Friday, February 27, 2009

Isis : Panopticon : 2004


1. So Did We
2. Backlit
3. In Fiction
4. Wills Dissolve
5. Syndic Calls
6. Altered Couese
7. Grinning Mouths

SYNDIC CALLSRise in the morning air
Greeted by cinders of the dead

Syndic calls your name
Show your thinned face at the window

Is this the next last day?
Prepare to be carried by the "crows"
Heavy hand upon the land
Feel it's weight inside you


Magistrates dream of plague
Tongues loll in anticipation
You are awake in their darker visions
Drool slips from grining mouths

The plague is forced on us all
Is it there? Are they there?
Shouts of fact abound
But whispers of truth burn through

Is it there? Are they there?

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ISIS : In The Absence Of Truth : 2006

This album was relesead on july 9 2006 by
Chris Mereschuk
and Jay Randall

Members of the band :
Jeff Caxide : Bass
Michael Gallagher : Guitar
Aaron Harris : Drums
Bryant Clifford Meyer : Electronics , Guitar , Vocals
Aaron Turner : Guitar , Vocals

Their sound travells between traditional Metal Riffs , new elements of electronics , Death Sounds , drumming complexity , hardcore and doom-metal Vibes and smells of New Progressive .
The music of Isis is not suitable for mainstream release or commercial radio playlist


1. Wrists of Kings
2. Not in Rivers , but in Indrops
3. Dulcinea
4. Over rootand Thorn
5. 1000 Sharols
6. All Out of Time , Into Space
7. Holy Tears

8. Firdous E Bareen
9. Garden Of Light


I fell asleep in a world dressed in grey
Only to awake in a garden divine
There was song and dance and untarnished flesh
A feast for the body and eyes
It was you who brought me here
Yours, whose face greeted me, in the garden of light
You are the face of God
You are my breath
My life, my death

The Tea Party : The Edges of Twilight 1995

Formed in Windsor , Ondario , Canada in 1990 by:
Jeff Martin
Stuart Chatwood
Jeff Burrows
Their style is between Hard Rock influences , New Progressive , Stoner riffs and straordinary melodic compositions .


1. The Tea Party 1991
2. Splender Solis 1993
3. The Edges of Twilight 1995
4. Alambra 1996
5. Transmission 1997
6. Tripych 1999
7. The Interzone Mantras 2001
8. Seven Circles 2004"Shadows On The Mountainside"


We are spirits passing through the doors of time
with an invitation heard before we find
shadows on the mountainside
eagles find the souls they hide

and the outcast child enchanted by the sun
will he seek his shelter never knowing one
shadows on the mountainside
eagles find the souls they hide

shadows on the mountainside
cover me with sleep
because I need it now

and the red rivers flow to seas
and she will return to me
and then all that i am is in her hands
and i will return to her and then
I begin


1. Fire in the head
2. The Bazaar
3. Correspondeces
4. The Badger
5. Silence
6. Sister Awake
7. Turn the lamp down low
8. Shadows on the Mountainside
9. Drowing down the Moon
10. Inanna
11. Coming Home
12. Walk with me

Size 150 MB
Bitrate 320

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Snakefinger : Manual of Errors 1982

Philip Charles Lithman (June 17, 1949 - July 1, 1987), who performed under the stage name Snakefinger, was an English musician, singer and songwriter. A multi-instrumentalist, he was best known for his guitar and violin work and his collaborations with The Residents.
In 1982 Lithman formed his backing band The Vestal Virgins with former Captain Beefheart sideman Eric Drew Feldman. Snakefinger and The Vestal Virgins released Manual of Errors on Ralph in 1982. This was followed by the blues cover album Snakefinger's History of the Blues: Live in Europe in 1984 and a new collection of largely original material in 1986 called Night of Desirable Objects.

Died July 1, 1987

Wiki Informations here

Snakefinger ( Guitar , Sing )
George B. George ( Bass , Sing )
Erick Drew Feldman ( Ketboards , Synthesizers )
Miguel Bertel ( Guitar , Sing )
Jonny B. Ryan ( Drums )


Side One

1. Yeti : What are you ?
2. Beatnik Party
3. The Garden Of Earthly Delights
4. You Sliced Up My Wife
5. I Followed George' s Dream

Side Two

1. Bring Back Reality
2. Shining Faces ( " I am Nino " )
3. Eva' s Warning
4. Private Universe / The Life of Nebulov

Size 90 MB
Format Vinyl LP
Label : Torso Records
Made in Amsterdam
Bitrate 320

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Anne Dudley and Jaz Coleman : Songs from the Victorious City 1990

Songs From The Victorious City is an album in the world music genre written by Anne Dudley and Jaz Coleman, recorded in Cairo and London.
ANNE DUDLEY was an original member of " THE ART OF NOISE "
She collaborated with TREVOR HORN , The ASSOCIATES , The PET SHOP BOYS , LLOYD COLE and The COMMOTIONS , and she wrote the music for the film " AMERICAN HISTORY X "

JAZ COLEMAN was the brain of the Punk - Industrial band " THE KILLING JOKE "

* Anne Dudley - Keyboards
* Jaz Coleman - Violin, Cobra pipe, flute
* Rada Bedaire - Nai
* Ibrahim Kowala - Kawala
* Fouad Rohin - Violin
* Amir Abd-el - KanunT
* Aboud Abdel Al - Violin
* Hossam Ramzy - Percussion
* Cheikh Taha - Accordion
* Gilbert Biberlain - Guitar
* Tareq Aakef - Conductor, Cairo Strings


