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Andromeda - Definitive Collection 2000

Andromeda was a Psychedelic, Hard Rock trio formed by singer-guitarist John Cann (also known as John Du Cann), formerly of the psychedelic garage band the Attack, Mick Hawksworth (bass, vocals), and Ian McClane (drums, vocals). The group performed in various London venues including Middle Earth and the Marquee Club. Cann's guitar was the dominant instrument, leading listeners through classically based psychedelic and progressive directions and creative dissonances, contributing to the trio's impressive live sets.

They were an English rock group, that formed in 1966. However, soon after formation, the band changed lineup, and led by John Du Cann a new line-up recorded their eponymous album in 1969 with backing vocals by Eddie Dyche. The group split upon Du Cann's departure to join Atomic Rooster in 1970. Du Cann, Hawksworth, and Collins also comprised the one-off studio band The Five Day Week Straw People. Hawksworth later briefly joined Killing Floor.

Andromeda combined their own original writing with elements appropriated out of familiar classical material. They were signed to RCA in 1969 but before that they'd appeared live on the BBC's Top Gear program in 1968, and in the 1990s, other live recordings from their performances at Middle Earth have surfaced as well. The group's first single, "Go Your Way," was released in 1969 and a self-titled album (which featured some impressive vocals) followed quickly. The group broke up late in the year, and Cann joined Vincent Crane in Atomic Rooster, and revived the group with him at the end of the '70s, while Hawksworth played with Alvin Lee and became a member of Ten Years After (and Ten Years Later), as well as playing with Matthew Fisher. Compact disc reissues of Andromeda's work began appearing in the '90s on the Kissing Spell label.

In '69, they were helped by John Peel, after recording sessions in Top Gear programme. It was arranged for them to record a single, by RCA, in Peel's label Dandelion; later they signed a contract to record an album, self titled. The band had some disagreements with Peel by the time Collins left, being substituted by Ian McLane, and they broke the contract. Though the band toured with BLACK SABBATH, recorded several live radio performances and even Pete Townshend from THE WHO showed his interest to produce their album, nothing turned out as expected, but they could hold a contract with RCA, were they released their only, self- titled album in '69. The album was acclaimed by critics, but had no great success among the public, so they never released another material again. Du Cann left in late 69' going to form Atomic Rooster, along with Vincent Crane and Carl Palmer from ARTHUR BROWN BAND. The other members tried to continue with new guitarists, but the band soon split.

Their work was forgotten during the years, and only in the 90's ANDROMEDA had its material released, including extras, live material, BBC sessions, and re-releases of the first album. All their material can be found in a collection released under the name 'The Definitive Collection'. Their eponymous album was re-released remastered with bonus tracks; there are many variations of it and other albums comprising some of the material of 'The Definitive Collection'.

In September 2017, a copy of their first album sold for over £1,000 ($1,200 USD) on Discogs.



John Du Cann - lead vocals, guitar
Mick Hawksworth - bass guitar
Jack McCulloch (aka Jack Collins) - drums
Ian McLane - drums



This two-CD set does include the entirety of Andromeda's sole, self-titled album (presented in sequence as the first eight songs), but there is so much more material here that this is much more than a mere expanded reissue of Andromeda. There's the non-LP single "Go Your Way"/"Keep Out 'Cos I'm Dying," and no less than 24 previously unreleased tracks, including the last six cuts on disc one and the entirety of disc two. Some of these additions are alternate versions of material from their LP and single, but most are entirely different songs.

Sources are not given for all of these previously unavailable items, although five are identified as having been done for John Peel's Top Gear radio show in 1968, and two are noted as outtakes from Andromeda, two as 1967 recordings, and four as live 1967-1968 cuts. Although some psych/prog collectors may beg to differ, on the evidence of these tracks, Andromeda seem to have been a better band before their official album. Prior to Andromeda, they usually espoused a lighter, more melodic brand of British psych, sometimes strongly echoing the songs that Jack Bruce wrote and sang for Cream (check out "Ode to the Sea" especially) and the late-period Yardbirds (whom Andromeda sometimes supported live).

Dig those couple of neat guitar-psych versions of "Exodus," and the tender folk-rock of "All in You," which differs from anything else the band recorded. The self-titled LP consists of erratic, undistinguished heavy psych with one foot in hard rock and one toe in metal, although the band does vary the mood with occasional quiet and reflective passages. Due to the wealth of material, this set is certainly preferable to other Andromeda releases, legitimate or otherwise, which contain less material, or only the tracks from the Andromeda LP.
by Richie Unterberger

Andromeda – Definitive Collection
Label: Angel Air Records – SJPCD053
Format: 2 x CD, Compilation, Remastered
Country: UK
Released: 2000
Genre: Rock
Style: Psychedelic Rock, Hard Rock



