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Loreena McKennitt: The Mask And Mirror 1994

Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Loreena McKennitt is one of Canada's most beloved national artists, a folk chanteuse, and a new age troubadour who made her breakthrough in the mid-'80s with her literate and oft-experimental focus on Celtic-tinged traditional and original material, coupled

with her haunting harp playing. As her career progressed, McKennitt began incorporating Spanish, Galician, and Arabic themes into her repertoire, culminating in a trio of career-defining albums -- The Visit, The Mask and Mirror, and The Book of Secrets -- that made her an international star. McKennitt went on a long hiatus after the tragic death of her fiance in 1998, but returned to the studio in 2006 with the acclaimed The Book of Secrets, followed by a string of EP's and concert and studio albums, with highlights arriving via 2010's trad-Celtic LP The Wind That Shakes the Barley and 2018's inward looking Lost Souls.

The daughter of a nurse mother and a livestock-trading father, McKennitt studied classical piano and voice and learned to dance in the highland style as a youngster. Her love of traditional music was

strengthened in the folk clubs of Winnipeg, which she frequented during the brief period she studied veterinary science at the University of Manitoba. Relocating to Stratford, Ontario, she continued to sharpen her skills as a composer and performer. In 1981, she auditioned for a role in the city's Stratford Festival of Canada. Although she did not get the role, she remained inspired. After reading Diane Sward Rapaport's book How to Make and Sell Your Own Recording, she formed her own label, Quinlan Road.

After releasing two albums, a nine-song cassette, Elemental, in 1985 and a collection of Christmas

tunes, To Drive the Cold Winter Away, in 1987, she had her first breakthrough with her 1989 album Parallel Dreams. With the help of a network of small independent distributors, the album sold more than 40,000 copies within four months. Its success was surpassed by McKennitt's fourth album, The Visit. Distributed by Warner Canada, the album sold over 600,000 copies (six-times platinum) in Canada and received a Juno Award, as did her next recording, The Mask and Mirror, in 1994.

In 1998, McKennitt scored her biggest hit with "The Mummers' Dance." Aided by a pop crossover

remix, the single helped propel her sixth LP, The Book of Secrets, to number three in Canada and into the Billboard Top 20, making it her highest-charting release to date. Sadly, her world crumbled that July when her fiancé, Ronald Rees, died while on a sailing trip with his brother and a family friend in Georgian Bay. Everything stopped immediately in order for McKennitt to grieve, while rumors of her retirement also circulated.

In 2002, she headlined a concert in Winnipeg for Queen Elizabeth, and in 2003 she received the Order of Canada. Two years later, McKennitt began work on her seventh studio album, Ancient Muse, which was released in 2006 and peaked in the Canadian Top Ten. Nights from the Alhambra, a live CD/DVD, arrived in 2007, followed by Midwinter Night's Dream, a collection of holiday music that included

1995's Winter Garden EP in its entirety, along with eight new recordings. A Mediterranean Odyssey was released in 2009; the two-disc set included Olive and the Cedar, an 11-song compilation of some of her best-loved Mediterranean pieces, along with From Istanbul to Athens, which was recorded live on her 2009 Mediterranean tour. Ms. McKennitt’s passion for business is matched by her passion for human rights. In 2006 and 2007 she was involved in a landmark human rights privacy case in Britain, where the courts ruled in her favour. The judgment, which was upheld by the House of Lords, has helped to advance privacy law around the world.

In 2010, McKennit issued The Wind That Shakes the Barley, an album that found her revisiting the

traditional Celtic style of her earlier work. Her tenth album, and first full-length collection of original material since 2006's Ancient Muse, 2018's Lost Souls delivered a richly detailed and alluringly cinematic set of worldbeat-infused, modern folk pieces that hearkened back to her early works. On 29th October 2019, Loreena officially announced that as of November that year, she effectively put "the music business on hold" for "an indefinite period to focus on other personal interests.

Loreena McKennitt – The Mask And Mirror
Label: Warner Bros. Records – 9 45420-2, Quinlanroad R2 45420
Format:    CD, Album
Country: USA & Europe
Genre: Rock
Style: Ethinc, Celtic, Ethereal



01. The Mystic's Dream   7:40

Bass, Tambura [Tamboura] – George Koller
Cello, Backing Vocals – Anne Bourne
Choir – Victoria Scholars Choir
Electric Guitar [Electric Guitars], Oud – Brian Hughes
Music By, Lyrics By – L.M.
Music Director [Musical Director] – Jerzy Cichocki
Ney [Nai], Oud – Abraham Tawfik
Percussion, Goblet Drum [Dumbeg] – Rick Lazar
Tabla – Ravi Naimpally
Uilleann Pipes – Patrick Hutchinson
Voice, Goblet Drum [Dumbeg], Keyboards – L.M.
02. The Bonny Swans   7:18
Arranged By [Traditional Lyrics Arranged By], Adapted By [Traditional Lyrics Adapted By] – L.M.
Bass – George Koller
Bouzouki, Bodhrán [Bodhràn] – Donal Lunny
Cello – Anne Bourne
Fiddle – Hugh Marsh
Guitar [Guitars], Balalaika – Brian Hughes
Keyboards, Vocals, Accordion – L.M.
Music By – L.M.*
Percussion – Rick Lazar
Producer [Assistant Producer] – Donal Lunny
03. The Dark Night Of The Soul   6:44
Arranged By [Lyrics Arranged By], Adapted By [Lyrics Adapted By] – L.M.
Cello, Esraj – George Koller
Fiddle – Hugh Marsh
Guitar, Sitar [Electric Sitar] – Brian Hughes
Lyrics By – St. John Of The Cross
Music By – L.M.
Vocals, Synthesizer [Synthesizers] – L.M.
04. Marrakesh Night Market   6:30
Bass – George Koller
Drums – Al Cross
Fiddle – Hugh Marsh
Goblet Drum [Dumbek], Udu [Udu Drum], Percussion – Rick Lazar
Guitar [Guitars], Balalaika, Electric Guitar – Brian Hughes
Music By, Lyrics By – L.M.
Vocals, Accordion, Synthesizer – L.M.
05. Full Circle   5:57
Bass, Esraj – George Koller
Music By, Lyrics By – L.M.
Vocals, Harp, Synthesizer – L.M.
06. Santiago   5:58
Arranged By [Traditional Music Arranged By], Adapted By [Traditional Music Adapted By] – L.M.
Balalaika, Guitar [Guitars] – Brian Hughes
Bouzouki – Donal Lunny
Cello, Bass – George Koller
Drums, Percussion – Rick Lazar
Fiddle – Hugh Marsh
Hurdy Gurdy – Nigel Eaton
Music By – Traditional
Vocals, Accordion, Synthesizer – L.M.
07. Cé Hé Mise Le Ulaingt? / The Two Trees    9:06
7a. Pipe Intro: Cé Hé Mise Le Ulaingt? (Who Am I To Bear It?)

