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Rockin' Bones - Psycho Mama EP [1994]

Rockin' Bones
Psycho Mama
EP 1994

Label: Παν! Records
Catalog#: 001
Format: Vinyl, 7"
Country: Greece
Released: 1994
Genre: Rock
Style: Rock'n'Roll , Indie , Noise []

A Psycho Mama
B1 Torpedo
B2 Never No More

Rockin' Bones :
Harry : L. vocals
Nick "Cage": Bass Uzi
S. "Pyros D." : Drums , vocals
Babi (Noise) B : Guitars

Produced and Mixed : Alex K. - T.H. Lime
Engineered by Coti Kyriakos
Lead Guitar on "Never No More" by T.H. Lime
Mp3 @ 320 & Scans
Take me Psycho Mama

Rockin'Bones are Babi Bone (guitar-vocals),Nick Cage (bass-vocals), S.Pyros D.(drums, vocals) . Babi and S.Pyros D. also perform with another importan Greek group, The Earthbound. Surely these guys don't know what fatigue means. They formed the band in 1992 and till now, they have been an unstoppable R'n'R machine, specializing in R'n'R noise. In 1994 they released a 7'' e.p. " Psychomama" and 3 years later a 7'' single "Mary Jane". Some of their songs are on several Greek independent labels compilation. Influences range from 50's r'n'r bands, The Ramones, Social Distortion, The Last Drive (the most legendary Greek r'n'r band ever!) to Rancid and Hellacopters with an upretending lust for tattoos and velocity. Their first album "On Fire" was released in Vinylust Records (2001). The fans have waited for ages but it was worthwhile. On Fire contains 13 R'N'R dynamites ready to exlpode your cd player!!! A new 7" single is out now since last October (Broke)from Blind Bastard Records. In early 2008, Fuzzy (ex Personality Crisis guitarist) joined the band and Adonis now performs with his swingjazzy group the Swing Shoes. 2008 was a great but also a horrible year for the band. Konstantinos Fuzzy Papahronis, the young and crazy guitarist but also a talented actor and person got killed in a car accident the night of December 2nd. We all miss him! R.I.P. The band is now rehearsing for some new gigs within this year. Until then Stay Sick!!! WARNING: If it's too loud, maybe you're too old!!!!


Wake Me Up : Track on VA - ΡΑΔΙΟ ΟΥΤΟΠΙΑ 4 - Workcamp [1993] Tape Compilation
Psycho Mama / Torpedo / Never No More : EP Παν! Records [1994]
Get Off My Back: track on VA - Toxic Babies In A Rock'n'Roll Land [1994]
Jimmy Bomber : track on VA - The Thing From Another World Vol.1 [1995]
Attitude : track on VA - Sub Collection No 2 [1997]
Attitude / Mary Jane : Single Bad Elvis Records [1997]
On Fire : CD Vinyl Lust records [2001]
Broke / Hard Way To Learn : Single Blind Bastard Records [2007]

Το νέο τους single κυκλοφορεί
Πάρτε το από εδώ...

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dEUS : The Ideal Crash 1999

The Ideal Crash is the third studio album by the Belgian rock band dEUS , released in March 1999 . The album was recorded in Spain and it includes the single " Instant Street ", which became an underground hit in Europe . The album cover art is the first dEUS cd cover that does not feature a painting by ex-guitar player Rudy Trouvé .

The Ideal Crash was the first dEUS album to be directly released through a Major label (Island Records) but it's also the only dEUS album that didn't get a US release .

The album gained a quick success in Belgium by reaching Gold (25,000 copies) in one week . By April 2008 , The Ideal Crash had sold about 250,000 copies .

( Wiki )

Tracks :

1. Put the Freaks Up Front 5:14
2. Sister Dew 5:35
3. One Advice, Space 5:46
4. The Magic Hour 5:23
5. The Ideal Crash 5:00
6. Instant Street 6:15
7. Magdalena 4:58
8. Everybody's Weird 4:51
9. Let's See Who Goes Down First 6:23
10. Dream Sequence #1 6:31


I had a plan, was all made up
an angel was sent, for keeping all troubles away.
'Cause lady and I, we could not stop
as cool as a sigh, as volatile as something you say.

I had a dream, a simple plot
I held out my hand as if she'd never pushed it away.
The sun is still there, except it's not
beside her I care to linger even though it's not safe.

Godawful I adore you
angels were there before you
nothing can stop what we do
it's breaking us up in two.

Hey maybe should we ask it
could our friends be worthier.
Like things we trust for if we must
We must burn them.
And burn them good, real friends they would
be understanding if it came to us
and us we must we must turn to
the God of small things.
The God of small things.