1. The Awaking

 3. Minarets and Memories
4. Force and Fire
5. Habebe
6. Ziggarats of Cinnamon
7. Hannah
8. The Conqueror
9. A Survivor' s Tale
10. In a Timeless Place


Monday, February 23, 2009

Istanbul Oriental Ensemble : Sultan' s Secret Door 1997

Formed in Turkey in 1991 by multi-instrumentalist Burhan Ocal, the Istanbul Oriental Ensemble has kept to its original goal of recreating the feel and styles of specifically Turkish and Thracian gypsy music.
Burhan Ocal put together the Istanbul Oriental Ensemble with the cream of Turkey's Rom (gypsy) musicians -- Ferdi Nadaz (clarinet), Muzzafer Coskuner (oud), Sahin Sert (kanun), FethiTekyaygil (violin), and Ekrem Bagi (percussion).

Sultan's Secret Door is their second album , released in 1998.

Guests on track N0 9 : Musicians of the Greek band PROSECHOS ( The Lyrics are in the Greek
language )

BURHAN OCAL : Derbuka - Kos - Tanbur - Saz - Percussions
FERDI NADAZ : Clarinet - Zurna
FETHI TEKYAGIL : Keman ( Violin )
EKREM BAGI : Derbuka


1. Mahur Oriental
2. Nihavent Oriental
3. Nihavent Oyun Havasi
4. Roman II
5. Fasulye
6. Sultaniyegah Sirto
7. Roxelana
8. Eve Donus
9. Ke Jati Den Ma To Les - Ta Lefta / Indim Havuz Basina ( Και γιατι δεν μας το λες - Τα λεφτα )

Comment : The Track N0 2 is incredible . This is one of the greatest Ethnic Oriental songs ever .

Οταν ημουν 10 χρονων , στο Δημοτικο , οι επι Χουντας δασκαλοι μου με δηλητηριαζαν με μισος απεναντι στους γειτονες μας .
Μου διδαξαν εκδικηση , πολεμο και εχθρα .
Τωρα πια , οι δυο αθλιες κυβερνησεις , Ελλαδας και Τουρκιας , συνεχιζουν να παιζουν το ιδιο παιχνιδι της ξεφτιλας που μονο αυτοι ξερουν .
Ομως , πλεον , δεν ειμαι 10 χρονων και δε μασαω πια παλιοπουσταραδες !!!
Και δεν εχω τιποτα να χωρισω με την απεναντι οχθη .

Για τον Πλατωνα , που τον πηραν οι Αγγελοι δυο χρονια πριν . ( Σε νιωθω παντα διπλα μου .To ξερω οτι με βλεπεις . )

Size 168 ΜΒ
Bitrate 320

Download  here


Design by Αρκας

Paul Roland: Danse Macabre 1987

Paul Roland (born 1959 in Kent, England), ‘England’s psych-pop guru’, must surely qualify as unique amongst cult independent recording artists. Not only is his quintessentially English music alive with 19th century literary references and characters that would not be out of place in the pages of writers as Edgar Allan Poe, Peake, Charles Dickens, H.G. Wells or H.P. Lovecraft, but he is also a serious literary figure in his own right. His preoccupation with the supernatural takes an often whimsical slant in his lyrics. ( Wiki )


Three stone steps lead down into heaven,
Three stone steps to the Opium Den,
Ecstasy waits coiled like a snake,
Draw from the hookah and the serpent will awake.

In the palm of a young peer prostrate upon cushions
A phial of liquid-fluorescent solution,
Ecstasy waits coiled like a snake,
Draw from the hookah and the serpent will awake.

Caressing a carved pipe with long bony fingers,
Delerium blossoms in cool vivid colours,
Ecstasy waits coiled like a snake,
Draw from the hookah and the serpent will awake.


1. Buccaneers
2. Gabrielle
3. In the Opium den
4. Madam Guillotine
5. Matilda Mother ( Composed by Syd Barrett )
6. Requiem
7. Still falls the snow
8. The great Edwardian Air - Raid
9. The hanging Judge
10. Twilight of the Gods
11. Witchfinder

Bonus track
Witchfinder ( Original Version )

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Whale : Hobo Humpin Slobo Babe 1993 Single

Whale was a Swedish group in the 1990s that wrote songs in English. The group's members were

Henrik Schyffert, Cia Berg (more recently known as Cia Soro), and Gordon Cyrus. The band enjoyed much success, particularly in the European market. Their first single, 1993's "Hobo Humpin' Slobo Babe" achieved critical acclaim, heavy spins in the Euro dance club scene, saturation airplay on MTVand reached #24 on the Modern Rock Tracks chart.

Their debut album, We Care, failed to yield another hit like "Slobo Babe," and after opening for Blur on a North American tour, Cyrus left the band to form his own hip-hop record company. After a lengthy hiatus, new members Jorgen Wall (drums), Jon Jefferson Klingberg (second guitar), and Heikki Kiviaho (bass) joined in time to record their follow-up, 1998's All Disco Dance Must End in Broken Bones. Recorded in Chicago and London, the album was produced and engineered by Chris Potter (the Verve) and Brad Wood (Veruca Salt, Placebo). An extensive U.S. tour with Tricky followed soon after the album's release. ( Wiki )
1. Hobo Humpin Slobo Babe
2. Lips
3. Eye

Size 33 MB
Bitrate 320
Label : Warner Music Sweden AB
Year 1993
Made in Germany

Interstellar Overdrive : Surface b 2003

No need to fear . Enter into their cloudy labyrinth . Some roses are growning here , but they are full of thorns . Don't touch them ! You will bleed ! Smell them , but be careful . The innocence died years ago .
Syd Barrett is watching you up in Heaven , smoking with the angels .

