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Fever Tree: 1969 Live + Filigree And Shadow 2002


Forget about high tec recording set up. It´s just a rough recording live set with all such long standing songs of the time. A good work made by Sundazed and another texan favourite band.

Fever Tree were literally at the end of their run when they recorded this concert at a high school in Houston, Texas in 1969. The band were disappointed with their album "For Sale", they'd grown tired of touring, and lead singer Dennis Keller had already announced his intention to leave the group, so this show was staged for the purposes of recording a live album that would fulfill Fever Tree's contractual obligations to their record company.

One might not expect an especially enthusiastic performance given these circumstances, but Fever Tree were in commendable form the night these tapes rolled, sounding tight and delivering plenty of fire.

However, this concert makes it clear that on stage Fever Tree were a very different animal than the band that recorded their celebrated albums. In the studio, Fever Tree were guided by songwriters and producers Scott and Vivian Holtzman, who smoothed out the group's rougher edges and gave their recordings an artful, ethereal tough. Live, the group couldn't and didn't reproduce the nuanced string and horn arrangements of their records, and instead they played harder and heavier, emphasizing extended improvisations and lengthy guitar workouts from guitarist Michael Knust and keyboard man Rob Landes.



A1.  Grand Candy Young Sweet 8:32
A2.  Ninety-Nine and One Half (Won't Do) 10:59
B1.  Don't Come Crying to Me Girl 8:15
B2.  Hey Gyp 8:15
B3.  San Francisco Girls (Return of the Native) 4:12

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Flac  Size: 219 MB



This CD includes tracks of their first LP, live recordings and rare singles. Is a Collection of tracks and reunion demos. Most of the material on this album is sourced from very poor sources: Either it's clearly dubbed from vinyl, including surface noise, or it's from some super low quality source, perhaps old casette tapes. It's very, very clear that it's not made from the master tapes.



Dennis Keller - vocals
Michael Stephen Knust - guitar
Rob Landes - synthesizer, organ, piano
E.E. Wolfe Bud - bass guitar
John Tuttle - drums 


Fever Tree – Filigree And Shadow
Label: Spalax Music – SPALAXCD14595
Format:    CD, Compilation
Country: France
Released: 2002
Genre: Rock
Style: Psychedelic Rock



01. Commercial   01:02
02. Grand Candy Young Sweet   00:30
03. You Dont See Me   3:28
04. Man Who Paints The Pictures  02:30
05. Taft Street Strut   03:43
06. Cruzzing   03:04
07. Imitation Situation   03:59
08. San Francisco Girls   03:04
09. Don't Push Me   02:33
10. Where Do You Go   02:31
11. Ninety-Nine And One Half   02:41
12. Puppet   04:47
13. Angelina   09:03
14. Party Time Anytime  03:34
15. Filigree And Shadow   03:54

MP3 @ 320 Size: 118 MB
Flac  Size: 296 MB


  1. Thanks Kostas fir FILGREE AND SHADOWS. I have never seen these before.

  2. When the Fever Tree live 69 came out it was sensational (at least for me). A live recording of more or less obscure band in exc. quality similar to H. P. Lovecraft in the Fillmore May 1968, what more could wish for.
    What was missed here not having made live recordings of obscure bands anymore... if only there was a time machine !

    1. A time machine. Yes. So many thinks to do with it.

  3. Thanks for complementing the last post with more Fever Tree

  4. Got the 2 Monika from Athens yesterday. And heard today. Music that you like from the start. Marvelous !
    Without you i would never have met many other greek musicians.

  5. Hey Josef, I don't know what's happening but I can't publish your comment about Monika.

  6. Replies
    1. Next week I' ll introduce you another great Greek band.

    2. I'm really looking forward to it !

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