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The Carnival of Immortals : Enki Bilal

Enes Bilal (born October 7, 1951) is a French comic book creator, comics artist and film director.

Born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, to a Slovak mother and a Bosnian father who had been Josip Broz Tito's tailor, he moved to Paris at the age of 9. At age 14, he met René Goscinny and with his encouragement applied his talent to comics. He produced work for Goscinny's comics magazine Pilote in the 1970s, publishing his first story, Le Bal Maudit, in 1972.

In 1975, Bilal began working with script writer Pierre Christin on a series of dark and surreal tales, resulting in the body of work titled Légendes d'Aujourd'hui.

He is best known for the Nikopol trilogy (La Foire aux Immortels, La Femme Piège and Froid Équateur), which took more than a decade to complete.

The Carnival of Immortals (Original: La Foire aux Immortels) is a science fiction graphic novel from 1980 and is one of the best Comic works ever .

It is the first part of the Nikopol Trilogy, followed up by La Femme piege (The Woman Trap) in 1986 and ending with Froid Equateur (Equator Cold) in 1992.

In 2004, Bilal directed the film adaptation Immortel (Ad Vitam), although many plot elements were changed from the comic book.


Set in the year 2023, the book follows Alcide Nikopol return to Paris after spending 30 years frozen in space as a punishment for dodging the draft.

The Paris he once knew is now ruled by fascist dictator J. F. Choublanc, the city is swarming with aliens, decaying and succumbing to chaos.

At the same time, a flying pyramid shaped space craft is hovering over Paris.

It is inhabited by Egyptian mythology|Egyptian gods who ask for fuel from the local authorities, as their pyramid vessel has run out of gas.

In return for this service Choublanc wants immortality from the gods. One renegade god, Horus, meets up with the disillusioned Nikopol in the rapid transit| Metro, and Nikopol agrees to allow Horus control of his body.

Together they go on a journey to oppose the corrupt and megalomaniacal powers of the 21st century.



La Foire aux immortels (The Carnival of Immortals, 1980)
La Femme piège (The Woman Trap, 1986)
Froid Équateur (Equator Cold, 1992)

Released In Greece :

1. The Carnival of Immortals - "Η ΓΙΟΡΤΗ ΤΩΝ ΑΘΑΝΑΤΩΝ" : Εditor : Ars Longa Παρά Πέντε 1983
2. The Woman Trap - "Η ΓΥΝΑΙΚΑ ΠΑΓΙΔΑ" : Εditor : Βαβέλ 1986

3. Equator Cold - "ΙΣΗΜΕΡΙΝΟ ΨΥΧΟΣ" : Εditor : Βαβέλ 1993

4. The Hunting Party - "ΠΑΡΤΙΔΑ ΚΥΝΗΓΙΟΥ" : Εditor : Βαβέλ 1988

5. Le Sommeil du monstre - "Ο ΥΠΝΟΣ ΤΟΥ ΤΕΡΑΤΟΣ" : Εditor :
6. 32 Décembre (December 32, 2003) - "32 ΔΕΚΕΜΒΡΗ" : Εditor : ΜΑΜΟΥΘΚΟΜΙΞ 2003

7. Exterminateur 17 (Exterminator 17, written by Jean-Pierre Dionnet) - "ΕΞΟΛΟΘΡΕΥΤΗΣ Ε 17" : Εditor : ΜΑΜΟΥΘΚΟΜΙΞ 2003

8. Rendez-vous à Paris - "ΡΑΝΤΕΒΟΥ ΣΤΟ ΠΑΡΙΣΙ" : Εditor : ΜΑΜΟΥΘΚΟΜΙΞ 2006

Εγώ αυτά τα αλπουμάκια έχω φιλαράκια μου , θα΄θελα να έχω περισσότερα ,
αλλά δεν βρίσκονται και εύκολα !

A! Εχω και " ΤΟ ΠΛΙΤΣ " που κυκλοφόρησε απο το Κομικ " Η ΕΠΟΜΕΝΗ ΜΕΡΑ " τεύχος 1 - Μάϊος 1985 ( ΔΡΧ 200 )

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The Undisputed Truth : The Undisputed Truth 1971

The Undisputed Truth was a 1970s Motown recording act, assembled by record producer Norman Whitfield as a means for being able to experiment with his psychedelic soul production techniques.

