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Cats : Dubout


Albert Dubout was born in Marseille, France in 1905.
He drew many subjects, but perhaps none better than the cats which decorate this wonderful china collection. Highly collectable as display pieces, these products are also microwave and dishwasher friendly. The Dubout collection is a rare example of perfectly practical crockery which is also highly collectable.

After attending the prestigious Academy for Fine Arts in Montpellier, he moved to Paris in 1924, where he began making illustrations for several magazines and journals. He soon became the most popular caricaturist in France in the 1930's and 40's. His humorous drawings contained funny characters in strange situations, and have been successful and popular throughout his entire career. Although Dubout was known for his satirical artwork, his true passion was cats. This wonderful china collection is becoming highly collectable as display pieces. These plates are also microwave and dishwasher friendly. The Dubout collection is a rare example of perfectly practical, as well as collectable crockery.

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* ΣΧΗΜΑ 17Χ24

This post is dedicated to :

and Kelly

In the memory of our cat " Marios " ,
a great company for Θείος in Argostoli
during the cold nights of the Ionian winters

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Viagraman : Ufuk

Ufuk Uyanık, the creator of 'Viagraman', was born in Turkey in 1963. In 1977 his first cartoon was published in a sport magazine. His dreams came true in 1983, when he started working comics magazine Gırgır. In 1988 he moved to Britain and settled in London. But being unable to speak the language and finding the British Cartoon Humour completely opposite to his, he had to start working in a burger shop like any other third world immigrant. He got his first cartoon published in a top shelf magazine in England in 1989, since then things went pretty well and his cartoons are published in 23 countries world-wide in magazines, greeting cards, calendars, pillow covers, bed covers, towels etc.

His comic book 'Viagraman' was published in England, Turkey, Greece, Holland, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Germany and USA.

Humble Pie : Smokin' 1972

Humble Pie was a hard rock , and rhythm and blues band from England and were one of the first supergroups from the 1970s , finding success in America and UK . They are best remembered for their dynamic live concert performances . The original band lineup featured STEVE MARRIOT from the Small Faces , Peter Frampton , lead singer and guitarist of The Herd , Greg Ridley , former bassist from Spooky Tooth and seventeen-year-old drummer Jerry Shirley .

In late 1968 Steve Marriott formed Humble Pie with Greg Ridley , Peter Frampton and Jerry Shirley who had been the drummer for the mod band Apostolic Intervention. Their debut single "Natural Born Bugie" was released in July 1969 becoming a #4 hit in the UK Singles Chart and was quickly followed by the album As Safe As Yesterday Is, which peaked at #16 in the UK album charts .

Frampton was replaced by Dave "Clem" Clempson and Humble Pie moved towards a harder sound emphasizing Marriott's blues and soul roots .

Their first record with Clempson " Smokin' " was released in 1972 , along with two singles "Hot 'n' Nasty" and "30 Days in the Hole." It was the band's most commercially successful record and reached #6 on the US charts , helped by a busy touring schedule . After the success of Smokin' the band's record label A&M released Humble Pie's first two Immediate albums in one album , as Lost and Found.

This was Humble Pie's first post-Peter Frampton album. Co-founder and blues shouter 'par excellence' Steve Marriott was thoroughly in charge here, and the result was the band's best-selling album. Highlights include dramatically slowed down versions of Eddie Cochran's "C'mon Everybody", Junior Walker's "Road Runner", and the wah-wah laden slow blues "The Fixer". "You're So Good for Me", which begins as a delicate acoustic number, ultimately mutates into a full-bore gospel music rave-up, an element that would later influence bands like The Black Crowes.

Alexis Korner guests on the track "Old Time Feelin'' , Marriott's vocals take a back seat on this number as the main vocals are provided by Greg Ridley and Korner who also plays a Martin Tipple, mandolin-type guitar , the sound is reminiscent of their song "Alabama '69" appearing on their first album .