I had a plan, was all made up,
as good it was then the magic hour seemed to be fading.
'Cause lady and I we could not stop
as cool as a sigh, as murderous as something you say.

Godawful I adore you
angels were there before you
nothing can stop what we do
it's breaking us up in two.

There is room if you can trust
for anyone like us.

Size : 130 MB
Bitrate 320
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dEUS : In A Bar Under The Sea 1996

The band , whose songs are primarily sung in English , was founded in Antwerp in 1989 , but did not get its form until after Humo's Rock Rally of 1992 . In the tour that followed through Spain , set up by Filip Eyckmans , they laid the foundation for their sound . Deus displays a wide range of influences , including Captain Beefheart , Frank Zappa , Big Star , Sonic Youth , Flipper , Rapeman , Sun Ra and Mingus-style jazz , Leonard Cohen and the Velvet Underground . Consequently , they incorporate a wide variety of styles , including pop , folk , free jazz , noise rock and progressive into their work . They became the most successful (and influential) Belgian rock band ever .


Studio albums

Worst Case Scenario (1994)
In a Bar, Under the Sea (1996)
The Ideal Crash (1999)
Pocket Revolution (2005)
Vantage Point (2008)

Official website

Tracks :

1. I Don't Mind What Ever Happens 0:46
2. Fell Off the Floor, Man 5:13
3. Opening Night 1:38
4. Theme from Turnpike 5:46
5. Little Arithmetics 4:30
6. Gimme the Heat 7:38
7. Serpentine 3:17
8. A Shocking Lack Thereof 5:52
9. Supermarketsong 1:56
10. Memory of a Festival 1:52
11. Guilty Pleasures 4:23
12. Nine Threads 3:34
13. Disappointed in the Sun 6:03
14. For the Roses 4:57 (also named "Roses")
15. Wake Me Up Before I Sleep 2:53


That's right I aim to please
That's right I aim to please

I'm acting like some kind of Victorian serf child
I have considered the possibility of trading fluids
on the platform of the underground station ,
but I have watched and I have seen ,
and I have counted all the passers-by
me and my friend here we have been engaged
in a search for some time months now
for houses hotels and highlights , experienced midwives .

For money to turn into medicine
and what do we find?
What do we find?
What do we find?
A shocking lack thereof. But wait...

Wear your moonboots , they suit you too

And more like Elvis Presley on the booze
believe that you have everything to lose .

That's right I aim to please
That's right I aim to please

Pay a visit to a nurse to have your head deloused
talk for hours about the politics of Mickey Mouse
You know how it is
Nighttimes , gotta get out of the house
Gotta get out of the house
Gotta get out of the house
Gotta get out of the house .

My life is for pleasure , a wiggle in flesh
I'm soaked and in malice , I'm all in distress .

And as I was promised my life is for rage
my guide is a drunk and a female bouquet .

My life's been mistaken for garbage and gold
My life is in private , I gotta move on 'till I'm old
'Till I'm old, 'till I'm old
I gotta move on 'till I'm old
I gotta move on 'till I'm old
That's right I aim to please
'Till I'm old, 'till I'm gone
'Till I'm gone, 'till I'm gone

Bitrate 320

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The Hands of Cain - The Only Sound [2009]

The Hands of Cain
The Only Sound [2009]

LP features:

- 12”LP, DMM (Direct Metal Mastering) cut, 160 gramms, 33 1/3 rpm, black vinyl
- 7”EP, DMM (Direct Metal Mastering) cut, 33 1/3 rpm, white vinyl
- high quality pressing made in the Netherlands
- limited pressing of 500 copies
- 10 previously unreleased tracks including three live tracks from 1985
- printed disco inner sleeve
- transparent record sleeves for sleeve protection
- all copies include hand numbered and signed b/w photo

Price: 15,90 € plus shipping & packaging.

Για την Ελλάδα , μπορείτε να το παραγγείλετε από εδώ :

Listen their songs :

THE HANDS OF CAIN "The Only Sound"
LP+7” Anna Logue Records
ANNA 021.2009/ANNA 021-7.2009
a1 In a Dark Cell 5:21
a2 Deadlips 3:11
a3 Pristine Passion 5:18
a4 Two Steps to the End 4:54
a5 The Dagger in me 5:09
b1 The Only Sound 4:41
b2 Deep Inside 5:26
b3 The Tears of Vanity 5:25
b4 Monodrama 3:49
b5 Royalty in Exile 3:33
c1 In a Dark Cell (Hit-The-Fly Mix) 5:19
c2 Deadlips (Filthy Mix) 3:10
d1 Pristine Passion (Full Vocals Version) 5:17