The Undisputed Truth came into being after Bobby Taylor brought Billie Rae Calvin and Brenda Joyce to Motown as part of the Delicates.

When the Delicates broke up, the pair kept busy doing background vocals for the Four Tops, Diana Ross, and Edwin Starr. Whitfield teamed them up with Joe Harris of the Preps, laying the groundwork for the male-female vocal interplay that would typify their Motown sessions.

The group never approached the success of "Smiling Faces Sometimes" again, although they racked up a series of modest R&B hits through the mid-'70s.

Crafted by Norman Whitfield, Motown's most adventurous producer of the time, it employed the funk-psychedelic guitars and ominous, socially aware lyrics that were also characteristic of his work with the Temptations during the period.

The track N0 5 is one of the best Funk songs I ΄ever heard .
It's a cover of a " The Tempations " song , but is far away from them ,
because is coloured with Psychedelic sounds , flutes and distorded guitars.


1. You Got The Love I Need (Barrett Strong, Norman Whitfield) 2:57
2. Save My Love For A Rainy Day (Norman Whitfield, Roger Penzabene) 3:50
3. California Soul (Nickolas Ashford, Valerie Simpson) 3:45
4. Aquarius (Galt McDermot), (Gerome Ragni), (James Rado) 2:39
5. Ball of Confusion (That's What the World is Today) (Barrett Strong, Norman
Whitfield) 10:20
6. Smiling Faces Sometimes (Barrett Strong, Norman Whitfield) 3:05
7. We've Got a Way Out Love (Holland-Dozier-Holland) 2:55
8. Since I've Lost You (Barrett Strong, Norman Whitfield) 3:10
9. Ain't No Sunshine Since You've Been Gone (Cornelius Grant, Norman Whitfield, Simon
May) 2:42
10. I Heard It Through the Grapevine (Barrett Strong, Norman Whitfield) 2:51
11. Like a Rolling Stone (Bob Dylan) 6:30


People moving out,
people moving in.
Why, because of the color of their skin.
Run, run, run but you sure can't hide.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
Vote for me and I'll set you free.
Rap on, sister, rap on.
Well, the only person talking about love thy brother is the...preacher.
And it seems nobody's interested in learning but the...teacher.

Segregation, determination, demonstration, aplication , Aggravation, humiliation, obligation to our nation.
Ball of confusion.

Oh yeah, that's what the world is today. Woo, hey, hey.

The sale of pills are at an all time high.
Young folks walking round with their heads in the sky.
The cities ablaze in the summer time.
And oh, the beat goes on.

Evolution, revolution, gun control, sound of soul.
Shooting rockets to the moon, kids growing up too soon.
Politicians say more taxes will solve everything.

Well !!!

And the band played on.
So, round and around and around we go.
Where the world's headed, nobody knows.

Oh, great googalooga, can't you hear me talking to you.
Just a ball of confusion.
Well, that's what the world is today.
Yeah , yeah .

Fear in the air, tension everywhere.
Unemployment rising fast,
the Beatles new record's a gas.

And the only safe place to live is on an Indian reservation.
Well !!!
And the band played on.

Eve of destruction, tax deduction,
city inspectors, bill collectors,
Mod clothes in demand, population out of hand,
suicide, too many bills,

Hippies moving to the hills.
People all over the world are shouting, 'End the war.'

And the band played on.

Great googalooga, can't you hear me talking to you.
Sayin'... ball of confusion.
That's what the world is today, hey, hey.
Let me hear ya, let me hear ya, let me hear ya.
Sayin'... ball of confusion.
That's what the world is today, hey, hey

Let me hear ya, let me hear ya, let me hear ya,
let me hear ya, let me hear ya.
Sayin'... ball of confusion.

