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Phil Shoenfelt And Southern Cross : Dead Flowers For Alice 1999

Phil Shoenfelt was born in Bradford, England, in 1952.
After colliding with the London Punk scene in the mid-1970’s, he moved to New York where he formed the post-punk noise band " Khmer rouge ". In the early 1980’s they supported acts such as "Suicide" , "Tom Verlaine", and "The Clash" and are featured on the “White Columns Noise Festival Tape” which also includes early versions of "Sonic Youth" and "Swans".

Khmer Rouge returned to London in 1984 and after supporting "The Fall" on two British tours split in 1986.

In 1989 Shoenfelt began a solo career, releasing records as Phil Shoenfelt.
One year later Paperhouse Records put out his album "Backwoods Crucifixion", in 1993 Shoenfelt's second album "God Is The Other Face Of The Devil" was released by Humbug Records. Since 1995 Shoenfelt lives in Prague, where he put together his current band, Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross (also: SHOENFELT). With Southern Cross he recorded by now three albums (Blue Highway, Dead Flowers For Alice, Ecstatic).

In 1992 he worked with "Crime And The City Solutions’s" singer Simon Bonney on his first solo album.
The next Phil Shoenfelt CD was “God Is The Other Face Of The Devil”, released on Humbug Records/Trident Music International in 1993, and in the summer of 1994 a tour of the Czech Republic was organised in conjunction with the popular Czech band "Ticha dohoda", who learned Shoenfelt’s songs and backed him on the tour.

Since 1995 Shoenfelt lives in Prague, where he put together his current band, Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross . With Southern Cross he recorded by now three albums (Blue Highway, Dead Flowers For Alice, Ecstatic).

In 1997 Shoenfelt founded a new band Fatal Shore, together with Bruno Adams and Chris Hughes (both ex-members of Once Upon A Time). They made 3 album CDs - Fatal Shore, Free Fall, Real World.

Phil Shoenfelt also collaborated with Nikki Sudden. On Sudden's 1997/1998 tour Shoenfelt was the lead guitarist.

Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross released their fourth studio album "" on November 1st, 2010. This album contains 9 new songs and a cover version of Iggy Pop & The Stooges' "Open Up And Bleed".


01 A Dialogue Between The Soul And Body 4:45
Lyrics By - Andrew Marvell
Music By - Phil Shoenfelt
02 Ballad Of Elijah Cain 10:19
03 Darkest Hour 4:34
04 Dead Flowers For Alice 5:13
05 Demon Seed 5:04
06 Letter From Berlin (Part 2) 5:47
07 Shining World 6:04
08 Traitor's Eyes 5:04
09 Veronika's Veil 4:28

A Dialogue Between The Soul And Body : An incredible song which based on a poem of Andrew Marvell (1621-1678)

Andrew Marvell (31 March 1621 – 16 August 1678) was an English Metaphysical Poet.

The metaphysical poets were a loose group of British lyric poets of the 17th century, who shared an interest in metaphysical concerns and a common way of investigating them, and whose work was characterised by inventiveness of metaphor (these involved comparisons being known as metaphysical conceits). These poets were not formally affiliated; most of them did not even know or read each other.



O, WHO shall from this dungeon raise
A soul enslaved so many ways ?
With bolts of bones, that fettered stands
In feet, and manacled in hands ;
Here blinded with an eye, and there
Deaf with the drumming of an ear ;
A soul hung up, as 'twere, in chains
Of nerves, and arteries, and veins ;
Tortured, besides each other part,
In a vain head, and double heart ?


O, who shall me deliver whole,
From bonds of this tyrannic soul ?
Which, stretched upright, impales me so
That mine own precipice I go ;
And warms and moves this needless frame,
(A fever could but do the same),
And, wanting where its spite to try,
Has made me live to let me die
A body that could never rest,
Since this ill spirit it possessed.