Composed By, Performer [Performed By] – Patrick Hutchinson
Tambura [Tamboura] – George Koller
7b. The Two Trees
Arranged By [Lyrics Arranged By], Adapted By [Lyrics Adapted By] – L.M.
Lyrics By – William Butler Yeats
Music By – L.M.
Vocals, Piano, Synthesizer – L.M.
Cello – Ofra Harnoy
Bass – George Koller
Strings – David Hetherington, David Miller, Sharon Prater, Heinz Boshart, Sylvia Lange, Susan Lipchak, Douglas Perry, Kent Teeple, Adele Armin, Andy Benac, Marie Berard, Fujico Imajishi, Morry Kernerman, Mark Sabat
Arranged By [String And Cello Arrangement By] – John Welsman
08. Prospero's Speech   3:23
Arranged By, Adapted By – L.M.
Bass – George Koller
Lyrics By – William Shakespeare
Music By – L.M.
Vocals, Synthesizer, Organ [Organ Pipes] – L.M.

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Flac  Size: 300 MB

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Fuzzy Duck: Fuzzy Duck 1971


Fuzzy Duck was an English progressive hard rock group from London, formed in 1970 and based in North London. This is one of the many harder-edged and organ dominated progressive bands that

emerged in the early Seventies. Their name taken from the popular linguistic inversion of the time (Fuzzy Duck - Duzz ’E Fuck?), this early 70s UK progressive rock quartet featured Paul Francis (drums), Mick Hawksworth (bass), Roy Sharland (organ) and Garth Watt-Roy (guitar/vocals). Prior to the band’s formation Hawksworth had played with Andromeda and Five Day Week Straw People, while Sharland had been a member of Spice and worked with Arthur Brown. Watt-Roy had been a member of Greatest Show On Earth.

Fuzzy Duck recorded one self-titled album for Mam Records and two singles, ‘Double Time Woman’

and ‘Big Brass Band’, for the same label. The album, which was musically if not lyrically impressive, was issued in a limited pressing of 500 copies, the cover depicting a duck wearing an ‘Afro hairstyle’. A popular item among collectors of progressive rock, it was eventually re-released in 1993 on Repertoire Records.

There are pleasant vocals, a tight rhythm-section, strong guitarwork and, the most delightful element, floods of Hammond organ. This reminds of Ken Hensley from early URIAH HEEP and Manfred

Wieczorke from German heavy progressive band JANE. The guitarplay is also a good point, featuring fiery solos and catchy riffs. The final song "A word from bid D" includes the so called 'ducking vocals' from keyboardplayer Roy (Daze) Sharland, very funny to hear. FUZZY DUCK's music has echoes from ATOMIC ROOSTER, SPENCER DAVIES GROUP, VANILLA FUDGE and QUATERMASS. If you like the Hammond organ, don't miss this CD!

The group disbanded soon after the release of their album, but enduring interest in the band led to reissues on CD by Akarma, Esoteric and Repertoire Records. A much sought-after classic of U.K. underground progressive rock and psychedelia, this was originally issued in a scarce edition of 500 back in 1971.

This album is classic keyboard-driven British progressive rock in the vein of Soft Machine and Caravan

and is well-deserving of reissue. The Arkarma issue features four bonus tracks previously unreleased
and excellent repackaging that surpasses the originals for quality. This powerful album is as solid as a proverbial rock with an unrelenting pace from beginning to end. It's an album with timeless appeal, featuring a glorious combination of the powerful Hammond organ sound and psychedelic fuzzy guitar riffs. The "Fuzzy Duck" album is not particularly proggy - it's just a good old-fashioned slice of Classic British Rock.  

Fuzzy Duck – Fuzzy Duck
Label: Repertoire Records – REP 4352-WP
Format: CD, Album, Reissue 1993
Country: Germany
Released: 1971   
Genre: Rock
Style: Hard Rock, Prog Rock


01. Time Will Be Your Doctor
(Written-By – David Brown, Nick Graham, Paul Francis)   5:09
02. Mrs. Prout
(Acoustic Guitar – Grahame White/Written-By – Paul Francis, Roy Sharland)  6:47
03. Just Look Around You
(Electric Piano – Daze Sharland/Written-By – Mick Hawksworth)  4:22
04. Afternoon Out
(Written-By – Paul Francis, Roy Sharland)  4:57
05. More Than I Am  
(Written-By – Mick Hawksworth)  5:32
06. Country Boy
(Written-By – Grahame White, Paul Francis, Roy Sharland)  6:03
07. In Our Time
(Other [Cricket Bat] – Doc Hawksworth/Written-By – Mick Hawksworth)  6:39
08. A Word From Big D
(Written-By – Grahame White, Mick Hawksworth)  1:39

