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Eloy : Ocean 1977

Eloy is a German progressive rock band, whose musical style includes symphonic and space rock, the latter theme being more prevalent on earlier albums. Despite their nationality and time period, the band is not generally considered krautrock because of their sound, which has much more in common with English progressive rock groups such as Pink Floyd, King Crimson and Yes.

Ocean was the sixth album released by the German progressive rock band Eloy. It was released in 1977 and is considered by many their finest album, a classic of the genre in Germany. It sold 200,000 copies, doing better than Genesis or Queen on the German charts.


Worlds atomize and Oceans eavporate in Eternity !
Man erects out of the darkness , laughs into
the glimmering light and disappears ...


Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Poseidon's Creation (11:38)
2. Incarnation Of The Logos (8:25)
3. Decay Of The Logos (8:15)
4. Atlantis' Agony At June 5th - 8498, 13 p.m. Gregorian Earthtime (15:35)

Total Time: 43:53

The Band

Frank Bornemann - Lead Vocals, All Electric, Acoustic, and Effect Guitars
Klaus-Peter Matziol - Vocals, Thunderbird and Fender Fretless Bass Guitars
Detlev Schmidtchen - Hammond Organ, Mini-Moog and ARP Synthesizers, Mellotron,
RMI Keyboard Computer, Xylophone, Angelic Voices
Jürgen Rosenthal - Sonor Genuine Rosewood Drums, Paiste Cymbals, Timbales,
Roto-Toms, Temple Blocks, Kettle-Drums, Tubular Bells, Morse Key, Voice, Triangles,
Paper and Flute



When the mighty sons of the spheres beyond
distributed the elements of earth
they laid down the foundation-stone
of highest spiritual birth
which ever existed since thousands of years
but is lost now in the future and past
lightyears away from our daily tears
those unperceived moments which always last

Poseidon became lord of earthquake and seas
master of oceans and all their wealth
god of an island, there lived a family
with a daughter of beauty and health
ATLANTIS was the island's name
greatest treasury of all times
human eyes didn't ever see the same
silver and gold, fertile hills, woodlands and plains
it was situated in front of the strait
they call "The Columns of Herakles"

Kleito was the daughter's name
a princely virgin of clearness and love
so Poseidon fell in love with her
and built a shrine on the mountains above
surrounded by a golden wall
and inside he placed his holy law

Son of god and daughter of earth
they created ten sons, human creatures
who've been of supreme beings at birth
of pure essence and perfect features
what a divine possibility to overcome Evil
so listen what Man did !


LOGOS ( Greek λόγος - logos ) is an important term in philosophy , analytical psychology , rhetoric and religion .
Originally a word meaning "word" , "speech" , "account" , or "reason " , it became a technical term in philosophy , beginning with Heraclitus (ca. 535–475 BC) , who used the term for the principle of order and knowledge in the Universe.

The sophists used the term to mean discourse , and Aristotle applied the term to "reasoned discourse" in the field of rhetoric.
The Stoic philosophers identified the term with the divine animating principle pervading the Universe.


No Native soil, no ocean, no salty wave
No sky above
No living being, no movement, no colours, no elements
No eye to see anything- complete emptiness
Before all was nothing?

The moon, companion of the sun,
touching celestial globe, motionless starry sky
The planets don't know where to move
They are unaware of puissance and of hope
Intrinsic virtues awake!

All of a sudden appears a light, horizons open wide
Voices fill the air
And The Gods Made Love!
The layers tremble and raise in staggering
And words transform into flesh and blood

The act of uppermost magic has begun
Impulses working on and on
Movement here and there
Vibrations Move The Atmosphere!

Transcendental forces penetrate
The planet we call Earth
And all spheres of the universe
All the elements burst!

A warm powerful breeze inspires inanimate matter
And a creature, shaky reeling on two legs
Extends it's hands shivering against the sky
Primary Procreation Is Accomplished!

MAN arises out of dusty clouds
Eyes are staring all around
Ears are noticing unknown sounds
Legs are pounding on the ground

Now Man knows he's not alone
So his hands take up the stone
Anxiety to hold his own
Fighting for the creatures throne

Man forms tribes to enlarge his chance
To survive the primeval living-dance
The strongest ones fight for leadership
And by these fights they attain the grip
On the weaker ones who become suppressed
By their violence
So are we possessed by the same ideas
In a world
That's full of fears and tears and "progresses


Overbearing secular creature
My worshipped king
King of wisdom and pain

You are the one, the mighty one
Ruling so wise
You're the universal sin

Guardian of justice
Offering help
Favorite victim of your self-made gods

Empty shroud
Who runs to the indigents aid
Oh my perfect hero!
Ah my mighty friend!