What magic could me thus confine
Within another's grief to pine ?
Where, whatsoever it complain,
I feel, that cannot feel, the pain ;
And all my care itself employs,
That to preserve which me destroys ;
Constrained not only to endure
Diseases, but, what's worse, the cure ;
And, ready oft the port to gain,
Am shipwrecked into health again.


But Physic yet could never reach
The maladies thou me dost teach ;
Whom first the cramp of hope does tear,
And then the palsy shakes of fear ;
The pestilence of love does heat,
Or hatred's hidden ulcer eat ;
Joy's cheerful madness does perplex,
Or sorrow's other madness vex ;
Which knowledge forces me to know,
And memory will not forego ;
What but a soul could have the wit
To build me up for sin so fit ?
So architects do square and hew
Green trees that in the forest grew.


I dreamed that I was a sailor
John Pilgrim was my name
I sailed a ship out of Bristol town
Headed for the coast of Maine
My love she was a young girl
To me she was a queen
Her daddy was rich I was poor
She was just seventeen

I held her close beside me
And I told her my goodbye
How could I know that within a year
She was doomed to die
Now my fortune is a legend
Won by force of arms
But I'd give it all up just to get her back
With all her woman's charms

And the rain falls down
And the rain falls down
And the rain falls down
On me...

The Lord came down to Moses
And he said "Now listen well,
Write these words in stone
And take them down to Israel"
As the thunder came crashing
I went reaching for my gun
When in truth I was only aching
To put an end to what I've become

When I woke up the sun was shining
And I knew that you're gone
I know I said that I didn't care
Ah, but honey I was wrong
And I felt just like a soldier
When I walked into your room
You said you'd never betray me
But you spoke too soon

And the rain falls down
And the rain falls down
And the rain falls down
On me...

Now the road goes on forever
And the sky it never ends
East to west and north to south
And right back again
And as I lose my vision
Like some leper refugee
Out of space and out of time
And out of destiny

The last time that I saw her
She was standing in the street
The crowd flowed all around her
Like a river at her feet
I remember how she looked at me
With her dark and haunted eyes
Like a saint throen to the fire
Stripped of all disguise

And the rain falls down
And the rain falls down
And the rain falls down
On me

Label : ZYX Music
Catalog : TZ 40014-2
Recorded and mixed at Vintage studio
Pruhenice, Prague, December 1998
Format : CD, Album
Made in : Germany
Original Release Date : August 8, 1999

Phil Shoenfelt vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Pavel Cingl violins, electric guitars
Pavel Krtous bass guitar
Jarda Kvasnicka drums, percussion
guest musicians:
Dave Boulter organ
Tomas Brozek piano

CD Rip
Size : 119 MB
Bitrate : 320

Take it HERE

Phil Shoenfelt on this Blog HERE

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Robin Trower: Day Of The Eagle 1973 - 1980

Robin Trower (born Robin Leonard Trower, 9 March 1945, Catford, South East London, England) is an English rock guitarist who achieved success with Procol Harum during the 1960s, and then again as the bandleader of his own power trio.

Trower has been a long time proponent of the Fender Stratocaster. He currently uses his custom built Strat (made by the Fender Custom Shop) which comes in Black, Arctic White and Midnight Wine Burst. The guitar is equipped with a 1950s reissue pickup in the neck position, a 1960s reissue in the middle position, and a Texas Special at the bridge .

In 1962, Trower formed a group that became The Paramounts

Before launching his own eponymous band, he joined singer Frankie Miller, bass player James Dewar, and former Jethro Tull drummer Clive Bunker to form the short-lived combo Jude .

Trower then joined Brooker's new band Procol Harum in 1967, with whom he remained until 1972.

Trower's most famous album is " Bridge of Sighs " (1974).

In the early 1980s, Trower teamed up with former Cream bassist Jack Bruce and his previous drummers Lordan and Isidore, for two albums .