Psychedelic New Progressive Rock
One of the best Greek bands of today.

More informations


1. Instrumental Idea #1
2. Pulse
3. Every Time
4. & Time Melting Me
5. Music For The Trees
6. Music For A Motion Picture
7. When Time' s Past
8. Breeze
9. Monster
10. The Feast
11. Pulse # 2 ( Tube Remix )

Size 116 MB
Bitrate 320
Format : CD
Label : Pegasus Records
Made in Greece

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and from here [flac or whatever] , thanks anonymous...

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Next Time Passions [2]

Next Time Passions

members :

Vassilis Pneymatikos-vocals.
Elias Papadopoulos-organ.
Makis Petratos-guitar.
Nikos Kalaskanis-guitar.
Yannis Dinos-bass, harmonica.

NTP formed in 1991. Initially the group started by Yannis (Bass guitar), Nikos (Lead Guitar), Elias (Keyboards) and Vasilis (vocals and guitar). Their influences mostly was several Indie - Pop bands of that time and especially those under Sarah Records like St. Christopher, Brighter, Another Sunny Day, and of course Field Mice. In 1992, Makis (Guitar) has joined the group and Vasilis was only he singer since then. After a couple of years when they mostly made live concerts along with other Greek Indie – Pop bands, they recorder “Angel Flower”, a 3 song mini EP that released under the label of “This Happy Feeling” a small independed record company. In the next years, many of their songs such as “Not Here Anymore”, “Feeling So Real”, “Sunday Sore”, “She”, are included in Pop compilations released from various labels around the globe.They used a drum machine.

discography :
* angel flower 7" ep ( this happy feeling 1993 )
* she, 25 bats - 2x1 split 7" with impossible tymes ( elefant 1994 )
* felling so real ( seek refuge from your intolerable situation compilation - garden of delights 1995 )
* untitled ( whirl-wheels compilation - shelflife 1996 )
* sunday sore , feeling so real ( pop secrets compilation - voice 1997 )
* she ( mix ) ( noise compilation - noise 1998 )
* not here any more , sunday sore ( try a little sunshine compilation - pop art 1999 )

For Angel Flower, see that post...
Today, i like to give you some more...

In this file TAKE IT HERE  you'll find :

Sunday Sore & Today [used to be their second
single - fell 06 - but never released],
She's [Mix]
Silent Days Of June & Traveling In Time
[from a sound-check]
and Untitled.

Πολύ καιρό τώρα είχα σκοπό να κάνω αυτό το post, επιτέλους τα κατάφερα...
Λένε οι ίδιοι - σε συνέντευξη τους στο φαvζίν The Thing τεύχος 4 1/2, Δεκέμβρης 1992 . Για την demo κασέτα :"τις ηχογραφήσαμε μόνοι μας μια -μια και είπαμε βέβαια ότι δεν πρέπει να στεκόμαστε στην ποιότητα του ήχου αντί στον ίδιο τον ήχο"
Για τον ήχο και το κοινό : " Ήμαστε ανοιχτοί σ’ οτιδήποτε ήχο και οι ίδιοι έχουμε φοβερά ποικίλα ακούσματα και όπως δε θέλουμε να κριθούμε απ' όσους έχουν τις δήθεν "σκληρές" παρωπίδες και μας απορρίπτουν λόγω ιδεολογίας - έτσι δε θέλουμε και τ' άλλο άκρο που ακούει pop και τρελαίνεται. Αυτοί που πραγματικά μετράνε, που τους θέλουμε να μας κρίνουν, είναι το ουδέτερο κοινό, που ψάχνει, ασχολείται, ζητά ποιότητα άσχετα απ' το που προέρχεται, όχι στα άκρα". Για το ραδιόφωνο : Το ραδιόφωνο, "Δεν το’ χουμε πλησιάσει. Ήδη είπαμε ότι το κοινό είναι φανατισμένο οπότε δεν έχουμε θέση σε εκπομπή με Ελληνικά ανεξάρτητα και όσο για εκπομπές με Βρετανικό ήχο, ξέρεις πολλές τέτοιες".

Ακούγοντας τα τραγούδια τους πάλι τις τελευταίες μέρες , νιώθω παράξενα.
Μια μπάντα που θα μπορούσε να κάνει σχολή,
-ή μήπως έκανε τελικά?- , με ποιότητα και όραμα και αγάπη για αυτό που έκαναν , να μην πάρει ότι πραγματικά της άξιζε?
Γιατί ζούμε στην Ελλάδα ? Γιατί δεν εκτιμούμε σαν ακροατές και φαν αυτούς που πραγματικά αξίζουν? Βλέπουμε τα δικά μας συγκροτήματα με παρωπίδες ? Θεωρούμε ότι οι ξένοι είναι καλύτεροι από εμάς? Και οι εταιρείες τι ρόλο βαράνε ? Βλέπουνε ? Ακούνε ? Και οι άλλοι οι ξένοι πως γίνεται να τρελαίνονται για αυτόν τον ήχο και να ζητάνε τα κομμάτια τους ? Εντάξει σήμερα τα πράγματα δείχνουν να είναι λίγο καλύτερα, και όπως έλεγα σε άλλο προηγούμενο post : Η ιστορία είτε θέλουμε είτε όχι έγραψε...
Πίστη είπαμε και πάθος...

