Monday, December 31, 2012

Santa F-ck off !

Dear Santa : Bring me please all our Politicians Dead , Hung them  all  .

Thank you .

Monday, December 24, 2012

VA - A Christmas Record

We wish you Happy Christmas

 A Christmas Record is an LP originally released in 1981 by ZE Records. It was recorded by various musicians from that label's roster, including Was (Not Was), August Darnell, Material, Suicide, Cristina, and The Waitresses, all performing original seasonal songs. The album was reissued in 1982, as a "Special Edition", with a revised track listing. In 2004, a further revised version was issued on CD, as ZE Xmas Record Reloaded 2004.

By 1981, ZE Records, a New York-based record label established by Michael Zilkha and Michel Esteban, had achieved some commercial success and a growing critical reputation. For the 2004 reissue of the album, Esteban gave the following background explanation in his liner notes:

"Christmas albums are a tradition as old as Rock & Roll itself but I have always thought that principles of Christmas: family, the tree, gifts, peace in the world, etc. were slightly contradictory to a certain vision of Rock & Roll. I found it hard to imagine John Cale and Lou Reed sitting around a Christmas tree exchanging gifts with Nico and tucking into a turkey dinner, the same goes for the members of The Stooges or MC5... Only the painter Guy Peellaert could have imagined such a scene. And yet my teenage heroes all took part in the Christmas song tradition: Phil Spector, Brian Wilson, Elvis. Berry Gordy got the whole Tamla Motown group at it, even James Brown, who wins the prize for the kitschiest sleeve, got in on the action. All of them made an album of Christmas songs, some better than others! In 1981 and 1982 ZE Records published its own Christmas album under the supervision of Michael Zilkha. All the American artists on ZE answered the call and came up with a Christmas track...."
Revised 1982 "Special Edition" LP
For the revised 1982 version of the album, released as Island ILPS 7022, the tracks by Alan Vega and Charlelie Couture were replaced by tracks by The Three Courgettes – a British band featuring singer Barb Jungr, who recorded the song in London – and James White (later known as James Chance). The James White track has been described as a "droll, blasphemous, nearly tuneless piece of skronk".
(info from wiki)

Various – A Christmas Record   (discogs) 
Label: ZE Records – Island Records 14C 062-65012
Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation
Country: Greece
Released: 1982
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: New Wave, Electro, Synth-pop, Disco

A1 Cristina – Things Fall Apart (New Improved Lyrics)
A2 Suicide – Hey Lord
A3 Three Courgettes – Christmas Is Coming
A4 James White – Christmas With Satan
B1 Waitresses, The – Christmas Wrapping
B2 August Darnell – Christmas On Riverside Drive
B3 Material with Nona Hendryx – It's A Holiday
B4 Was (Not Was) – Christmas Time In The Motor City
B5 Davitt Sigerson – It's A Big Country

Listen  here  (mp3)

Lots Of Wishes

Painting by: Kelly Kantanoleon

Lots of elvish wishes to all the elves,the hobbits, the fairies,and the humans of the universe!

(Υ.Γ.: Το έργο αυτό είναι χαρισμένο με πολλή  αγάπη  στον Κωστάκη και είναι κρεμασμένο στο σαλόνι του και το βλέπει κάθε μέρα καθώς παίρνει το απογευματινό του Λέμπας με την  Galadriel).

Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry X-Μas 2012

Give a gift to one you love

Free : Fire and Water : 26 June 1970 / Remastered 2001

Pure and unadulterated , "Free" emerged as keepers of the flickering flame of the British Blues in a quartet of a beautiful balance . Paul Rodgers's huskily yearning vocals , clothes courtesy of the small ads in Melody Maker .

Paul Kossoff streching his timeless guitar licks with his Les Paul's sustain , teenage Andy Fraser's mile-wide bass , rock-steady Simon Kirke 4/4'ing the whole together .
Their manifesto was nowhere better proclaimed than on "All Right Now" .

Alexis Korner has suggested that they call themselves Free after his own Blues trio "Free At Last" , and seemingly erupting out of nowhere , they found themselves up amongst the headline acts at the Isle of Wight Pop Festival of 1970 .

Yet they were never able to build completely on that success , not least through trying to keep Paul Kossoff's drug addiction under control .

1973's "Wishing Well", Free's final single , was a heartfelt plea from Rodgers to Kossoff - he failed to heed the song's message , and was dead within three years .

"Fire and Water" is the third studio album and became the band's breakthrough hit , reaching #2 in the UK charts and #17 in the US , making it the most successful Free album.

Rodgers formed his next band , "Bad Company", founded in 1973 , with Mick Ralphs, former guitarist of "Mott the Hoople". Rodgers said: "Mick and I were trying to come up with names for the band . When I called him and said 'Bad Company', he dropped the phone."

"Bad Company" toured successfully from 1973 to 1982, and had several hits .

