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The Libertines : The Libertines 2004


The Libertines are an English rock band, formed in London in 1997 by frontmen Carl Barat (vocals/guitar) and Pete Doherty (vocals/guitar). The band, centred on the songwriting partnership of Barat and Doherty, has also included John Hassall (bass) and Gary Powell (drums) for most of its recording career.

The band gained some notoriety in the early 2000s. Although their mainstream success was initially limited, their profile soon grew, culminating in a No. 2 single and No. 1 album on the UK Charts. In December 2004, their self-titled second album was voted the second best album of the year by NME magazine. The first two of their full-length LPs were produced by Mick Jones, of the British punk band The Clash.

The British press seems eager to add the Libertines to the canon of great British bands as soon as possible. Not just because their music carries on the traditions of previous greats from the Beatles to the Clash, or because of their involvement with already-legendary figures like Alan McGee, Mick Jones, and Geoff Travis, or because their peers in the British music scene just weren't as interesting to cover, but because the band's future always teeters between dazzling and dangerously uncertain.

The Libertines is the second album of The Libertines. Released on 30 August 2004, it is particularly biographical of the relationship between frontmen Carl Barat and Pete Doherty. The album instantly reached number 1 in the UK. It sold 72,189 copies in its first week. The album is included in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. In 2006, NME placed the album 47 in a list of the greatest British albums ever. In 2013, NME ranked the album at number 99 in its list of The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

In spite of their critical and commercial success, the band's music was often eclipsed by its internal conflicts, stemming from Doherty's addictions to crack cocaine and heroin, which eventually led to the breakup of the band.

Doherty has since stated that the breakup of the band was due to relationship difficulties between Barat and himself that were not related to his drug addictions.
The members of The Libertines went on to form new bands with varying degrees of success.


01. Can't Stand Me Now     3:23
02. Last Post On The Bugle     2:32
03. Don't Be Shy     3:03
04. The Man Who Would Be King     3:5905. Music When The Lights Go Out     3:02
06. Narcissist     2:10
07. The Ha Ha Wall     2:29
08. Arbeit Macht Frei     1:13
09. Campaign Of Hate     2:10
10. What Katie Did     3:49
11. Tomblands     2:06
12. The Saga     1:53
13. Road To Ruin     4:21
14. What Became Of The Likely Lads     5:54

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Black Uhuru : Chill Out 1982

Formed: 1974 in Kingston, Jamaica
One of the most popular reggae acts ever and the first one to win a Grammy. They were the most successful act from Jamaica besides Bob Marley and had an enormous cross-over success during the early to mid 80s, mainly because of two facts: first: the fantastic rhythm section - consisting of the ever present drum & bass twins Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare, who were actually a part of Black Uhuru during their most successful period; second: their sound was different - more accessible to Rock fans with uncompromising lyrics and their militant appearance. Their live shows were especially enigmatic.

They even had a top ten hit with ‘The Great Train Robbery’ in the UK and other European countries, their first song written and sung by Junior Reid. 

Chill Out is an album released in 1982 . That was repackaged and re-mixed for the international market with a different cover in 1984 (for no apparent reason).The album was recorded at Channel One Studios in Jamaica and produced by Sly & Robbie. Featuring The Revolutionaries, an influential session group, Chill Out, together with its dub companion The Dub Factor, is widely considered a classic of reggae music.

Chill Out peaked at #146 on Billboard's (North America) Pop Albums chart.

Released : December 1982
Genre : Reggae
Length : 35:44
Label :    Mango
Producer : Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare

All songs written and composed by Michael Rose. except No 1. ( By : Michael Rose, Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare, Derrick "Duckie" Simpson )
No 8 and No 9 were written and composed by "Duckie" Simpson .


