Sunday, March 15, 2009

Front 242 : Mixed by fear EP 1990

One of the most consistent industrial bands of the 1980s, even though they regularly pursued a more electronic variant of the sound that swept into vogue during the '90s, Front 242 were the premier exponent of European electronic music. Initially, the group was just a duo when formed in October 1981 in Brussels; programmers Patrick Codenys and Dirk Bergen recorded "Principles" and released the single on New Dance Records. A year later, programmer Daniel Bressanutti (aka Daniel B. Prothese) and lead vocalist Jean-Luc de Meyer joined as well; dubbed Front 242 because of the name's universal meaning and united connotations, the quartet debuted in 1982 with the single "U-Men" and album Geography, recorded for Red Rhino Europe Records (RRE).
This album was released by Play It Again Sam Records in 1990 (all music review)


1. Gripped by fear
2. This world must be destroyed : Dsmo 1
3. This world must be destroyed : Dsmo 2
4. This world must be destroyed : Dsmo 3
5. This world must be destroyed : Dsmo 4
6. Gripped by fear ( Bunker Mix #01 )
7. Mixed by fear
8. Gripped by fear ( Club Mix #02 )

Bitrate 320


  1. thanx !! :-)

    I will buy this cd when i see it!

  2. Somehow I missed this one when it came out. Early 242 is the best 242. Many thanks for a working link!


  3. It's not an early stuff. This one is taken from the mid-period of Front's work, when techno influences firstly appear in their sound.