Words of Advice
6. Cucumber Slumber - (fluxus mix)
7. The Hidden Garden / Naima
8. Shadows of Paradise

Size : 125 MB
Bitrate 320

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Lee Perry : Voodooism 1996

The seventies' productions of Lee Perry are amongst the most sought after Roots Reggae records. These days it is easier to locate his sixties output than his work of a decade later when only a handful of the precious biscuits arrived on these shores. To procure these 7" gems it was helpful to know a shipment was on its way, be on the spot when it arrived, and make your decision quickly - as you were likely to be jostling with a counter-full of addicts besotted with the offerings from the mind and fingers of the Upsetter. These recordings were mainly on Jamaican 7" pre-release and therefore there was little opportunity to get hold of the tune if you missed your first chance. Twenty years later such records still surface in specialist reggae auctions and set sales at prices which have rapidly outstripped inflation. With no reference catalogues for guidance, any knowledge of Perry's treasure was largely by word of mouth, so many great tunes were found on labels not known to be associated with his music.

This compilation features some of those ticked rarities from the Black Ark dating from the mid-seventies, the most recent being laid down in 1977. It was during this period that Lee Perry produced much of what is now regarded as his finest work, creating astonishing sounds and rhythms behind wicked and righteous tunes, all engineered fast-hand style on mix-and-match studio kit most of which was considered archaic even at the time. Many of the tunes were never released outside of Jamaica and buying the originals now would cost a small fortune.

We kick-off with "Psalms Twenty", a truly serious piece of vinyl mayhem from one James Booms a.k.a. James Brown (his "Stop The War In A Babylon" did actually surface in the U.K.) on top of a rhythm from the legendary "Super Ape" sessions. The dub is awesome, a true marvel of reconstruction - baffle your bass bins to avoid cracking plaster! Next is a rare 45 with an early '77 feel, "Better Future" by Errol Walker, it may have been bootlegged but has never appeared on any known auction list let alone re-release. With its swirling psychedelic sound "River" by Zap Pow has long been a favourite Perry rarity, floating on a raft of sound not unlike the productions achieved with the Heptones' "Crying Over You" and Junior Murvin's "Tedious". Further along is "Freedom", a tune by Earl 16, currently active in the U.K. with an outfit called Drumhead, and then "Africa" by the Hombres originally issued on Orchid - a label to search out for Perry fans. The wondrous "Voodooism" by Leo Graham gives this collection its title, this singular vocalist was first heard by reggae buffs on the truly remarkable "Perilous Time" which he cut for Joe Gibbs, and of course the version-rich "Pampas Judas" which he cut for Perry earlier in the decade.

"African Style" by the Black Notes is one of those tunes which the devout pilgrim arrives at after a long search located as it is on the obscure Hills label, a plea for roots culture set over a rhythm which dates from the work that Perry contributed to the "Africa Must Be Free By 1983" set produced by Pablo on the late great Hugh Mundell. "Rise and Shine" by Watty & Tony dates from somewhat earlier in the decade with the original red and white Upsetter label carrying the stern imprint "Produced And Directed By Lee Perry". Concluding the set is a real treat for Upsetter fans, "Wolf Out Deh" from Lloyd and Devon accompanied by its freaky version "Shepherd Rod" - a brilliant example of the genius who reigned at the Black Ark through the seventies and a shattering testament to the righteous power of mixing desk magic from the man with many names. Adjust your system for maximum bass and treble, and send your neighbours on holiday, this is the real stuff!


1. Psalms 20 : James Booms
2. Proverbs Of Dub : The Upsetter
3. Better Future : Errol Walker
4. Future Dub : The Upsetter
5. River : Zap Pow
6. Freedom : Earl Sixteen
7. Africa : The Hombres
8. Foundation Dub : The Upsetter
9. Voodooism : Leo Graham
10. Dubism : The Upsetter
11. African Style : The Black Notes
12. Wolf Out Deh : Lloyd & Devon
13. Shepherd Rod : The Upsetter

Size : 100 MB
Format : Vinyl LP
Label : Pressure Sounds
Made in : England
Bitrate : 320

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Tασούλη για πάρτυ σου .
Many Thx

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Suicidal Tendencies : Suicidal Tendencies 1983

Suicidal Tendencies is an American crossover thrash and hardcore punk band. They were formed in Venice, Los Angeles, California, in 1981 by the leader and only permanent member, singer Mike Muir. The band is credited as one of the "the fathers of crossover thrash . To date, Suicidal Tendencies have released ten studio albums,two compilation albums, four split albums, one VHS, and one EP.