Label : Universal Island Records – UICY-9132
Format : CD, Reissue, Remastered
Made in : EU
Released :  2001
Genre : Rock
Style : Classic Rock


1. Fire And Water        
2. Oh I Wept        
3. Remember        
4. Heavy Load        
5. Mr. Big 
6. Don't Say You Love Me        
7. All Right Now (Additional Recordings)
8. Oh I Wept (Alternate Vocal Take)        
9. Fire And Water (New Stereo Mix)        
10.Fire And Water (BBC Session)
11.All Right Now (BBC Session)
12.All Right Now (Single Version)        
13.All Right Now (First Version)

Flac   Size :350 MB

Sunday, December 16, 2012

VA - Audio CD 1

Ποιος  θυμάται το περιοδικό ''Audio'';
Ακούγοντας το νέο EP των Sugar Factory (σημ; εδώ) -να το ακούσετε οπωσδήποτε- έφτασα και στο μπλοκ τους όπου και βρήκα μια ανάρτηση αφιερωμένη στο περιοδικό Audio - διαβάστε την εδώ - και έτσι ξανάρθε στο μυαλό μου το περιοδικό...
Ξεκίνησε τον Οκτώβριο του 1994, στην τιμή των 1500 δρ.με ύλη κυρίως για το hi-fi αλλά και την μουσική, κάτι σαν αντίπαλο δέος στον ''Ήχο'' της εποχής. Η διαφορά του; Σου έδινε την δυνατότητα να ακούσεις σε ένα cd επιλεγμένα κομμάτια από τους δίσκους που  παρουσίαζε σε κάθε του τεύχος σε συνεργασία με τις αντίστοιχες εταιρίες. Την επιλογή των κομματιών είχε ο Αργύρης Ζήλος.
Περιττό να πω ότι ήταν η πρώτη φορά που εκδόθηκε premium cd μαζί με περιοδικό.(ή μήπως ήταν το Jazz &Τζαζ και δεν θυμάμαι καλά;)
Οι άλλοι ακολούθησαν μετά, με τα γνωστά αποτελέσματα...
Οι επιλογές του περιοδικού ήταν πολύ καλές, οπότε με 1500 δραχμούλες τον μήνα είχες ένα όμορφο cd με κομματάρες από την ανεξάρτητη σκηνή. Και τι δεν μάθαμε από αυτά, και τι δεν ακούσαμε...
Και να σημειώσω την προσπάθεια προβολής και της Ελληνικής σκηνής, έφτασε μάλιστα να κυκλοφορήσει cd αμιγώς Ελληνικό το 18 αν θυμάμαι καλά.

Για τους νοσταλγούς του Audio σας παρουσιάζουμε σήμερα το πρώτο cd της συλλογής. Κομματάρες όλα.

Περιεχόμενα :

Various – Audio CD  [Discogs]
Label: Audio (Magazine) – Audio CD-1
Format: CD, Compilation
Country: Greece
Released: Oct 1994
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock, Funk / Soul
Style: Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, Hard Rock, Punk, Psychedelic Rock, Garage Rock, Tribal, Leftfield, Ambient, Techno, Experimental, Breakbeat, Funk Metal, Gangsta, Funk, Jazz-Rock, Indie Rock

 1 Offspring – Come Out And Play (Keep Em Seperated)
 2 Low Pop Suicide – Bless My Body
 3 Big Sleep – Songs Of The Incomplete
 4 Morphine – Thursday
 5 Transition – Salt Of The Sores   
 6 Cynics, The – Private Suicide
 7 L.P.C. – Freedom
 8 O.G. Funk – Out Of The Dark
 9 Spice –  Higgins
10 Hotel X – Sleep Walk
11 Martin Bisi – For All Our People
12 Dingle – Without Hot Water
13 Ed Kuepper – If I Had A Ticket
14 Nico –  You Forget To Answer

Listen it [flac & scans] here

Και για την ιστορία το πρώτο εξώφυλλο :

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Embryo : Jbn Battuta 1994

Embryo is a musical collective from Munich which has been active since 1969, although its story started in the mid-1950s in Hof where Christian Burchard and Dieter Serfas met for the first time at the age of 10.

One of the most original and innovative Krautrock bands , Embryo fused traditional ethnic music with their own jazzy space rock style.

It was one of the most important German jazz-rock bands during the 1970s and has also been described as "the most eclectic of the Krautrock bands."
Over their 30-year existence, during which Christian Burchard has been the only consistent member, the group has traveled the world, playing with hundreds of different musicians and releasing over 20 records.

Originally a jazzy space rock group, Embryo was formed in 1969 in Munich , Germany , by former R&B and jazz organist Christian Burchard .