THE HANDS OF CAIN were Dimitris Chorianopoulos (vocals, bass), Spyros ‘S. Adam’ Floros (drums), Costas Papakitsos (synthesizers) and Dimitris Stamatiou (guitar) from Athens, Greece. In 1983 the HANDS OF CAIN evolved from of one of the first groups of the Greek punk scene of the early 80’s called Ausschwitss when their music was gaining a darker shade and their lyrics were changing to English. Unlike their former group, the HANDS OF CAIN had very little public exposure, but built their reputation amongst the lively Athenian dark wave/post punk scene of the time with a few live gigs in clubs like ‘Skylab’ and ‘Pegasus’. They finally split up in November 1985, and although none of their recordings was ever released their fame lived on. An end was put to this local hidden secret when Dimitris ‘Profitis’ Petrou sent Anna two tracks in Autumn 2007, “Two Steps to the End” and “The Dagger in Me”. Anna was blown away by those tracks and couldn’t believe they have remained unreleased. Of course, this had to be changed. The quality of HOC’s song writing is amazing, these are just strong compositions, and without any doubt, this album will perfectly line up with the best ever goth/dark wave albums being so close to Christian Death’s first recordings as well as the best songs by Bauhaus. Their tracks are pure mid 80’s despair and melancholy, typical of the goth/dark wave scene of the time, although such terms as goth or dark-wave had not yet been invented by journalists back then. The material was (more or less) preserved on dusty 8mm reels and worn-out cassette tapes – it is thanks to Dave Hewson, who digitally transferred and restored these tracks, we owe you much gratitude, Dave – that these essential songs do not remain in total obscurity. Prepare yourself for a milestone not only in Greek music history, but also in goth/dark wave history!

Κυκλοφόρησε επιτέλους και είναι καταπληκτικό!!!
Έχω αρχίσει σιγά σιγά και πακετάρω τους Bauhaus για να μπούνε στο ράφι...
Απίστευτη - βινυλιακή - κυκλοφορία 24 χρόνια μετά την τελευταία τους ηχογράφηση...
Κάντε το αμέσως sold out !!!
Αξίζει και το τελευταίο του σεντς.
Υ.Γ. Μην περιμένετε link , πρέπει να το αγοράσετε...
Από τα σπουδαιότερα ντεμπούτα και το καλύτερο σκοτεινό άλμπουμ της δεκαετίας του '80 για την Ελληνική σκηνή.
Ακούστε άφοβα...

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Eloy : The Best Of Vol 1 The Early Years 1972 - 1975

Eloy is a German progressive rock band, whose musical style includes symphonic and space rock , the latter theme being more prevalent on earlier albums . Despite their nationality and time period, the band is not generally considered krautrock because of their sound , which has much more in common with English progressive rock groups such as Pink Floyd , Badfinger and Yes .
One of the most popular German bands of the '70s , Eloy went through several stages in their long career , with the only constant member being guitarist/vocalist Frank Bornemann . Transforming from a political-themed hard rock band to a spacey progressive rock band .


1. Inside
2. Future City
3. The Light from Deep Darkness
4. Castle In The Air
5. Madhouse
6. Love Over Six Centuries
7. Mutiny
8. The Bells Of Notre Dame

Size 152 MB
Bitrate 320
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Dedicate to my friend Freddy

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The Dead Boys : Night Of The Living Dead Boys 1981

This is a Bootleg LP Album not available on CD

The Dead Boys were an American punk band from Cleveland , Ohio . Among one of the first bands to play punk rock , the band was initially active from 1976 to 1979 , they reunited several times until a so far permanent break-up in 2005 .

The Dead Boys evolved out of the band Rocket From The Tombs and were originally called Frankenstein . When the band members relocated to New York City in July 1976 , they adopted the name by which they are best known .

Moving to New York City at the encouragement of Joey Ramone , the Ramones' lead singer , the Dead Boys quickly gained notoriety for their outrageous live performances . Lewd gestures and profanity were the norm . On more than one occasion , lead singer Stiv Bators slashed his stomach with his mic stand . They frequently played at the legendary rock club CBGB and in 1977 they released their debut album , Young , Loud and Snotty , produced by Genya Ravan . Their song "Sonic Reducer" is often regarded as one of the classics of the punk genre , with Allmusic calling it "one of punk's great anthems.

( Wiki )


1. Detention home - 3rd Generation
2. All this and more
3. Caught with the meat in your mouth
4. Tell me
5. Catholic boy
6. Won't look back


1. Ain' t fun
2. What love is
3. Ain' t nothing to do
4. I need lunch
5. Son of Sam
6. Sonic reducer

Recorded Live at CBGB
Label : BOMP Records
Genre : Punk
Made in L.A - U.S.A
Format : Vinyl LP
Bitrate 320

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Για τον Τάσο :
Μεθαύριο παίζει ο Μαζωνάκης
Θα πάμε να τον απολαύσουμε ? Πλίζ !!!