Judging from their name, Suicidal Tendencies were never afraid of a little controversy. Formed in Venice, CA, during the early '80s, the group's leader from the beginning was outspoken vocalist Mike Muir. The outfit specialized in vicious hardcore early on -- building a huge following among skateboarders, lending a major hand in the creation of skatepunk -- before turning their focus eventually to thrash metal. Early on, the group (whose original lineup included Muir, guitarist Grant Estes, bassist Louiche Mayorga, and drummer Amery Smith) found it increasingly difficult to book shows, due to rumors of its members' affiliation with local gangs and consistent violence at their performances. The underground buzz regarding Suicidal Tendencies grew too loud for labels to ignore though, as the quartet signed on with the indie label Frontier; issuing Muir and company's classic self-titled debut in 1983. The album quickly became the best-selling hardcore album up to that point; its best-known track, "Institutionalized," was one of the first hardcore punk videos to receive substantial airplay on MTV, and was eventually used in the Emilio Estevez cult classic movie Repo Man, as well as in an episode for the hit TV show Miami Vice (for which the group made a cameo appearance).

More info :

Suicidal Tendencies is the eponymous debut album by the band Suicidal Tendencies, released in 1983 on Frontier Records. It became one of the best-selling hardcore punk albums at the time and launched the band into its future success.

Track listing

All songs composed by Mike Muir except as indicated.

Side one

1. Suicide's An Alternative / You'll Be Sorry 2:44
2. Two Sided Politics Muir, Louiche Mayorga 1:03
3. I Shot the Devil 1:51
4. Subliminal 3:08
5. Won't Fall in Love Today Muir, Mayorga 0:59
6. Institutionalized Muir, Mayorga 3:49

Side two

1. Memories of tomorrow 2:07
2. Possesed 4:52
3. I Saw Your Mommy Muir, Mayorga 4:52
4. Fascist Pig 1:17
5. I Want More 2:28
6. Suicidal Failure 2:53

Mike Muir – Vocals
Grant Estes – Guitar
Louiche Mayorga – Bass, Vocals
Amery Smith – Drums
Glen E. Friedman – Album Photography & Design, Producer

Memories Of Tomorrow

B-1 bombers in flight
Trident missiles in the air
MX missiles underground
Protect us till we're dead

Memories of tomorrow - too late for sorrow

Push the button
Kiss good-bye the nuclear arsenal
A-bombs flying off their ramps
Nuclear bombs explode

Radio active people
Search for medicine
Pray for shelter
Kill for food

Mass starvation
Contaminated water
Destroyed cities
Mutilated bodies

I'll kill myself
I'd rather die
If you could see in the future
You'd know why

Fascist Pig

Tense atmosphere in the air
Riot written everywhere
Riot squads coming from over there
Time to go home if you're square

Riot squad, bash their heads
Kick their ass until they're dead
I want to be a fascist pig
Love to fight, what a thrill
We don't stop until we kill
I want to be a fascist pig

Throw a bottle in the air
Put them up to their dare
We'll just laugh while they stare
Let them hit us, see if we care!

Get attacked by them
You'll never heal
They'll rob your conscience
Your sanity they'll steal
They'll beat your brains until they spill
That's the fascist favorite meal!

Many thx to my friend Nick - Southern Confort forever

Size : 52 MB
Format : Vinyl LP ( Frontier FLP 1011 )
Label : Frontier
Made in Canada

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Peter Murphy : Holy Smoke 1992


1. "Keep Me From Harm" (4:26)
2. "Kill The Hate" (4:48)
3. "You're So Close" (5:30)
4. "The Sweetest Drop" (6:55)
5. "Low Room" (4:23)
6. "Let Me Love You" (3:33)
7. "Our Secret Garden" (5:46)
8. "Dream Gone By" (6:05)
9. "Hit Song" (5:32)

Peter Murphy : Should the world fail to fall apart 1986

1. "Canvas Beauty"
2. "The Light Pours Out of Me"
3. "Confessions"
4. "Should the World Fail to Fall Apart"
5. "Never Man"
6. "God Sends"
7. "Blue Heart"
8. "The Answer Is Clear"
9. "Final Solution"
10. "Jemal" n


Peter Murphy : Dust 2002

H Clipart και η Ramon Productions υποδέχονται τον μοναδικό Peter Murphy, την Κυριακή 8 Νοεμβρίου, στο Gagarin 205 Live Music Space. Front man των Bauhaus

