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Dr . John : Goin' back in New Orleans 1992

Combining New Orleans funk, glitter, and voodoo charm, pianist Dr. John was an energetic frontman in the early '70s ("Right Place, Wrong Time") and a behind-the-scenes mover before and since.
Dr. John slowly acquired a loyal cult following, including Eric Clapton and Mick Jagger, who played on The Sun, Moon & Herbs. He moved to the more accessible regions of funk (backed by the Meters) on In the Right Place (#24, 1973). Produced by Allen Toussaint (who also played in Dr. John’s band on a 1973 tour and who produced Desitively Bonnaroo) “Right Place, Wrong Time” (#9) was his biggest hit, followed a few months later by “Such a Night” (#42). In 1973 Dr. John also worked in Triumvirate, a short-lived trio with Mike Bloomfield and John Hammond Jr. (John Paul Hammond). He appeared in the Band’s 1978 farewell concert film, The Last Waltz. In 1981 he released the first of several solo piano LPs, Dr. John Plays Mac Rebennack.

( from The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll (Simon & Schuster, 2001)


1. Litanie Des Saints
2. Careless Love
3. My Indian Red
4. Milneburg Joys
5. I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden say
6. Basin Street blues
7. Didn't He Ramble
8. Do You Call That A Buddy?
9. How Come My Dog Don't bark when you come 'round
10. Good Night, Irene
11. Fess Up
12. Since I Fell for you
13. I'll Be Glad when you' re Dead , you rascal you
14. Cabbage Head
15. Goin' Home Tomorrow
16. Blue Monday
17. Scald Dog
18. Goin' Back To New Orleans

Size 158 MB
Format : CD
Label : Warner bros Records
Bitrate 320

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Dr. John performing the music of Duke Ellington ( HERE )

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Robbie Robertson & the Red Road Ensemble : Music for the Native Americans 1994

Robbie Robertson (born Jaime Robert Klegerman, 5 July 1943 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada) is a singer-songwriter, and guitarist. He is best known for his membership in The Band.
He was ranked 78th in Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.

Bob Dylan hired The Band for his famed, controversial tour of 1966, his first wide exposure as an electrified rock and roll performer rather than his earlier acoustic folk sound. Robertson's distinctive guitar sound was an important part of the music; Dylan famously praised him as "the only mathematical guitar genius I’ve ever run into who doesn’t offend my intestinal nervousness with his rearguard sound."

Music for The Native Americans is a 1994 album by Robbie Robertson, compiling music written by Robertson and other colleagues (billed as the Red Road Ensemble) for the television documentary film The Native Americans.

The album was Robertson's first foray into writing music specifically inspired by his Mohawk heritage.


1. "Coyote Dance" (Dave Pickell, Jim Wilson) - (4:07)
2. "Mahk Jchi (Heartbeat Drum Song)" (Pura Fe) - Ulali (4:17)
3. "Ghost Dance" (Robertson, Jim Wilson) - (5:12)
4. "The Vanishing Breed" (Robertson, Douglas Spotted Eagle) - (4:39)
5. "It Is a Good Day to Die" (Robertson) - (5:46)
6. "Golden Feather" (Robertson) - (5:22)
7. "Akua Tuta" (Claude McKenzie, Florent Vollant) - Kashtin (4:51)
8. "Words of Fire, Deeds of Blood" (Robertson) - (4:52)
9. "Cherokee Morning Song" - Rita Coolidge (2:58)
10. "Skinwalker" (Robertson, Patrick Leonard) - (5:56)
11. "Ancestor Song" (Traditional) - Ulali (2:54)
12. "Twisted Hair" (Jim Wilson) - Robbie Robertson and Bonnie Jo Hunt (3:23)

Size 136 MB
Released : October 4, 1994
Format : CD
Label : Capitol Records
Bitrate 320
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Featuring :

Rita Coolidge - Vocals
Douglas Spotted Eagle
The Silvercloud Singers
Jim Wilson

Mohawk (Kanienkeh, Kanienkehaka or Kanien’Kahake, meaning "People of the Flint") are an indigenous people of North America originally from the Mohawk Valley in upstate New York to southern Quebec and eastern Ontario. Their current settlements include areas around Lake Ontario and the St Lawrence River in Canada. Their traditional homeland stretched southward of the Mohawk River, eastward to the Green Mountains of Vermont, westward to the border with the Oneida Nation traditional homeland territory, and northward to the St Lawrence River.


GHOST DANCECrow has brought the message
to the children of the sun
for the return of the buffalo
and for a better day to come

You can kill my body
You can damn my soul
for not believing in your god
and some world down below

You don't stand a chance
against my prayers
You don't stand a chance
against my love
They outlawed the Ghost Dance
but we shall live again,
we shall live again

My sister above
She has red paint
She died at Wounded Knee
like a later day saint

You got the big drum in the distance
the blackbirds in the sky
That's the sound that you hear
when the buffalo cry

You don't stand a chance
against my prayers
You don't stand a chance
against my love
They outlawed the Ghost Dance
but we shall live again,
we shall live again

Crazy Horse was a mystic
He knew the secret of the trance
And Sitting Bull the great apostle
of the Ghost Dance

Come on Comanche
Come on Blackfoot
Come on Shoshone
Come on Cheyenne

We shall live again

Come on Arapaho
Come on Cherokee
Come on Paiute
Come on Sioux

We shall live again

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Hawkwind : Warrior on the edge Of Time 1975 + Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music 1976

"Standing At The Edge"