Stephen Stills of Crosby , Stills & Nash guests on "Road Runner 'G' Jam" (the title is a nod to the band's habit of developing songs out of jam sessions), playing some incredible Hammond organ fills and his backing vocals were over-dubbed on "Hot 'n' Nasty" a slow-burning and then dynamic R&B song, after he strolled in after recording his own sessions next door .

Side One

1. Hot 'n' Nasty (Humble Pie/Marriott) – 3:20
2. The Fixer (Humble Pie/Marriott) – 5:02
3. You're So Good for Me (Marriott/Ridley) – 3:49
4. C'mon Everybody (Capehart/Cochran) – 5:12
5. Old Time Feelin' (Traditional) – 3:59

Side Two

1. 30 Days in the Hole (Marriott) – 3:57
2. (I'm A) Road Runner (Holland-Dozier-Holland) B) "Road Runner's 'G' Jam" (Humble Pie) – 3:41
3. I Wonder (Gant/Leveen) – 8:53
4. Sweet Peace and Time (Marriott/Ridley/Shirley) – 5:49

Size : 80 MB
Format : Vinyl LP
Label : A & M Records
Distributed by : Dischi Ricordi S.P.A
Made : In Italy
Year : 1972


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BOMBS away : Peter Kuper


Peter Kuper's illustrations and comics appear regularly in Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, and MAD, where he illustrates SPY vs. SPY every month.

He has written and illustrated many books including Comics Trips, a journal of an eight-month trip through Africa and Southeast Asia.

"With a savage hand, radical heart, and humanist soul, the artist Peter Kuper has scaled the heights of respectability from his socially conscious, incendiary beginnings in the 1970's. Now comes a lavish hardcover collection of his greatest hits in all their lush colors and aerosol poetics.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Wolfgang Press :The Legendary Wolfgang Press and Other Tall stories 1985

The Legendary Wolfgang Press and Other Tall Stories compiles the EPs Scarecrow , Water , and Sweatbox , three strong , eclectic efforts produced by Cocteau Twins' Robin Guthrie.

Displaying marked leaps in sophistication and textural variety over their earliest work , the set establishes the trio as witty and incisive pop deconstructionists : a tongue-in-cheek cover of Otis Redding's "Respect" reveals a newfound sense of humor , while Neil Young's "Heart of Gold" undergoes such a radical transformation that it even receives a new title , "Heart of Stone."

Jason Ankeny , All Music Guide

Heart Of Stone Lyrics

So many times, so many times
Complete the crime, complete the stories
I should have known this inner feeling
Is all about these messy people
Grant his pardon and be forgotten
Show the true blue and cut your arm off
Cut your arm off

Follow me and shed your stories
Follow me and strike the worries
Follow me and show the reason
For this infernal competition
Follow me and spread the word of
All the people who go unheard

So many times, so many times
A thousand heads, they talk in rhyme
The useless words commit more crime [more crime]
A case of mindless intuition
A case of finding inner vision
I drop a bomb, you drive a car
And when we crack, we crack so hard
The nurses come to hear our stories
These flowers talk, my flowers talk
And so these people take what is mine

You hit hard, you hit hit hard [???]

So many times I`ve swallowed hole
So many times, so many times
You hit hard, you hit hit hard
I hear you walk, you shimmer down
This funny feeling is called a sound
This is no time for heavy breathing
You hit hard, you hit hit hard
And so it says and so it comes
I fumble down and crumble over
And finger through this dreaded number
Don`t play around with shaded fevers
My persons lost into forever
The sound of music and lighted gardens
A fire`s burning but not in my home
Not in my home, not in my home

The same song, the same old song
The same song, the same old song

I`m just searching for the heart of stone

While Neil Young's "Heart of Gold" undergoes such a radical transformation that it even receives a new title, "Heart of Stone."