Additional Tracks
09. Double Time Woman
(Written-By – Garth Watt Roy)  2:58
10. Big Brass Band
(Written-By – Tim Martin, Walt Meskell)  2:56
11. One More Hour
(Written-By – Garth Watt Roy, Mick Hawksworth, Paul Francis, Roy Sharland)  3:58
12. No Name Face
(Written-By – Garth Watt Roy, Mick Hawksworth, Paul Francis , Roy Sharland)

Garth Watt-Roy (guitar/vocals).
Doc Hawksworth - Bass, Vocals, 12-String Acoustic Guitar, Cello [Electric]
Paul Francis - Drums, Percussion  
Grahame White - Guitar, Vocals  
Daze Sharland - Organ, Effects [Ducking Vocals]
Keith Harwood - Engineer
Producer – Fuzzy Duck

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Flac  Size: 329 MB

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Verbal Delirium: So Close And Yet So Far Away 2010 + From The Small Hours Of Weakness 2013


It's surprising that such a small country like Greece has such a rich and big Rock scene with so many amazing bands from all Rock genres. One such band is VERBAL DELIRIUM, one of the best European New Progressive acts, who play without imitating the influences of the past, but honoring their predecessors, they lead the music even further forward on new paths.

Neo-Prog Band from Athens (Greece), founded summer 1999 by Mastermind John „Jargon“ Kosmidis (Keyboards, Lead-Vocals, Composer, Lyrics) and Nik Michailidis Νίκος Μιχαηλίδης (Bass). Musical

experimentation with progressive and psychedelic rock sounds of the 60/70´s.leads to the demo album 2006, but it has never been released. The Story of Verbal Delirium begins back in the summer of 1999 when keyboard player and vocalist Jargon (John Kosmidis) went to form a band along with bass player Nik Michailidis .Though starting with an obvious commitment to the progressive rock and psychedelic sound of the 60's n' 70's , the band came soon to realize that the addition of more modern elements was something more than a necessity.

However, the presence of numerous changes in the lineup delayed the band's plan for an album. After trying many different people, things finally seamed to fit at 2005 with guitarist Giorgos Maniatis and

drummer Lazaros Papanastasiou. Conclusion of this effort was the recording and distribution of a demo album under the title of "The imprisoned words of fear" witch took place in 2007. At that time the album still reflected the band's admiration for the progressive and psychedelic sound of the 70's with big arrangements and complex chord progressions, but also presenting some metal and jazz elements .Still , one of the key elements in Verbal delirium sound was and still is their commitment to the presence of very distinct melodic patterns which bear a heavy role in their songs .

After that, the band moved on to a more alternative rock style, though still preserving much of the progressive elements. Another change in the lineup went on, introducing Nikitas Kissonas on guitars.

and drummer Tolis Liapis. As a result, first official album entitled "So close and yet so far away" was introduced. Recording sessions took place between January and March 2009 and after numerous successful performances throughout Greece it went out public, distribution of Musea records , in November 2010. The album also showed some premature signs of the band's aspiration and intention to experiment with orchestration, leaving behind in many cases the standard output of a rock sound , for the sake of a broader musical outcome.

Till now the "So close..." album has met an overall cordial correspondence by the critics and this has played a major role in the band's eagerness to continue its effort. So, things are moving fast forward ,

towards the recording of a second album. An album that takes us this time on the path to a more alternative - art rock feel , implementing the sound of some new instruments through the appearance of a number of guest musicians. As soon as the recordings ended the band found itself once more with the need of a change in line-up, as drummer Tolis Liapis dropped his place due to personal issues. Hopefully the wait didn't last long and drummer Enthralling Kernel G (Gregory Pavlakos), was added to fill up the space. As of March 2011, Anastasis Hamilakis (Keyboards - Theremin) has been added to the band's workforce and is now considered to be a full time member.

The band is in the process of extending its horizons, experimenting with new forms of arrangement, seeing the music as a hole and not as distinctive genres.

In this almost 10 years they have a lot of changes with Band members. But Verbal Delirium played many Gigs and Festivals during that time. Long-Time members: George ''La Trappe'' Pagidas (Bass),

George 'K' Kyriakidis (Guitars). Band members (2016): Jargon (7), George "La Trappe", George Kyriakidis, Nikolaos Terzis (Piano), Nikolas Nikolopoulos (Flute, Saxophone, Mellotron), Stelios "Primordial" (Drums). Other contributing musicians: Nikitas Kissonas Νικήτας Κίσσονας (Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin), Leonidas Petropoulos Λεωνίδας Πετρόπουλος (Bass), Labros Matopoulos (Trumpet), Anastasis Hamilakis (Organ, Synthesizer), Enthraling Kernel G (Drums).

The band has finished recording and producing its fourth album with the title "Conundrum" which is going to be released at the end of 2022.
Verbal Delirium: Music is an "exorcism" of all that is negative or ugly in us or around us...

Verbal Delirium: Η μουσική είναι ένας «εξορκισμός» ό,τι αρνητικού ή άσχημου υπάρχει μέσα μας ή γύρω μας...

Είναι περίεργο που μια τόσο μικρή χώρα όπως η Ελλάδα έχει μια τόσο πλούσια και εκπληκτική Ροκ

σκηνή με τόσες καταπληκτικές μπάντες από όλα τα είδη της Ροκ. Μια τέτοια μπάντα είναι και οι VERBAL DELIRIUM, ένα από τα καλύτερα Ευρωπαικά σχήματα του New Progressive, οι οποίοι παίζουν δίχως να μιμούνται τις επιρροές του παρελθόντος, αλλά τιμώντας τους προκατόχους τους οδηγούν τη μουσική ακόμα πιο μπροστά σε νέα μονοπάτια.

