Monday, March 02, 2009

Ozric Tentacles : Become The Other 1995

OZRIC TENTACLES are an incredible instrumental band - always have been - probably always will be . But they are special !!! Playing a potent brew of what has been termed " ACID ROCK " or " PSYCHEDELIC ROCK " yet which has always been unique to them .
The roots of their music can be traced back to the 1970' s and the driving rhythms of "HAWKWIND " , the lengthy guitar jamming of the " PINK FAIRIES " and the " CRYSTAL MACHINE " embellishments of TIM BLAKE in classic " Trilogy " - era GONG
The musical history of the band can be traced right back to the early 1980 ' s at various summer festivals . ( STONEHENGE FREE FESTIVAL ) . Without any major record label interest , the band spend a lot of time playing live at smallveues , in order to have something available to the increasing number of fans .
Here in Greece we love them . All the times they honour us with their performances , it was sold - out .

Get a Trip with them .
Travell with them .
Dream with them .
Their music is a space voyage to the center of the mind .


1. Cat DNA
2. Abu Belahn
3. Ghedengi
4. Wob Glass
5. Neurochasm
6. Become The Other
7. Vibuthi
8. Plurnstyle

Size 130 MB
Bitrate 320


  1. Οϊμέ..Τι γκρουπαρα.Kuddos για τη δισκαρα ;o}

  2. Aστα να πανε ρε συ φιλαρακο μ' αυτη τη Μπανταρα ! Επεται συνεχεια οσονουπω .