Format : Vinyl LP
Label : Motown Records
Made in : USA
Size : 104 MB
Bitrate : 320
Genre : Soul - Funk
Size : 107 MB
Bitrate : 320

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Midnight Choir : Amsterdam Stranded 1998

A somber European trio who plays a decidedly American form of rootsy rock, Midnight Choir has steadily built not only a fervent fan base, but a unique take on Americana as well.
The trio of Paal Flaata (vocals/guitar), Ron Olsen (acoustic and electric bass), and Al DeLoner (guitar and various other instruments) began in Norway with the less-serious name of the Hashbrowns , busking and occasionally playing club gigs until they were heard by veteran keyboard player Lasse Hafreager.

Midnight Choir took their new name from Leonard Cohen's "Bird on a Wire."

Chris Eckman of the Walkabouts , decided to produce their second album.
Eckman was intrigued by the Scandinavians' take on Americana and recording commenced this time in Seattle, . Aided by fellow Walkabout Carla Torgerson, the production found Midnight Choir settling into their own sound .

Chris Eckman was brought in to produce their next record along with Phill Brown, a noted engineer who is best-known for his work on Talk Talk's landmark Spirit of Eden album. The result, Amsterdam Stranded, was a well-written, confident recording that outsold its predecessors and earned praise both in Norway and abroad .


1 Harbor Hope 8:02
2 October 8 4:25
3 Mercy of Maria 5:37
4 Amsterdam Stranded 4:10
5 And the Rain Redoubled in Violence 1:10
6 Muddy River of Loneliness 6:59
7 Death's Threshold Step #2/The Train 4:20
8 Dear Friend 5:16
9 Bayview ( Time Ain't No Friend ) 5:12
10 Finest Hour

Υπάρχει και σε βινύλιο , στο χάος που διαθέτω , υπάρχει και σε CD .
Προτίμησα να το ανεβάσω απο το CD γιατί τα Σκράτσα - Σκρούτσα
δεν ταιριάζουν σ΄αυτό το αριστούργημα .
Τα Σκαναρίσματα είναι πάντως απο το Βινύλιο
γιατί μου αρέσει να βασανίζομαι !



As I drink too much

As I scream out of lust
At the moon for someone to touch me

As I fail to please
What the moon won`t ease
I can`t sit still from running wild

As I wipe my past
For something good to last
As demons are crowling under my skin

As I walk away
There`s nothing to do but pray
That Maria will take me in her arms

At the mercy of Maria
Will I lay my aching head
At the mercy of Maria
Will I find my resting place

At the mercy of Maria
Will I lay my aching head
At the mercy of Maria
Will I find my resting place

CD Rip
Size : 116 MB
Bitrate : 320


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Marvin Gaye – Let's Get It On

Marvin Gaye

Let's Get It On

Catalog#:530 055-2
Format:CD, Album, Reissue
Genre:Funk / Soul

1 Let's Get It On 4:51
2 Please Stay (Once You Go Away) 3:27
3 If I Should Die Tonight 4:01
4 Keep Getting' It On 3:13
5 Come Get To This 2:41
6 Distant Lover 4:17
7 You Sure Love To Ball 4:46
8 Just To Keep You Satisfied 4:27

Bass – James Jamerson, Wilton Felder
Bongos – Bobby Hall Porter*, Eddie "Bongo" Brown
Drums – Eddie "Bongo" Brown, Paul Humphries*, Uriel Jones
Guitar – David T. Walker, Lewis Shelton*, Melvin Ragin
Piano – Joe Sample, Marvin Gaye, Marvin Jenkins
Producer – Ed Townsend, Marvin Gaye
Vibraphone – Emil Richards, Victor Feldman

LP originally released 1973 [discogs]

Just To Keep You Satisfied  Here
flac & scans 227 MB


by Jason Ankeny

After brilliantly surveying the social, political, and spiritual landscape with What's Going On, Marvin Gaye turned to more intimate matters with Let's Get It On, a record unparalleled in its sheer sensuality and carnal energy. Always a sexually charged performer, Gaye's passions reach their boiling point on tracks like the magnificent title hit (a number one smash) and "You Sure Love to Ball"; silky and shimmering, the music is seductive in the most literal sense, its fluid grooves so perfectly designed for romance as to border on parody. With each performance laced with innuendo, each lyric a come-on, and each rhythm throbbing with lust, perhaps no other record has ever achieved the kind of sheer erotic force of Let's Get It On, and it remains the blueprint for all of the slow jams to follow decades later -- much copied, but never imitated.