1 This Happy Feeling
2 Myspace
3 tribe4mian
4 shelflife

Υ.Γ. Για να μην γίνομαι κακός με όλους , η μόνη εταιρεία που ενδιαφέρθηκε για την This Happy Feeling ήταν η Wipe Out , η οποία ανέλαβε και την διανομή των singles . Ακόμα και σήμερα, στο mail order της Wipe Out βρίσκετε αν θέλετε ένα - δύο singles της This Happy Feeling.
Όσοι πιστοί...

Rockin Bones : Attitude / Mary Jane 7" Single 1997

. . Rockin'Bones are Babi Bone (guitar-vocals),Nick Cage (bass-vocals), S.Pyros D.(drums, vocals) and Fuzzy (ex Personality Crisis) on guitar. Babi and S.Pyros D. also perform with another importan Greek group, The Earthbound. Surely these guys don't know what fatigue means. They formed the band in 1992 and till now, they have been an unstoppable R'n'R machine, specializing in R'n'R noise. In 1994 they released a 7'' e.p. " Psychomama" and 3 years later a 7'' single "Mary Jane". Some of their songs are on several Greek independent labels compilation. Influences range from 50's r'n'r bands, The Ramones, Social Distortion, The Last Drive (the most legendary Greek r'n'r band ever!) to Rancid and Hellacopters with an upretending lust for tattoos and velocity. Their first album "On Fire" was released in Vinylust Records (2001). The fans have waited for ages but it was worthwhile. On Fire contains 13 R'N'R dynamites ready to exlpode your cd player!!! A new 7" single is out now since last October (Broke)from Blind Bastard Records. The band is now rehearsing for some upcomming - surprise gigs !!! In early 2008, Fuzzy (ex Personality Crisis guitarist) joined the band and Adonis now performs with his swingjazzy group the Swing Shoes.

My Space

Size 28 MB
Label : Bad Elvis Records
Year 1997
Made in Greece
Format : Vinyl 7" Single
Bitrate 320

1. Attitude
2. Mary Jane
Bonus trakx
3. I' m going through changes
4. La La La


Psycho Mama

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Charles Manson : Lie 1968

The Love and the Terror Cult

In 1968, Phil Kaufman, who had met Manson in prison, moved in briefly with Manson and his "Family". Kaufman continually urged Manson to record some of his (Manson's) songs.

Below is the story of one of the most infamous serial killers in United States history...Charles Manson and his followers.

The first five murders, later to be called the "Tate" murders, occurred in a house high above the city of Los Angeles. One victim (Steven Parent) was found in his car outside the house and he had been shot four times and stabbed once. Another two victims (Abigail Folger) and (Voytek Frykowski) were found on the back lawn of the Tate estate. Coroner's reports would later indicate that Abigail had been stabbed twenty-eight times and Voytek was shot twice, struck over the head thirteen times and stabbed fifty-one times. The remaining two bodies (Sharon Tate) and (Jay Sebring) were found inside the house tied together by a rope around their necks, which was hung over a rafter in the ceiling. Sharon, who was eight months pregnant at the time, had died from multiple stab wounds to the chest and back, totaling sixteen. Jay, who was found with Sharon, had been stabbed seven times and shot once. He died of exsanguination, which is bleeding to death and neither of the victims had actually died from hanging

The next two victims, in what would become known as the "LaBianca" murders, were found in a home in the Los Feliz section of Los Angeles. (Leno and Rosemary LaBianca) were found stabbed to death in their home. Leno had been stabbed multiple times and a knife and fork were found protruding from his body and Rosemary had been stabbed forty-one times.

This LP represent recordings made by Charles Manson Prior the TATE-LABIANCA Murders .

Side A
1. Look your game girl
2. Ego
3. Mechanical man
4. People say I' m no good
5. Home is where you' re happy

6. Arkansas
7. I' ll never say never to always

Side B
1. Garbage dump
2. Don' t do anything illegal
3. Sick city
4. Cease to exist
5. Big iron door
6. I once knew a man
7. Eyes of a dreamer

Produced by Phil 12258cal..
Thanx ...
Larry D.H
Fast Eddie from Toluca

Sunshine Al
M.A True
All the family
Bill V ... Call
Yeller ... Call
Format : Vinyl LP
Made in Canada



When I get to the bottom
I go back to the top of the slide
Where I stop and turn
and I go for a ride
Till I get to the bottom and I see you again
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Do you don't you want me to love you
I'm coming down fast but I'm miles above you
Tell me tell me come on tell me the answer
and you may be a lover but you ain't no dancer

Go helter skelter
helter skelter
helter skelter
Yeah, hu, hu
I will you won't you want me to make you
I'm coming down fast but don't let me break you
Tell me tell me tell me the answer
You may be a lover but you ain't no dancer

Look out
Helter skelter
Look out cause here she comes

When I get to the bottom
I go back to the top of the slide
Where I stop and turn
and I go for a ride
Till I get to the bottom and I see you again
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Well will you won't you want me to make you
I'm coming down fast but don't let me break you
Tell me tell me tell me the answer
You may be a lover but you ain't no dancer

Look out
Helter skelter

Helter Skelter
She's coming down fast
Yes she is
Yes she is
coming down fast

Thanks ρε παλιοαλητη !