We're standing on the edge
The edge of time
And it is dark, so dark on the edge of time
And we're tired of making love
We are the lost, we are the ravaged
We are the unkind
We are the soldiers at the edge of time
And we're tired of making love
Where are our children
Where are our fathers
Where is our desire
And it's cold, so cold on the edge of time
Where is our joy
Where is our hope
Where is our fire
And it's cold, so cold on the edge of time
We are the the lost, we are the forgotten
We are the undying
We are the soldiers at the edge of time
The veterans of a thousand psychic wars
We are ths soldiers at the edge of time
The victims of the savage truth
We are the soldiers at the edge of time
And we're tired of making love


1. Assault And Battery
2. Dying Seas
3. Magnu
4. Standing At The Edge
5. Kings Of Speed
6. Warriors
7. Spiral Galaxy 28948
8. Opa-loka
9. The Wizard Blew His Horn
10. The Golden Void
11. The Demented Man
12. Motorhead


We are the warriors at the edge of time
We are Humanity's scythe to sweep this way and that
And cut the Enemy down as weeds
We are Humanity's spade to dig up the roots wherever they have grown
We are Humanity's fire to burn the waste to the finest ash
We are the wind which will blow the ash away
As if it had never existed
We will destroy those Enemies
But we must first know the Enemies
And the Enemies are the devils that hide in our minds
And make us less than happy
They make us less than happy
We are the warriors at the edge of time
We are the veterans of a savage truth
We are the lost
We are the last
We are the betrayed

Size 86 MB
Bitrate 320
MP3 Here




01. Reefer Madness    6:03
02. Steppenwolf    9:46
03. City Of Lagoons    5:12
04. The Aubergine That Ate Rangoon    3:37
05. Kerb Crawler    3:47
06. Kadu Flyer    5:32
07. Chronoglide Skyway    4:42

Bonus Tracks
08. Honky Dorky    3:17
09. Kerb Crawler (Single Mix)
Mixed By – Dave Gilmour
10. Back On The Streets (Unreleased Mix)    3:06
11. The Dream Of Isis (Unreleased Mix)    2:57

Laurie Anderson : Live in New York 2002

Live in New York was a 2-CD live album released by performance artist Laurie Anderson on Nonesuch Records in 2002. It was her ninth album of new recordings released since 1982. The front cover of the CD has the title Live at Town Hall, New York City September 19–20, 2001, however the official title of the album is just Live in New York.

CD one
Size 90 MB

1. "Here with You"
2. "Statue of Liberty"
3. "Let X=X"
4. "Sweaters"
5. "My Compensation"
6. "Washington Street"
7. "Pieces and Parts"
8. "Strange Angels"
9. "Dark Angel

Take it Here

CD two
Size 135 MB

1. "Wildebeests"
2. "One Beautiful Evening"
3. "Poison" (Anderson, Brian Eno)
4. "Broken"
5. "Progress" (a.k.a. "The Dream Before")
6. "Animals"
7. "Life on a String"
8. "Beginning French"
9. "O Superman"
10. "Slip Away"
11. "White Lily"
12. "Puppet Motel" (Anderson, Brian Eno)
13. "Love Among the Sailors"
14. "Coolsville"

Take it Here

Format : CD
Bitrate 320

Thanks to my friend George for his support

Laurie Anderson : Anthology 2000

Disc 1Size 180 MB

1. O Superman (For Massenet) - 8:21
2. From the Air - 4:32
3. Big Science - 6:22
4. Born, Never Asked - 4:57
5. It Tango - 3:02
6. Gravity's Angel - 6:04
7. Excellent Birds - 3:13
8. Langue D'Amour - 6:15
9. Sharkey's Day - 4:07
10. Walk the Dog - 6:42
11. Cartoon Song - 1:12
12. So Happy Birthday - 6:22
13. City Song - 3:33
14. The Big Top - 2:51
15. Dr. Miller - 5:18
16. Lighting out for the Territories - 3:11

Disc 2Size 179 MB

1. Smoke Rings - 7:03
2. Talk Normal - 5:31
3. Language is a Virus - 4:14
4. Credit Racket - 3:32
5. Strange Angels - 3:50
6. Baby Doll - 3:37
7. Coolsville - 4:34
8. My Eyes - 5:28
9. The Dream Before - 3:03
10. The Day of the Devil - 3:59
11. Speak My Language - 3:38
12. Love Among the Sailors - 2:51
13. Poison - 3:45
14. In Our Sleep - 2:34
15. Night in Baghdad - 3:28
16. The Night Flight from Houston - 1:33
17. The Rotowhirl - 3:55
18. The Ouija Board - 4:11
19. The End of the World - 5:00

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Format : CD  Bitrate 320

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Οι Rock 'n' Roll Βοήθειες Παρουσιάζουν : 10 Νέα Ελληνικά Συγκροτήματα

Οι Rock 'n' Roll Βοήθειες
Παρουσιάζουν 10 Νέα Ελληνικά Συγκροτήματα
Wipe Out
WOR 059 1993

Label : Wipe Out Rec.
Catalog#: WOR 059
Format: 12'' Vinyl
Country: Greece
Released: 1993
Genre: Greek Rock
Mp3@320 & Covers

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Συμμετέχουν :
Πλευρά Α'
Έβερεστ : Miss Fantasy
Έκσταση : Έρημη Γη
Φάσμα : Βράδια Ατελείωτα
Terra Deserta : Κροκοδείλια Δάκρυα
Έκτη Φυλή : Πόσες Φορές
Πλευρά Β'
Δούρειος Ίππος : Λούκι
Ρίσκο : Στερνό Ταξίδι
Άλλοθι : Σκιές
Στίγμα '90 : Μελωδία Αγγέλων
Περιπλάνηση : Ο Βιαστής

Παραγωγή :Δημήτρης Δημητράκας

Από την εκπομπή του Δημητράκα, κατευθείαν στο βινύλιο...
Μια προσπάθεια της εκπομπής "Rock 'n' Roll Βοήθειες" να παρουσιαστούν στο κοινό 10 νέα Ελληνικά συγκροτήματα , που τότε δεν είχαν κυκλοφορήσει την δουλειά τους.
Ποτέ δεν κατάλαβα γιατί δεν επανακυκλοφόρησε - ίσως και μαζί με την δεύτερη συνέχεια της - σε cd.
Εδώ είναι , για τους φίλους που την ζήτησαν...
Ξεχωρίζω το κομμάτι Σκιές από τους Άλλοθι...