1. The Tremble (My Girl Doesn't )
2. Heart Of Stone
3. Respect
4. My Way
5. I'm Coming Home (Mama)
6. Deserve
7. Sweatbox
8. Fire-Eater
9. Ecstasy

Format : Vinyl LP
Label : 4AD
Made in : England
Serial : CAD 514
All songs Beggars Banquet Music , except "Respect" : Muse Music Limited
Bitrate : 320

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The Ducky Boyz : Near Death 45 Rpm Vinyl Single 2007

The Ducky Boyz is a psychobilly , surf-punk band originated in Athens - Greece , which first played in 2002 .
After (too)many lives-parties and two demos , they released their first album "No Regrets" in 2005 with the precious help of the fully indipedent Greek label Blind Bastard Records . After the world had know them better and with some changes in the members (they changes their drummer) , they brought out earlier this year (2008) a 7" single with the name "Near Death Experience" again in Blind Bastard . This single was produced in Greece and in Germany by "Mad Dog Recordings" from Paul Fenech personally (yes , the all powerfull Meteors leader...).

They have said that later this year (2009) will come out the second album , which will be recorded at Fab Liquid Studios in Athens - Greece .

The 1st album is allready fully sold out (sorry guys...) , so for you that you are still seeking it , you will have to wait for the cd release later in time (no specific schedule has been made of when this cd will be out) .
But nevertheless you can order the new single on the Blind Bastard webpage : and in choosen record stores in Athens - Greece .

Please feel free to contact the band anytime... For myspace freaks:

Live places and party ideas are always most welcome!!!

Keep on rockin!



Band Members


Side One

1. Near Death Experience
2. Jailhouse Rock

Side Two

1. Not my day
2. To love and to be loved

Format : 45 rpm Vinyl
Label : Blind Bastards Records
Made : In Greece
Year : 2007 - 2008
Bitrate : 320

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The Bevis Frond - Inner Marshland [1987]

Bevis Frond, The

Inner Marshland

Label:Reckless Records
Catalog#:RECK 14
Format:LP, Album, Reissue
Style:Alternative Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Originally released by ''Woronzow Records'' in the UK in 1987.

Side A'
Cries From The Inner Marshland
Termination Station Grey
Window Eye
Once More
Side B'
Defoliation Part One
Reflections In A Tall Mirror
Hey Mr Undecided
I've Got Eyes In The Back Of My Head
Minsmere Sphagnum
Medieval Sienese Acid Blues
Defoliation Part Two

Nick Saloman: all instruments except:
Bari Watts: Lead Guitar, track 4
Graham Cumming: Piano, track 9
Mick Wills: Acoustic Guitar, track 11

MP3 @ 256 & Scans
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The Bevis Frond was Nick Saloman, a neo-psychedelic renaissance man and the sole writer, performer and producer behind the cottage industry bearing the Frond name. The head of his own label (Woronzow) as well as the co-publisher of his own underground magazine (the highly regarded Ptolemaic Terrascope), Saloman was a quintessential English eccentric, a frighteningly prolific talent and a true anachronism purveying an archaic musical genre while simultaneously pioneering the lo-fi aesthetic. Saloman cloaked his formative years in mystery; according to legend, he formed his first band, the Bevis Frond Museum, during his school years, and after the group disbanded he performed solo acoustic sets throughout the London area known as Walthamstow. After founding the Von Trapp Family, later known as Room 13, Saloman was sidelined in 1982 following a motorcycle accident. With the money he received as compensation for his injuries, he revived the Bevis Frond name and during his recuperation period assembled 1986's Miasma, a slice of twisted, latter-day psychedelia issued on Woronzow in a pressing of 250.