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VA - Graffiti

Va : Graffiti
Virgin Greece

Μια συλλογή της Ελληνικής Virgin
σε συνεργασία με την στήλη "Graffiti"
του περιοδικού ''Ποπ + Ροκ" με κομμάτια δυσεύρετα την εποχή εκείνη , δεύτερες πλευρές από singles και διαφορετικά mix.
Η επιλογή και τα σχόλια ανήκουν στον Αντώνη Βιλλιώτη.

Side A'
01. These boots are made for walking [Sleepwalking Mix] - Barry Adamson & Anita Lane
02. Knowing me, knowing you - Danny Wilson [B' side 12'']
03. Jezebel - Luxuria
04. She's a rainbow - World Of Twist [B' side]
05. Black Betty - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds [cd only track]
Side B'
06. I've been waiting for you - Pixies [12'' Velouria B' Side]
07. Bedsitter - Carter USM [B' Side Bloodsport For All]
08. Hey hey Helen - Lush
09. Hey bulldog - That Petrol Emotion
10. The hurdy gurdy man - Butthole Surfers
11. Ella Guru - XTC
12. Mama told me not to come - Wolfgang Press
Mp3 @ 160 Size 50MB
Take it

Greek compilation only from Antonis Villiotis, Pop & Rock Magazine writer, Graffiti was a collection of hard to find tracks and b' sides those days in Greece.

Σκέψεις [6]

*White Bird*
Από τους It's A Beautiful Day... 1969, σχεδόν 40 χρόνια πίσω...
Ο δίσκος μάλλον βρίσκεται στην Θεσσαλονίκη, παρέα - καλή - στον ιδιοκτήτη του, ο δικός μου δίσκος πουλήθηκε σε στιγμή αδυναμίας πολλά χρόνια πριν... Ξέρω ακόμα σε ποιο ράφι κρύβεται περιμένοντας την στιγμή να φανεί φωτεινός... Χρόνια τώρα είναι γραμμένος σε cd μαζί με το "Choice Quality Stuff/Anytime" το τρίτο τους LP, δύο σε ένα να μου θυμίζει Δαμωδό και ραδιόφωνο και τις καμπάνες που χτυπούσαν στην ώρα τους , το "Ηχοστερεόγραμμα" και την "Ροκ Ανθολογία"...
Παίζει τώρα στο cd player μετά από πολύ καιρό, ξαναγυρίζω πάλι στο track 1...
White bird,
in a golden cage,
on a winter's day,
in the rain.
White bird,
in a golden cage,
The leaves blow,
Across the long black road.
To the darkened skies,
in its rage
But the white bird just sits in her cage,
White bird must fly
Or she will die
White bird,
dreams of the aspen trees,
with their dying leaves,
turning gold.
But the white bird just sits in her cage,
growing old.
White bird must fly or she will die.
The sunsets come, the sunsets go.
The clouds roll by,and the earth turns old.
And the young bird's eyes do always glow.
She must fly, She must fly, She must fly.
White bird,
In a golden cage,
On a winter's day, in the rain.
White bird,
In a golden cage alone.
White bird must fly or she will die.
White bird must fly or she will die.

Μια παραγγελιά που περιμένει να ακουστεί, ένα τραγούδι που υμνεί την ελευθερία,την ανύψωση... Πρέπει να ξαναπαίξει για σένα που το ζήτησες , ποιος ξέρει τι να σου θυμίζει άραγε ?
Επικό ? Επιδέξιο ? Επιχείρημα ? Έρωτα ? Εκτίμηση ?

*Girl With No Eyes*
Γράφοντας έφτασα σε αυτό το τραγούδι [ναι αργά γράφω], μόλις χθες προσπαθούσα να θυμηθώ τραγούδια που περιγράφουν μάτια , και θυμήθηκα και αυτό...
There's a girl in my room and her face on the wall with no eyes.
There's a girl in my room and her face on the wall with no eyes.
Girl with no eyes,
who can she be?
Girl with no eyes,
she's looking at me.
There's a girl in my room and her face on the wall with no eyes.
If I make a sound she'll know that I'm stirring inside.
If I make a sound she'll know that I'm trying to hide.
Girl with no eyes,
who can she be?
Girl with no eyes,
she's looking at me.
Beautiful girl,
who does she see?
Beautiful girl,
she seems to be staring.
Doesn't everybody know, everybody know,
love takes a lifetime.
And doesn't everybody know, everybody know,
love is the eye sight,
it's the eye sight of a lifetime.
She's just a reflection of all of the time that's gone by.
She's just a reflection of all of the time I've been high.
Girl with no eyes,
who can she be?
Girl with no eyes,
she's looking at me.
Beautiful girl,
who does she see?
Beautiful girl,
she seems to be staring.
Doesn't everybody know, everybody know,
love takes a lifetime.
And doesn't everybody know, everybody know,
love is the eye sight,
it's the eye sight of a lifetime.