Peter Murphy - Live In Athens
Gagarin Live Music Space
Peter Murphy - Live In Athens Peter Murphy -
PETER MURPHY στα πλαίσια του Secret Cover Tour (Europe):

26/09/09 Thessaloniki, Greece - Mylos
27/09/09 Athens, Greece - Gagarin

After disbanding Bauhaus in 1983, Murphy formed Dali's Car with former Japan member Mick Karn. Dali's Car only released one album, The Waking Hour, in 1984. Following its release, the duo broke up and Murphy hesitatingly began a solo career with a cover of Magazine's "The Light Pours Out of Me," which was featured on a 1985 Beggars Banquet compilation called The State of Things. In 1986, he released his first full-fledged solo album, Should the World Fail to Fall Apart, which featured a number of guest artists, including former Bauhaus member Daniel Ash. Two years later, Murphy released his second solo album, Love Hysteria. Like its predecessor, Love Hysteria received lukewarm reviews but sold well to his dedicated fan base.

With 1990's Deep, Murphy had a surprise hit -- the first single from the record, the Bowie-esque "Cuts You Up," became the American modern rock hit of the year, spending seven weeks at the top of the U.S. charts and crossing over to AOR radio and the pop charts, where it peaked at number 55. Following its success, Deep reached number 44 on the album charts. Murphy wasn't able to sustain that success with his next album, 1992's Holy Smoke, which only reached 108 on the charts, despite the number two modern rock hit "The Sweetest Drop."

In 1995, Murphy released Cascade, which was greeted with weak reviews. The album failed to chart in either America or Britain. While touring with a reunited Bauhaus in 1998, he recorded the solo EP Recall. The new millennium, however, saw a newly charged Murphy. Without a deal, he took to the road in support of the greatest-hits retrospective Wild Birds 1985-1995: The Best of the Beggars Banquet Years for two tours of the U.S. during spring and fall 2000. The latter tour, which was more acoustically based, showcased some new material and rare favorites. Still a cult mainstay with American fans, Murphy issued the live double-disc Alive Just for Love in summer 2001. This delightful set was released by Metropolis and featured Bauhaus tracks and solo hits. A year later, he hooked up with renowned world artist Mercan Dade for this sixth studio album, Dust. Unshattered followed in 2004. ( All )


Things To Remember
Fake Sparkle Or Golden Dust?
No Home Without It's Sire
Just For Love
Girlchild Aglow
Your Face
Jungle Haze
My Last Two Weeks
Subway (Epilogue)


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Αντίδραση - E / Rats 7'' Single

E / Rats
7'' Single
Label:Wipe Out! Records
Catalog#:WOR 099, WOR 99
Format:Vinyl, 7", Single
Style:Hardcore, Punk

A. E
B. Rats

Listen Here [.wav & scans] (97.85 MB)

About ANTIDRASI : [] ANTIDRASI were formed back in 1985 playing a punk-hardcore-thrash mixture with both political and personal lyrics, in Athens/Greece. Untill now there are 3 LP/CDs and two Eps and 3 demo tapes as long as several contributions on V/As collections around the world .
Their 3d in a row cd came out May 2006 under the title "Everywhere and nowhere", that was followed with gigs all over Greece and a tour in Italy and Germany.
After 24 years of existence they are now giging with their old and new songs.
wikipedia [In Greek]
Από το Site :