Η ιστορία των Verbal Delirium ξεκινά το καλοκαίρι του 1999 , όταν ο Jargon (φωνή , πλήκτρα , σύνθεση) αποφασίζει να δημιουργήσει το προσωπικό του μουσικό project. Τα πρώτα χρόνια κύλησαν με την μπάντα να πειραματίζεται στο studio ψάχνοντας την μουσική της ταυτότητα με μια εμφανή κλήση αρχικά στον ήχο του progressive και psychedelic rock των 70’s. Περνώντας μέσα απο διαρκείς

εναλλαγές μελών. Δέκα χρόνια μετά για πρώτη φορά η μπάντα παίρνει σταθερή μορφή και ηχογραφείται το πρώτο επίσημο άλμπουμ με τίτλο “So close and yet so far away”. Η ηχογράφηση διαρκεί μεταξύ Ιανουαρίου και Μαρτίου του 2009 και μετά από μια σειρά επιτυχημένων εμφανίσεων το album κυκλοφορεί από τη Γαλλική Musea records , εταιρία από την οποία και διανέμεται από το Νοέμβριο του 2010 αποκομίζοντας εξαιρετικές κριτικές από εγχώριο και διεθνές μουσικό τύπο , sites και blogs.  Το εν λόγω άλμπουμ έδειξε , εκτός των άλλων , και την πρόθεση της μπάντας να εντρυφήσει σε στοιχεία κλασσικών ορχηστρικών ακουσμάτων , χρησιμοποιώντας όργανα όπως το τσέλο και την προσπάθεια της να ξεφύγει πλέον από συγκεκριμένες μουσικές ταμπέλες.

Στις αρχές του 2012 το line up αλλάζει εντελώς. Σταδιακά αντικαταστάθηκαν όλοι οι μουσικοί που συμμετείχαν στον πρώτο δίσκο εκτός του Jargon φυσικά.
To Noέμβρη του 2012οι Verbal Delirium εμφανίστηκαν με επιτυχία στο Βερολίνο στο διαγωνισμό του EurockMarathon όπου πήραν την 4η θέση και πολλά θετικά σχόλια. 17 Φεβρουαρίου του 2013

κυκλοφορεί ηλεκτρονικά το δεύτερο άλμπουμ του συγκροτήματος με τίτλο “From the small hours of weakness”  και λίγο αργότερα γίνεται μια περιορισμένη κοπή cd/self release. Ακολούθησαν περιορισμένες όμως ιδιαιτέρως επιτυχημένες live εμφανίσεις της μπάντας καθώς και η επίσημη παρουσίαση του δίσκου στο κατάμεστο Stage 25, παράλληλα με μια σειρά από πολύ καλές κριτικές για το νέο δίσκο. Στις 5 Οκτώβρη του 2013 οι Verbal Delirium επιλέγονται να εμφανισθούν στο PROG POWER EUROPE που έγινε στην Ολλανδία. Η υποδοχή του κοινού ήταν ενθουσιώδης και κάτι περισσότερο από θερμή. Τα σχόλια εξαιρετικά καθώς και οι κριτικές Στην ίδια σκηνή εμφανίστηκαν οι Shadow Gallery, οι Fates Warning , οι Ocean, Haken και πολλά άλλα συγκροτήματα.
Το 2014 βρίσκει τους Verbal Delirium στο studio να ξεκινούν την προετοιμασία του τρίτου δίσκου. Στις 28 Σεπτεμβρίου οι Verbal Delirium εμφανίζονται στο Summer’s End Festival στην Αγγλία. Η θερμή υποδοχή του Βρετανικού κοινού σε ένα τόσο εξειδικευμένο (prog) festival καθώς και τα σχόλια που την ακολούθησαν δίνουν πλέον πολλές ελπίδες στη μπάντα για μια ευρύτερη αναγνώριση. Στις 8 Νοέμβρη 2014  εμφανίστηκαν  στο Gagarin ως support στη συναυλία των God Is An Astronaut όπου έλαβαν ενθουσιώδης κριτικές από τον τύπο. Αυτό τον καιρό ολοκληρώνεται η ηχογράφηση του τέταρτου album "Conundrum", ενώ τα σχέδια για live εμφανίσεις πληθαίνουν.




Label: Musea – FGBG 4556
Format: CD, Album
Country: France
Released: October 26, 2010
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock, Prog Rock, Indie Rock



01. Ervelet    1:45
02. So Close & Yet So Far Away    5:16
03. Dancing Generation    5:26
04. Lullaby    7:54
05. They    3:14
06. Erased    5:14
07. Time    5:09
08. The Scene Remains    5:59
09. O.K.    6:48
10. Reprise    4:12

Jargon - Vocals, Piano, Keyboards
Nikitas Kissonas - Guitars
Nik Michailidis - Bass
Tolis Liapis - Drums
Elsa Pappeli - Cello
Recorded By [Recorded At Mi Studio By] – Labros Kritsimas, Leonidas Petropoulos
Words By, Music By – Jargon

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Label: Not On Label (Verbal Delirium Self-released) – none
Format:    CD, Album
Country: Greece
Released: February 17, 2013
Genre: Rock
Style: Progressive, Alternative



01. 10.000 Roses   5:20
02. Desire   5:21
03. Erebus   0:49
04. Dance Of The Dead   2:51
05. The Losing Game   8:54
06. Desintegration   4:57
07. Dance Of The Dead (Reprise)   0:37
08. Sudden Winter   8:24
09. Aeons   (12:44)
09.a Part 1: In The Dream Room   
09.b Part 2: Roaming In Chaos   

Jargon - Piano, Synthesizers, Monotron, Mellotron, Organ, Vocals
Nikitas Kissonas - Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin
Enthralling Kernel G - Drums
Drums for tracks 1, 6, 8 recorded at B.K studio by Bill Skouras
Drums for tracks 2, 3, 4, 5 recorded at T.A sound studio by Aris Vourlakis
La Trappe - Bass
Leonidas Petropoulos - Bass (Tracks 1,6,8)
Labros Matopoulos - Trumpet
Anastasis Hamilakis - Organ, Synthesizer (Tracks 1,6,8)
Nikos Nikolopoulos - Flute, Saxophone

This album is dedicated in memory of Jon Lord (1941-2012) R.I.P.