Trower's album, Living Out of Time (2003), features the return of veteran bandmates Dave Bronze on bass, vocalist Davey Pattison (formerly with Ronnie Montrose's band Gamma) and Pete Thompson on drums - the same lineup as the mid 1980s albums Passion and Take What You Need.

With the same bandmates Trower gave a concert on his 60th birthday in Bonn, Germany.
In 2007 Trower released a third recording with Jack Bruce .


1967 Procol Harum
1968 Shine on Brightly
1969 A Salty Dog
1970 Ain't Nothin' to Get Excited About (members of Procol Harum, as Liquorice John Death)
1970 Home
1971 Broken Barricades
1991 The Prodigal Stranger
1995 The Long Goodbye

With Bryan Ferry ( ROXY MUSIC )

1993 Taxi (Bryan Ferry)
2000 Mamouna (Bryan Ferry)
2007 Dylanesque (Bryan Ferry)

With Jack Bruce ( CREAM )

1981 B.L.T.
1982 Truce
1989 No Stopping Anytime (compilation)
2008 Seven Moons


1. Day Of The Eagle
2. Caledonia
3. Confessin' Midnight

4. Too Rolling Stoned (Live)
5. Bridge Of Sighs
6. Man Of The World
7. Take A Fast Train
8. Daydream
9. Gonna Be More Suspicious
10. About To Begin
11. Long Misty Days
12. Alethea (Live)
13. In City Dreams
14. Victims Of The Fury
15. Rock Me Baby (Live)
16. The Ring
17. Caravan To Midnight


The sun don't shine
The moon don't move the tides,
to wash me clean

Sun don't shine
The moon don't move the tides,
to wash me clean

Why so unforgiving and why so cold
Been a long time crossing Bridge of Sighs

Cold wind blows
The Gods look down in anger,
on this poor child

Cold wind blows
And Gods look down in anger,
on this poor child

Why so unforgiving and why so cold
Been a long time crossing Bridge of Sighs .


If you stand in the light, you get the feel of the ride
And the music that plays in your ears
In your head you can hear, a voice so sweet and clear
And the music that plays in your head
As it flows up from the ground
Taking all who hear that sound
Close your eyes, its about to begin

Hardly daring to breath, a new life you perceive
You try hard not to break the spell
While at once it seems both, so far and yet so close
If you reach out to touch, it will be gone
As it flows up from the ground
Taking all who hear that sound

Close your eyes, its about to begin
Close your eyes, its about to begin
Close your eyes, its about to begin
Close your eyes, its about to begin

CD Rip
Size : 186 MB
Bitrate : 320

MP3 Take it HERE

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The Flow - Incubation [2003]

The Flow



Label : The Flow
Format: Cd
Country: Greece
Released: 2003
Genre: Rock
Style: Psychedelic Progressive

download link: here 

buy the cd: here [cduniverse]
or here [anazitisirecords]

THE FLOW is an English speaking psychedelic space-rock band from Patras, Greece. They like to blend old analogue synthesisers and drum machines with rock guitars and weird vocal effects. The Flow's music creates images and moods.
They formed in 1999 and consist of six members. "Incubation" is their fantastic debut album in which they invite Greek musicians that play Greek folk instruments such as darambouka, daouli and other. You can find more details in their site

Incubation is their debut album, a mixture of 60's dreamy psychedelia, 70's space rock, fusion jazz, and laptop electronica. 6-members band consists of male/female vocals, electric guitars, bass, drums, synths and occasional flute, clarinet, nei and various percussion instruments.