01. Sonic Reducer     3:04
02. All This And More     2:48
03. What Love Is     2:06
04. Not Anymore     3:38
05. Ain't Nothin' To Do     3:35
06. Caught With The Meat In Your Mouth     2:04
07. Hey Little Girl     3:01
08. I Need Lunch     3:33
09. High Tension Wire     3:04
10. Down In Flames     2:13

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The Edgar Broughton Band : Edgar Broughton Band 1971 - In Side Out 1972

The Edgar Broughton Band, founded in 1968 in Warwick, England, is an English progressive rock group.
In 1971, the band decided that existence as a power trio was limiting, and asked Victor Unitt, who had been playing meanwhile in The Pretty Things, to rejoin the band. In May, with the new lineup, they released possibly their finest work: their eponymous third album, which contained the classic "Evening Over Rooftops" (again with strings by David Bedford which Edgar Broughton called "stunning"). Edgar Broughton Band contained heavy blues and even country influences. Mike Oldfield also featured, on "Thinking Of You".


Tracks :

1. Evening Over Rooftops
2. The Birth
3. Piece Of My Own
4. Poppy + Don't Even Know Which Day It Is
5. House Of Turnabout
6. Madhatter
7. Getting Hard + What Is A Woman For?
8. Thinking Of You
9. For Doctor Spock Parts 1 & 2


The air was thick like honey
Looking from the room
The room had open windows
To let the springtime through
Evening stood by watching
At the side of summer's promise
The flowers in her garden
Were the envy of her friends

How far are we from dying
Is it nearly at an end
How far are we from dying
Is it nearly at an end

The smoke hung on the skyline
The city fell in silence
The sunset ripe and mellow
Was the light to write some thoughts by
Her children watched for father
From their window in the wall
Said a prayer for Grandpapa
And maybe many more

Somewhere in the distance
On a road so far away
I heard the sound of life
Though the people left for home

Three birds flew off a building
Standing proud against the sky
Many more flew with them
Spiraled upward like laughter
Faster harder
They rose up in a column
Hundreds upon hundreds
And twice that many wingspeed

Four miles across
Stretched a million miles high
The living pulsing column
In the lady of the sky
Feathers thrashed together
Locked in that huge one
I knew no-one could see it
And now that it was gone

I rubbed my eyes and tried to find
A reason for the flight
Exodus escape or was it just for me to see
Like the mating of the earth and air
Like water is to flowers
The envy of her friends
How far are we from dying
Is it nearly at an end .

How far are we from dying
Is it nearly at an end
How far are we from dying
Is it nearly at an end .

Ποίηση και Λυρισμός από μία μπαντάρα !!!

Album 2 : IN SIDE OUT 1972

"Inside Out" was the fourth album by progressive rock group, Edgar Broughton Band. The album was originally released as "Harvest SHTC 252" in July 1972.

Edgar Broughton - Vocals, guitar
Arthur Grant - Bass guitar, vocals
Steve Broughton - Drums, vocals
Victor Unitt - Guitars, vocals

Tracks :

1. (a) Get Out Of Bed (b) There's Nobody There (c) Side By Side (Medley) 2. Sister Angela
3. I Got Mad
4. They Took It Away
5. Homes Fit For Heroes
6. Gone Blue
7. Chilly Morning Mama
8. The Rake
9. Totin' This Guitar
10. Double Agent
11. It's Not You
12. Rock 'N Roll


Bitrate 320

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Yell-O-Yell - FunTime EP


Fun Time
Label: Creep Records
Catalog#: CREEP 02
Format: Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM
Country: Greece
Released: Oct 1983
Genre: Rock
Style: Darkwave, Post Punk, Alternative Rock
Bass - Hurry (Low)*
Drums, Performer [Wimp] - Bang*
Engineer - V. Georgopoulos*
Lyrics By - Bang* (tracks: B2) , Fill Feel*
Mixed By [(re)mixing Assistant] - V. Koulouris
Producer, Written-By - Yell-O-Yell
Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Artwork By [Cover] - Fill Feel
Recorded and (re)mixed at Mastersound, Athens during scattered days of April 1983.
Total time: 24΄31΄΄
A1 Froggy
A2 Alice (In Sufferland)
B1 Fun-Flag
B2 Sunk Drunk