Much to Saloman's shock, the record sold out; realizing an audience existed for his brand of time-warped pop, he quickly issued Inner Marshland, another underground success which encouraged him to raid his extensive archives for more material. With the floodgates opened, new Bevis Frond material -- much of it written and recorded at Saloman's home long before it ever saw release -- appeared constantly; in 1988 alone, Woronzow issued three separate collections, Triptych, Bevis Through the Looking Glass and Acid Jam, all spotlighting his surreal wit and acute social commentary. Beginning with 1990's Any Gas Faster, Saloman was secure enough financially to begin recording in an outside studio; as the new decade dawned, he also made his live debut, appearing sporadically with an ever-changing group of backing musicians. After 1990's Magic Eye, a joint collaboration with former Pink Fairy Twink, the Bevis Frond issued its acknowledged masterpiece, 1991's double-LP set New River Head; erratic and eclectic, Saloman's output continued on without concession to trends or consumer tastes, with new albums appearing with clocklike precision: 1993's It Just Is, 1995's Superseeder, 1998's two-disc North Circular and 1999's Vavona Burr, plus the excellent concert recording Live at the Great American Music Hall, San Francisco. Valedictory Songs followed two years later. ~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide

1987 Miasma Woronzow Records
1987 Inner Marshland Woronzow Records
1987 Bevis Through the Looking Glass Woronzow Records
1988 Acid Jam Woronzow Records
1988 Triptych Woronzow Records
1989 Auntie Winnie Album Reckless Records
1990 Any Gas Faster Reckless Records
1990 Ear Song Reckless Records studio/live album
1991 Magic Eye Woronzow Records
1991 New River Head Woronzow Records
1992 A Gathering of Fronds Reckless Records
1992 London Stone Woronzow Records
1993 It Just Is Woronzow Records
1994 Sprawl (album) Woronzow Records
1995 Superseeder Woronzow Records
1996 Son of Walter Flydaddy Records
1997 North Circular Flydaddy Records
1999 Vavona Burr Flydaddy Records
1999 Live At The Great American Music Hall Flydaddy Records live album
2000 Valedictory Songs Woronzow Records
2002 What Did For The Dinosaurs Woronzow Records
2004 Hit Squad Woronzow Records

* "Sexorcist" (1990) Clawfist (split with Walkingseeds)
* Snow EP (1991) Woronzow (free with Ptolemaic Terrascope magazine)
* "High in a Flat" (free with Bucketful of Brains magazine, split with Dream Syndicate)
* Summer Holiday EP (1993) Woronzow
* "Let's Live For Today" (1994) Helter Skelter
* "Dolly Bug" (1995) Damaged Goods
* "Little Town Pier" (1997) Spare Me
* "African Violet" (b-side by The Steppes) (199?)

Fun site

Miasma LP here

This one , for Kostas

Gary Numan - Tubeway Army : Exhibition 1978 -1983

Gary Numan (born Gary Webb on 8 March 1958) is an English singer, composer, and musician . He is considered to be one of the pioneers of commercial electronic music[1] and has been described as the "King of synthpop."[2] Numan is widely known for his chart-topping 1979 hits " Are 'Friends' Electric? " (with Tubeway Army) and " Cars ". His signature style combines gloomy themes of depersonalisation and alienation accompanied by energetic synthesizer work .

Tubeway Army (1977–1979) was a London-based punk and new wave band led by singer/guitarist Gary Numan . Tubeway Army was the first band of the post-punk era to have a synthesizer-based hit , with the single " Are 'Friends' Electric? " and its parent album , Replicas , topping the UK Album Chart in mid 1979 .
The only constant members were:

Gary Webb (also known as "Valerian" and "Gary Numan") : vocals , guitar , keyboards/synthesizers
Paul Gardiner (also known as "Scarlett") : bass guitar , occasional backing vocals

Exhibition (1987) is a double disc compilation album of Gary Numan's hits and selected other tracks released on the Beggars Banquet Records label. The songs cover from his early punk years of 1978 with Tubeway Army to the songs from the Warriors album of 1983.
( Wiki )