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Αυτο σε μια διαδηλωση συμπεριλαμβανεται στο νομο για τις κουκουλες ?
Τα κουκουλια απο τους μεταξοσκωληκες θα συλλαμβανονται αμεσα ?

Να απαγορευτουν τωρα τα προφυλλακτικα !!!
Οχι Κουκουλες στο πουλι μας !!!


Χαρτινο το φενγγαρακι
ερημ' η ακρογιαλια
σπασανε το Κολωνακι
το' καναν γυαλια καρφια

Χαρτινο το φενγγαρακι
μαλλινη η κουκουλα μου
βρε , δε πηδιομαστε λιγακι
να χαρει και η μανουλα μου !

Κουκουλοφορος Ινκας .
Να συλληφθει αμεσα κυριε Υπουργε μου !!!

V . A : Gothik 1995

Cleopatra Records is a Los Angeles-based independent record label.

Disc 1
Size 191 MB

1. Rosetta Stone : Nothing Important [Important Mix]
2. Eva O Halo Experience : Children of the Light
3. Fahrenheit 451 : Strangers
4. Blitz : Second Empire Justice-Telecommunication
5. The Wake : Side Show
6. Executive Slacks : I'm Coming ( Ειμαι η Σκατουλα και μολις τελειωσα )
7. Big Electric Cat : Orchid Dreaming
8. Children on Stun : Cats or Devils Eyes [Rosetta Stone Mix]
9. Alien Sex Fiend : Ignore the Machine
10. E.X.P : Neuro
11. Black Atmosphere : Eternal Ocean
12. Midnight Configuration : The Wake
13. Death Ride 69 : Elvis Christ
14. Brotherhood of Pagans : Resurrection
15. Prophetess : Alone
16. Ex Voto : Emmanuelle

Take it Here

Disc 2
Size 185 MB

1. Mephisto Waltz : Mephisto Waltz
2. Two Witches : The Omen
3. Kommunity FK : We Will Not Fall
4. Christian Death : Haloes
5. Usherhouse : November Rain
6. Screams for Tina : Kristen
7. Super Heroines : Remembering Love
8. Aurora : The Garden of Temptation
9. Switchblade Symphony : Gutter Glitter
10. Icon : Exit
11. 45 Grave : Wax
12. Aria : Last Expressions
13. Red Lorry Yellow Lorry : Talk About the Weather
14. Nosferatu : Keeper's Call
15. Wrekage : Believe
16. Gitane Demone : Heavenly Melancholy
17. Corpus Delicti : Patient

Take it Here

Bitrate 320
Year 1995
Label : Cleopatra Records

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Let's impeach the President for lying
And misleading our country into war
Abusing all the power that we gave him
And shipping all our money out the door

Who's the man who hired all the criminals
The White House shadows who hide behind closed doors
They bend the facts to fit with their new stories
Of why we have to send our men to war

Let's impeach the President for spying
On citizens inside their own homes
Breaking every law in the country
By tapping our computers and telephones

What if Al Qaeda blew up the levees
Would New Orleans have been safer that way
Sheltered by our government's protection
Or was someone just not home that day'

Flip - Flop
Flip - Flop
Flip - Flop
Flip - Flop

Let's impeach the president for hijacking
Our religion and using it to get elected
Dividing our country into colors
And still leaving black people neglected

Thank god he's cracking down on steroids
Since he sold his old baseball team
There's lots of people looking at big trouble
But of course our president is clean.

Thank God

Lyrics by Neil Young

Ozric Tentacles : Jurassic Shift 1993


1. Sun Hair
2. Stretchy
3. Feng Shui
4. Half Light in Thillai
5. Jurassic Shift
6. Pteranodon
7. Train Oasis
8. Vita Voom
( The bonus track No 9 was scratched with problems , so I deleted it )

Informations about the band

Size 127 MB
Bitrate 320
Take it here

Steve Winwood : The Finer Things

Stephen Lawrence (“Steve”) Winwood (born May 12, 1948 in Great Barr, Birmingham, England) is a British singer, songwriter, and musician who, in addition to his solo career, was a member of the bands the The Spencer Davis Group, recording the hit “Gimme Some Lovin’”, Traffic, and Blind Faith.

This 4CD, 63 song set provides extremely thorough coverage of Steve Winwood's career from the early 1960s up to his last Island Records album.