The Band
Νικολακόπουλος Θάνος (φωνή) Thanos Nikolakopoulos (voice)
Νικολακοπούλου Κατερίνα (φωνητικά) Katerina Nikolakopoulou (vocals)
Οικονομόπουλος Θανάσης (πλήκτρα, laptop) Thanasis Ekonomopoulos (synths, laptop)
Σταθόπουλος Γιάννης (μπάσο) Giannis Stathopoulos (bass)
Μπούσιας Άκης (κιθάρα) Akis Bousias (guitar)
Παπανδρεόπουλος Περικλής (τύμπανα) Periklis Papandreopoulos (drums)

Σχηματίστηκαν στην Πάτρα και άρχισαν να δίνουν τα πρώτα live show τους το 1999.
Το 2003 κυκλοφόρησαν το 1ο πρώτο τους δίσκο με τίτλο “Incubation”. Η μουσική τους είναι επηρεασμένη από το ψυχεδελικό ροκ των 60ς, το Krautrock, το progressive ροκ των 70ς αλλά και από πιο σύγχρονες μπάντες. Από το Γενάρη του 2010 έχουν αρχίσει να γράφουν νέα τραγούδια και σχεδιάζουν σύντομα να κυκλοφορήσουν το 2ο δίσκο τους.

* * * * * * *

Αν σας αρέσει ο ήχος των Ozric Tentacles ή οι Pink Floyd τότε σίγουρα πρέπει να τους ακούσετε.
Μια ιδιαίτερα αξιόλογη δουλειά, και παίρνω το θάρρος να σας δώσω και το νέο τους τραγούδι "Coming Out From The Dust " εδώ (το ψάρεψα από το myspace τους).
Πληροφορίες πήρα από τα sites της Anazitisi και cduniverse.

Υγεία και ευτυχία και μια καλύτερη - όσο γίνεται - χρονιά από την περσινή να έχουμε όλοι μας.

Gotlib : Η Τρελή Νύχτα

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Mare Yiem Live

Οι Mare Yiem σας προσκαλούν την Πέμπτη 30/12
στη μουσική σκηνή Πυρήνας Μουσική Σκηνή

Ώρα 22:00, Εισ.8ευρώ
Διεύθυνση: Μιχαλακοπούλου & Διοχάρους 11
Τηλέφωνο: 210 7237150

Παραδοσιακοί ήχοι και ρυθμοί της ανατολής συναντιούνται με την αρμονία και τον ηλεκτρισμό της δύσης. Τραγούδια από τη Μεσόγειο και τα Βαλκάνια, ήχοι ελληνικοί, ήχοι του κόσμου με μπλουζ και τζαζ αποχρώσεις. Πρωτότυπες οργανικές συνθέσεις και τραγούδια με έντονο το χορευτικό στοιχείο, τη χιουμοριστική διάθεση και την ανατροπή.

Αγγελική Τουμπανάκη - τραγούδι
Αλίκη Μαρκαντωνάτου - πιάνο, ακορντεόν
Δημήτρης Χιώτης - κρητική λύρα
Λευτέρης Βαλασέλλης - κιθάρα
Δημήτρης Ψύχας - άταστο ηλεκτρικό μπάσο
Γιάννης Ευσταθόπουλος - κρουστά

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Γκούλαγκ - Η Άλλη Πλευρά [7'' Single] 1994

The Other Side
7'' Single

A The Other Side
B Eight More Lost Hours

Γκούλαγκ - Η Άλλη Πλευρά
Label:Lazy Dog Records
Catalog#:LZD 007
Format:Vinyl, 7", Single
Released:Feb 1994
Style:Hardcore, Punk

A Η Άλλη Πλευρά
B Άλλες 8 Χαμένες Ώρες

Bass - G.T. Vampire
Drums - Κώστας Καρκάλης
Engineer - Παντελής Δεληγιανίδης , Στάθης Παπανδρέου
Guitar - Κώστας Αποστολίδης
Lyrics By, Music By - Γκούλαγκ
Photography [Cover] - Κατερίνα Καστανάρα
Producer - Γκούλαγκ , Π. Δεληγιανίδης
Vocals - Αλέκος

Recorded at Rock Sound Studio, November 1993.