flac & scans
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Οι Yell-o-Yell ήταν μία Αθηναϊκή μπάντα που ξεκίνησε το 1982 και ανήκει στην κατηγορία των σκοτεινών εκείνων συγκροτημάτων που τόσο επηρεάστηκαν από το dark wave.Το 1982 οι Yell-o-Yell ηχογράφησαν ένα 7ιντσο EP με τίτλο “Shoot The Truth” από την Creep Records (που ήταν και το πρώτο για τη δισκογραφική εταιρεία), το οποίο περιείχε τρία κομμάτια ενώ περίπου ένα χρόνο αργότερα, το 1983 κυκλοφόρησαν ένα mini LP που ονόμασαν “Funtime.” Το συγκρότημα έκανε πολλές εμφανίσεις τόσο στο ιστορικό club «Σοφίτα» μαζί με τους Villa 21 κ.ά, όσο και στο club «Πήγασος». Το 1984 βρίσκει το συγκρότημα στο δρόμο να κυκλοφορεί το δεύτερο κατά σειρά LP με τίτλο “Hello Hell” από την Creep Records. Το LP αποτελείται από επτά κομμάτια, “Ex,” “The jaw,” “SS movie,” “Strychine blues,” “Hello hell,” “Death pirouettes” και “Kiss.” Δύο χρόνια μετά, το 1986 το LP “XIII” διατίθεται στην κυκλοφορία και αποτελεί ένα σπάνιο συλλεκτικό υλικό μιας και η εταιρεία Smash Records, η οποία το κυκλοφόρησε, παρέχει μονάχα τρία σε αριθμό LPs. Τα τραγούδια τους, “Imitation of the real,” “Crow’s Complete” και “Shoot the truth” μπήκαν και στη συλλογή “Return Of The Creeps-The Singles” που κυκλοφόρησε το 1995 από την FΜ Records. Η δεκαετία του 1990 ήταν καθοριστική για την πορεία του συγκροτήματος σαν αποτέλεσμα του θανάτου του τραγουδιστή και κιθαρίστα των Yell-o-Yell Φιλώτα Βασκαλή από υπερβολική δόση.
Οι Yell-o-Yell ήταν:
Φιλώτας Βασκαλής - Fill Scars (φωνή, κιθάρα, πιάνο, φάρφισα)
Βαγγέλης Καζιλιέρης - Baby S. Bang (τύμπανα)
Χάρης Κυρκιλής - Hurry Low (μπάσο) []

Want more ???
ο Μπάμπης Δαλίδης μιλάει για την Creep

Είχα πει και σε προηγούμενο σχόλιο ότι τούτο δω το EP είναι αναρτημένο στο υπέροχο
αυτό blog [] , μαζί με την υπόλοιπη δισκογραφία των Yell-O-Yell , αλλά αφού ο ανώνυμος/η φίλος/η επιμένει , ιδού...
Οι Gang of Four συναντούν τους Birthday Party και στην γωνία παραφυλάνε ο Iggy με τον Johnny ...
Ένα από τα καλύτερα δείγματα του παίζω rock'n'roll στην Ελλάδα , και γουστάρω...
Επηρεασμένοι από την βρετανική μεταπάνκ σκηνή και ιδιαίτερα από τους Birthday Party δείχνουν με αυτά τα τέσσερα τραγούδια , το δείγμα του ταλέντου τους.
Ήχος σύγχρονος και φρέσκος τότε , όπως ήταν όλες οι κυκλοφορίες της Creep και ένα από τα λίγα Ελληνικά συγκροτήματα που μου άρεσαν τότε , υπήρχε μια εποχή που αρνιόμουν να ακούσω οτιδήποτε Ελληνικό , ευτυχώς μετά άλλαξα ...

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Opa Tsupa : Trois Francs Six Sous 2002

OPA TSUPA is a Gypsy Rom " Swing " band made in France .
In a staged burlesque and rhythmic , the five musicians of OPA TSUPA chain with humor and poetry of the songs SWING irresistible gags staggered and instrumental pieces with a master's joy .
A show to laugh , dream and type of foot !


1. Bakelite
2. Trois francs six sous
3. Du tango sous mes bretelles
4. Porte d'Italie
5. Yiddishkay
6. Porte de Clejani
7. Cei Biri
8. Chez Jacquet
9. Rien (le tango des vers de terre)
10.O Letchto Gurgo
11.Nederland swing
13.Veiculo Longo
14.Rien (la chanson des vers de terre)

Size 110 MB
Bitrate 320

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Επιθυμίες την καρδιά μας παρασέρνουν
μεσ' το μαβύ από κοχύλια πορφυρά
αγνού παιδιού το τρέξιμο το φέρνουν
σιμά στης θάλασσας τα άγρια οχυρά .

Σκάβει στην άμμο , γονατίζει ο εαυτός μας
τα φύκια οσμίζεται και ψάχνει στα νερά
μοιάζει με πόλη ατείχιστη το αναφιλητό μας
ότι απόμεινε το βλέπω καθαρά .

