Thursday, March 05, 2009

Dust : Dust 1971

Dust was an American hard rock band active in the early 1970s.

Dust was formed in the late 1960s , in New York by Richie Wise (Electric , acustic guitras and vocals), Kenny Aaronson (Bass , slide and pedal steel guitars) and Marc Bell (Drums and percussion) . Additionally, Kenny Kerner wrote the group's lyrics, and acted as their producer and manager. Their debut album was released on Kama Sutra Records in 1971, and was followed by a sophomore release on the same label the following year. While the group only released these two albums, they later became of historical interest to collectors interested in early American hard rock.

The group's members all went on to other projects. Aaronson became a member of Stories in 1973 and worked as a session musician into the 1980s. Wise and Kerner went into production, with Kiss among others. Bell worked with Richard Hell and The Ramones later in the 1970s.


Dust (Kama-Sutra Records, 1971)
Hard Attack (Kama-Sutra Records, 1972)


1. Stone woman
2. Chasin' ladies
3. Goin' easy
4. Love me hard
5. From a dry camel
6. Often shadows felt
7. Loose goose

Size 85 MB
Format : Vinyl LP
Label : Kama-Sutra Records
Made in Canada
Year 1971
Bitrate 320


  1. Κώστα ευχαριστώ πολύ. Έψαχνα πολύ καιρό να βρώ DUST και σήμερα κατέβασα και τα δύο δισκάκια. Απίστευτο group. Αν έχεις, ανέβασε HORSE, FRIJID PINK, BUDGIE, SIR LORD BALTIMORE, THREE MAN ARMY.