Flac & Scans 43 MB here
Or Here

Lazy Dog bandcamp here

Αλέκος Κανταρτζής φωνή
George T. Vampire μπάσο
Κώστας Αποστολίδης κιθάρα
Κώστας Καρκάλης τύμπανα
Γιώργος Καζέλης κιθάρα
Κώστας Κουβίδης τύμπανα
Φώτης Δεμερτζής τύμπανα

Είναι πολλές φορές που τα λόγια είναι περίσσεια και οι περιγραφές φαντάζουν τόσο στείρες και τόσο ανούσιες. Είναι πολλές φορές που δεν μπορείς να περιγράψεις τον ήχο ή την σκηνική παρουσία ενός γκρουπ με λόγια αν δε τη ζήσεις. Τότε ακούς, βλέπεις και μένεις αποσβολωμένος. Αυτό συμβαίνει με τους Γκούλαγκ.

Ξεκίνησαν το 1985 και μας άφησαν άφωνους με τη σκηνική τους παρουσία και τον ανεπανάληπτό τους ήχο. Τότε ακόμη δεν ξέραμε. Πρωτόγνωρα τα συναισθήματα. Και άφωνοι χάσκαμε κάθε φορά που τους βλέπαμε. Και η Είσοδος Κινδύνου της Lazy Dog βρίσκεται στο ίδιο επίπεδο, επάξια δίπλα σε ένα Bad Seed, δίπλα στο Metal Circus ή το In Got We Trust. Δεν έχει να ζηλέψει σε τίποτα από δαύτα. Εμπνευσμένοι στίχοι που ξεφεύγουν από τα τετριμμένα που είχαν ακουστεί ως τότε, που δεν απαγγέλλονται απλώς, αλλά θαρρείς πως είναι προσωπικά βιώματα του τραγουδιστή, οργισμένο με αιτία hardcore που συναρπάζει με τη μελωδικότητά του, τέχνη στη σύνθεση σε κάθε νότα που ξεσηκώνει.

Μετά την Είσοδο Κινδύνου θ' ακολουθήσει η κασέτα Είμαστε Μικροί Μα Θα Μεγαλώσουμε, και το γκρουπ μεγαλώνει ξεφεύγοντας κάποια στιγμή από τα στείρα Ελληνικά όρια με τις επιτυχημένες Ευρωπαϊκές του περιοδείες. Σε Γερμανικό label βγάζουν το εφτάιντσο Big Talk με πέντε κομμάτια που κάποια από αυτά το 1990 θα μπαίνουν στο Στην Αυλή Των Θεαμάτων. Είναι ο δίσκος που συνεχίζει και ολοκληρώνει το έργο που έμεινε μισό μετά την Είσοδο. Δίσκος δυσθεώρητος για τα Ελληνικά δεδομένα, τέλειο δείγμα στιχουργικής και συνθετικής ολοκλήρωσης θ' ακούγεται φρέσκος για πάντα.

Η διεθνής πορεία του γκρουπ συνεχίζεται, και οι ίδιοι συμμετέχουν στη συλλογή 16 Guys Against The Rest Of The World, ενώ το 1994 βγάζουν το single Η Άλλη Πλευρά/Άλλες 8 Χαμένες Ώρες. Το 1996 βγαίνει ο τελευταίος τους δίσκος Πάτα Γερά με σαφώς ανανεωμένο ήχο που αφήνει πίσω της παλιές hardcore ημέρες, για να μας παρουσιάσει μια πιο φρέσκια και μοντέρνα έκφραση. Ηχεί σαν λίγο από Rollins Band και Fugazi με ανάμιξη από Rage Against The Machine, και τώρα που πέρασαν τα χρόνια αποδεικνύεται το ίδιο σημαντικός με τους προηγούμενους.
Μίλτος Τσίπτσιος []

