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Laurie Anderson : Live in New York 2002

Live in New York was a 2-CD live album released by performance artist Laurie Anderson on Nonesuch Records in 2002. It was her ninth album of new recordings released since 1982. The front cover of the CD has the title Live at Town Hall, New York City September 19–20, 2001, however the official title of the album is just Live in New York.

CD one
Size 90 MB

1. "Here with You"
2. "Statue of Liberty"
3. "Let X=X"
4. "Sweaters"
5. "My Compensation"
6. "Washington Street"
7. "Pieces and Parts"
8. "Strange Angels"
9. "Dark Angel

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CD two
Size 135 MB

1. "Wildebeests"
2. "One Beautiful Evening"
3. "Poison" (Anderson, Brian Eno)
4. "Broken"
5. "Progress" (a.k.a. "The Dream Before")
6. "Animals"
7. "Life on a String"
8. "Beginning French"
9. "O Superman"
10. "Slip Away"
11. "White Lily"
12. "Puppet Motel" (Anderson, Brian Eno)
13. "Love Among the Sailors"
14. "Coolsville"

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Format : CD
Bitrate 320

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