Side one

1. Me! I Disconnect From You (live) – 3:03
2. That's Too Bad – 3:17
3. My Love is a Liquid – 3:28
4. Music for Chameleons – 3:35
5. We Are Glass – 4:40
6. Bombers – 3:48
7. Sister Surprise – 4:57

Side two

1. Are 'Friends' Electric ? – 5:19
2. I Dream of Wires – 5:05
3. Complex – 3:09
4. Noise Noise – 3:39
5. Warriors – 4:03
6. Everyday I Die (live) – 4:32

Side three

1. Cars – 3:53
2. We Take Mystery (to Bed) – 3:37
3. I'm an Agent – 4:17
4. My Centurion – 5:19
5. Metal – 3:26
6. You Are in My Vision – 3:10

Side four

1. I Die: You Die – 3:39
2. She's Got Claws – 4:53
3. This Wreckage – 5:21
4. My Shadow in Vain – 2:57
5. Down in the Park – 4:20
6. The Iceman Comes – 4:24


They won't come back
You know it's always the same
And they're sure to forget
Saying "everyone lies"

So I'm down to this
I'm down to walking on air
And you're here by my side
With all your waving and smiles

Please keep them away
Don't let them touch me
Please don't let them lie
Don't let them see me

My Love Is A Liquid

Can you see her little eyes?
Can you see her little hands?
Don't you think she looks just like me?
Can you hear her little scream?
Can you hear her little cry?
Don't you think she sounds just like me?

You have friends and we have reasons
I can't meet you face-to-face
There are no corners to hide in my room
No doors, no windows, no fireplace

My love is only for me
My love needs nobody else
Did you know that my love is a liquid?
I could talk to me for years
I can't speak to you at all
Did you know that friends come in boxes?

You have friends and we have reasons
I can't meet you face-to-face
There are no corners to hide in my room
No doors, no windows, no fireplace

Save your money buy a tube
Let your body flow inside
Watch it grow before your eyes
Watch it grow before your eyes

You have friends and we have reasons
I can't meet you face-to-face
There are no corners to hide in my room
No doors, no windows, no fireplace

Size :
Record No 1 : 122 MB
Record No 2 : 115 MB

Format : double Vinyl LP
Label : Polygram
Made : In Greece
Year : 1987
Bitrate : 320

RECORD No 1 Take it HERE

RECORD No 2 Take it HERE

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The Bevis Frond : Miasma 1987

Nick Saloman's one-man band , the Bevis Frond , debuted in 1987 with the extremely limited edition pressing of its first LP , MIASMA.

The Bevis Frond is Nick Saloman , a neo-psychedelic renaissance man and the sole writer , performer and producer behind the cottage industry bearing the Frond name . The head of his own label (Woronzow) as well as the co-publisher of his own underground magazine (the highly regarded Ptolemaic Terrascope) , Saloman is a quintessential English eccentric , a frighteningly prolific talent and a true anachronism purveying an archaic musical genre while simultaneously pioneering the lo-fi aesthetic .

After founding the Von Trapp Family , later known as Room 13 , Saloman was sidelined in 1982 following a motor-cycle accident . With the money he received as compensation for his injuries , he revived the Bevis Frond name and during his recuperation period assembled 1986's Miasma, a slice of twisted , latter-day psychedelia issued on Woronzow in an original pressing of 250.

In the late 80s and early 90s Nick Saloman also played and recorded as a member of Magic Muscle (with Rod Goodway), and with the Outskirts of Infinity (with Bari Watts) . Beginning with 1990's Any Gas Faster , Saloman was secure enough financially to begin recording in an outside studio ; as the new decade dawned , he also made his live debut, appearing sporadically with an ever-changing group of backing musicians. After 1990's Magic Eye , a joint collaboration with former Pink Fairy Twink , the Bevis Frond issued its acknowledged masterpiece , 1991's double-LP set New River Heal

The Bevis Frond has become England's premier psychedelic rock band.