The Spencer Davis Group ( 1964 - 1967 )
Eric Clapton and The Powerhouse ( 1966 )
Traffic ( 1967 - 1969 )
Blind Faith ( 1969 )
Traffic ( 1970 - 1974 )
Winwood / Kebaka / Amao ( 1973 )
Stomu Yamashta's GO ( 1976 )
Steve Winwood ( 1977 - 1990 )

Disc: 1

1. Dimples - The Spencer Davis Group
2. I Can't Stand It - The Spencer Davis Group
3. Every Little Bit Hurts - The Spencer Davis Group
4. Strong Love - The Spencer Davis Group
5. Keep on Running - The Spencer Davis Group
6. Somebody Help Me - The Spencer Davis Group
7. When I Come Home - The Spencer Davis Group
8. I Want to Know - Eric Clapton
9. Crossroads - Eric Clapton
10. Gimme Some Lovin' - The Spencer Davis Group
11. I'm a Man - The Spencer Davis Group
12. Paper Sun - Traffic
13. Dealer - Traffic
14. Coloured Rain - Traffic
15. No Face, No Name, No Number - Traffic
16. Heaven Is in Your Mind - Traffic
17. Smiling Phases - Traffic
18. Dear Mr. Fantasy - Traffic
19. Pearly Queen - Traffic
20. Forty Thousand Headmen - Traffic
21. No Time to Live - Traffic
22. Shanghai Noodle Factory - Traffic
23. Medicated Goo - Traffic
24. Withering Tree - Traffic

Size 196 MB
Bitrate 320

Disc: 2
1. Had to Cry Today - Blind Faith
2. Can't Find My Way Home - Blind Faith
3. Sea of Joy - Blind Faith
4. Sleeping in the Ground - Blind Faith
5. Under My Thumb - Blind Faith
6. Stranger to Himself - Traffic
7. John Barleycorn - Traffic
8. Glad - Traffic
9. Freedom Rider - Traffic
10. Empty Pages - Traffic
11. Low Spark of High Heeled Boys - Traffic
12. Rainmaker - Traffic

Size 192 MB
Bitrate 320

Disc: 3

1. Shoot Out at the Fantasy Factory - Traffic
2. (Sometimes I Feel So) Uninspired [Live] - Traffic
3. Happy Vibes - Amao
4. Something New - Traffic
5. Dream Gerrard - Traffic
6. Walking in the Wind - Traffic
7. When the Eagle Flies - Traffic
8. Winner/Loser - Stomu Yamashta's Go
9. Crossing the Line - Stomu Yamashta's Go
10. Hold On - Steve Winwood
11. Time Is Running Out - Steve Winwood
12. Vacant Chair - Steve Winwood

Size 193 MB
Bitrate 320

Disc: 4

1. While You See a Chance - Steve Winwood
2. Arc of a Diver - Steve Winwood
3. Spanish Dancer - Steve Winwood
4. Night Train - Steve Winwood
5. Dust - Steve Winwood
6. Valerie - Steve Winwood
7. Talking Back to the Night - Steve Winwood
8. Your Silence Is Your Song - Steve Winwood
9. Higher Love - Steve Winwood
10. Freedom Overspill - Steve Winwood
11. Back in the High Life Again - Steve Winwood
12. Finer Things - Steve Winwood
13. Roll With It - Steve Winwood
14. Don't You Know What the Night Can Do? - Steve Winwood
15. One and only Man - Steve Winwood

Size 196 MB
Bitrate 320

Traffic : John Barleycorn Must Die 1970

Steve Winwood : vocals, acoustic guitar, flute, piano, organ, bass instrument, percussion
Chris Wood : flute, saxophone, electric saxophone, organ, percussion
Jim Capaldi : vocals, drums, tambourine, percussion


There were three men came out of the west
Their fortunes for to try,
And these three men made a solemn vow
John Barleycorn must die.

They've ploughed, they've sown, they've harrowed him in
Threw clods upon his head,
And these three men made a solemn vow
John Barleycorn was dead.

They let him lie for a very long time
Till the rains from Heaven did fall,
And little Sir John sprung up his head
And so amazed them all.

They've let him stand till Midsummer's day,
Till he looked both pale and wan.
And little Sir John's grown a long, long beard
And so become a man.

They've hired men with the scythes so sharp,
To cut him off at the knee,
They've rolled him and tied him by the waist,
Serving him most barbarously.

They've hired men with the sharp pitchforks,
Who pricked him through the heart
And the loader, he has served him worse than that,
For he's bound him to the cart.

They've wheeled him around and around a field,
Till they came unto a barn,
And there they made a solemn oath
On poor John Barleycorn

They've hired men with the crab-tree sticks,
To cut him skin from bone,
And the miller, he has served him worse than that,
For he's ground him between two stones.

And little Sir John and the nut-brown bowl
And he's brandy in the glass
And little Sir John and the nut brown bowl
Proved the strongest man at last

The huntsman, he can't hunt the fox
Nor so loudly to blow his horn,
And the tinker, he can't mend kettle nor pots
without a little barley corn


1 Glad 6:59
2 Freedom Rider 5:30
3 Empty Pages4:34
4 I Just Want You to Know 1:30
5 Stranger to Himself 3:57
6 John Barleycorn 6:27
7 Every Mothers Son 7:08
8 Sittin' Here Thinkin' of My Love 3:33
9 Backstage & Introduction 1:50
10 Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring (Live) 6:56
11 Glad (Live) 11:03

Friday, March 20, 2009

Common Sense - Grotesque - Child's Play [7 Single]

Common Sense
Child's Play
[7 Single]

Label: Pegasus Records
Catalog#: PEG 018
Format: Vinyl, 7",
Country: Greece
Released: 1993
Genre: Pop
Style: Indie Pop
Mp3@320 & Covers

New link mp3 here

Η σύνθεση του group είναι:
Τατιάνα Σταυρουλάκη: φωνή
Χρήστος Ζούμπας: κιθάρα φωνή
Χρήστος Αλεξόπουλος: πλήκτρα
Σάκης Μπιρμπίλης: μπάσο
Γιώργος Καρανικολάου: ντραμς

The line up :
Tatiana Stavroulaki - Vocals
Christos Zoubas - guitars
Christos Alexopoulos - keyboards
Sakis Birbilis - bass
George Karanikolaou - drums.
George Priniotakis (Wasteland) vocals on Child's Play.
About Common Sense
Common Sense were formed in September 1989.
In December 1993 they release the single Grotesque and in December 1995 the LP Sun Comes Up. Both these releases were very well-received by critics and by fans of the independent Greek scene.
In January 2000 Sun Comes Up was included in the Pop & Rock magazine list of the best Greek rock albums of the 1970-2000 period.