Το συγκρότημα δημιουργήθηκε τον Δεκέμβριο του 1985 σαν μια προσωπική ανάγκη των μελών του να εκφράσουν τα συναισθήματα και τις ιδέες τους σε ένα μεγαλύτερο κοινό από αυτό που εκφράζει μια μπάντα που παίζει σε πρόβες. 'Εδωσαν την πρώτη τους συναυλία σε ένα σχολείο υπό κατάληψη με μεγάλη επιτυχία. Συνέχισαν να κάνουν συναυλίες σε σχολεία και φεστιβάλ έτσι ώστε το Μάρτιο του '87 κατάφεραν να κυκλοφορήσουν το πρώτο τους demo με τίτλο "'Αρρωστος κόσμος".
Η κυκλοφορία αυτή περιείχε δέκα τραγούδια και κυκλοφόρησαν μόνο σαράντα αντίτυπα.
Τρεις μήνες αργότερα ένα δεύτερο demo κυκλοφόρησε με τον τίτλο "Αντίδραση" με δεκαεννιά τραγούδια, στην τότε δυτική Γερμανία σε 200 αντίτυπα τα οποία εξαντλήθηκαν. Αμέσως μετά ένα τρίτο split demo μαζί με τους "Stress" έκανε την εμφάνισή του με μεγάλη επιτυχία.
Τότε αποφάσισαν να γίνουν επαφές έτσι ώστε να βγει ένα 7ιντσο, πράγμα το οποίο και έγινε τον Ιούνιο του '89 από την "Wipeout Records" σε μια περιορισμένη έκδοση 580 αντιτύπων τα οποία εξαντλήθηκαν αμέσως επίσης.
'Ηταν ο πρώτος hardcore δίσκος που βγήκε στην Ελλάδα μιας και ως τότε τα περισσότερα συγκροτήματα της σκηνής έπαιζαν καθαρό punk. Την άνοιξη του '90 μπήκαν στο στούντιο ηχογραφώντας καινούργια τραγούδια για το πρώτο τους lp "Κατάσταση Κινδύνου" και το οποίο κυκλοφόρησε το καλοκαίρι. Μετά από μια αναρίθμητη σειρά συναυλιών το φθινόπωρο του '91 κυκλοφόρησε το δεύτερό τους lp με τίτλο "Ενάντια", ενώ το '96 κυκλοφόρησε η τελευταία τους δουλειά σε βυνίλιο, το 7ιντσο "E/Rats". Ακολούθησαν περισσότερες συναυλίες με τελευταία αυτή στο πανεπιστήμιο της Θεσσαλονίκης το Νοέμβριο του '98. 'Ενα μικρό διάλειμμα για ξεκούραση ήταν απαραίτητο για τον καθένα τους για να ακολουθήσoυν διαφορετικούς δρόμους οι οποίοι ενώθηκαν ξανά το '04. Το '06 κυκλοφορούν το cd με τίτλο "Παντού Και Πουθενά" και το '07 το cd single "Sleight Of Hand".
Μέλη :

Συνέντευξη με τους Αντίδραση : []

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Bella Union - Spring / What Can I Say 7'' Single

Bella Union

What Can I Say

7'' Single

Label: Pegasus Records
Catalog#: PEG 013
Format: Vinyl, 7", Blue
Country: Greece
Released: 1994
Genre: Pop Rock
Style: Indie

Side A : Spring
Side B : What Can I Say

Line Up :
Bessy - Vocals
Alex - Guitars
Andreas - Guitars
Mandas - Bass
Loukas - Drums

Listen Spring here

Filesize:125 MB
Wav & Scans

One of the most important bands of the 90's underground music scene of Athens, Greece.
Bella Union was formed in Athens in 1992.
Their successful gigs in legendary venue "AN club" resulted in their first release."Spring" came out on March '94 causing sensation on the airwaves. Warner Bros was fast to sign the band and release an E.P. was contained a new version of "Spring". This made Bella Union one of the first english singing greek bands to be signed on a major label paving the way for others to follow.
"Mother" (1996) is the band's only L.P. and was released on independent label FM Records to critical acclaim. Line-up changes and new ideas brought a new musical direction and a new sound that can be heard on their final release, the double a-side single "Low/Come" (1999).[From myspace]

Τα δικά μου τα έχω γράψει εδώ [ όπου βρίσκετε και το Spring 12'' ], όποιος θέλει ρίχνει μια ματιά...

Απίστευτη κυκλοφορία , πανέμορφα τραγούδια , φοβερές αναμνήσεις...
Αν δεν σας ενοχλεί το σκρατς , απολαύστε !
Αν ήταν να διάλεγα ένα από τα δύο τραγούδια πάντως , αυτό θα ήταν το What Can I Say...
Είδες η Β' πλευρά ?

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Weaver's Daze - Odd Perceptions

Weaver's Daze

Odd Perceptions

Label:Pegasus Records
Catalog#:PEG 101
Format:CD, Mini-Album
Style:Alternative Rock

1 Spy 4:44
2 Margarine Heart 3:46
3 Promise From A Liar 5:37
4 Honeypie 3:21
5 Holding 4.18

Έλεγα τότε (11-04-2009) :
Μόλις ανακάλυψα αυτό στο
Αγνοούσα την ύπαρξη του.
Καμιά ιδέα να το βρούμε ή να το ακούσουμε ?
Κάθε πρόταση δεκτή...
Βοήθεια παίδες.