1. Garden Gate
2. She's In Love With Time
3. Wild Mind
4. Wild Afternoon
5. Splendid Isolation
6.The Earl Of Walthamstowe
7. The Newgate Wind
8. Release Yourself
9. Maybe
10. Ride The Train Of Thought
11. Confusion Days
12. Find My Way Home
13. I Eat The Air
14. Song From Room 13
15. Need All Your Loving
16. High Wind In The Trees

Size 169 MB
Bitrate 320

Take it HERE

Inner Marshland LP here

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Rock : Η Mουσική του Διαβόλου

Το κείμενο αυτό έχει δημοσιευθεί στη σελίδα και μεταφέρεται αυτούσιο , δίχως παραλλαγές και προσθήκες .

Ο John Lenon είπε: Το καλύτερο ροκ – εντ- ρολ είναι το πρωτόγονο. Ο ήχος του ήρθε από τη ζούγκλα. Περιοδικό Rolling Stone 7/1/1971 σελίδα 4.

( Σημείωση του Blogger : Τον John Lennon τον γράφουν με ένα ν .
... Κι ακόμα δεν είδατε τίποτα ! )

Στο βιβλίο Dizioyario dell' Ηοποr Rοck (Λεξικό του Ροκ της Φρίκης) του Ιταλού Στέφανο Μαρτσοράτι υπάρχει µία µελέτη 380 ονοµάτων συγκροτηµάτων και τραγουδιστών από όλο τον κόσµο που υµνούν τον Διάβολο . Ταξινοµούνται στις εξής κατηγορίες:
1) Ηοποr Rock,
2)Black Rock,
3)Death Metal,
4)Splatter Rock,
5)Epic Rοck,
6)Industήal Ηοποr,
7)White Meta1,
8)Doom Metal
9)Science Fiction Metal.

Μερικά ενδεικτικά είναι: Ρίnk Floyd , Black Sabbath , Vevom , Alice CΟΟΡer , ΕΙectήc Lusifer , Κiss , Ponnie James Dio , Fleetwood Mac , Black Widow , Coven , Leviathan , Κing Diamond/Merciful Fate , Motley Grue , Dio , Magic San , The Who , Fleetwood Mac , Ozzy Osbourn , Meat Loaf , Led Zeppelin , Jetho Tull , Bee Gees , Jefferson Atarship , John Elton , Possesed , Rolling Stones , Elo , Iron Maiden , AC/DC , Lucifers Fήends , Lucifer , Queen , Santana , The Eagles , Valhalla , Belfegore , Po1tergeists , Stayer , Megadeth , Drewer & Shipley , Crossfire , Black Oak Arkansas , Electήc Light Orchestra , Dr John ,Beatles , Sex Pistols , The Κings , The Grateful Dead , Boston , Diamanda Gallas , Ramones , Metallica , Venom , Demolition Hammer , W.A.S.P , Plasmatics.

Οι KISS στο τραγούδι τους The God of Thunder ομολογούν ότι ο θεός του κεραυνού είναι ο θεός του ροκ εντ ρολ. Οι AC/DC στο Hell’s Bells ομολογούν ότι ο Σατανάς κινεί τον κεραυνό του ρίχνωντας καταρακτώδη βροχή
καθώς και ότι οι αστραπές του φωτίζουν τον ουρανό!

Ο κεραυνός είναι έμβλημα του Σατανά όπως προκύπτει από το Ιερό Ευαγγέλιο : Εθεώρουν τον Σατανά ως αστραπή εκ του ουρανού εκπεσόντα. Κατά Λουκά 10,18.

Το σύμβολο του κεραυνού εμφανίζεται επίσης στη χορογραφία του Μαΐκλ Τζάκσον και στα εξής συγκροτήματα που υμνούν τον Διάβολο : AC/DC, Electric , Wasp , Light Orchestra , Black Sabbath , KISS , DEATHSS , Slayer.