You're the prince of principle
Wiping out disobedience with your might
Autocratic might!
You don't stand for backtalk
So you root it all out by your weapon's light
The Atomar light!

You are born into your violence
And you live against superior truth
You are born to live the ignorance
And you're proud to kill your spiritual youth

From the upper sea of the setting sun
you submit all mankind to toe the line
To toe your line
You commit your frightful arms
against the palaces and treasures of our mind
Our innocent mind

That's why your should remember
The duty that's required by your life
Or is it true that you did surrender
Your only possibility to survive?

In taper indented triangles
Sterilized drops of blood are wildly raving along
And their shadows - they are crossing my horizon!
Concrete becomes liquid, sweats along
And pours along through my legs - Alright!
Extensive feverish stuff.
Rough surface - murderous red!
Even in the air,
Which is still guiding quiet and understandable!
I feel the slippery, whispering,
Rainy dead end street,
Hanging deep above the vaporing sea!
The final signal for low truth approaches!
Fear did die?
Vanity - Insanity, warm, hot and true,
Who cut the enemy down? We are betrayed!

That's why you should remember
The duty that's required by your life
By our life
Or is it true that you did surrender
Our only possibility to survive? It's our life


And so the Gods decided:
Great is the fear for you,
When your eye takes the field against those
Who tried to raise against you.
Make your eye go down
And strike the mutineers with disaster.
The eye shouldn't rest in your forehead,
Now it has to go down as "Hat-Hor"...
... And the eye of "RE" mounts down
From his divine brow - down there on Earth
And strikes them with disaster...

Spirits darken the sky,
The divine guided missile is on it's way, and it's especially
Directed by:
"Emnasut" - first genius of the Sun-sphere
"Gomah" - first genius of the Venus-sphere
"Ebvap" - first genius of the Moon-sphere
"Aschmunadai" - first genius of the Earth-sphere

We do not know, but they do, and they remember
A liquid fire appears in the sky
The flash of life is radiating
The flash of death - We're surrendered
It's light shines - Shine on!

A mind power made the rocks sink
And by this power the mass of stones will surface again
Legends kept the secret of their wisdom
And soon it will all be revealed,
Soon it all will be revealed
1983 ,84 ,85 ,86 ,87 ,88

We are a particle in the ocean
Lost and safe like a tear,
We are born and lost in the ocean
Where is mercy with our fear?!

Size : 111 MB
Label : EMI
Format : Remaster CD
Bitrate : 320

Take it HERE With the complete remaster CD Scans and the Lyrics

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The Residents : E - Cube : Live in Holland and Spain 1990

In this Live album the songs are connected and continuous one to the other .
So , I did n't interrupted them , cutting the various tracks .
You can find the titles in the texts , by the downloads .

Side ONE

e -z piece one

Buckaroo Blues

1. From The Plains To Mexico
2. The Theme From Buckeroo Blues
3. The Stampede
4. The Trail Dance
5. Bury Me Not
6. Cowboy Waltz
7. Saddle Sores
8. The Theme From Buckaroo Blues (Reprise)

Side TwO

e -z piece two

Black Barry

9. The Gospel Truth
10. Shortnin' Bread
11. Black Berry
12. Fourty-Four
13. Engine 44
14. New Orleans
15. Voodoo Queen
16. What Am I Gonna Do
17. Organism

Size : 93,3 MB
Bitrate :320
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e -z piece three

The Baby King

18. Ober
19. The Baby King I
20. Don't Be Creul
21. Devil In Disguise
22. Burning Love


23. The Baby King: Teddy Bear
24. The Baby King: Love Me Tender
25. The Baby King: The Baby King II
26. The Baby King: Hound Dog/Out

Recorded Live at Het Musiektheater , Amsterdam , The Netherlands ,
6 March 1990
and The Arena , Valencia , Spain ,
29 March 1990 .