* * * * * *
Δίσκος πέρα από μουσικά είδη, κατηγορίες, χρονολογίες...
Ένα ονειρεμένο νυχτερινό σάουντρακ, από αυτούς τους δίσκους που ακούγοντας τους το μόνο πράγμα που θέλεις να κάνεις είναι να δώσεις αγάπη και να πάρεις αγάπη...Μου αρέσει περισσότερο να τον ακούω νυχτερινές ώρες, την δουλειά την όμως την κάνει μια χαρά και την ημέρα.Οκτώ τραγούδια το ένα καλύτερο από το άλλο, στην καλύτερη πιστεύω φάση της καριέρας του. Ένα από τα καλύτερα άλμπουμς που έχω ακούσει ποτέ, και νομίζω ότι είναι και το πρώτο soul album που ανεβάζω στο blog.
Μακάρι να σας συγκινήσει όπως εμένα...

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Hevia : Tierra De Nadie 1998

Jose Angel Hevia Velasco, known as Hevia (born 1967 in Villaviciosa, Asturia) , is a Spaniard bagpiper – specifically, an Asturian gaita player.
He commonly performs with his sister, Maria Jose, on drums.
In 1992 he was awarded first prize for solo bagpipes at the Festival Interceltique de Lorient, Brittany

He combines Celtic and traditional Asturian elements in his music. His 1998 debut "Tierra De Nadie" was a smash hit in Europe and went triple platinum in Spain .

Possibly his most recognisable composition is the 1999 piece Busindre Reel, from his first album Tierra de Nadie.


1. Tierra De Nadie (No Man's Land) : 1998
2. Al Otro Lado (The Other Side) : 2000
3. Etnico Ma Non Troppo : 2003
4. Obsession : 2007


1. Busindre Reel
2. Naves
3. Si La Nieve
4. Gaviotes
5. El Garrotin
6. El Ramu
7. La Linea Trazada
8. Llaciana
9. Sobrepena
10. Barganaz
11. Embedded Anada

Size : 114 MB
Cd Rip
Bitrate : 320
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OST - Until The End Of The World [1991]

Until The End Of The World
(Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Label: Warner Bros. Records
Catalog#: 7599-26707-2
Format: CD, Compilation
Country: Europe
Released: 1991
Genre: Rock, Stage & Screen
Style: Alternative Rock, Soundtrack []


01 Graeme Revell – Opening Titles
02 Talking Heads – Sax And Violins
03 Julee Cruise – Summer Kisses, Winter Tears
04 Neneh Cherry – Move With Me (Dub)
05 Crime & The City Solution – The Adversary
06 Lou Reed – What's Good
07 Can – Last Night Sleep
08 R.E.M. – Fretless
09 Elvis Costello – Days
10 Graeme Revell – Claire's Theme
11 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – (I'll Love You) Till The End Of The World
12 Patti Smith And Fred Smith – It Takes Time
13 Depeche Mode – Death's Door
14 Graeme Revell – Love Theme
15 Jane Siberry With k.d. lang – Calling All Angels
16 T-Bone Burnett – Humans From Earth
17 Daniel Lanois – Sleeping In The Devil's Bed
18 U2 – Until The End Of The World
19 Graeme Revell – Finale