( Είναι και αδιάβαστοι ! Δεν ξέρουν ούτε καν πως γράφονται τα ονόματα των συγκροτημάτων
!!! )

Ο νεογέννητος ρυθμός BEAT του 1954-1955 βαφτίστηκε από τον νονό του Άλαν Φρίντ (DJ του Κλίβελαντ) Ροκ έντ Ρολλ. Μια λέξη που περιέγραψε δύο κινήσεις του ανθρώπινου σώματος τη στιγμή της σεξουαλικής πράξης στο πίσω μέρος αυτοκινήτου και χρησιμοποιούνταν στη λαϊκή γλώσσα των αμερικάνικων γκέτο των μαύρων. Bob Larson ROCK WHEAT ON 111, Tundale House 1980 p.3

Εκφραστής αυτού του ρυθμού η λεκάνη του αποκαλούμενου Βασιλιά του Ροκ εντ Ρολλ, Έλβις Πρίσκλεϋ ή Elvis the Pelvis (pelvis=λεκάνη). Τα τραγούδια του, όχημα των ιδεών της σεξουαλικής επανάστασης σύμφωνα με το μανιφέστο της οποίας τίποτα δεν είναι πιο σημαντικό από την ωμή, ασυγράτητη, ερωτική ορμή.
Συνεχιστές του Βασιλιά , οι Μπήτλς , οι Ρόλλινγκ Στόουνς , οι Μόντς , ο Άλις Κούπερ , οι Άνιμαλς , κ.α. Αυτοί όμως φέρνουν μια νέα θεωρία , σε πιο εξελιγμένο ρυθμό , το σκληρό ροκ , Hard Rock.

Αυτό συνδυάζεται με την ανακάλυψη του L.S.D. από τον Δρ. Χόφφμαν , της Ελβετικής εταιρείας Σαντόζ . Το L.S.D. είναι ναρκωτικό που προκαλεί οπτικές και ακουστικές παραισθήσεις ενώ σε χρήση πάνω από 30 φορές προκαλεί σχιζοφρένεια . Αστραπιαία γεμίζουν από αυτό Πανεπιστήμια και σχολεία . Το τραγουδούν οι διάσημοι Eric Burdon & Animals

Οι Μπήτλς μας εισάγουν με το Κίτρινο Υποβρύχιο (Yellow Submarine) την ψυχεδέλεια . Ο όρος στη ψυχιατρική σημαίνει την οξεία παραίσθηση που προκαλούν τα ισχυρά ναρκωτικά . Ο ασθενής νομίζει πως είναι πουλί και μπορεί να πετάξει ή σούπερμαν και μπορεί να σταματήσει τρένα με το σώμα του . Είναι η εποχή της ειρηνικής επανάστασης των Χίππυς , make love not war , κάντε έρωτα και όχι πόλεμο , μέσω των ναρκωτικών (L.S.D.) και των Ινδουιστικών κοινοβίων.

Άλλοι σπεσιαλίστες ναρκωτικών είναι οι Ρόλλινγκ Στόουνς . Δικά τους είναι τα Μαύρη ζάχαρη- Brown sugar (που είναι μίγμα ηρωίνης , καφεΐνης και στριχνίνης) , Αδελφή Μορφίνη , Ξαδέλφη Κοκαΐνη- Sister Morphine , Cousin Cocaine και Ασημένια Κυρία – Silver Lady όπου εδώ υπονοείται η υποδόρια σύριγγα . Φτάνουμε στις μέρες μας με τη κατάληξη του Ροκ εντ Ρολλ και Χάρντ Ροκ σε Πανκ Ροκ . Punk Rock (Η λέξη στην Αγγλία σημαίνει πρόστυχος ενώ στην Αμερική σημαίνει σάπιος . ) και Χέβυ Μέταλ . Heavy Metal . Και τα δύο είδη είναι πολύ διαδεδομένα στην Ελλάδα , κατέχονται από δαιμονολατρεία (απεικονίσεις δαιμόνων στα εξώφυλλα δίσκων , ύμνους στον Σατανά άμεσα ή έμμεσα , με διέγερση των παθών του ακροατή) και ωθούν τους οπαδούς τους να τραυματίσουν και να χτυπήσουν τον απέναντί τους με τη βοήθεια ξυραφιών , αλυσίδων, μπρασελέ με ατσάλινα καρφιά και στην πλήρη εκτόνωση της ψυχονευρωτικής κατάστασης , που οφείλεται στον εκκωφαντικό ήχο και τη δόλια μέθοδο υποβολής , με τη καταστροφή του χώρου υπαιθρίων συναυλιών ή άλλων χώρων ( βανδαλισμοί καταστημάτων , μέσων συγκοινωνίας κλπ ) .

