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Johnny Thunders : D.T.K. Live at the Speakeasy (D.T.K. stands for "down to kill") 1982

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Recorded live at the Speakeasy in London on March 15, 1977, the imaginatively titled D.T.K. Live at the Speakeasy (D.T.K. stands for "down to kill") captures Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers at their raging, sneering best.

This is one of the performances that made the Heartbreakers such darlings in the U.K., and it's not hard to see why. Reprising most of the songs off their debut, L.A.M.F., Thunders and crew (guitarist Walter Lure, bassist Billy Rath, and drummer Jerry Nolan) tear into these songs with a snot-nosed abandon that made even the Sex Pistols stand up and take notice. Although the performances here are relatively straightforward readings of the album tracks, they bristle with a rabies-like intensity that the studio versions just can't match.

Tunes like "Can't Keep My Eyes on You," "Born to Lose," "Get Off the Phone," and "All by Myself" are played so viciously that it's almost a miracle that they come off sounding as melodic and rhythmic as they do. Much of the credit here has go to Rath and Nolan, who ground the grooves so defiantly that nothing can pry them loose.

What really puts Live at the Speakeasy over the top, though, is Thunders' between-song banter. Inciting the somewhat lackadaisical crowd with a barrage of drunken insults and tasteless asides, he adds a certain street thug joie de vivre to the proceedings.

Live at the Speakeasy is a jewel in a catalog jammed with poorly recorded, abysmal live performances, and is a wild reminder of just how formidable the Heartbreakers could be on a good night.
( AllMusic Review by Andy Claps )


01. Chinese Rocks    
02. All By Myself    
03. Let Go    
04. Can't Keep My Eyes On You    
05. I Wanna Be Loved    
06. Do You Love Me    
07. Get Off The Phone    
08. Going Steady    
09. I Love You    
10. Born To Lose

Genre : Rock
Style : Hard Rock, Punk
Year : 1982

Label  :  Jungle Records
Format : Vinyl LP
Made in : England
Imported in Greece by :  Virgin Records

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Με Τα Φτερά μου

Με τα φτερά μου αδειανά

και με πανιά διχτυωτά
μιά βάρκα σέρνω .

Σε κύματα παντοτινά
Εγώ αετός δίχως φωλιά
το δρόμο παίρνω .

Εχω ένα βράχο να κρυφτώ
ο ψίθυρος μου : " Σ ' Αγαπώ "
τα καταφέρνω ;

Οταν θα έρθουν οι στιγμές
να μου ζαρώσουνε το χθες
 θα υποφέρω ;

Ο χρόνος κρύβει τις σκιές
μα με τρελαίνουν οι βοές
της θύμησής σου .

Πρέπει να φύγω να χαθώ
πριν στο μηδέν να σκοτωθώ
απόφαση να πάρω .

Σα νεογνό να γεννηθώ
και όσα ψέματα σου πώ
ποτέ μην τα ξεχάσεις .

Ο χρόνος είναι μιά πληγή
και η καρδιά μου μιά πηγή
μην τη στερέψεις .

Κάποτε θα'ρθει της Θούλης η στιγμή και θα χαζέψεις
μετά στη λήθη θα χαθεί
και έπειτα θα σε ρωτάς ,
πως μπόρεσες να τα μπερδέψεις .

Με τα φτερά μου ανοιχτά
ζω τη ζωή μου κουρνιαχτά
και δε βγάζω ουρλιαχτά .

Με τα φτερά μου ανοιχτά .

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cream : The Greatest Rock Sensation 1976

Cream were a 1960s British rock supergroup power trio consisting of bassist/singer Jack Bruce, drummer Ginger Baker, and guitarist/singer Eric Clapton.

Their unique sound was characterised by a hybrid of blues rock, hard rock and psychedelic rock, combining
The group's third album, Wheels of Fire, was the world's first platinum-selling double album.
psychedelia themes, Clapton's blues guitar playing, Bruce's powerful, versatile vocals and prominent bass playing, Baker's pulsating, jazz-influenced drumming and Pete Brown's poetry-inspired lyrics.
The band is widely regarded as being the world's first successful supergroup. In their career, they sold over 15 million albums worldwide. Their music included songs based on traditional blues such as "Crossroads" and "Spoonful", and modern blues such as "Born Under a Bad Sign", as well as more eccentric songs such as "Strange Brew", "Tales of Brave Ulysses" and "Toad".

Although Cream were only together for a little more than two years, their influence was immense, both during their late-'60s peak and in the years following their breakup. Cream were the first top group to truly exploit the power trio format, in the process laying the foundation for much blues-rock and hard rock of the 1960s and 1970s.

It was with Cream, too, that guitarist Eric Clapton truly became an international superstar. Critical revisionists have tagged the band as overrated, citing the musicians' emphasis upon flash, virtuosity, and showmanship at the expense of taste and focus.

This was sometimes true of their live shows in particular, but in reality the best of their studio recordings were excellent fusions of blues, pop, and psychedelia, with concise original material outnumbering the bloated blues jams and overlong solos.