Ασπρα πλοκάμια από νερά που όλο τρέχουν
δίπλα στα δάση μιάς αστείρευτης πηγής
Νέα , Καθάρια , τη Ζωή μας όλο γνέθουν
και ας κυλιόμαστε στις λάσπες καταγής .

Τις κούφιες ώρες
αφουγκραζόμαστε το κλάμα της βροχής ,
τα μετέωρα μάτια μας
καλύπτουν κύκλοι ταραχής .
Το απομεσήμερο χτυπιέται όρθιο
στον καλοκαιρινό χορό ,
έχει ντάμα τη Θάλασσα
και καβαλιέρο τον Αφρό .

Σχέδια : Κώστας Βιτάλης
Κείμενο : Kostas

Purple Overdosed : Painting The Air 2004

Purple Overdose - "Painting The Air"
(On Stage Records 2004, OSR005, LP)

Rarities and Unreleased

From Aural Innovations #29 (October 2004)

Based in Greece , Purple Overdose were one of the great Psychedelic bands of the past several years . Though disbanded for a couple years now , their manager , Stefanos Panagiotakis , enthusiastically pursued making available this vinyl only collection of rarities and unreleased tracks . The songs on " Painting The Air " were originally recorded in 1989 with the intention of comprising their second album , slated to be titled " Magic Forest " . Five of the songs later ended up , in different forms , on what ultimately became their second album , " Indigo " .

Long time Purple Overdose fans will be pleased to know that two of the tracks are unreleased . "Painting The Air" is classic Purple Overdose 60's inspired psychedelia , a heady mixture of trippy song and acidic instrumental . And " Still Ill " is a special treat , being one of the first ever recorded Purple Overdose songs , and featuring a guitar/bass/drums trio version of the band . It has the trademark Purple Overdose sound , but has more of a down ‘n dirty garage-psych feel , and includes an ultra trippy jam section . Excellent!

" Sail On Your Wings " originally appeared on the volume 3 CD of the fanzine " The Thing " in 1996 , and was later included on the CD version of The Salmon's Trip Live . This track is a real highlight , featuring Purple Overdose at their most cosmic , with swirling guitars , a luscious 60's organ sound and a mind expanding atmospheric vibe . " 2008 Old View " is the B side of the bands only 7" single , and is an intense song with more classic 60's organ melody and cool shimmering trip guitars .

Those who own the album " Indigo " will of course recognize the 5 songs that appeared on that album - " Moonlight Sunshine " , " Cosmic Ladder " , " Rain Without Storm " , " Golden Eyes " and " Magic Forest " . Diehard fans with a taste for historical perspective will enjoy hearing these earlier versions of the songs . Most have a rawer sound and feel than the Indigo versions , which in some cases has a special charm of its own , having a cool trippy flower power vibe .

Tracklist :

Side One

01.Painting The Air
02.Still Ill
03.Sail On Your Wings
04.Moonlight Sunrise
05.Cosmic Ladder

Side Two

06.2008 Old View
07.Rain Without Storm
08.Golden Eyes
09.Magic Forest

Οι Καλοί γιατροί από τις " Αστικές Ασπιρίνες " ,
φροντίζουν τα σωστά παραισθησιογόνα
για τα όμορφα Ροζ αυτιά σας !!!
Ελπίζουμε να εκτιμήσετε τις μουσικές συνταγές μας
και να μη τρέξετε στο γιατρό του Michael Jacson .
Tα Ξωτικά της Ψυχεδέλειας ,
όταν η καταιγίδα ραπίζει το Μαγικό τους δάσος
κρύβονται κάτω απο τα μανιτάρια
που φυτρώνουν στο ξέφωτο .
Στις ρίζες των Μωβ δένδρων !

Aφιερωμένο στον '' Invisible Smoker " που γουστάρει !!!

Size 114 MB
Format : Vinyl LP
Label : On Stage Records
Made : in Greece
Genre : Psychedelic
Bitrate : 320

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Purple Overdose - Solemn Visions [1996]

Purple Overdose
Solemn Visions

Label: Pegasus Records
Catalog #: PEG 023
Format: Vinyl, 12", LP
Country: Greece
Released: 1996
Genre: Psychedelic

Side A
Pulsating The Door Of My Dreams
Funny Decoration
The Room Of Angels
Out Of Your Mind
Side B
Solemn Visions
Crystal Wind