Size : 73 MB
Format : Vinyl LP
Label : Torso Records
Made : in Holland
Bitrate : 320

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Resistance Festival 2010

Αθήνα, 18-19-20 Ιουνίου 2010

Γεωπονικό Πανεπιστήμιο Αθήνας

Άντε καλέ τρεχάτε να προλάβετε....
Τσάμπα είναι... [τι άλλο κάνεις με 7 euro καλέ?]

Παρασκευή 18/6

The Burger Project

Αναπάντεχες διασκευές απ' όλο το φάσμα της σύγχρονης μουσικής. Ανασύρουν διαμάντια από το swing ως το punk και από τη disco ως την country.

Dub Pistols

Θρύλοι στην urban σκηνή της Βρετανίας. Ηχητική βάση της dancehall και dub παράδοσης. Εξαιρετικά πνευστά με τη τρομπέτα να πρωτοστατεί. Βασικό συστατικό: Τα Rap φωνητικά!

Σάββατο 19/6

Mare Yiem

Παραδοσιακοί ήχοι από τη Μεσόγειο και τα Βαλκάνια συναντούν τον ηλεκτρισμό της δύσης. Μπλουζ και τζαζ αποχρώσεις και με την Αγγελική Τουμπανάκη στη φωνή.


Χαΐνης: αντάρτης, φυγόδικος αλλά για επαναστατικούς λόγους

Πλούσια ενορχήστρωση, εκρηκτικά ηχοχρώματα, πάθος και μεράκι. Μετά το περσινό λαϊκό γλέντι, για δεύτερη χρονιά στη Γεωπονική.

Κυριακή 20/6


Ονομάζουν τον προσωπικό τους ήχο World-Electro. Μια προσπάθεια αναγέννησης της παραδοσιακής μουσικής μέσα από τις σύγχρονες μουσικές της δύσης (electro, dub, techno).

Transglobal Underground

Η λονδρέζικη κολεκτίβα που πρώτη καθιέρωσε τον όρο "world beat". Μίξη δυτικών, oriental και african ακουσμάτων. Ινδικοί ρυθμοί, νοτιοαμερικάνικα κρουστά αλλά και λίγο από dub και reggae, hip-hop, ανατολίτικα φωνητικά και dance ρυθμούς.

Μετά το τέλος των συναυλιών, πάρτι με γνωστούς dj.

Στην ταβέρνα του φεστιβάλ, μουσική σκηνή με λαϊκά και ρεμπέτικα τραγούδια.

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Echo Tattoo - Echo Tattoo [Mini LP]

Echo Tattoo

Echo Tattoo

[Mini LP]


Studio II

Label: Studio II
Catalog#: ST II 02
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Greece
Released: 1992
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock

Echo Side
A1 Calling
A2 Roses In Frozen Gardens
A3 I Can See Your Face
A4 Fairytale
A5 Hey I'm Singing You (Part One)
Tattoo Side
B1 Firefly
B2 Red
B3 On
B4 Hey I'm Singing You (Part Two)

Mp3 @ 320 & Scans & Lyrics

Singing You

Echo Tattoo
Alternative rock band from Athens, Greece.
They won the first prize in the 2nd European Rock Contest in Copenhagen, 1996.
This is their first and best LP. Alternative rock full of psychedelic vibes.
Artwork by PEPP [Last Drive]
Evi Hasapidou-Watson [vocals, rythm guitars, piano organ and tambourine]
Panos Kourtsounis [ lead and rythm guitars]
Grigoris Heliopoulos [drums, percussion]
Spyros Velikas [bass guitar]
Youla Kavouri [organ]

More Info about the band and Evi :

Zalion by No man's Land here
Room Of Toys here
και τα δύο στον καλό μας φίλο No-Future

Echo Tattoo (LP, Album) Studio II 1992
Room Of Toys (CD, Album) FM Records 1997
Room Of Toys (CD, Single) FM Records 1997
Mind Your Step (CD, Album, Dig) Recycled Recordings 2008
Tracks Appear On:
Studio II Collection (LP, Comp) The "Do It" Story Studio II 1991
Εναλλακτικοί Rock Δρόμοι (CD, Comp) Over '96 FM Records,ΠΟΠ + ΡΟΚ(Magazine) 1997
MetRock1 (CD, Comp) Room Of Toys FM Records, ΜΕΤΡΟ (Magazine) 2001
In the junkyard volume 2 (CD, Comp) Refugee Spinalonga Records, 2005

* * * * * * * *

Τι να πω τώρα για αυτό το μίνι LP ??
Ένα από τα καλύτερα άλμπουμς των αρχών του '90 από μια καταπληκτική φωνή...
Όλα τα κομμάτια είναι πολύ καλά, αλλά το δικό μου κόλλημα είναι το Fairytale.