Αυτά για σήμερα !
Σας έφτιαξα παλιοσατανιστές , κωλοροκάδες ? Οπαδοί της Σατανίστριας Μαρινέλλας ?

Monday, October 12, 2009

The art of failing : SERRE

Jean-Pierre Serre (born 15 September 1926) is a French mathematician in the fields of algebraic geometry, number theory and topology. He has received numerous awards and honors for his mathematical research and exposition, including the Fields Medal in 1954 and the Abel Prize in 2003.

From 1959 onward Serre's interests turned towards number theory, in particular class field theory and the theory of complex multiplication.

Amongst his most original contributions were: the concept of algebraic K-theory; the Galois representation theory for ℓ-adic cohomology and the conceptions that these representations were "large"; and the Serre conjecture on mod-p representations that made Fermat's last theorem a connected part of mainstream arithmetic geometry.

Saturday, October 10, 2009



Joaquín Salvador Lavado, better known by his pen name Quino, is an Argentine cartoonist born on July 17, 1932 in Guaymallén, Mendoza Province to Spanish parents. His comic strip Mafalda (which ran from 1964 to 1973) is very popular in Latin America and many parts of Europe.


Quino's daily newspaper strip Mafalda was his most successful cartooning venture. Mafalda ran from 1964 to 1973. The comic was translated into more than 30 languages. However, it never received much of an audience in the English-speaking world, perhaps because, as Quino put it, the strip was "too Latin American." In 1976, the character Mafalda was chosen by UNICEF to be a spokesperson for the Convention on the Rights of the Child.[4] Mafalda is still translated in book collections. Argentine director Daniel Mallo translated 260 Mafalda strips into 90-second cartoons that aired in Argentina, starting in 1972.


Με ήθελες
για να χτενίζω τους καημούς σου κάθε βράδυ
κι όμως με πέταξες
σα μιά τσατσάρα στης καρδιάς σου το πηγάδι .
Aχ! Με άφησες .

Ντι Ντι Ντι η αναπνοή σου με σκοτώννει
το φιλλί σου δηλλλητήριο με λλιώνει .

Με γομολλάστιχα θα σβήσω την αγάπη μας
Μ' αυτή θα σβήσω την καψούρα και τα λλάθη μας .

Με πόνεσες
όπως πονάει του χειρούργου το ννυστέρι
και όμως ,
άντρα τώρα δε θα βρεις
να κάνεις ταίρι .

Σύγκαμα κατάντησες για μένα
και πως θα ζήσω ?
Σα θερμοθάλαμος
με άφησες στα ντέρτια να σιγοψήσω .

Τατουάζ πάνω στα νύχια μου
θα κάνω
Τ' όνομά σου
να το βλέπω και να κλάνω .

Με γομολλάστιχα θα σβήσω την αγάπη μας
Μ' αυτή θα σβήσω όλα τα ντέρτια και τα λλάθη μας .

Ποίηση ? : Κώστας
Σχέδια : Gotlib

Απαιτώ Νόμπελ Λογοτεχνίας εδώ και ΤΩΡΑ !!!