Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Bevis Frond : Miasma 1987

Nick Saloman's one-man band , the Bevis Frond , debuted in 1987 with the extremely limited edition pressing of its first LP , MIASMA.

The Bevis Frond is Nick Saloman , a neo-psychedelic renaissance man and the sole writer , performer and producer behind the cottage industry bearing the Frond name . The head of his own label (Woronzow) as well as the co-publisher of his own underground magazine (the highly regarded Ptolemaic Terrascope) , Saloman is a quintessential English eccentric , a frighteningly prolific talent and a true anachronism purveying an archaic musical genre while simultaneously pioneering the lo-fi aesthetic .

After founding the Von Trapp Family , later known as Room 13 , Saloman was sidelined in 1982 following a motor-cycle accident . With the money he received as compensation for his injuries , he revived the Bevis Frond name and during his recuperation period assembled 1986's Miasma, a slice of twisted , latter-day psychedelia issued on Woronzow in an original pressing of 250.

In the late 80s and early 90s Nick Saloman also played and recorded as a member of Magic Muscle (with Rod Goodway), and with the Outskirts of Infinity (with Bari Watts) . Beginning with 1990's Any Gas Faster , Saloman was secure enough financially to begin recording in an outside studio ; as the new decade dawned , he also made his live debut, appearing sporadically with an ever-changing group of backing musicians. After 1990's Magic Eye , a joint collaboration with former Pink Fairy Twink , the Bevis Frond issued its acknowledged masterpiece , 1991's double-LP set New River Heal

The Bevis Frond has become England's premier psychedelic rock band.


1. Garden Gate
2. She's In Love With Time
3. Wild Mind
4. Wild Afternoon
5. Splendid Isolation
6.The Earl Of Walthamstowe
7. The Newgate Wind
8. Release Yourself
9. Maybe
10. Ride The Train Of Thought
11. Confusion Days
12. Find My Way Home
13. I Eat The Air
14. Song From Room 13
15. Need All Your Loving
16. High Wind In The Trees

Size 169 MB
Bitrate 320

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Inner Marshland LP here

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  1. Very beaufiful post, thank you!!! Do you have another releases of Woronzow Record to post like "Woronzoid" compilation, "Sibilant Sin" of Psycho Mun and also "Stoned Crazy" of Outskirts of Infinity? Thank you very much.