In 1993-1996 the band played in several festivals and they opened
concerts for Dodgy (6/9/1995 RODON Club), Giant Sand (10/2/1996 RODON Club) and Tindersticks (8/6/1996 Lycabetus Theatre).
In May 2006 the band recorded the demo song "Time stood still"
with almost the same make-up. The demo song was released
on Dimitris Papaspyropoulos’ compilation "One Dream Closer" (EMI/Sony BMG). In March 2007 they played with Marc Almond and participated in the SoundWave contest. The band was voted as Critics Choice 1 in the International Charts of the contest.
In October 2007 they played at the Cavern Club, Liverpool, with Echo & The Bunnymen and Indigos. In November 2007, three Common Sense songs were included in Angelos Spartalis’ movie "The Apple in your Head", which was presented at the 48th Thessaloniki International Film Festival. Angelos Spartalis’ next movie, “The Snow-white Syndrome”,
which was awarded two prizes at the 49th Thessaloniki International
Film festival in November 2008, also featured three Common Sense
songs and one by Silent Sorrows, the side-project of Nikos and Tatiana. Common Sense (EU) finished recording material for their E.P. "Time Stood Still" in December 2008.
The e.p. will be out shortly!
Οι Common Sense δημιουργήθηκαν το 1989. Λόγω του σχετικά νεαρού της ηλικίας τους δεν είχαν προηγούμενη θητεία σε άλλα συγκροτήματα. H αρχική σύνθεση περιελάμβανε τους Νίκο Δευτεραίο (φωνή) και Μιχάλη Καππαδουκάκη (μπάσο) που αποχώρησαν αργότερα.
Αυτό που κάθε φορά τους οδηγεί και τελικά δίνει το εκάστοτε στίγμα τους, είναι το συγκεκριμένο τραγούδι που γράφουν. Αφήνονται να τους οδηγήσει μόνο του και το ενορχηστρώνουν όπως τους το απαιτεί το ίδιο το τραγούδι. Αυτό βεβαίως οδηγεί σε αποκλίσεις όσον αφορά το ηχητικό στίγμα τους. Οι ίδιοι δεν κάνουν διακρίσεις και αγαπούν όλες τις ηχητικές τους διακυμάνσεις το ίδιο,
Αποτέλεσμα αυτής της διαδικασίας είναι και ο πειραματισμός τους με διάφορα ακουστικά όργανα. Έτσι έχουν κατά καιρούς χρησιμοποιήσει σε συγκεκριμένα τραγούδια τους μαντολίνο, πιάνο, βιολί, τσέλο, λαούτο, φλάουτο. Ο ήχος τους πάντως παραμένει σαφώς ηλεκτρικός κατά βάση.
Πριν από το Grotesque single είχαν κυκλοφορήσει, σε κασέτα δύο demo με τους τίτλους «Grotesque» και «The Sea» που συνολικά περιελάμβαναν πέντε τραγούδια. Τα φροντισμένα αυτά demo έτυχαν εξαιρετικά καλής υποδοχής από το ραδιόφωνο και τα μουσικά έντυπα και ήταν ειδική και περιορισμένη έκδοση μόνο για τα Μ.Μ.Ε.
Το 1993 η τραγουδίστρια τους Τατιάνα Σταυρουλάκη συμμετείχε στα δεύτερα φωνητικά στο LP των Illusion Fades που είχε για τίτλο το όνομα τους. Το 1994 επίσης συμμετείχε στη β' πλευρά του σινγκλ «Μoon on fire» των Wasteland (στο τραγούδι Lonesome Yesterdays) πάλι στα δεύτερα φωνητικά. Ο τραγουδιστής των Wasteland κατά κάποιον τρόπο ανταποδίδει τραγουδώντας στο δικό τους «Child's Play».
Θυμάμαι το single να γυρίζει από χέρι σε χέρι στο studio του Δαμωδού, και να πειράζουμε τον Τάκη , που στο εξώφυλλο ήταν η κόρη του...
Φυσικά και το λιώσαμε στο παίξιμο , 2 πολύ όμορφα τραγούδια , και ξανακούγοντας το τώρα μετά από χρόνια για την μετατροπή του σε ψηφιακό , η γνώμη μου παραμένει η ίδια...
Αναρωτιέμαι καμιά φορά πως πέρασαν τόσα χρόνια... Ακούστε το !
The burning Clown

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Unkle : Never , Never Land 2003

Unkle (also written as UNKLE and U.N.K.L.E.) is a British musical outfit founded in 1994 by school friends James Lavelle and Tim Goldsworthy. Originally categorized as trip-hop, the group once included producer DJ Shadow and has employed a variety of guest artists and producers.Their first release in 1994 was the EP The Time Has Come, on Lavelle's recording label Mo' Wax.

Lavelle drafted in DJ Shadow to work on the debut album, and essentially discarded all previously recorded material. Lavelle and Shadow released Psyence Fiction in 1998 to critical acclaim. The album included collaborations with an all-star lineup including Thom Yorke, Mike D (Beastie Boys), Kool G. Rap, Jason Newsted (Metallica), Badly Drawn Boy and Richard Ashcroft (The Verve).