Τώρα έτυχε; πέτυχε; τι να πω; Παράξενα που έρχονται τα πράγματα καμιά φορά και σε ακουμπούν και σου θυμίζουν όνειρα και πίνακες ζωγραφικής και σύννεφα πάνω στα κύματα και σκέψεις που ψιθυρίστηκαν αλλά ακούστηκαν και κατανοήθηκαν, λυτρώθηκαν.
Ζωντάνια ? Ζέστη ? Ζάλη ? Ζωγραφιά ? Ζωή ?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Aναδρομη στη δεκαετια του 70

Δεν εχω να κανω σχολια για αυτο το αλμπουμ . Δεκαετια 70 . Χουντα . Το Rock ηταν σα μια αρρωστια , για την κυβερνηση των φασιστομουτρων , που επρεπε να χτυπηθει στη ριζα της . Μιλαμε για πολυ ξυλο ! 1974 . Εξαρχεια . Εγω , με αλλους πειρατες των Ερτζιανων κυματων , Τον Κωστα τον " TOMMY " , το Γιωργο τον " TRIP " , τον Παναγιωτη τον " TΣΑΡΛΥ " , το Νικο " Ζ 13 " και το Γιωργο τον " Gallagher " . Ενας σκατομπατσος τραβηξε το σκουλαρικι απο το αυτι του " TRIP ", μαζι με το αυτι του . Φρικη !!!
Mετα , στο τμημα , μας ρωταγαν αν ειμαστε πουστηδες , επειδη φορουσαμε σκουλαρικια .

Για τα παιδιά που ρωτάνε  , εγώ ήμουν ο " Black Spider " στα Μεσσαία .
Μεσσαία κύμματα και τα μυαλά στα Κάγκελα
Κάποια στιγμή με δέσανε κιόλας.
Εξι μήνες με τριετή Αναστολή .
Πάρα πολύ Ωραία !!!

( Για να γινετε κομματια )
1. The Sounds : Παραξενο ταξιδι
2. Σταυρος Λογαριδης : Ο Παν
3. The Daltons : Ο τρελλος ( ΚΟΜΜΑΤΑΡΑ με φλαουτα που γαμανε )
4. Ηρακλης και D N A : Τα ιδια ονειρα
5. The Jacksons : Κυταξε εκει ψηλα ( Oταν μεσσουρανουσε ο Καλατζης , ο Παπαριος και ο Νταλαρας αυτοι βαραγανε Γκαραζοψυχεδελια )
6. Sunset : Ψεμματα παιδικα
7. Σωτηρης Κοματσιουλης : Σαν τον ανεμο
8. Αγαπανθος : Η μπαλλαντα της Ελενης
9. Gazuana Sinchartchas : Ανυψωση - Αποτιναξη - Εκφυγη
10.The Faces : Πλαστικη εποχη

Πλαστικη Εποχη ( The Faces )
 Τα είπαν όλα οι The Faces τη δεκαετεία του 70
Ποιός κατάλαβε όμως ?

Αν μπορούσα να σου δώσω τη Γη
όπως σου δίνω το κάθε φιλί
θα σε φιλούσα ως το πρωί
το σύμπαν να΄χεις αγκαλιά το πρωί

Αν ζούσα στη λίθηνη εποχή
θα σκάλιζα στην πέτρα μιά ευχή
μα τώρα η εποχή είναι πλαστική
και οι άνθρωποι ελλαστικοί

Το σημερα δε μοιαζει με το χθες
το προσωπο το αλλαζεις οπως θες .
Τα λογια που γλυκα μου λες
θα μοιαζουν αυριο με απειλες .
Και το φεγγαρι μη το ρωτας
με δυο σημαιες μεσ ' την καρδια
γεματο σκονη και σιωπη
τι Θα σου πει ? Τι Θα σου πει ?

O Τρελλος ( The Daltons )

Φορουσε ασπρο τρυπιο παντελλονι
γραβατα ροζ και πρασσινο σκουφι
τη μερα χορευε και τραγουδουσε
τρελλο τον φωναζαν και απορουσε

Σ' ενα υγρο δωματιο καθε βραδυ
με το φεγγαρι απανω συντροφια
και σαν τον βλεπανε που του μιλουσε
τρελλο τον φωναζαν και απορουσε

Στον κοσμο τωρα χρονια μοναχος του
κανεις δε μιλαγε για συγγενεις
το φως και τα λουλουδια αγαπουσε
τρελλο τον φωναζαν και απορουσε

( Ωραιες οι νεες μπαντες , δε λεω !!!
Σενιο !!! Κeep on Rockin' Μαγκες . Για να μενουμε Ελευθεροι .
...Αλλα , αυτο το χαος συναισθηματων του συγκεκριμενου κομματιου
πως ειναι δυνατον να αναμετρηθει με την ψυχρα των PC και το μουσικο ηλεκτρονικο βιασμο απο τα διαφορα μπιμπλικια " βαμπιρ " που εχουν καταντησει τις συγχρονες παραγωγες , ενα ΣΟΥΠΕΡ - ΜΑΡΚΕΤ αγορας και πωλησης της ψυχης των δημιουργων ?
Ευτυχως που εκει εξω , υπαρχουν ακομα μπαντες
που εχουν τσαγανο !!! )
Τα κομματια αυτα κυκλοφορησαν μοναχα σε Σαρανταπενταρια .
Τους τιτλους τους εχω γραψει οπως κυκλοφορησαν , με τη γραμματικη του 70 .


James and Brian Eno: Wah Wah 1993

23 compositions written by James and Brian Eno , recorded at Real World during " The Laid Sessions "

1993 . Improvisations are almost always the seeds for James' songs . The music is always on the edge of breakdown , held together by taut threads , semi-formed , evolving , full of beautifull , unrepeatable collisions and exotic collusions .
Level changes in near-total darkness , leaving us to wander round our new landscapes .

