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Eirkti [Ειρκτή] Music Label

Έλαβα και με χαρά δημοσιεύω :

"Greetings to all you friends and music fans out there! Almost a year has passed since Eirkti signaled its presence within the 'independent music' terra and it is already
about to make a further move, realizing its further editions. However, before providing you with all the details concerning our forthcoming endeavors it seems necessary to review some of the important details with regard to our release-story so far. So let us all run together through the necessary details:

EirmaOl: Paralleles De Montsegur 7" "same-titled" single: Eirkti's first maximalistic release presents us with a French group from Montpellier called Paralleles de Monstegur. PdM which produced one single ('Fils de Rien') and a full Lp titled 'Esperit ' in the early 90s, disappeared quite suddenly. Nevertheless, they left an obvious mark mostly due to their unique ability of marrying a cold post punk sound with medieval aesthetic elements. Eirkti found out that the band had made a few additional songs right before it broke up. Therefore, it decided that those tunes should be made known to the public. Four intense tracks full of exemplified cold-wave guitars which altogether reveal the direction to which the group was heading after its first works. This is a limited release of 300 hand-numbered copies which should definitely be placed in every dark-wave record collection.
Copies still available!

Eirmi01: Die Bunker "Peut-Etre qu'il n'y a plus rien? 1983-1984" Lp: Eirkti positions itself within an absolute atmosphere of synthetic minimalism by finally releasing the long scarce tape material of Die Bunker. The tape which originally appeared in the early 80s was produced in 300 copies and became very soon one of the most collectable items. Moreover, this sound-material had few resemblances with the later on 'Dreams are not Free' (1988) and 'Mother' (1990) vinyl works which provided the group with recognition in the French and international dark wave scene. It would have been a real loss if those early compositions of DB weren't released on vinyl! Eirkti undertook a limited edition of 500 copies including all those astonishing tracks such as 'Wut', 'Annake' 'Kiste Gold' and others plus a bonus magnificent obscure composition 'In den letzten Zugen lieben' which
first appeared in the 'V.I.S.A. Presente' compilation back in 1984.
Do not miss this since copies get fewer and fewer!
Copies still available!

Eirmi02: Horis Perideraio "Horos Gia Mousiki' Lp: Horis Perideraio was one of the most underground nevertheless, prominent groups of the Greek 80s scene. Their sound was a combination of sophisticated new wave melodies and genuine, rapid minimal synth rhythms. After releasing a single in 1983 ('Anosi') they composed 'Horos gia Mousiki' Lp two years later. The Lp became an absolute rarity and it was more than impossible to find even in collectors' sects. Eirkti managed to re-release this magnificent piece of work in a limited edition of 500 copies which were accompanied by the original two-page insert. As soon as the news was spread mobilization was instant and now all copies have found their place in musical fans' record collections.
Copies sold out!

- And now regarding Eirkti's forthcoming projects we are really happy to announce the following:

Eirma02: Metro Decay "Keimilia (Treasures) / Skies (Shadows)" 7" single: Perhaps Metro Decay is the most important Greek new wave group that really made its way in the national 80s underground scene. Their uniquely constructed tunes as well as their profound Greek lyrics were two basic reasons why their presence seemed so important as well as promising during that period. Their long gone 7" single Keimilia / Skies forms an excellent paradigm of what new wave should sound like. Issued from the legendary Greek label 'Creep', way back in 1983 along with their first and only Lp 'Ipervasi' (1984) stigmatized that era's atmosphere and not only. Eirkti is about to re-release their first single including the aforementioned songs. 'Keimilia' and 'Skies' introduces listeners to a really haunting dark wave ambience with heavy loads of thoughtful inspiration like one which you've never heard before. This 7" single will be produced in 800 hand-numbered copies, dressed in a proper sleeve and accompanied by an insert with all necessary info. We will definitely be proud to play it wildly loud on our turntables as well as imagine that you will do the same!
Out Soon!

Eirmi03: Alexandros "Data" Lp: Originally released from Alexandros' own label '80s Ways' in the mid eighties, 'Data' includes 8 tracks which are overall reminiscent of that era's ambience. Straightforward minimal electronic and synthetic wave tunes such as 'Hold Me Tight', 'Difficult Birth', 'Everybody wants some Love' and other offer a
pure taste of musical originality germane to the spirit by which the 80s dance-floors were besieged. ^ Data was the Lp following Alexandros' promising 7" single 'No Place To Run' released in 1983. As years went by, the Lp became more and more difficult to find till nowadays when it is considered beyond than rare. Our label decided it was high time to circulate this work for once more and fill an important 'hole' in a lot of people's collections. This will be a limited edition of 500 hand-numbered
copies dressed in an -as always- pure black & white sleeve.
Out Soon!

Eirmi04: Brigade Internationale "Regard Extreme" Lp: Originally released in tape 25 years ago, it still remains one of the finest exemplars of the French coldwave scene. Brigade Internationale, an obscure act formed in 1982 really shook the scene right from its foundations by exposing it to their dark-mannered claustrophobic syntheses. To which track should we really draw |»ur attention? 'First Time'?, 'Normal Night'?, 'In Obscurity'?, 'Le desert des tortures'? To which other really, if not a] An extensive synthesis composed of fearful trombonnes, profound bass-rhymes, intense dark synths executing minimalistic maneuvers in all. Finally, after all these years the group's magnificent material is released in a proper format ready to re-construct cold ambiences and re-vitalize memories as per their concept of rebellious act against political totalitarianism and unjustifiable violence (Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it..). Eirkti is finally ready for this strictly limited edition of 500 copies including a special info-card.
Out Soon!