Richard File co-produced, played and sang on the second album, Never, Never, Land, released in 2003. The album again featured a number of high-profile contributors, including Ian Brown, Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age), Robert Del Naja (Massive Attack) and Mani (The Stone Roses, Primal Scream) among others. ( all review )


1. Back and Forth
2. Eye for an Eye
3. In a State
4. Safe in Mind (Please Get This Gun from Out My Face)
5. I Need Something Stronger
6. What Are You to Me?
7. Panic Attack
8. Invasion
9. Reign
10. Glow
11. Inside


Even now in heaven there were angels carrying savage weapons

An eye for an eye
A tooth for a tooth

Run, run, run, but you sure can't hide

Does our rule benefit the earth?
Does it help the grass to grow? The sun to shine?
Is this darkness in you too?
Have you passed through this Night?

Run, run, run, but you sure can't hide

Where you're going you're not coming back from

Run, run, run, but you sure can't hide

An eye for an eye
A tooth for a tooth

Run, run, run, but you sure can't hide

This great Evil...
Where's it coming from?
How'd it steal into the world?
Who's doing this?
Who's killing us?
Mocking us with the sight of what we might have known

Run, run, run...
Run, run, run...

An eye for an eye...
A tooth for a tooth...
Run, run, run, but you sure can't hide

An eye for an eye...
Are you righteous?
A tooth for a tooth...
Run, run, run but you sure can't hide...
Does your confidence lie in this?
An eye for an eye...
Are you loved by god?
A tooth for a tooth...
Do you imagine your sufferings will be lost?
Run, run, run, but you sure can't hide...
Because you loved goodness, truth?

An eye for an eye...
A tooth for a tooth...
Run, run, run, but you sure can't hide...
Run, run, run, but you sure can't hide...
What are you to me?

Flac CD1 Original NY Master HERE
Flac CD2 Inside Out HERE

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Hellacopters : SuperShitty To The Max 1996


1. (Gotta Get Some Action) Now!
2. 24 H Hell
3. Fire Fire Fire
4. Born Broke
5. Bore Me
6. Tab
7. How Could I Dare
8. Didn't Stop Us
9. Random Riot
10. Fake Baby
11. Ain't No Time
12. Such a Blast
13. Sprock in My Rocket

The production of this album is extremely distorted
Size 195 MB
Format : Vinyll LP
Made in Stocholm , Sweden
Label : White Jazz Records
Bitrate 320

Take it here

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Hellacopters : Payin' the Dues 1997

What the MC5 and Stooges were to the '60s, what Sonic's Rendezvous Band and Radio Birdman were to the '70s, and what the Celibate Rifles were to the '80s , that's what Sweden's Hellacopters were to the '90s. Young, strapping, and rocking out to almost cartoon-like proportions, the Hellacopters have made quite a name for themselves in Europe and Australia. And a deal with Sub Pop had them targeting the States. The rock fast, extremely hard, and loud beyond reason has gotten the band noticed by several of their seminal influences, such as Scott Morgan, who has performed with them many times as well as collaborated on a single for the aforementioned Sub Pop label, and also the Dictators, with whom they have done several European tours


1. You Are Nothin'
2. Like No Other man
3. Looking At Me
4. Riot On The Rocks
5. Hey!
6.City Slang
7. Soulseller
8. Where The Action is
9. Twist Action
10. Colapso Nervioso
11. Psyched Out And Furious


Well , look out now when I come your way
Well , I' m a dog and I' m astray
Well , I' ve been taught but I won' t learn
Been out of luck but baby it will turn

So I sold my soul again
Well , I can' t turn back 'cause it' s the place
I put my damn self in
And I will sell my soul to you
Well , now what I need has long been overdue

Blast my way with raging speed
Beelzebub gimme what I need , what I need now
I don' t wanna wait to what comes around , there ain' t no reason
He' s gotta holler it now , I gotta hear that sound

I call it gold , some cat it ville
but to place my bets on consolation prices
Just ain' t my style , who care now
I' ve gotta get SIX SIX SIX , I' ve gotta go ,
well , I' ve gotta go now
Won' t you burn with me when I make that show

Size 85 MB
Format : Vinyll LP
Label : White Jazz Records
Made in Stockholm , Sweden
Distributed by HOUSE OF KICKS
Bitrate 320


FLAC Size: 247 MB HERE

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The ( International ) Noise Conspiracy : A New Morning - Changing Weather 2001

With roots in five different bands, the (International) Noise Conspiracy formed during the latter half of 1998 in Umea, Sweden. The quintet set out to use its music as an attack against capitalist at large by taking the universal idea of popular culture and molding the basis of its phenomenon into statements of resistance. As for the music, the band created a hybrid of garage rock and 1960s soul mixed with the punk of the late 1970s.


1. A Northwest Passage
2. Up For Sale
3. Bigger Cages, Longer Chains
4. Breakout 2001
5. A Body Treatise
6. Born Into A Mess
7. New Empire Blues
8. Capitalism Stole My Virginity
9. Last Century Promise
10.Dead Language Of Love
11.A New Morning, Changing Weather


Nowhere is untouched by the shame
Who said we could get by with our childhood games
Days of innocence are all long gone
Avoid the shock honey and try to live on

Woke up all paralyzed
All dreams corrupted in front of our eyes
Cause on every forehead of every little whore
There's a sign that says, 'baby don't come back no more'

Distasteful ugly and cheap
That is how you make me feel, I said
Capitalism stole my virginity
Capitalism stole, capitalism stole
Capitalism stole my virginity

Robbed out of our bleeding hearts
Smashed our illusions, tore them all apart
Now we are unsentimental and unafraid
To destroy this culture that we hate

Sort of tired of being nothing
When, when we should be everything
On every forehead of every little whore
There's a sign that says, 'baby we're all born to die'