This is a great album !!!



There's a Malayan stripper of sex unknown
Some Siamese twins from a broken home
Maria's party, what a show going down
Maria loves her life, but she'll show you how
There's a strong man tearing himself into pieces
A magician who will spin you on the end of his spinderly fingers
There's a show going on
Maria loves her life, she'll show you how, how, how

There's a high wire act on the telephone wire
And another Buddhist monk has set himself on fire
There's a fakir outside being buried alive
Maria's mad aunt has yet to arrive
A dahlia that dances, and a frog with wings,
A bear in a tutu that just loves to sing, karaoke

Maria loves her life, and that's all, and that's all, and that's all.

You will love her forever when the scene hits your town

You will love her forever
You will all love her forever
Maria's Party
And that's all.



I see you falling
How long to go before you hit the ground
You keep on screaming
Don't you see me here
Am I a ghost to you

Now your grip's too strong
Can't catch love with a net or a gun
Gotta keep faith that your path will change
Gotta keep faith that your luck will change tomorrow

Why are you phoning
What am I to do when you're miles away
You're always calling from the darkest moods and we're both scared

Now your grip's too strong
Can't catch love with a net or a gun
Gotta keep faith that your path will change
Gotta keep faith that your love will change

I'm just out of your range
All your suffering's in vain

Now your grip's too strong
Can't catch love with a net or a gun
Gotta keep faith that your path will change
Gotta keep faith that your love will change tomorrow

I got out of your range
All your suffering seems vain
Change tomorrow
Some forgiveness now
Love's no sacred cow


Vinyl One

1. a) Hammer strings
b) Pressure' s on
2. Jam J
3. Frequency dip
4. Lay the law
5. Burn the cat
6. Maria
7. a)Low clouds
b)Building a fire
8. a)Gospel Oak

Vinyl Two
1. I say something
2. Rhythmi dreams
3. Dead man
4. Rain wistling
5. a)Bottom of the well
b)Honest Joe
6. Arabic agony
7. Tommorrow
8. Laughter
9. Sayonara

Size 156 MB
Format : Vinyl Double LP
Made in London - England
Label : Fontana - Phonogram
Bitrate 320
MP3 from Vinyl LP Download

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Μητερα Γη ακουσε με
Μητερα Γη αγγιξε με
Μητερα Γη γεννησε με
Μητερα Γη δεξου με

Τυμπανα τυψης ηχουν για σενα
θαψε σε χωματινο κορμι
τα λαθη που ενταφιαζουν εμενα ,
κανε ολοδροση πηγη
οραματα σακατεμενα .
Φιλεψε λεξεις και καρδιες
ζυγισε λογο και ψυχη
τιμωρισε εμενα .

Μητερα Γη νιωσε με
Μητερα Γη αν ποθεις λιωσε με
Μητερα Γη βασανισε με
Μητερα Γη συγχωρεσε με .

Με συρματοπλεγμα σου πλεξαμε στεφανι
με κυβερνησεις σου καρφωσαμε πλεκτανη .

Μητερα Γη ακουσε με
Μητερα Γη συγχωρεσε με .

Μητερα Γη μη με προδωσεις
Μητερα Γη αφετηρια
Μητερα Γη μη με σκοτωσεις
Μητερα Γη μια ευκαιρια .

Μητερα Γη μην εκδικηθεις την πλεονακτικοτητα μου προβαλλοντας σα δεδομενο την αυτοκαταστροφη μου .
Μητερα Γη , παραφουσκωμενη εγκυος απο μουχλιασμενες υποσχεσεις
Ζεις φωτιες ανθρωπινης ικανοποιησης
Ζεις φωτιες ανθρωπινης ανικανοτητας
Ζεις φωτιες Θεικης ικανοποιησης
Ζεις φωτιες Θεικης ανικανοτητας .

Μητερα Γη . Ποσα και ποσα παιδια βυθιζουν την κραυγη τους στην ηχω του ονοματος σου χωρις να μπορουν να αναπνευσουν ? Δωσε μας Ζωη τη στιγμη που στη στερουμε . Ειναι εγωιστικο . Το ξερω ! Χαραξε αν θελεις τις φλεβες μας με ασημενιο μισοφεγγαρο , χαρισε μας αρρωστιες που σκοτωνουν γρηγορα , σκεπασε τα ρουθουνια μας με τοξικες ατμοσφαιρες , θρεψε τα παιδια μας με τα δηλητηρια που δημιουργησαμε , ζωσε μας με τα τυμπανα της ταχυπαλμιας σου .

Μητερα Γη καταλαβαινω
Μητερα Γη θα μου λειψεις
Μητερα Γη δεν προλαβαινω
Μητερα Γη μη με αφησεις .

Μητερα Γη κοιτα με
Μητερα Γη σκεπασε με
Μητερα Γη θανατωσε με
Μητερα Γη απελευθερωσε με .

Μητερα Γη θα ζησω μαζι σου
Μητερα Γη στον κορφο της ζωης κρυμενη
Μητερα Γη στο απειρο χαμενη
απο το χαρτη του Θεου σβησμενη
Μητερα Γη στον πονο μιας πνοης θαμμενη
Μητερα Γη στο αιμα βαμμενη
με τοσους ψευτικους ναους πρησμενη .
Μητερα Γη στο συμπαν μια αγκαλια σκουπιδια .
Μητερα Γη Θεου ντροπη
που λογους γνεθεις μυριους
Μητερα Γη αγνωστη τροπη
φωλια ανθρωπινου κυρους .