by Tim DiGravina

Until the End of the World is a definite contender for best motion picture soundtrack of the 1990s. With a lineup that includes Talking Heads, Lou Reed, R.E.M., Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Depeche Mode, U2, and others all providing original songs or new covers, it's an absolute joy. Interspersed with Graeme Revell's haunting ambient score, virtually every pop/rock track works perfectly as part of a cohesive whole. "Sax and Violins," recorded during the dying days of Talking Heads, might be the band's most confident moment, as a jazzy background shuffle and keyboards provide compelling momentum underneath David Byrne's sarcastic vocals. Crime & the City Solution could have made an entire career out of the emotional yet existential "The Adversary." R.E.M. and Depeche Mode both contribute touching ballads. "Fretless" is one of the most beautiful tracks to be found in R.E.M.'s discography, documenting a wounded relationship with subtle grace. "Death's Door" is one of those sad numbers Depeche Mode fans have grown to love, with Martin Gore handling the vocals. Less emotional themes are found in the contributions of Lou Reed and Can. "(I'll Love You) Till the End of the World" by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds is dark, hilarious, and ultimately quite touching. Jane Siberry handles the soundtrack's most pristine, moving moment with "Calling All Angels"; k.d. lang's background vocals give the song a sweet, angelic feel. In addition to the greatness of the songs, the album is perfectly sequenced. It's hard to imagine a better song progression than that of the one from Julee Cruise to Neneh Cherry here. Throw in U2's Achtung Baby-shared track "Until the End of the World" and a Kinks cover by Elvis Costello, and it's almost impossible to think of a better soundtrack from or to the 1990s.
Take me here [flac & artwork]
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The Hobbit : J.R.R Tolkien - David T. Wenzel

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien , (3 January 1892 – 2 September 1973) was an English writer, poet, philologist, and university professor, best known as the author of the classic high fantasy works "The Hobbit", "The Lord of the Rings", and "The Silmarillion".

The Hobbit is a 1989 three issue comic book series, published by Eclipse Comics. In January 1990, they were bound as one in a trade paperback, and a revised edition was published in 2006.

The story was adapted from the original by Chuck Dixon, and illustrated by David T. Wenzel.

David T Wenzel is an illustrator and children’s book artist. He is best known for his visualization of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, illustrated in graphic novel format.

This Comic Book was released in Greece in 2000 in a limited edition by the " AIOLOS " editorial group .

Gandalf tricks Bilbo into hosting a party for Thorin and his band of twelve dwarves
sing of reclaiming the Lonely Mountain and its vast treasure from the dragon Smaug.

When the music ends, Gandalf unveils a map showing a secret door into the Mountain and proposes that the dumbfounded Bilbo serve as the expedition's "burglar". The dwarves ridicule the idea, but Bilbo, indignant, joins despite himself.

The group travel into the wild, where Gandalf saves the company from trolls and leads them to Rivendell, where Elrond reveals more secrets from the map. Passing over the Misty Mountains, they are caught by goblins and driven deep underground.

Bilbo gets separated from the others as they flee the goblins. Lost in the goblin tunnels, he stumbles across a mysterious ring and then encounters Gollum, who engages him in a game of riddles for the path out of the tunnels, or his demise. With the help of the ring, which confers invisibility, Bilbo escapes and rejoins the dwarves

The goblins and Wargs give chase but the company are saved by eagles before resting in the house of Beorn.
The company enter the black forest of Mirkwood without Gandalf.

In Mirkwood, Bilbo first saves the dwarves from giant spiders and then from the dungeons of the Wood-elves.
Nearing the Lonely Mountain, the travellers are welcomed by the human inhabitants of Lake-town, who hope the dwarves will fulfil prophecies of Smaug's demise.

The enraged dragon, deducing that Lake-town has aided the intruder, sets out to destroy the town. A noble thrush who overheard Bilbo's report of Smaug's vulnerability reports it to Bard, who slays the Dragon.

When the dwarves take possession of the mountain, Bilbo finds the Arkenstone, an heirloom of Thorin's dynasty, and steals it. The Wood-elves and Lake-men besiege the Mountain and request compensation for their aid, reparations for Lake-town's destruction, and settlement of old claims on the treasure. Thorin refuses and, having summoned his kin from the mountains of the North, reinforces his position. Bilbo tries to ransom the Arkenstone to head off a war, but Thorin is intransigent. He banishes Bilbo, and battle seems inevitable.

Gandalf reappears to warn all of an approaching army of goblins and Wargs. The dwarves, men, and elves band together, but only with the timely arrival of the eagles and Beorn do they win the climactic Battle of Five Armies.Thorin is fatally wounded and reconciles with Bilbo before he dies. Bilbo accepts only a small portion of his share of the treasure, having no want or need for more

After all , Bilbo and Gandalf return to the Hobbiton valley , in the Middle Earth

Coming soon as a movie by Peter Jackson ( Lord Of The Rings )