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Front Line Assembly : Caustic Grip 1992

Front Line Assembly (FLA) is a Canadian electro-industrial band formed by Bill Leeb in 1986 after leaving Skinny Puppy. Influenced by early Industrial acts such as Cabaret Voltaire , Portion Control , D.A.F. , Test Dept , SPK , and Severed Heads , FLA has developed its own unique sound while combining elements of EBM.

The band's membership has rotated through several members over the years , including Rhys Fulber and Michael Balch who are both associated with several other successful artists.

Caustic Grip is an album by Front Line Assembly, originally released on WaxTrax! Records in 1990.
The album was reissued by Roadrunner in a two-disc set that also includes the Gashed Senses & Crossfire album.


1. Resist 5:25
2. Victim 5:06
3. Overkill 5:23
4. Forge 4:21
5. Provision 6:09
6. Force Fed 4:41
7. Iceolate 5:13
8. Threshold 5:11
9. Mental Distortion (only on CD release) 6:50
10. The Chair (only on CD release) 3:26


"Please help me!"
"Hostages unguarded, one hostage dead."
"Two terrorists dead."
"Would you like to know what the diagnosis was?"
"Some kind of electrical discharge."

?? points
Now the anguish
Animate your conscience
Know, know their downfall.
Give them enough rope,
And they'll hang themselves.

Hardly a day goes by
When your hear that fatal cry
That hoping feeling
To comfort distress
So cold so warm
So resentful

Expose the skin
Know, know the downfall
Crushing, crushing the ??

Your so warm, with ??
Its sets into beleagured animation
The ?? so cold, they ??
Trapped to pieces
Looking for artificial insemination

Scrape, scrape the skin off your bones.

Inemissive preabduction
Totally artificial insemination
So cold

"Hostages unguarded, one hostage dead."
"Two terrorists dead."


"We can't take prisoners - you know that."

Submissive ?? deviants
Rejecting all their casualties
Atrocities of mankind
Executed to extinction

If you analyze that ship of fools,
In the end you'll always lose
Your mental games are getting weak
They grow infected as you speak.

Burning skin that is not so real
Animate a conscious ideal
Dissolves into submission
Push the will of no recognition

Your face it cracks
You, you ?? on ??
The fossil shines
Shines right through
Take, take, take down the enemy.

If you analyze that ship of fools,
In the end you'll always lose
Your mental games are getting weak
They grow infected as you speak.

?? in the anarchy
You try to please the ??
Your shattered with self remorse
For better days or for worse.

"If he'd kept on beating on and holding
him down it'd be a different story"

Burning skin that is not so real
Animate a conscious ideal
Dissolves into submission
Push the will of no recognition

No recognition
Take down,
Take down the enemy.

Burning skin that is not so real
Animate a conscious ideal
Dissolves into submission
Push the will of no recognition

Size : 119 MB
Bitrate : 320

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Acid trance is a style of trance music that emerged in the late '80s early '90s focusing on utilising the acid sound. The trademark sound of "acid" is produced with a Roland TB-303 by playing a sequenced melody while altering the instrument's filter cutoff frequency, resonance, envelope modulation, and accent controls. This real-time tone adjustment was not part of the instrument's original intended operation. Acid trance is the best known form of trance music in Belgium. The form was first showcased at the popular Antwerp Rave 24 in Belgium, and has created four national number one singles in the country since.

Acid trance may be considered a descendant of acid house, since the genre of trance had not yet been invented during the advent of acid house (or acidhouse).


Lysergic acid diethylamide, abbreviated LSD or LSD-25, also known as lysergide and colloquially as acid, is a semisynthetic psychedelic drug of the ergoline family. LSD is non-addictive and well known for its psychological effects which can include altered thinking processes, closed and open eye visuals, synaesthesia, a sense of time distortion, ego death and spiritual experiences, as well as for its key role in 1960s counterculture.