MP3 @ 320 Size: 118 MB
Flac  Size: 321 MB

These albums are for my friend JOSEF

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(August 1969 - August 2022) Woodstock Festival 53th Anniversary


In August 1969, the Woodstock Music & Art Fair took place on a dairy farm in Bethel, NY. Over half a million people came to a 600-acre farm to hear 32 acts (leading and emerging performers of the time) play over the course of four days (August 15-18). Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix, the Grateful Dead, the Who, Janis Joplin and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young were among the line-up. Woodstock is known as one of the greatest happenings of all time and –perhaps- the most pivotal moment in music history.

Joni Mitchell said, “Woodstock was a spark of beauty” where half-a-million kids “saw that they were part of a greater organism.” According to Michael Lang, one of four young men who formed Woodstock Ventures to produce the festival, “That’s what means the most to me – the connection to one another felt by all of us who worked on the festival, all those who came to it, and the millions who couldn’t be there but were touched by it.”

By Wednesday, August 13, some 60,000 people had already arrived and set up camp. On Friday, the roads were so clogged with cars that performing artists had to arrive by helicopter. Though over

100,000 tickets were sold prior to the festival weekend, they became unnecessary as swarms of people descended on the concert grounds to take part in this historic and peaceful happening. Four days of music… half a million people… rain, and the rest is history. In 1969, the country was deep into the controversial Vietnam War, a conflict that many young people vehemently opposed. It was also the era of the civil rights movement, a period of great protest and unrest. Woodstock was an opportunity for people to escape into music and spread a message of unity and peace.

Although the crowd at Woodstock experienced bad weather, muddy conditions and a lack of food,

water and adequate sanitation, the overall vibe there was harmonious. Looking back, some people attribute the lack of violence to the large number of psychedelic drugs being used. Others believe hippies were simply living out their mantra of “making love, not war.” In fact, more than a few couples at Woodstock took that command literally and made love whenever and wherever the mood hit.

Thirty-two musicians, a combination of local and world-famous talent, performed at Woodstock. Around 5:00 p.m. on Friday, August 15, Richie Havens took the stage and played a 45-minute set. Havens was followed by an unscheduled blessing by yoga guru Sri Swami Satchidananda. The other performers on day one were:

Richie Havens
Bert Sommer
Tim Hardin
Ravi Shanker
Arlo Guthrie
Joan Baez

Baez famously played the end of her set in a torrential downpour. Day one wrapped up around 2:00 a.m. on August 16.

Day two officially began around 12:15 p.m. Day two’s line-up was:

Country Joe McDonald
John Sebastian
Keef Hartley Band
The Incredible String Band
Canned Heat
The Grateful Dead
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Janis Joplin
Sly and the Family Stone
The Who
Jefferson Airplane


Day two ended around 9:45 a.m. on Sunday, August 17.

Day three began around 2:00 p.m. Joe Cocker was the first musician to perform. The remaining line up included:

Joe Cocker
Country Joe and The Fish
Ten Years After
The Band
Johnny Winter
Blood Sweat and Tears
Crosby Stills Nash and Young
Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Sha Na Na
Jimi Hendrix

Hendrix was the last musician to perform at Woodstock. Rain delays prevented him from taking the stage until early Monday morning and by the time he went on, the crowd had thinned to around 25,000 people.

Musicians who declined to perform at Woodstock included:

Simon and Garfunkel
Led Zeppelin
Bob Dylan
The Byrds
The Moody Blues
The Doors
Roy Rogers
John Lennon
Chicago Transit Authority
The Rolling Stones

Woodstock is perhaps best described by Max Yasgur, the humble farmer who lent his land for the

occasion. Addressing the audience on day three he said, “…You’ve proven something to the world…the important thing that you’ve proven to the world is that a half a million kids, and I call you kids because I have children who are older than you are, a half a million young people can get together and have three days of fun and music and have nothing but fun and music and God bless you for it!”


The festival has become widely regarded as a pivotal moment in popular music history as well as a defining event for the counterculture generation. The event's significance was reinforced by a 1970

documentary film, an accompanying soundtrack album, and a song written by Joni Mitchell that became a major hit for both Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and Matthews Southern Comfort. Music events bearing the Woodstock name were planned for anniversaries, which included the tenth, twentieth, twenty-fifth, thirtieth, fortieth, and fiftieth. In 2004, Rolling Stone magazine listed it as number 19 of the 50 Moments That Changed the History of Rock and Roll.