1990 Στην αυλή των θεαμάτων (Lazy Dog)
1996 Πάτα γερά (Lazy Dog)
1996 Στην αυλή των θεαμάτων / Είσοδος κινδύνου 0οC (Lazy Dog)
Singles & EPs
1987 Είσοδος κινδύνου 0οC (Lazy Dog)
1989 Μόνο Λόγια / Big Talk (Wreckage)
1994 Η άλλη πλευρά (Lazy Dog)


* * * * * * *
Τι καλύτερο για να αφήσουμε πίσω μας τον χρόνο που φεύγει και να υποδεχτούμε τον καινούργιο...
''...γιατί βλέπεις ότι θέλουν να δεις
όσοι έχουν κάτι για να κρύψουνε...''
αλλά και η σπαρακτική κραυγή που φωνάζει
''...οκτώ χαμένες ώρες για μια μπουκιά ψωμί.."
Επίκαιροι όπως τότε, οι Γκούλαγκ είναι η κορυφαία μπάντα που έδρασε στα μέρη μας, από την εποχή των Σύνδρομο.

Εύχομαι σε όλους καλή χρονιά.

We Wish You Marry Xmas and A F+ckin ' Rock'n 'Roll New Year : Design by QUINO

QUINO on this Blog HERE

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The Pork Guys is a punk rock band with members :

Paul Yates
and Tarquin Katis.

JOE STRUMMER ( THE CLASH ) 21 August 1952 - 22 December 2002


They offered me the office, offered me the shop
They said I'd better take anything they'd got
Do you wanna make tea at the BBC?
Do you wanna be, do you really wanna be a cop?

Career opportunities are the ones that never knock
Every job they offer you is to keep you out the dock
Career opportunities, the ones that never knock.

I hate all of my school's rules
They just think that I'm another fool.

Bus driver....ambulance man....ticket inspector
I don't understand.

They're gonna have to introduce conscription
They're gonna have to take away my prescription
If they wanna get me making toys
If they wanna get me, I got no choice.


Career opportunities, the ones that never knock.

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Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band : The Mirror Man Sessions 1999

Don Vliet ( Captain Beefheart ) was born January 15, 1941 in Glendale, California .
During his teen years in Lancaster, California, Van Vliet acquired an eclectic musical taste and formed "a mutually useful but volatile" friendship with Frank Zappa, with whom he sporadically competed and collaborated.

In their original incarnation, the Magic Band were a blues-rock outfit who became staples of the teen-dance circuit; they quickly signed to A&M Records, where the success of the single "Diddy Wah Diddy" earned them the opportunity to record a full-length album.

Mirror Man is the fifth studio album by Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band. It contains material which was recorded in 1967 for Buddah Records, and which was originally intended for release as part of an abandoned project entitled It Comes to You in a Plain Brown Wrapper.
The album is dominated by three long, blues-rooted jams featuring uncharacteristically sparse lyrical accompaniment from Beefheart. A fourth tune, the eight-minute "Kandy Korn", is an earlier version of a track that appears on Strictly Personal. In 1999, Buddha Records issued an expanded version of the album entitled The Mirror Man Sessions, which features five additional tracks taken from the abandoned tapes.

The Mirror Man Sessions

In 1999, Buddha Records (which had renamed itself to correct the earlier misspelling, 'Buddah') reissued the album under the title The Mirror Man Sessions, which was released with a newly expanded track list and a 12-page booklet explaining the history of the recordings. The additional tracks included on this release are also taken from the abandoned Brown Wrapper sessions, and thus yield a track listing which is somewhat closer to the original concept.


1. Tarotplane – 19:08
2. 25th Century Quaker – 9:50
3. Mirror Man – 15:46
4. Kandy Korn – 8:06
5. Trust Us (Take 6) – 7:14
6. Safe as Milk (Take 12) – 5:00
7. Beatle Bones n' Smokin' Stones – 3:11
8. Moody Liz (Take 8) – 4:32
9. Gimme Dat Harp Boy – 3:32

MP3 Size : 177 MB
Bitrate : 320
Take it HERE
Flac Size: 457 MB