Mp3@320 & scans
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Band formed by Costas Constantinou on 1987. Debut album "Exit 4" released by Pegasus records on 1988 getting very good reviews. Soon Purple Overdose became "famous" in the Greek underground scene. Second album "Indigo" in Pegasus on 1990 established ’em as a cult name in psychedelic music, their sound based mainly on that flower trippy music of mid 60’s in UK and USA. More tracks of that period which never released or appeared in"different" form in Indigo lp released on 2004 in the album "Painting The Air" from OnStage Records. A 7" single released by 5th Dimension label on 1993 ,during band’s unactive period between 1991-1993 due to their drummer’s service in the army. They returned on 1994 with the 3rd album on Pegasus, named simply "Purple Overdose".Great music in a beautiful and rare cover (giant poster),here band flirting with jazz and progressive rock but always well blended in their psychedelic pot. Fourth album "Solemn Visions" (1996) again through Pegasus extends their music to more complicated psychedelic ways. Their probably best album, "Reborn" ,released after 3 years of preparation on 1999 by Action records and it’s their first in CD.It gained excellent reviews in Europe,USA,Japan and South America entering the playlist of many psychedelic/progressive radio stations. After that they invited to play at the Rockwave Festival of Athens on July 13th 1999 with Mercury Rev,dEUS and other big names of the rock/pop scene. Purple Overdose,all those years, did many concerts in Athens .Each one a chance for their fans to gather and enjoy the multicolored sounds of band’s trippy music. A fine example of the way they sounded on stage, are 3 live recorded albums which released on 2001 in CD (Onion Music) and double vinyl box set ,both named "The Salmon’s Trip..Live" but with different tracks each and their latest "A Trip To Purpleland" by the famous Nasoni Records of Germany,on November 2006 with live material from concerts of 1989.This album released also in double vinyl and double CD. Purple Overdose became friends with the 60’s legendary psychedelic band of The Electric Prunes at the begining of 2002 and on October of the same year both bands played together in Athens! After that, the band "slowered down" it’s activities.On September of 2005 they played at the 2nd Rock Festival of Tripolis where they surprised their fans by presenting different sounds and ways on their known tracks.
Band Members
Costas Constantinou : (1987 to present) Christophoros Triantaphilopoulos : (1988 to present) Andreas Andriopoulos : (1989 to present) Stavros Eleftheriou : (1998 to present) Costas Stergiou : (2001 to present) Vasilis Kapanikis : (1993 - 2001) Aris Kontoangelos : (1989 - 1991) Tolis Labouris :(1990 - 1996) Michalis Vasiliou : (1988 - 1989) Giorgos Papageorgiades : (1987 - 1989) Giorgos Nikas : (1987 - 1988) Makis Mpellos : (1993)
More :
7" Single You Loose It

Με αυτό το Lp , συμπληρώνουμε την δισκογραφία - ελπίζω - της Pegasus
Αν λείπει κάτι , μπορείτε να αφήσετε σχόλιο...
Ανάξιος να μιλήσω για την αξία και το μέγεθος των Purple Overdose , παραδίνω στα αυτιά σας τον δίσκο αυτό.
Το όλο artwork - καταπληκτικό - ανήκει στην Ηλιάνα Νοέα , η οποία έχει κάνει και το φοβερό εξώφυλλο - πόστερ του 3ου άλμπουμ των Purple Overdose , που πρέπει να το δεις για να καταλάβεις πόσο υπέροχο είναι...
Για αυτό προτιμώ τα βινύλια από τα cd.
Η καλύτερη ψυχεδελική μπάντα των τελευταίων 25 χρόνων ?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Yesterday' s Thoughts : Searchin In The Shadows 2002

LTD Edition of 1000 copies First LP by Greek psy legends. (Action Records ) import Greece's new garage band, that's gonna blow your mind out out with their fuzzy guitar sound, backed uo by gorgeous organ and dynamic vocals. Straight from the past, straight from the heart.

The Yesterday's Thoughts were formed in September of 1997 . They started playing covers of their favorite 60s garage/punk standards , but soon they began composing their own songs . 4 such original tracks are featured in the band's debut 7inch EP , released by Action Records . During the recording sessions their bass player was Stelios Adamoudas , who left the band right afterwards and was replaced by Lefteris Galanis .