Various – Woodstock 40
Label: Rhino Records – 8122797313, Warner Music – 8122797313
Format:    6 CD Box Set, Reissue
Country: Europe
Released: 2009
Genre: Rock
Style: Folk Rock, Blues Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Folk



01. Richie Havens – Handsome Johnny
02. Richie Havens – Freedom
03. John Morris – "Choppity Choppity"
04. Sweetwater – Look Out
05. Sweetwater – Two Worlds
06. Bert Sommer – Jennifer
07. Bert Sommer – And When It's Over
08. Bert Sommer – Smile
09. John Morris – "There Goes Marilyn!"
10. Tim Hardin – Hang On To A Dream
11. Tim Hardin – Simple Song Of Freedom
12. John Morris – "Flat Blue Acid!"
13. Ravi Shankar – Raga Puriya-Dhanashri/Gat In Sawarital
14. Melanie – Momma Momma
15. Melanie – Beautiful People
16. Melanie – Birthday Of The Sun
17. Arlo Guthrie – Coming Into Los Angeles
18. Arlo Guthrie – Wheel Of Fortune
19. Arlo Guthrie – Every Hand In The Land
20. John Morris – "All You Funny People"

Flac  Size: 1.38 GB



01. Joan Baez – Joe Hill
02. Joan Baez – Sweet Sir Galahad
03. Joan Baez – Hickory Win
04. Joan Baez – Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man (Featuring – Jeffrey Shurtleff)
05. John Morris – "Bring Scully His Asthma Pills"
06. John Morris – "Insulin" & Quill Intro
07. Quill – They Live The Life
08. Quill – That's How I Eat
09. Chip Monck – "I Understand Your Wife Is Having A Baby"
10. Country Joe McDonald – Donovan's Reef
11. Country Joe McDonald – The "Fish" Cheer/I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die-Rag
12. Santana – Persuasion
13. Santana – Soul Sacrifice
14. John B. Sebastian – How Have You Been
15. John B. Sebastian – Rainbows All Over Your Blues
16. John B. Sebastian – I Had A Dream
17. The Incredible String Band – The Letter
18. The Incredible String Band – When You Find Out Who You Are
19. Chip Monck – "She Is Lost"


01. Chip Monck – "We're In Pretty Good Shape"
02. Canned Heat – Going Up The Country
03. Canned Heat – Woodstock Boogie
04. Chip Monck – "The Brown Acid Is Not Specifically Too Good"
05. Mountain – Blood Of The Sun
06. Mountain – Theme For An Imaginary Western
07. Mountain –For Yasgur's Farm
08. Chip Monck – "For Those Of You Who Have Partaken Of The Geen Acid..."
09. Jerry Garcia & Country Joe McDonald – Green Acid Advice
10. Grateful Dead – Dark Star
11. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Green River
12. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Bad Moon Rising
13. Creedence Clearwater Revival – I Put A Spell On You


01. Janis Joplin – Work Me, Lord
02. Janis Joplin – Ball And Chain
03. Sly & The Family Stone – Medley: Dance To The Music/Music Lover/I Want To  Take You Higher
04. Abbie Hoffman – "The Politics Of The Situation"-
05. The Who – Amazing Journey
06. The Who – Pinball Wizard
07. The Who – Abbie Hoffman Vs. Pete Townshend
08. The Who – We're Not Gonna Take It
09. Jefferson Airplane – The Other Side Of This Life
10. Jefferson Airplane – Somebody To Love
11. Jefferson Airplane – Won't You Try/Saturday Afternoon
12. Grace Slick – "We Got A Whole Lot Of Orange"
13. Jefferson Airplane – Volunteers
14. Wavy Gravy – "Breakfast In Bed For 400,000"
15. John Morris – "It Just Keeps Goin"
16. Max Yasgur – Max Yasgur Speaks

01. Joe Cocker – Feelin' Alrigh
02. Joe Cocker – Let's Go Get Stoned
03. Joe Cocker – With A Little Help From My Friends
04. No Artist – The Rainstorm
05. Country Joe & The Fish -  Rock & Soul Music
06. Country Joe & The Fish – Love
07. Country Joe & The Fish – Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine
08. Country Joe & The Fish – Summer Dresses
09. Country Joe & The Fish - Silver And Gold
10. Country Joe & The Fish – Rock & Soul Music (Reprise)
11. Johnny Winter – Leland Mississippi Blues
12. Johnny Winter – Mean Town Blues
13. Blood, Sweat & Tears – You've Made Me So Very Happy

01. Crosby, Stills & Nash – Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
02. Crosby, Stills & Nash – Guinnevere
03. Crosby, Stills & Nash – Marrakesh Express
04. Crosby, Stills & Nash – 4 + 20
05. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Sea Of Madness
06. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Wooden Ships
07. The Butterfield Blues Band – No Amount Of Loving
08. The Butterfield Blues Band – Love March
09. The Butterfield Blues Band – Everything's Gonna Be Alright
10. Sha Na Na – Get A Job
11. Sha Na Na – At The Hop
12. Sha Na Na – Get A Job (Reprise)
13. Jimi Hendrix – Star Spangled Banner, Purple Haze & Instrumental Solo
14. Chip Monck – Woodstock Farewell

Flac  Size: 582 MB


Various – Woodstock - Three Days Of Peace And Music - Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Collection
Label: Atlantic – 7567-82636-2
Format:    4 CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered, Box Set
Country: Europe
Released: Aug 1994
Genre: Rock
Style: Blues Rock, Rock & Roll, Folk Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Classic Rock



01. Richie Havens – Handsome Johnny
02. Richie Havens – Freedom
03. Country Joe McDonald – The "Fish" Cheer / I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To- Die Rag
04. John B. Sebastian – Rainbows All Over Your Blues
05. John B. Sebastian – I Had A Dream
06. Tim Hardin – If I Were A Carpenter
07. Melanie – Beautiful People
08. Arlo Guthrie – Coming Into Los Angeles
09. Arlo Guthrie – Walking Down The Line
10. Joan Baez – Joe Hill
11. Joan Baez – Sweet Sir Galahad
12. Joan Baez featuring Jeffrey Shurtleff – Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man
13. Santana – Soul Sacrifice
14. Mountain – Blood Of The Sun
15. Mountain – Theme For An Imaginary Western