LSD was first synthesized by Albert Hofmann in 1938 from ergot, a grain fungus that typically grows on rye.

Some psychological effects may include an experience of radiant colors, objects and surfaces appearing to ripple or "breathe," colored patterns behind the eyes, a sense of time distorting (time seems to be stretching, repeating itself, changing speed or stopping), crawling geometric patterns overlaying walls and other objects, morphing objects, a sense that one's thoughts are spiraling into themselves, loss of a sense of identity or the ego (known as "ego death"), and other powerful psycho-physical reactions. Many users experience a dissolution between themselves and the "outside world".
This unitive quality may play a role in the spiritual and religious aspects of LSD. The drug sometimes leads to disintegration or restructuring of the user's historical personality and creates a mental state that some users report allows them to have more choice regarding the nature of their own personality.


Trance is a genre of electronic dance music that developed in the 1990s.

Trance music is generally characterized by a tempo of between 130 and 155 BPM, short melodic synthesizer phrases, and a musical form that builds up and down throughout a track. It is a combination of many forms of music such as industrial, techno, and house.
The origin of the term is uncertain, with some suggesting that the term is derived from the Klaus Schulze album Trancefer (1981) or the early trance act Dance 2 Trance. In any case, the name is undoubtedly linked to the ability of music to induce an altered state of consciousness known as a trance. The effect of some trance music has been likened to the trance-inducing music created by ancient shamanists during long periods of drumming.

Here are some of the names on this double CD :


Solar Quest is a one-man ambient and acid trance music project founded in 1993 by George Saunders and its aim is to combine renewable solar energy with electronic music.


System Shock is an action role-playing game developed by Looking Glass Technologies and published by Origin Systems. Released in 1994,[1] the game is set aboard the fictional Citadel Station in a cyberpunk vision of 2072. Assuming the role of a nameless hacker, the player attempts to hinder the plans of a malevolent artificial intelligence.


Evective Scene is a trance project created by Eric Sneo. Cybertronic Records Frankfurt trance label produced New Dimension / Travel To The Future, his most important work.


Robert Babicz
Cologne, Germany, producer Robert Babicz's most recognized and accomplished alias, Rob Acid churned out a cycle of influential techno records in the late '90s that established him as one of Germany's top techno producers.


Ascorbic acid is a sugar acid with antioxidant properties. Its appearance is white to light-yellow crystals or powder, and it is water-soluble. One form of ascorbic acid is commonly known as vitamin C.


CD 1

1 Solar Quest - Acid Air Raid (George's All Nighter) 12:01
Producer - Choci
Written-By - George Saunders
2 Never - Hellbent 6:13
Producer, Written-By - Never
3 Toja - I Won't Stop 6:01
Producer, Written-By - Jan Jens Friedrich , DJ Tom Wax
4 Systemshock - Seduction 6:03
Producer, Written-By - Systemshock
5 Acut Genius - Formic Acid 7:15
Producer - C. Bischoff , Kai MacDonald
Written-By - Kai MacDonald
6 Tranceatlantic - Snatch 5:54
Producer, Written-By - Marko Kucher , Thorsten Fink
7 Evective Scene - New Dimension 5:44
Producer, Written-By - DJ Eric Sneo
8 Voodooamt - Voodoo (No Soul Mix) 8:02
Producer, Written-By - Patrick Lindsey
Remix - No Soul
9 Item One - The Whip 6:07
Producer - Heiko Laux
Written-By - Heiko Laux , Johannes Heil
10 Titan And Red Acid Jack - Re-set 6:11
Producer, Written-By - Alexander Purkart , Christian Gimbel
11 ROB ACID - Why? 8:37
Producer, Written-By - Rob Acid

Size : 184 MB
Bitrate : 320

CD 2

1 Ascorbin Acid - Sweet Liberty 5:38
Producer, Written-By - C. Bleekmann , J. Driessen
2 L'Age Synthetique - Do You? 5:56
Producer, Written-By - Stefan Kessler
3 Terratropin - Channel Pressure 6:54
Producer, Written-By - Atropin , Terra C
4 Free Radicals - Indianapolis 5:37
Producer, Written-By - Free Radicals
5 T.H.C. - Walk In Chicago 6:13
Written-By - Codeville G. , Malik B.
6 Suprarenin - Das Elend 5:40
Producer, Written-By - Alexander Purkart , Christian Gimbel
7 Heiko Laux - Seismic Acid 7:48
Producer, Written-By - Heiko Laux
8 Origin (2) - Acid! 13:59
Producer, Performer, Written-By - Rob Acid
9 Acid Warrior - Chordakanal 7:41
Producer, Written-By - Rob Acid
10 C'hantal - The Realm (Hardfloor Mix) 8:24
Producer - D. Pinno , Mike Martire
Remix - Hardfloor
Written-By - A. Mannino , D. Pino , R. D'Agostino