Side one

1. Just a little
2. Searchin in shadows
3. Mary
4. Knockin' on your door
5. Why did you hurt me ?
6. Misery
7. Love' s no game

Side Two

1. Hey girl
2. That' s too bad
3. Dream
4. Gone
5. Don' t push me
6. Show me
7. Fairy land

My Space

Size : 67 MB
Format : Vinyl LP
Label : Action Records
Made in Greece

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Action Records

Vodka Juniors Live Dates

Upcoming Shows

Jul 18 2009 8:00P
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Amorgos Que (Beach)

Aug 14 2009 8:00P
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Aug 16 2009 8:00P
Paros Magaya Bar

Aug 18 2009 8:00P
Ikaria Araxe Bar

Aug 21 2009 8:00P
Horeuto Beach Bar

Aug 22 2009 8:00P
Halkidiki Platanitsi - Africafe

Friday, July 10, 2009

Tesla : Mechanical Resonance 1986



Nikola Tesla (10 July 1856 – 7 January 1943)

Was an inventor and a mechanical and electrical engineer . Tesla was an ethnic Serb born in the village of Smiljan , Vojna Krajina , in the territory of today's Croatia . He was a subject of the Austrian Empire by birth and later became an American citizen . Tesla is often described as an important scientist and inventor of the modern age , a man who "shed light over the face of Earth" . He is best known for many revolutionary contributions in the field of electricity and magnetism in the late 19th and early 20th centuries . Tesla's patents and theoretical work formed the basis of modern alternating current electric power (AC) systems , including the polyphase power distribution systems and the AC motor , with which he helped usher in the Second Industrial Revolution .

A side from his work on electromagnetism and electromechanical engineering , Tesla contributed in varying degrees to the establishment of robotics , remote control , radar and computer science , and to the expansion of ballistics , nuclear physics , and theoretical physics . In 1943 , the Supreme Court of the United States credited him as being the inventor of the radio . Many of his achievements have been used , with some controversy , to support various pseudosciences , UFO theories , and early New Age occultism .

Album : Mechanical Resonance

"Mechanical Resonance" absolutely rocks . No filler - one blistering song after another . The album reached #32 on the Billboard charts . Certified radio hits with "Modern Day Cowboy" and "Little Suzi" . Mild successes with "Changes" , "Getting' Betta" and "Cumin' Atcha Live" . 4 of the 5 here (minus "Cumin Atcha Live") made it to their "Time's Makin' Changes - The Best Of Tesla" disc. 5 songs from this album made it to their "Five Man Acoustical Jam" (1990) disc . "Mechanical Res" starts off fast and stays that way through track 7... with the exception of the slow and bluesy "We're No Good Together" . The last 4 songs lean toward the slower/pop side .

Simply a classic Hard rock album .


1. EZ Come EZ Go
2. Cumin' Atcha Live
3. Gettin' Better
4. 2 Late 4 Love
5. Rock Me to the Top
6. We're No Good Together
7. Modern Day Cowboy
8. Changes
9. Little Suzi
10. Love Me
11. Cover Queen
12. Before My Eyes

" Little Suzi " track is a Hard Rock diamond
One of the best Hard Rock songs


Little Suzi's on the up , looking for a get-away
Ruby tries to bring her down , she's looking for another way
Little Suzi's on the up , heading for the spotlights
Ruby finally gets up , lookin' for some quiet night

And the music makes her feel so hot
And she'll smile for the camera with all she's got
Don't bring her down , she's a lot like you
She'll be richer by far if her dreams come true

Little Suzi's on the up

Little Suzi's on the up , now suddenly it's not a game
Rubys got to give up cause Suzi's plainly set on pain
Little Suzi's on the up , cost in cost , your point is made
Rubys gonna hang around to make sure Suzi's okay

And the music makes her feel so hot
And she'll smile for the camera with all she's got
Don't bring her down, she's a lot like you
She'll be richer by far if her dreams come true

Don't bring her down , she's a lot like you
She'll be richer by far if her dreams come true

Little Suzi's on the up

Το κομμάτι αυτό είναι " Γειά σας " .
Κιθάρες που κόβουν σα ξυράφια !
Φωνητικά Πρωτοκλασάτα !
Καθαρόαιμο Hard Rock


Troy Luccketta - drums
Brian Wheat - electric bass, background vocals
Frank Hannon - acoustic & electric guitars, mandolin, keyboards, background vocals
Jeff Keith - vocals
Tommy Skeoch - electric guitar, background vocals
Also: Michael Barbiero


I'm a mean machine
I'm the kind you don't wanna meet
My middle is trouble
I'm a danger in the streets
The motors in overdrive
I've got my pedal to the floor
Never get enough
Always cumin' back for more
Yeah! Yeah!

Here I come
Better Step aside
Here I come
I'm Cumin' Atcha' Live
Cumin' Atcha' Live

I'm the one you want
I never give a warning twice
Anything could happen like a rolling on the dice
Look Out!

Here I come
Better step aside
Here I come
Cumin' Atcha' Live

Aυτό το Αλμπουμ είναι αφιερωμένο σ' έναν πρώην φίλο που μου το έδωσε .
Οπως είπε και ο Αριστοτέλης :
Αν δεν έχεις φίλους είσαι ένα τίποτα !!!

Size : 126 MB
Label : Geffen
Year : 1986
Bitrate 320

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