Monday, March 16, 2009

The Hellacopters : Payin' the Dues 1997

What the MC5 and Stooges were to the '60s, what Sonic's Rendezvous Band and Radio Birdman were to the '70s, and what the Celibate Rifles were to the '80s , that's what Sweden's Hellacopters were to the '90s. Young, strapping, and rocking out to almost cartoon-like proportions, the Hellacopters have made quite a name for themselves in Europe and Australia. And a deal with Sub Pop had them targeting the States. The rock fast, extremely hard, and loud beyond reason has gotten the band noticed by several of their seminal influences, such as Scott Morgan, who has performed with them many times as well as collaborated on a single for the aforementioned Sub Pop label, and also the Dictators, with whom they have done several European tours


1. You Are Nothin'
2. Like No Other man
3. Looking At Me
4. Riot On The Rocks
5. Hey!
6.City Slang
7. Soulseller
8. Where The Action is
9. Twist Action
10. Colapso Nervioso
11. Psyched Out And Furious


Well , look out now when I come your way
Well , I' m a dog and I' m astray
Well , I' ve been taught but I won' t learn
Been out of luck but baby it will turn

So I sold my soul again
Well , I can' t turn back 'cause it' s the place
I put my damn self in
And I will sell my soul to you
Well , now what I need has long been overdue

Blast my way with raging speed
Beelzebub gimme what I need , what I need now
I don' t wanna wait to what comes around , there ain' t no reason
He' s gotta holler it now , I gotta hear that sound

I call it gold , some cat it ville
but to place my bets on consolation prices
Just ain' t my style , who care now
I' ve gotta get SIX SIX SIX , I' ve gotta go ,
well , I' ve gotta go now
Won' t you burn with me when I make that show

Size 85 MB
Format : Vinyll LP
Label : White Jazz Records
Made in Stockholm , Sweden
Distributed by HOUSE OF KICKS
Bitrate 320


FLAC Size: 247 MB HERE


  1. damage
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