All three of the musicians yearned to break free of the confines of the standard rock/R&B/blues group, in a unit that would allow them greater instrumental and improvisational freedom, somewhat in the mold of a jazz outfit. Eric Clapton's stunning guitar solos would get much of the adulation, yet Bruce was at least as responsible for shaping the group's sound, singing most of the material in his rich voice. He also wrote their best original compositions, sometimes in collaboration with outside lyricist Pete Brown.

Clapton and Baker would quickly resurface in 1969 as half of another short-lived supergroup, Blind Faith, and Clapton of course went on to one of the longest and most successful careers of anyone in the rock business. Bruce and Baker never attained profiles nearly as high after leaving Cream, but both kept busy in the ensuing decades with various interesting projects in the fields of rock, jazz, and experimental music.

Cream reunited for a handful of live shows in 2005 at London's Royal Albert Hall and New York City's Madison Square Gardens, but no further reunions were forthcoming, and Bruce died of liver disease in Suffolk, England in October 2014.

                                                                         SIDE ONE

01. I Feel Free
02. Strange Brew
03. Badge
04. Sunshine Of Your Love
05. Toad
06. Blue Condition
07. Take It Back
08. I'm So Glad


09. NSU
10. White Room
11. Spoonful
12. What A Bringdown
13. Sitting On Top Of The World
14. Born Under A Bad Sign
15. Anyone For Tennis
16. Crossroads

Label : Karussell – 2499112
Series : The Greatest Rock Sensation
Format : Vinyl, LP, Compilation
Country : Greece
Released : 1976
Genre : Rock
Style : Classic Rock

MP3  Size : 155 MB

Flac Size:  410 MB

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Μιλάνε στα κανάλια γιά εικόνες ντροπής με τους συνταξιούχους στις ΟΥΡΕΣ έξω από τις τράπεζες . Βάζουν πρώτη μούρη μιά κυριούλα η οποία ωρύεται :
"Ξεφτιλίζομαι γιά να πάρω 120 Ε " .
Κυρία μου , το ότι τη σύνταξή σου την έχουν την έχουν μειώσει στα 350 Ε , δεν είναι ήδη ξεφτίλα ;
Γιατί δε δείχνουν τα κωλοκάναλα τις ΟΥΡΕΣ των εκατομμυρίων ανέργων έξω από τα γραφεία του ΟΑΕΔ ;
Γιατί δε δείχνουν τις ΟΥΡΕΣ από ράντζα στους διαδρόμους των νοσοκομείων ;
Γιατί δε δείχνουν τις ΟΥΡΕΣ από μνήματα γιά σχεδόν 10.000 αυτόχειρες τα τελευταία 5 χρόνια ;
Γιατί δε δείχνουν τις ΟΥΡΕΣ των χιλιάδων φοροφυγάδων που κρύβονται μέσα σε λίστες ξεχασμένες σε υπουργικά συρτάρια ;
Γιατί δε δείχνουν τις ΟΥΡΕΣ των αστέγων στο κέντρο της Αθήνας ;

Πολλά γιατί θα μπορούσα να αντιπαραθέσω γιά τις ΟΥΡΕΣ στις τράπεζες .

Αει Σιχτίρ !!!

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V.A : Stoned To The Bone 1997

"A Greek-only premium compilation, released with the music magazine "ZOO".
Songs The Rolling Stones made famous.
19 classic tracks by the original artists."

Label : ZOO (6) – ZOO 5, ZOO (6) – GR CD 512
Format : CD, Compilation, Promo
Country : Greece
Released : Aug 1997
Genre : Blues
Style : Rhythm & Blues


01. Muddy Waters : Rolling Stone (Written By McKinley Morganfield) 3:05
02. Howlin' Wolf : The Red Rooster (Written By Willie Dixon) 2:22
03. Muddy Waters : I Just Want To Make Love To You (Written By Willie Dixon) 2:50
04. Bo Diddley : I'm A Man (Written By McDaniel) 2:41
05. Muddy Waters : Look What You've Done (Written By McKinley Morganfield) 2:21
06. Tommy Tucker : High Heel Sneakers (Written By Robert Higginbotham) 2:48
07. Dale Hawkins : Suzie Q (Written By Dale Hawkins,Stanley Lewis) 2:16
08. Bo Diddley : Mona (Written By McDaniel) 2:18
09. Buddy Holly & Crickets : Not Fade Away (Written By Hardin,Petty) 2:25
10. Bo Diddley : Crackin' Up (Written By McDaniel) 2:41
11. Muddy Waters : I Just Want To Be Loved (Written By Willie Dixon) 2:32
12. Howlin' Wolf : Little Baby (Written By Willie Dixon) 2:43
13. Muddy Waters : I Can't Be Satisfied (Written By McKinley Morganfield) 3:42
14. Hank Snow : I'm Movin' On (Written By Clarence E. Snow) 2:46
15. Chuck Berry : Come On (Written By Chuck Berry) 2:46
16. Chuck Berry : 'Round And 'Round (Written By Chuck Berry) 2:35
17. Chuck Berry : Bye Bye Johnny (Written By Chuck Berry) 2:05
18. Chuck Berry : Carol (Written By Chuck Berry) 2:47
19. Chuck Berry : You Can't Catch Me (Written By Chuck Berry) 2:42