Distasteful ugly and cheap
That is how you make me feel, I said
Capitalism stole my virginity
Capitalism stole, capitalism stole
Capitalism stole - yeah

We are all sluts, cheap products
In someone else's notebook
We are all sluts, cheap products
In someone else's notebook

Distasteful ugly and cheap
That is how you make me feel, I said
Capitalism stole my virginity

Capitalism stole, capitalism stole
Capitalism stole my virginity, oh yeah

Size 109 MB
Label : Epitaph Records
Bitrate 320

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Front 242 : Mixed by fear EP 1990

One of the most consistent industrial bands of the 1980s, even though they regularly pursued a more electronic variant of the sound that swept into vogue during the '90s, Front 242 were the premier exponent of European electronic music. Initially, the group was just a duo when formed in October 1981 in Brussels; programmers Patrick Codenys and Dirk Bergen recorded "Principles" and released the single on New Dance Records. A year later, programmer Daniel Bressanutti (aka Daniel B. Prothese) and lead vocalist Jean-Luc de Meyer joined as well; dubbed Front 242 because of the name's universal meaning and united connotations, the quartet debuted in 1982 with the single "U-Men" and album Geography, recorded for Red Rhino Europe Records (RRE).
This album was released by Play It Again Sam Records in 1990 (all music review)


1. Gripped by fear
2. This world must be destroyed : Dsmo 1
3. This world must be destroyed : Dsmo 2
4. This world must be destroyed : Dsmo 3
5. This world must be destroyed : Dsmo 4
6. Gripped by fear ( Bunker Mix #01 )
7. Mixed by fear
8. Gripped by fear ( Club Mix #02 )

Bitrate 320

Frank Zappa : Zoot Allures 1976

Frank Vincent Zappa was born in Baltimore on 21 Dec' 1940 , from Sicilian and Greek parents , who moved to California in 1950 . In the early 90's , he was diagnosed with prostate cancer , and sadly he was to die on the 4th December 1993 .
This album was first released in October 1976 and was digitaly remastered for CD in 1989 at UMRK by Bob Stone . F Z approved master , 1993 .


1. Wind Up Workin' In The Gas Station (2:29)
2. Black Napkins (4:15)
3. The Torture Never Stops (9:44)
4. Ms. Pinky (3:40)
5. Find Her Finer (4:07)
6. Friendly Little Finger (4:17)
7. Wonderful Wino (3:38)
8. Zoot Allures (4:13)
9. Disco Boy (5:09)


Disco boy! run to toilet and comb your hair.
Disco boy! pucker your lip, and check your shoulders,
cause some dandruff might be hiding there.

Disco boy, your the disco king, aw the
Disco thing made you think someday that you
Just might go somewhere.

Disco girl, youre outa sight, you need a
Disco boy, to treat you right.
Hell do a little dance, take you home tonight.
Leave his hair alone, but you can kiss his comb.

Disco boy! run to toilet and comb your hair.
Disco boy! shake it more than three times and youre
Playing with it while youre standing there.

Disco boy, do the bump every night, til the disco girl
Whos really right, gonna fall for your line,
And feed you a box full of chicken delight.

Disco chit-chat so demure,
Pump that booty all across the floor.
A disco drink, a disco wink,
You never go duty thats what you think.
You never go duty thats what you think.

Duty. go duty!
Duty. you never go duty.
Duty. you never go duty.
Duty. you never duty.

Disco boy! you got one more chance, to comb your hair again.
Disco boy! theyre closing the bar, and shes
Leaving with your friend.

Disco boy, thats the way it goes, so wipe your nose, and
Try it again, to get a little lay tomorrow.

Disco boy, no one understands, but thank the lord that you
Still got hands, to help you do that jerkin thatll
Blot out your disco sorrow.

Its disco love tonight. make sure you look alright.
Its disco love tonight. make sure you look alright.

Take It Here : 256 MB

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thomas Dolby : Astronauts and Hereticks 1994

Dolby is associated with Synthpop, a form of pop music incorporating electronic instruments.
He played some synthesizer parts on the Thompson Twins album , worked as keyboard player on Def Leppard' s 1983 Pyromania album.
Dolby performed at the Live Aid concert in London as part of David Bowie's band in 1985
In the same year, Dolby appeared as co-producer on Joni Mitchell' s album Dog Eat Dog.
Dolby was also the producer for Prefab Sprout' s albums Steve McQueen, From Langley Park to Memphis and Jordan: The Comeback.
Dolby continued to perform live in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He supported Depeche Mode in their Rose Bowl concert on June 18, 1988. In 1990, he appeared in the huge Roger Water' s charity concert performance of Pink Floyd' s rock opera The Wall in Berlin. Dolby played keyboards in "Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)" (sung by Cyndi Lauper), and then played the Teacher's role in the sequence "The Trial".


1. I love you goodbye
2. Cruel
3. Silk Pyjamas
4. Live in a suitcase
5. Eastern bloc
6. Close but no cigar
7. That' s why people fall in love
8. Neon Sisters
9. Beauty of a dream

This is not a great Rock Album .
It' s only good POP music , making love with the New Wave Vibes
Track n0 8 ( Neon Sisters ) is a Dark Wave beauty
Track n0 9 is unacceptable ( Delete it )

Size 103 MB
Label : Virgin Records
Bitrate 320

Cesaria Evora : Cabo Verde 1997

Commonly called "the barefoot diva" because she often performs on stage in bare feet, Cesaria Evora of the Cape Verde islands is the world's reigning interpreter of a mournful genre of blues music known as morna. Morna is based on the Portuguese fado and features bluesy vocals set against a background of acoustic guitars, fiddles, accordion, and cavaquinho, which is a small, four-string guitar. "For years, the master of the morna has been Cesaria Evora, a Cape Verdean with a rich alto voice who has been accurately described as a cross between Edith Piaf and Billie Holiday," wrote Geoffrey Himes in the Washington Post. Evora's repertoire over the years has featured the compositions of top Cape Verdean songwriters such as Nando Da Cruz, Amandio Cabral, and Manuel De Novas.