In Morocco, the band was fascinated by the different tonal scales used by Moroccan musicians, profoundly shaping the group's music to come.
( telling :

We Keep On, released in 1973, was the most successful album in the group's career. However, after Surfin' (1974) and Bad Heads and Bad Cats (1975), Burchard decided the band was moving in too commercial a direction and led them on an eight-month excursion to India, where they met local musicians. )

The band then took off on a two-year journey through the Middle East, India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, during which the band's bus broke down in Tehran in the middle of a civil war in 1981.


       1. Code 7     5:52    
       2. Ibn Battuta     7:54    
       3. Komet 41     10:58    
       4. 1/4 Tone Jazz, part 1     5:14    
       5. Man Bekhod wa to Bekhod     3:43    
       6. Prelude - Rast     6:11    
       7. Beat From Bagdad     7:11    
       8. Simai Ka     7:26    
       9. 1/4 Tone Jazz, part 2     1:28    
       10. Kletta     4:50    
       11. El Qalb Yeshak Kulli Gamil     3:46    
       12. Andalusian Beat     3:59    
       13. Zainab     4:10        

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Christian Death : Pornographic Messiah : Original Release Date: April 20, 1999

Rozz Williams founded Christian Death in October 1979, at the age of 16, with bassist James McGearty, drummer George Belanger and guitarist Jay . The band name was a satirical play on words derived from the designer brand Christian Dior.

The first Christian Death performance in front of a live audience was at a " Castration Squad " gig in 1980, when Castration Squad invited Christian Death on stage to play a couple songs.

Rozz Williams (born Roger Alan Painter November 6, 1963 – April 1, 1998) was an American vocalist and musician of several varieties , most famous for fronting the band Christian Death , then later Shadow Project with musician Eva O , though his main project throughout his career was the " industrial Premature Ejaculation ".

He is also cited by some as a pioneer of the American Gothic scene as well as deathrock.

While living at his mother's house for six months without a band, Williams met Valor Kand and David Glass of "Pompeii 99", and found certain common artistic ground with the band. Williams was open to the idea of possibly collaborating with the band.

Prior to Rozz joining , Pompeii 99 was fronted by Valor on vocals and guitar as well as " Gitane Demone " on lead vocals and some keyboards , " David Glass " on drums and  " Shayn Taylor Shubert  " on bass.

When Rozz agreed to join Pompeii 99 , the plan was to have 3 lead vocalists , "Rozz", "Valor" and "Gitane" , however , as Pompeii 99 was preparing for their first US/European tour , an offer was made to Valor by the French label I.A.S.

to record an album in Europe prior to the tour, on the condition that the band give up the name Pompeii 99 and ressurect the name Christian Death. Rozz was reluctant to do this as use of the name evoked bad memories , Valor was weary of giving up the band he had conceived and owned.

On April 1, 1998 , Williams  ( The Black angel of Rock ) hung himself in his West Hollywood apartment. His body was discovered by Ryan Wildstar , his friend and roommate of seven years.

After many line up changes , at one point during the 1990s there were two bands with the name Christian Death. One featured Williams , and the other featured Valor Kand. Kand has been the lead guitarist since the second album "Catastrophe Ballet", and later became lead vocalist as well.

Original Release Date: April 20, 1999

        Act I - Devine Manifestations

01. The Great Deception - Part A: The Corruption Of Innocence     4:46    
02. The Great Deception - Part B: The Dissention Of Faith     1:47    
03. The Great Deception - Part C: The Origin Of Man     3:02    
04. The Great Deception - Part D: The Lie Behind The Truth     5:44    
05. The Millenium Unwinds     4:09    
06. Weave My Spell     4:09
      Act II - Dissent And Decadence

07. Washing Machine     4:33    
08. Sex Dwarf     4:54    
09. Does It Hurt     5:22    
10. The Obscene Kiss     4:51    
11. Out Of Control     4:51

         Act III - Philtre Of Death

12. Cave Of The Unborn     3:16    
13. Die With You     7:17    
14. She Never Woke Up     4:58    
. Pillars Of Osiris     3:28    
16. Spontaneous Human Detonation     3:37
17. The 9 Is A 6 ( Bonus trac )

She never woke up     Lyrics

Shifting  Sands hotter then Hell
Upon her lips, tear drops fell
through the serpentine flame, I screamed her name
But she never woke up

She never woke up

Numb fingers pull the ski back
Deaf and dumb dressed in black
Through the Godless Flame, I screamed her name
But she Never woke up

She never woke up
She never woke up

Black rose in a razor cage
The lie of lies,a bygone age
When the smoke clears, only the blind will see
Only the blind will see Me

She never woke up
She never woke up

My glass helmut fears no man
with the flesh of my lips deep in the sand
Sunset rise, Sunrise fall
the Final prayer at the wailing wall

She never woke up
She never woke up

Flowers wilt in this foreign land
thy rod, thy staff have lost command
Through the serpentine flame I screamed her name
But she Never wke up.

She never woke up
She never woke up

Flac Part 1 Size : 263 MB
Flac Part 2 Size : 235 MB