1. Chill Out                 5:58
2. Darkness                   4:00
3. Eye Market                3:16
4. Right Stuff               4:34
5. Mondays                   3:20
6. Fleety Foot               4:00
7. Wicked Act                3:26
8. Moya (Queen of I Jungle)  3:29
9. Emotional Slaughter          3:41


    Wally Badarou - Synthesizer, Vocoder
    Barry Reynolds - Guitar on "Wicked Act"
    Ansel Collins - Piano, Keyboards
    Radcliff "Dougie" Bryan - Guitar
    Mikey Chung - Guitar
    Sly Dunbar - Drums, Syndrums, Arranger, Producer, Mixer
    Puma Jones - Harmony vocals
    Chris "Sky Juice" Blake - Percussion
    Robert Lyn - Piano
    Bertram "Ranchie" McLean - Rhythm guitar, organ
    Michael Rose - Vocals
    Robbie Shakespeare - Bass guitar, Arranger, Producer, Mixer
    Derrick "Duckie" Simpson - Harmony vocals
    Uziah "Sticky" Thompson - Percussion
    Bruce Hamilton - Engineer
    Steven Stanley - Engineer, Mixer
    Neville Garrick - Design
    Lynn Goldsmith - Photography

" Darkness "  Lyrics

Darkness, seems to glorify the world,
Darkness, seems to glorify the world.

What does it work to put yourself in a run town,
who told you to go obligation,
get off my back, Babylon !
there's a pride in each & everyone's stage of life.
i must keep Jah work and trim this foundation,
most of all, they go to bed and dem high in there head.

Darkness, seems to glorify the world,
Darkness, seems to glorify the world.

I see mothers & fathers wandering all over through material things,
is this a result of their sin?
every (time) look over my shoulder someone dies.

Darkness, seems to glorify the world,
Darkness, seems to glorify the world.

Yes my structure isn't random,
I am among the rioters eaters of flesh,
there is no return to your faulty destruction,
my blood is hot, you telling i.

Darkness, seems to glorify the world,
Darkness, seems to glorify the world.

With the good foot I climb the ladder of life.
Darker than blood, in a dis attention.
Trumpet & Voice are not for only celebration.
Let's struggle with the new generation:
"The Deaf", "The Dumb", "The Blind".

Darkness, seems to glorify the world,
Darkness, seems to glorify the world. 

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Riot : Welacome To The World Of Riot 1974

Not available on CD

Riot were a Soul - Funk band emerged in 1974 with the album " Welcome To The World Of Riot " . Their album is not a masterpiece of Funk - Soul Music , but it contains the super Funk song " Put your gun down brother " .

The psych-funk opus "Just Beyond" is especially impressive thanks to John DeLuna's monolithic drums, while "Put Down Your Gun Brother" summons the spirit of War.

" Put your gun down brother
  I'm on your side .
  Pistols make nervous
  so put down your gun brother .

  Brother killing brother
  and you know ain't right
  No, No , Not shoot me brother
  No , No , Don't shoot ."

Riot : Welcome To The World Of Riot
Label : Motown  DSRS 7551-1
Format : Vinyl, LP, Album
Country : US
Released : 1974
Genre : Funk / Soul
Style : Soul, Funk


A1     Welcome To The World     6:18
A2     Just Beyond     4:11
A3     Mother Nature     6:28
A4     Put Your Gun Down Brother     4:35
B1     I'm Happy Just To Be Livin'     5:41
B2     A Song Of Long Ago     4:09
B3     God Bless Conchita     3:23
B4     It's Been Oh So Long     3:12


    Arranged By [Horns] – Tom Baird
    Bass – Jose Marino
    Congas, Percussion, Vocals – Hector Andrades
    Drums, Percussion – John DeLuna
    Engineer – Art Stewart, Cal Harris, Larry Miles, Russ Terrana
    Guitar – Tommy Trujillo    Guitar, Acoustic Guitar – Melvin "Wah Wah" Watson
    Piano, Harpsichord – Jai Winding
    Producer, Arranged By – Dino Fekaris, Nick Zerres
    Timpani, Timbales, Claves, Percussion – Hungria Carmelo Garcia
    Trumpet, Flugelhorn – Jerry Rush
    Vocals – Gabriel Garcia

Produced and arranged by Nick Zesses and Dino Fekaris .

Dino Fekaris

"I Will Survive" is a hit song first performed by American singer Gloria Gaynor, released in October 1978. It was written by Freddie Perren and Dino Fekaris. A top-selling song after its initial release, it has remained a popular disco anthem, as well as being certified double platinum by the RIAA.