01. Canned Heat – Leaving This Town
02. Canned Heat – Going Up The Country
03. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Commotion
04. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Green River
05. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Ninety-Nine And A Half (Won't Do)
06. Creedence Clearwater Revival – I Put A Spell On You
07. Janis Joplin – Try
08. Janis Joplin – Work Me Lord
09. Janis Joplin – Ball & Chain
10. Sly & The Family Stone – Medley: Dance To The Music / Music Lover / I Want To Take You Higher
11. The Who – We're Not Gonna Take It (From "Tommy")


01. Jefferson Airplane – Volunteers
02. Jefferson Airplane – Somebody To Love
03. Jefferson Airplane – Saturday Afternoon/Won't You Try
04. Jefferson Airplane – Uncle Sam Blues
05. Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit
06. Joe Cocker – Let's Go Get Stoned
07. Joe Cocker – With A Little Help Of My Friends
08. Country Joe & The Fish – Rock & Soul Music
09. Ten Years After – I'm Going Home
10. The Band – Long Black Veil
11. The Band – Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever
12. The Band – The Weight
13. Johnny Winter – Mean Town Blues


01. Crosby, Stills & Nash – Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
02. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Guinnevere
03. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Marrakesh Express
04. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – 4 + 20
05. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Sea Of Madness
06. Crosby, Stills & Nash – Find The Cost Of Freedom
07. Paul Butterfield Blues Band – Love March
08. Sha Na Na – At The Hop
09. Jimi Hendrix – Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)/Stepping Stone
10. Jimi Hendrix – Star Spangled Banner
11. Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze

Flac  Size: 351 MB


Various ‎– Woodstock - Music From The Original Soundtrack And More 2009
Label: Cotillion ‎– R2 518805 /8122-79872-8, Rhino Records ‎– R2 518805 /8122-79872-8, Warner Music Argentina ‎– R2 518805 /8122-79872-8
Format: 2 × CD, Album
Released: 2009
Genre: Rock
Style: Folk Rock, Country Rock, Acid Rock, Psychedelic Rock



01. John B. Sebastian - I Had a Dream 2:35
02. Canned Heat - Going Up the Country 3:20
- Stage Announcements
03. Richie Havens - Freedom 4:36
04. Country Joe & The Fish - Rock & Soul Music 2:08
05. Arlo Guthrie - Coming Into Los Angeles 2:07
06. Sha Na Na - At the Hop 2:00
07. Country Joe McDonald - The 'Fish' Cheer / I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die Rag 3:15
08. Joan Baez feat. Jeffrey Shurtleff - Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man 2:07
09. Joan Baez - Joe Hill 2:40
- Stage Announcements
10. Crosby, Stills & Nash - Suite: Judy Blue Eyes 8:11
11. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Sea of Madness 3:24
12. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Wooden Ships 5:27
13. The Who - We're Not Gonna Take It 4:25
- Stage Announcements
14. Joe Cocker - With a Little Help From My Friends 7:40


01. Santana - Soul Sacrifice 8:06
- Stage Announcements
02. Ten Years After - I'm Going Home 9:20
03. Jefferson Airplane - Volunteers 2:44
Max Yasgur
04. Sly & The Family Stone - Medley:
- Dance to the Music 2:10
- Music Lover 6:59
- I Want to Take You Higher 4:07
05. John B. Sebastian - Rainbows All Over Your Blues 2:10
06. Butterfield Blues Band - Love March 7:45
07. Jimi Hendrix - Star Spangled Banner / Purple Haze & Instrumental Solo 12:45

Flac  Size: 445 MB



Taking Woodstock is a 2009 American comedy-drama film about the Woodstock Festival of 1969, directed by Ang Lee. The screenplay by James Schamus is based on the memoir Taking Woodstock: A True Story of a Riot, a Concert, and a Life by Elliot Tiber and Tom Monte. The film premiered at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival, and opened in New York and Los Angeles on August 26, 2009, before its wide theatrical release two days later. It received mixed reviews and was a box office failure.

Various – Taking Woodstock: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Directed by Ang Lee
Distributed by Focus Features
Genre: Rock
Style: Folk Rock, Blues Rock, Country Blues, Rhythm & Blues, Acoustic, Classic Rock
Year: 2009



01. Richie Havens – Freedom (2009)   
02. Danny Elfman – Taking Woodstock Titles   
03. Crosby, Stills & Nash – Wooden Ships   
04. Grateful Dead – China Cat Sunflower (Live)   
05. The Doors – Maggie M'Gill   
06. Danny Elfman – Elliot's Place   
07. Arlo Guthrie – Coming Into Los Angeles (Live)   
08. Country Joe McDonald – I Feel Like I'm Fixin' To-Die Rag (Live)   
09. Canned Heat – Going Up The Country   
10. Janis Joplin – Try (Just A Little Bit Harder) (Live)   
11. Danny Elfman – A Happening (Office #2)   
12. Love – The Red Telephone   
13. Melanie – Beautiful People (Live)   
14. The Band – I Shall Be Released (Live)   
15. Danny Elfman – Perspective Extended   
16. The Paul Butterfield Blues Band – One More Mile   
17. Jefferson Airplane – Volunteers

Flac  Size: 370 MB



This five-disc set is a truly odd one, presenting, at least in the broadest sense, the music of the so-called Woodstock Generation, and as it appears to be defined here, that would mean rock and pop singles released between 1966 and 1971.  But then Weton-Wesgram isn't attempting a scholarly overview of the period, obviously, so you're left with an extremely wide interpretation of what "Woodstock Generation" might mean, and at the very least, all the music you might need for an eccentric, nostalgic, and goofy theme party.