Size : 169 MB
Bitrate : 320


American Flyer : Spirit Of a Woman 1977

American Flyer has long been a favorite of singer/songwriter, L.A. country-rock, and '70s soft rock aficionados, partially because of the group's supergroup status, but chiefly because the music they made was very, very good.

That pedigree was indeed impressive, with the four members consisting of former Pure Prairie League member Craig Fuller, Eric Kaz of the Blues Magoos, Doug Yule of the Velvet Underground, and Steve Katz, formerly of Blood, Sweat & Tears maybe not Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young in terms of marquee name recognition, but surely a collection of gifted and respected singer/songwriters who complemented each other nicely.

While they had some modest success with their George Martin-produced 1976 eponymous debut, they had a difficult time breaking into a larger audience, even though their music fit neatly into the L.A. soft rock scene, equal parts country-rock and tuneful popcraft. While American Flyer didn't storm up the charts, it was a promising start, but unfortunately its self-produced (with Ken Friesen) 1977 follow-up, Spirit of a Woman, made even less of an impact, and the bandmembers went their separate ways afterward (Fuller & Kaz cut an impressive album the next year for Columbia).

Although they didn't make much of an impression at the time, the two albums, particularly the debut, continued to be favorites of record collectors and singer/songwriter fans, and as time passed, their lack of success seemed all the more bewildering, since as the albums aged, it became clear that the music more than held its own with the more successful Californian soft rock of the time.

Spirit Of A Woman tracks:

Side One

1. Spirit of a Woman
2. Gamblin' Man
3. My Love Comes Alive
4. Victoria
5. Dear Carmen

Side Two

1. I'm Blowin' Away
2. Flyer
3. Good Years
4. Keep on Tryin'

Format : Vinyl LP
Label : United Artists
Made : in Los Angeles , California , USA
Size : 71,7 MB
Bitrate : 320


Tuesday, June 01, 2010

PAcHORA : UNN 1998

Pachora is a group that formed in the late '90s, and melds Middle Eastern and Eastern European musical influences into melodic and multi-rhythmic instrumental music. The band consists of an excellent and tasteful group of smart players: percussionist Jim Black, clarinetist Chris Speed, guitarist Brad Shepik (who also plays saz), and bassist Skuli Sverrisson. Pachora performs hybrid originals and new arrangements on traditional songs.

In addition to performing in Pachora, the musicians are also members of many other groups most frequently jazz ,including Dave Douglas' Tiny Bell Trio, Tim Berne's Bloodcount, and more.

Pachora toured after the 1997 release of their first, self-titled album on New York's Knitting Factory label. 1999 and the beginning of 2000 would bring in their next two albums, Unn and Ast, on the same label. ~ Joslyn Layne,
( All Music Guide )

Pachora is one of the most exciting bands to emerge from NY’s "downtown" scene for some time.
Their mix of Balkan, Bulgarian, Turkish, various Middle Eastern and North African musical traditions with the aesthetic of avant-garde jazz improvisation swirls around the complex , but danceable, time signatures associated with these traditions while allowing for the stretching, bending, twisting forms of personal expression we associate with the avant-garde.

Speed’s lightning-fast clarinet work is immediately recognizable as it weaves its way around Shepik’s intricate Portuguese 9-string guitar stylings. Black is an amazing drummer, producing a startling array of sounds, textures, accents, and tempos while avoiding the drumming cliches.


1. Unn
2. Pitta
3. Dratch
4. Invocation
5. Kaponata
6. Riff
7. My Life Is A Nostalgia
8. Trakitarsna
9. Laz
10. Idorno
11. Prevezaniko
12. Uae
13. Didou

Size : 149 MB
Label : Knitting Factory Records
Made in N.Y
Bitrate : 320