01. Too Old    4:58
02. Day Of The Change    5:02
03. And Now The Sun Shines    4:00
04. Turns To Dust    (6:49)
05. Return To Sanity   8:20
06.The Reason    3:32
07. I Can Stop The Song     2:10
08. When To Stop    (8:32)
08a.The Traveller   
08b.Turning Point    
08c.Journey's End   
09. Go Your Way    3:03
10. Keep Out 'Cos I'm Dying    3:46
11. The Garden Of Happiness    3:11
12. Return To Exodus    2:26
13. Journey's End (Reprise)    3:03
14. Let's All Watch The Sky Fall Down    4:03
15. Darkness Of Her Room    5:10
16. See Into The Stars    7:14

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01. The Day Of The Change    4:33
02. The Reason    3:47
03. Return To Sanity    4:29
04. Keep Out 'Cos I'm Dying    5:53
05. Search On    3:06
06. Ode To The Sea    4:08
07. Lonely Streets    4:15
08. Sleep Like A Child    3:27
09. I Was Left Behind    3:37
10. I Just Wanna Live My Life    2:25
11. The Lodger    2:20
12. Dreamland    3:17
13. Round House Blues (Live)    8:58
14. Walking On (Live)    3:26
15. I'm Searching (Live)    2:14
16. Acidus (Live)    10:19
17. All In You    3:28
18. Step This Way    4:03

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Flac  Size: 386 MB


  1. Thank you Kostas for the new entry today. There is no need to say another word about the great Andromeda !! Your blog is currently by far the most interesting blog i know after ones or two others stopped appearing. Always the highest level !! (There are other blogs but there is more bad than good).
    Above all, the multituede of music through all the decades and the variety makes it stand out.

    1. Thank you my friend for your beautiful words. I really try for my best.

    2. Are you going on vacation this year ?
      The last one was i think in Septembre ?
      If so, i can mentally prepare for the hole right away.

    3. Maybe I will go for a few days in September. I have to decide it

  2. Thanks for Andromeda!!! And thanks for all your time and effords and for sharing!!!

  3. Спасибо Вам, Костас, за Ваш благородный труд. От всех любителей и собирателей настоящего рока.

  4. A great group, and John Du Cann was a great musician as well. I feel that both groups, Andromeda and Atomic Rooster, didn't get the recognition they deserved. As one of Andromeda's members later joined Ten Years After, I remembered that Ten Years After played a gig at Athens sometime around late 80s which I only read about later. They played at a cinema stage and I think it was a morning show. I also remember Uriah Heep around the same time, but I hope I will be there at Fuzz Club this time in December.

    1. Anonymouy, i think it's good that you make comments that are only beyond the thanks. You don't always have to agree, but i always find it interesting when someone has something to say.
      That Andromeda didn't get the undeserved recognition is unfortunately all too true. How many man bands !!! Often it's the not so successful bands, at least for me, that are far better then the succesful ones.
      It seems like everywhere that the sophisticated and the really good is always a matter for the minority.
      But i don't want to have anything to do with Ten Years After or even Uriah Heep, especially around 1980, no to mention today.

    2. Josef, I have to agree that commercial success doesn't always meet those who deserve it. About the live gigs, during the late 80s there were groups that weren't charting any more, groups like Ten Years After or Santana, and they would play smaller venues in smaller countries. Uriah Heep came right after their historic shows in USSR, I think they played at Lykavitos. Anyway, I will try to attend the gig this time, better late than never, no?

    3. Anonymous, are you Russian ?
      Well, the main thing is that you like it.
      Santana, U. Heep were never my thing. Ten Years After only up to about 70.
      But i never played that band much more.

    4. Josef, I am Greek, I am not a fan of Santana (though I recognize the value and merit of their first albums), but I mentioned them in the general scheme of events.

      I also have to agree that Ten Years After were similar to the Rolling Stones in that regard, that the "before the 70s" was much more interesting musically, which obviously is the case with Santana as well.

      Uriah Heep had a change of direction after Byron left that was unfortunate. Still, I want to see them live.

    5. Anonymous, i'm glad that we are similar in the assement of the mentioned bands. I find Santana Live in Winterland from the end of 1968 the most interesting, so before the 1st lp and you're right, the first one is still ok.

    6. I had a little inaccuracy with Santana live. (from memory). It took place in December 1968 at the Fillmore West do-cd (not Winterland) and as i said it's really good.

    7. There is also a very early Santana concert that was recorded as sbd from the Avalon Ballroom April 1968. I think 80 min also recommended.

  5. A friend told me today that friends of his had intensive contact with John Cipollin at a show in San Francisco. He invited her to his home.
    But they didn't go. At the next show he asked them reproachfully why they didn't come ?
    What else can you say about missing such a chance. I myself would have had a thousand and more questions. A whole book !
    What (especially human) ideots.

  6. A question Kostas, maybe you know ?
    I have following cds from Martyn Bates (ex Eyeless in Gaza):
    Love smashed on a rock
    Stars come trembling
    Letters to a scattered family + the return of the quiet
    Do you know if there's anything else good abour him ?

    1. The devil in the grain (2001) is also a very good album.

  7. There is no Bates album by that name.
    But don't bother anymore.

    1. 12000 Days was a duo comprising Martyn Bates and Alan Trench. The Devil In The Grain is their album and it is very nice. Okay now?

    2. I found.
      Should have looked more closely.
      Excuse me.