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The Gruesomes : Jack The Ripper "7" 45 rpm Vinyl 1985

The Gruesomes are a Canadian Garage Punk band formed in 1985 from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Taking their name from the scary neighbours on TV's Cartoon " The Flintstones " ,

the Gruesomes recorded their debut LP for Og Records, a Montreal independent music label.

The result was 1986's Tyrants of Teen Trash, a collection of primitive teen anthems that sold phenomenally in both Europe and North America and dominated the number one position on alternative playlists across the country.

The band's follow-up releases on Og, 1987's Gruesomania and 1988's Hey! were also chart toppers and established the band as one of Canada's biggest selling underground acts.

In 1987, Ottawa's John Knoll replaced Eric on drums, taking away from the punk sound that the band originally had, and leaning more to the early r'n'b sound that they acquired.

Always taking an irreverent approach to music, the Gruesomes were known for their humor and goofy stage antics. Their famous Halloween shows were schlocky tributes to horror themes, incorporating campy props such as coffins and Dracula capes.

In Late 1999 The Gruesomes reformed and recorded possibly their best effort to date "Cave-In!". The 14 track album was released on CD in Canada and on 12" vinyl in Germany. A tour to support "Cave-In!" brought the band to Europe for the first time.
Gigs in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Italy gave European fans their first glimpse of The Tyrants of Teen Trash (by this point only in their mid-30's). The Gruesomes continued to gig in Canada and The USA (including some very memorable performances at Cave-Stomp in NYC) and still perform occasionally.
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Bobby Beaton
Gerry Alvarez
John Davis
John Knoll
Eric Davis

"Jack The Ripper" (1985) (Primitive Records)

Reisued in 2009 by (Fuzz Overdose Records)


Side 1.

1. Jack The Ripper Part 1
2. Jack The Ripper Part 2

Side 2.

1. Things She Does To Me
2. No More Lies

Format : Vinyl 45 rpm
Label : Fuzz Overdose Records
Made : In Greece
Year : 2009
Size : 29 MB
Bitrate : 320

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