1. Tchintrote
2. Sabine larga' m
3. Partida
4. Sangue de Beirona
5. Apocalypse
6. Mar e morada de sodade
7. Bo e di meu cretcheu
8. Coragem irmon
9. Quem BO E
12 Mae velha
13.Pe di boi
14.Ess pais

Size 174 MB
Label : RCA - BMG
Bitrate 320

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Monday, March 09, 2009

Laurie Anderson : Life On A String 2001


1. One white whale
2. The island where I come from
3. Pieces and partsT
4. Here with you
5. Slip away ( Download this album , cause this is a great big song ! The Violins are simply incredible . Her voice too !!! )
6. My compensation
7. Dark Angel
8. Broken
9. Washington street
10.Statue of liberty
11.One beautiful evening
12.Life on a string


What's this?
A little dust in my eye
Well I'm not the type to cry
It's four a.m.
I'm standing by the bed where you lie
Sleeping the sleep of the newborn
I put my finger to your lips.
Warm air.
Five a.m.
You lift your hand and open it.
Then you slipped away.
You slipped away.
Oh death, that creep, that crooked jerk...
He comes, he comes walking.
He comes sneaking
Down that long irreversible hallway
Grabs you in your sleep
I walk outside to the parking lot.
Bright coins of water on the sidewalk.
Big white building where your body lies
Stands in the middle of the fields.
Icy air.
And after all the shocks the way the heart unlocks
And ooo we slip away.
We slip away.
I'm thinking about the way that lost things always come back
Looking like something else
A fishing pole, a shoe, an old shirt, a lucky day
Ooo then they slip away into the remains of the day
Ooo they slip away.
They slip away.
I'm thinking how you taught me how to win
And how to loose
And how to fight the crippling blues that I was born with
Bad dreams and nightmares
Ooo they slip away.
Ooo they slip away into the remains of the day.
I know that sometime I'll stop looking for you.
Stop seeing your face every day
Bad dreams and nightmares and big bad wolves
Ooo they slip away into the remains of the day
Ooo they slip away into the remains of the day
They slip away
You told me you had no idea how to die but I saw
The way the light left your eyes
And after all the shocks the way the heart unlocks
And ooo then you slipped away.
You slipped away

Size 196 MB
Recorded at the Lobby , New York City
Produced by Hal Willner
Lou Reed ( Guitar ) appears courtesy of Reprise Records
Label : Warner Music

Bitrate 320


Laurie Anderson : Bright Red 1994

Produced by BRIAN ENO
Co - Produced by LAURIE ANDERSON

LOU REED appears courtesy of Sire Records company
ADRIAN BELEW appears courtesy of Caroline Records
BRIAN ENO appears courtesy of Opal Ltd


1. Speechless
2. Bright Red
3. The Puppet Motel
4. Speak my language
5. World without end
6. Freefall
7. Muddy river
8. Beautiful pea green boat
9. Love among the sailors
11.In our sleep
12.Night in Baghdad
13. Tightrope
14.Same time tomorrow

Last night I dreamed I died and that my life had
been rearranged into some kind of theme park.
And all my friends were walking up and down the boardwalk.
And my dead grandmother was selling
cotton candy out of a little shack.
And there was this big ferris wheel
about half a mile out in the ocean,
half in and half out of water.
And all my old boyfriends were on it.
With their new girlfriends.
And the boys were waving and shouting
and the girls were saying Eeek.

Then they disappeared under the surface of the water
and when they came up again they were laughing
and gasping for breath.

In this dream I'm on a tightrope
and I'm tipping back and forth trying to keep my balance.
And below me are all my relatives
and if I fall I'll crush them.
This long thin line. This song line. This shout.

The only thing that binds me to the turning world below
and all the people and noise and sounds and shouts.
This tightrope made of sound
This long thin line made of my own blood.
Remember me is all I ask.
And if remembered be a task forget me.

Remember me is all I ask.
And if remembered be a task forget me.
This long thin line. This long thin line.
This long thin line. This tightrope.

Remember me is all I ask. And if remembered be a task forget me. This long thin line. This long thin line. This long thin line. This tightrope.

Size 129 MB
Bitrate 320

Take it here

Laurie Anderson : Mister Heartbreak 1984

Laurie Anderson (born Laura Phillips Anderson, on June 5, 1947, in Glen Ellyn, Illinois) is an American experimental performance artist and musician who plays violin and keyboards and sings in a variety of experimental music and art rock styles.
Anderson became widely known outside the art world in 1981 with the single "O Superman," originally released in a limited quantity by B. George's One Ten Records. The song reached number two on the national pop charts in Britain after the sudden influx of orders from the UK (prompted by British DJ John Peel playing the record) led to Anderson's signing a 7-album deal with Warner Bros. Records, which re-released the single.

1. Sharkey' s day
2. Langue d' amour
3. Gravity' s angel
4. Kokoku
5. Excellent birds ( Vocals by PETER GABRIEL )
6. Blue lagoon
7. Sharkey' s night



I turn around , it' s fear
I turn around again , strainge dreams
I turn around again , and it' s love .
Nobody knows me
Nobody knows my name
You know ?
They' re growing mechanical trees
Deep in the heart of darkest America
Ha ! Ha ! Ha ! You' ve already paid for this

Size 95 MB
Bitrate 320