Μητερα Γη συγχωρεσε με
Μητερα Γη ακουσε με
Μητερα Γη δεξου με
Μητερα Γη γεννησε με .

Μητερα Γη
σε ποναω .
Μητερα Γη
μ' αγαπας ?
Μητερα Γη
με πονας ?
Μητερα Γη
σ' αγαπαω .

Αποσπασμα απο το αδημοσιευτο διηγημα " Το Ταξιδι "
By Kostas
Design by Rene Garcia Canizares e Reiser

Aφιερωμενο στο Φρεντυ , τον Λωρενς και στα παιδια που δουλευουν στο Μητσο .
Στην Αναστασια και την Χριστινα .

Aβατον : Κοσμον 2001

New music from the Archaic Greek Era

The course of the group in Greece as well as abroad is significant, beginning from their performance in the Athens Concert Hall, as well their appearance in the Italian Festival of Alternative Music and Contemporary Musical Trends, TIME ZONES, in October 1997, and the International SFINX Festival in Belgium, in the summer of 1998.
In Greece simultaneously with the groups tour, their participation in the performance "Angel Wings" at the Ancient Theatre of Delphi, was very impressive and welcomed by the critics.
In the summer of 1999 they wrote the musical scores for the theatrical performance "Andromaxi" by Euripides that was performed on tour all over Greece and at the Herodio Theatre. On November of the same year they composed the music and were actively involved in the musical "Adam and Halima" that was performed at the National Lyrical Theatre.
In 2001 they released their fourth album "Kosmon", featuring renowned Egyptian singer Natacha Atlas, under the label of E—TERRA MUSIC PRODUCTIONS.

1. Γενεσις Genesis
2. Κοσμον Kosmon
3. Γαια Gaia
4. Ελξη Attraction
5. Ληδα Lida
6. Σπονδη Mystic dedication to the Gods
7. Γερανος Geranos , Crane
8. Πανδωρα Pandora
9. Υδωρ και αηρ Water & Air
10.Εξοδος Exit

Size 158 ΜΒ
Bitrate 320

Many thanks to my friend Antonis Garinis
(Drummer of Spiridoula, Dionissis Savvopoulos, Mikis Theodorakis, Trihordo) who gave me this album . Να' σαι καλα ρε αδερφε , να βρισκωμαστε στο συνοικιακο σουβλατζιδικο του Χαλανδριου και να ρουχλιαζουμε με μπιρες . Ξερεις εσυ !!!

Natacha Atlas & Marc Eagleton Project, The - Foretold In The Language Of Dreams
Label: Soyuz Music, Soyuz Music
Country: Russia
Released: 2004
In this album
are in the tracks 6 & 9

Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers : L . A . Mother Fuckers . The lost ' 77 Mixes

Johnny Thunders, born John Anthony Genzale, Jr. (July 15, 1952 - April 23, 1991), was an Italian American rock and roll/punk rock guitarist, singer and songwriter.

Though he disapproved of the term "punk rock", Thunders is widely recognized as a foundational influence on the genre, particularly for his penetrating guitar sound. listed him as one of "Punk Rock's 10 Mightiest Guitar Gods".

He came to prominence in the early '70s as a member of the New York Dolls, and afterwards became a familiar figure in the New York punk scene, both with The Heartbreakers and as a solo artist.

Thunders struggled with drug and alcohol addiction and died under mysterious circumstances.


1. Born to lose
2. Baby talk
3. All by myself
4. I wanna be loved
5. It' s not enough
6. Chinese rocks
7. Get off the phone
8. Pirate love
9. One track mind
10.I love you
11.Goin' steady
12.Let go
13.Can't keep my eyes on you
14.Do you love me

Size 95 MB
Bitrate 320

Monday, February 09, 2009

VA - Chicago Breakdown

The Takoma
Blues Series (1980)

Various Artists
Chicago Breakdown

Side A’

Hesitatin' Blues - Little Brother Montgomery
Minglewood Town - John Lee Granderson
Chicago Breakdown - Dr. Isaiah Ross
I Feel So Worried - Big Joe Williams
V-8 Ford Blues - James Cotton
Cryin' Won't Make Me Stay - Maxwell Street Jimmy
Side B’
Michigan Water Blues - Little Brother Montgomery
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl - John Lee Granderson
Hobo Blues - Dr. Isaiah Ross
Stack O' Dollars - Big Joe Williams
Polly Put The Kettle On - James Cotton
Five Long Years - Eddie Boyd

Label : Takoma Rec.
Catalog#: TAK 502
Format: Vinyl, Album , 12"
Country: Greece
Released: 1980 ?
Genre: Blues
Mp3@320 & Covers

Take me Here

Chicago Breakdown is a collection of blues recordings made in Chicago in the early 1960’s by Norman Dayron. It was recorded, for the most part, in the apartments or basements of the artists, but sometimes the recordings were made in small clubs on the South Side or the West Side. The feeling of the various sessions was always easy and natural. There was no sense of formality or self-importance. Only the sense of musicians and their friends trying to please each other. As such, these recordings are unusual and very personal. They are also fine examples of the work of traditional blues artists who lived in Chicago at a time when electric band blues was the predominant sound of the city.

**PS** i found the covers here , sorry i have a problem with my scanner...