Various – Woodstock Generation
Label: Weton-Wesgram – LATA586
Series: Cheap'o'lata
Format: 5 x CD, Compilation
Country: Europe
Released: 2009
Genre: Rock
Style: Classic Rock, Pop, Psychedelic Rock


01. The Flowerpot Men – Let's Go To San Francisco (Original) 3:35
02. The Foundations – Baby Now That I've Found You (Re-Recording) 2:35
03. The Marmalade – Reflections Of My Life (Re-Recording )3:58
04. Gary Puckett And The Union Gap – Lady Will Power (Live) 2:45
05. Bob & Earl – Harlem Shuffle (Original) 2:47
06. Ike & Tina Turner – Proud Mary (Original) 2:39
07. The Small Faces – Itchycoo Park (Original) 2:49
08. The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Purple Haze (Live) 3:03
09. Kenny Rogers – Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town (Original) 2:55
10. The Yardbirds Featuring Eric Clapton – Good Morning LIttle Schoolgirl (Live )2:43
11. James Brown – Give It Up, Turn It Loose (Live) 2:01
12. Santana – Persuasion (Original) 5:17
13. Tony Joe White – Roosevelt And Ira Lee (Live) 4:28
14. Vanity Fare – Hitchin' A Ride (Re-Recording) 2:57
15. Jefferson Airplane – Won't You Try/Saturday Afternoon (Live) 5:01

01. Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl (Original) 3:05
02. B.J. Thomas – Hooked On A Feeling (Re-Recording) 2:43
03. The Mamas & The Papas – Dream A Little Dream Of Me (Live) 2:53
04. Mungo Jerry – Alright, Alright, Alright (Original) 2:47
05. Aaron Neville – Tell It Like It Is (Original) 3:07
06. Jeff Christie – Yellow River (Re-Recording) 2:32
07. Tommy James – Sweet Cherry Wine (Re-Recording) 4:31
08. The Equals – Baby Come Back (Re-Recording) 2:29
09. The Bar - Kays – Soul Finger (Re-Recording) 2:15
10. New Vaudeville Band – Winchester Cathedral (Re-Recording) 2:11
11. Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich – The Legend Of Xanadu (Re-Recording) 3:53
12. Johnny Winter – Parchman Farm (Original) 2:42
13. Carl Wayne – BLackberry Way (Re-Recording)3 :25
14. Janis Joplin With The Grateful Dead – Turn On Your Love Light (Short Version) (Original) 5:53
15. Herman's Hermits – Something Is Happening (Re-Recording) 3:06

01. The Nice – Hang On The A Dream (Original) 4:48
02. Gary Puckett And The Union Gap – Young Girl (Re-Recording) 3:17
03. Amen Corner – If Paradise Is Half As Nice (Original) 2:43
04. Melanie  & The Edwin Hawkins Singers – Lay Down(Candles In The Rain) (Re-Recording) 5:22
05. Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit (Live) 3:15
06. Tony Joe White – Polk Salad Annie (Re-Recording) 3:41
07. Sam & Dave – Soul Sister, Brown Sugar (Re-Recording) 2:39
08. B.J. Thomas – Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head (Re-Recording) 2:55
09. The Bee Gees – Spicks & Specks (Original) 2:55
10. The Tremeloes – Call Me Number One (Re-Recording) 2:44
11. Paul Revere – Let Me (Re-Recording) 2:51
12. Michel Legrand – The Windmills Of Your Mind (Original) 3:33
13. The Boxtops – Soul Deep (Live) 5:29
14. Jay Black Formerly Of Jay & The Americans – This Magic Moment (Re-Recording) 2:43
15. Sly & The Family Stone – Life Of Fortune And Fame (Original) 3:15

01. The Flowerpot Men – Walk In The Sky (Original) 3:50
02. American Breed – Bend Me,Shape Me (Re-Recording) 2:12
03. The Dixie Cups – Chapel Of Love (Original) 2:50
04. Tommy Roe – Dizzy (Re-Recording) 3:02
05. Chris Farlowe – Out Of Time (Original) 3:13
06. Ben E. King – I Who Have Nothing (Re-Recording) 2:22
07. Herman's Hermits – THere's A Kind Of Hush (Re-Recording) 2:39
08. Tommy James – Crimson And Clover (Re-Recording) 3:27
09. Melanie – Beautiful People (Re-Recording) 5:59
10. Jose Feliciano – LIght My Fire (Re-Recording) 3:08
11. Classics IV Featuring Dennis Yost – Traces (Re-Recording) 2:42
12. Canned Heat – Let's Work Together (Live) 3:56
13. Johnny Winter – Avocado Green (Re-Recording) 2:30
14. Jerry Butler – Only The Strong Survive (Re-Recording) 2:40
15. Humble Pie – The Sad Bag Of Shaky Jake (Original) 2:58

01. The Temptations – Papa Was A Rolling Stone (Re-Recording) 7:12
02. The Foundations – Build Me Up, Buttercup (Re-Recording) 2:39
03. Joe South – Games People Play (Re-Recording) 3:30
04. Mungo Jerry – In The Summertime (Original) 3:30
05. P.P. Arnold – The First Cut Is The Deepest (Original) 3:01
06. Jefferson Airplane – Somebody To Love (Live) 4:30
07. Nina Simone – Ain't Got No/I Got Life (Live) 6:12
08. The Small Faces – If I Were A Carpenter (Live) 2:36
09. Jimi Hendrix – Voodoo Chile(Slight Return) [Short Version)] (Live) 5:17
10. Canned Heat – Going Up The Country (Live) 2:57
11. Glen Campbell – Wichita Lineman (Live)1:53
12. Jeannie C. Riley – Harper Valley PTA (Original) 3:12
13. The Ventures – Hawaii- Five- O (Re-Recording) 1:45
14. Roy Clark – Yesterday When I Was Young (Original) 3:17
15. Rod Stewart – (Just A) Little Misunderstood (Original) 3:36