Βρέθηκε και μας παραχωρήθηκε από τον φίλο μας Mikiyork
(Παράλληλα βρέθηκε και από τότε κοσμεί την δισκοθήκη μου)

The Band
Tasos Kristallis : guitar
Alekos Aganis : guitar
Sakis Gionis : bass
Georgiana Tsadiri : flute
Pepi Kosma : vocals
Christos Mouselimis : drums

New Link (2011-01-01)
Mp3@320 & scans 57MB
Take it here

Κριτική από: Σπήλιος Τζέμος

Οι Weaver's Daze, που αποτελούνται από έξι μέλη και σχηματίστηκαν στις αρχές του 1998 στην Αθήνα, κέρδισαν το τέταρτο βραβείο, ενώ αναδείχθηκαν και δεύτερο αγγλόφωνο συγκρότημα στο Battle Of The Bands 1999, ετήσιο διαγωνισμό για πρωτοεμφανιζόμενα rock σύνολα που διοργανώνει το AN Club.
Αυτό το μίνι άλμπουμ που αποτελεί την παρθενική κυκλοφορία τους, περιέχει πέντε συνθέσεις που χτίζουν το προφίλ μιας πολυσυλλεκτικής μπάντας. Πολυσυλλεκτικής, από την άποψη ότι δίπλα στους γρήγορους και περιστοιχισμένους από παραμορφωμένα έγχορδα και άγρια αντρικά φωνητικά ρυθμούς, καταφέρουν επιτυχώς να θέσουν μια πιο αρτίστικη περί σύγχρονου ηλεκτρισμού άποψη, αυτή δηλαδή που, στηριγμένη στην εξ ορισμού πιο εύθραυστη γυναικεία φωνή, αφήνεται να παρασύρει και να παρασυρθεί...
Το Odd Perceptions είναι μια πρώτη και αναμφισβήτητα θετική κίνηση. Το πιθανότερο, είναι να αναμένουμε τη συνέχεια βαθιά χωμένοι στο παραμυθάκι "Honeypie", που κλείνει μέσα του.

* * * * *
Ξανανέβηκε για όλους εσάς...
Ακούστε και αυτό (Solar Race) για να δείτε πόσο κοντά ηχητικά βρίσκονται οι 2 μπάντες...

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The Sound : Shock Of Daylight EP 1984

The Sound were an English post-punk band, formed in 1979 disbanding in 1988 . The band was fronted by Adrian Borland and evolved from his previous band , The Outsiders . They shared record labels with groups such as Echo & the Bunnymen and The Chameleons , and shared stages with Echo & the Bunnymen , the Comsat Angels , the Au Pairs , Modern Eon , Felt , Medium Medium , U2 , Public Image Ltd. , Eyeless In Gaza , The Stranglers , China Crisis , and Aztec Camera .

Many have said that The Sound were not given the recognition they deserved .

From the Sun Records Music Store : "The Sound were tragically overlooked in their time and have remained unjustly neglected since."

From Trouser Press : "It's hard to understand why this London quartet never found commercial success .

The second album , From the Lions Mouth , saw the replacement of keyboard player Marshall with Colvin "Max" Mayers , and more accolades from the critics , but neither record caused the band to break beyond a cult status.[5] Korova pressured Borland and his mates to come up with a more commercially successful third album . In an act of rebellion , the band responded with All Fall Down , an album that took them even further away from that direction . Drummer Mike Dudley told it this way : "We thought [the label wasn't giving us the support that we were due and that if they really wanted a commercial album , they had got to put plenty of money behind it , which with both Jeopardy and From the Lions Mouth they hadn't really done....

So when they turned around and said 'The solution is for you to write more commercial songs ," we thought , 'Fuck you ,' and went ahead and produced All Fall Down ."

Shock of Daylight , released in 1984 is an EP released by The Sound .

Adrian Borland (6 December 1957 – 26 April 1999) was an English singer , songwriter , guitarist and record producer , best known as the lead singer of post-punk band The Sound (1979-87) .

Following a substantial solo career spanning five albums he succumbed to the symptoms of schizoid-affective disorder and committed suicide in April 1999 .
By 1999 Borland had lived with severe depression for about 14 years . He had still been denied commercial success or widespread popularity outside of continental Europe , and he had tried to commit suicide at least three times , the third (according to his mother Win Borland) when he jumped in front of a car . He had also developed a drinking problem

The night of the 25th Borland slipped away to Wimbledon Station . In the early hours of the 26th horrified commuters watched as Borland committed suicide by throwing himself under a train . He was 41 years of age , and was interred at Morden Cemetery , London .

Trakx :

1. "Golden Soldiers"
2. "Longest Days"
3. "Counting the Days"
4. "Winter"
5. "A New Way of Life"
6. "Dreams Then Plans"

Lyrics to Golden Soldiers :






Size : 45 MB
Format : Vinyl EP
Label : AM Records
Made in : England
Bitrate : 320