Well, that is for now! We hope that you'll find all this interesting and we'll be gladly waiting to hear from you soon!
All the best,

The Eirkti Team"

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VA - Studio II Collection

Studio II Collection
ST II 01
Studio II 1990
Label : Studio II records
Catalog#: ST II 01
Format: Vinyl, 12", LP,
Country: Greece
Released: 1990
Genre: Rock
Style:Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Rock'n'Roll, Psychedelic, Ska

mp3 @320 & scans

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So What? : Am I Blind ?
The Blue Jeans : Sweet Love On My Mind
The Trembles : Hey Sucker
Sextel : The Sound Of Your Breath
Out Of Order : Take it Easy
Daylight Dreamers : Baby Go Home

T.I.L-T. : Don't Need You
The Echo Tattoo : The "Do it" Story
The Outsiders : Black Cadillac
Ruddy Rain : King Of The Night
De Traces : [De Return Of] De Saints

* * * * *
Η πρώτη κυκλοφορία της εταιρείας , συλλογή φοβερή και τρομερή, ενδεικτική της εποχής εκείνης , μαζί βρίσκετε και το ένθετο με τις πληροφορίες, για μερικές μπάντες βέβαια έχουμε μόνο φωτογραφία [όχι εγώ χε χε ο δίσκος].

[Νέο - Οκτώβριος 2010
Οι SEXTEL ήταν εκείνη την εποχή:
 Λάβαμε mail από τον Τάσο Αναστασόπουλο, σχετικά με τα μέλη των Sextel, οπότε τα δημοσιεύω εδώ.
Τάσο σε ευχαριστώ.]

Studio II - Ένα μικρό ιστορικό...
Το Studio II, ξεκίνησε την πορεία του στο εγχώριο ηλεκτρικό σύμπαν το 1987, ως χώρος προβών συγκροτημάτων. Από το θρυλικό υπόγειο στην οδό Τραπεζούντιου 1 & Μαυρομιχάλη στα Εξάρχεια παρέλασε πλήθος κόσμου, μεταξύ των οποίων τόσο οι No Man's Land, Γενιά του Χάους, Last drive, Purple Overdose, Blue Jeans, Sound Explosion, Closer, Echo Tattoo όσο και εξέχοντες εκπρόσωποι της διεθνούς σκηνής τύπου Fuzztones, Rudy "Tuttie" Grayzell, Judy Lindsey & Johnny Carroll, Others. Σε κάποια από τα παραπάνω ονόματα μάλιστα, το Studio II συνέβαλλε αποφασιστικά στην διαμόρφωση της καλλιτεχνικής πορείας τους. Προχώρησε και προχωρά στην διοργάνωση συναυλιών, αρκετές εκ των οποίων έχουν αποτελέσει κεντρικό θέμα συζήτησης για μεγάλο χρονικό διάστημα. Διαθέτει πλήρως εξοπλισμένο στούντιο ηχογραφήσεων και μια πλειάδα έμπειρων συνεργατών που είναι σε θέση να εγγυηθούν τόσο το άριστο επίπεδο της παραγωγής, όσο και την αποτελεσματική προώθηση του τελικού μουσικού "προϊόντος". Άλλωστε δεν είναι τυχαίο, πως η δισκογραφική ετικέτα Studio II φέρει την αποκλειστική ευθύνη για μερικές από τις σημαντικότερες ανεξάρτητες παραγωγές στην ιστορία του εγχώριου ηλεκτρισμού, ήδη από τις αρχές της δεκαετίας του '90. Μια ματιά στον κατάλογό της, πείθει και τον πλέον απαιτητικό φιλόμουσο.
[ Από το site της εταιρείας].

The Alan Parsons Project : Tales Of Mystery And Imagination 1976

As indicated by its name, the Alan Parsons Project was not a band so much as a concept overseen by the titular Parsons, a successful producer and engineer. Born in Britain on December 20, 1949, he began his musical career as a staff engineer at EMI Studios, and first garnered significant industry exposure via his work on the Beatles' 1969 masterpiece, Abbey Road. Parsons subsequently worked with Paul McCartney on several of Wings' earliest albums; he also oversaw recordings from Al Stewart, Cockney Rebel, and Pilot, but solidified his reputation by working on Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.

Influenced by his work on Stewart's concept album Time Passages, Parsons decided to begin creating his own thematic records; along with songwriter Eric Woolfson, he soon founded the Alan Parsons Project. Although Parsons played keyboards and infrequently sang on his records, the Project was designed primarily as a forum for a revolving collection of vocalists and session players -- among them Arthur Brown, ex-Zombie Colin Blunstone, Cockney Rebel's Steve Harley, the Hollies' Allan Clarke, and guitarist Ian Bairnson -- to interpret and perform Parsons and Woolfson's conceptually linked, lushly synthesized music.

The Project debuted in 1975 with Tales of Mystery and Imagination, a collection inspired by the work of Edgar Allan Poe; similarly, the science fiction of Isaac Asimov served as the raw material for 1977's follow-up, I Robot. With 1980's The Turn of a Friendly Card, a meditation on gambling, the Alan Parsons Project scored a Top 20 hit, "Games People Play"; 1982's Eye in the Sky was the Project's most successful effort, and notched a Top Three hit with its title track. While 1984's Ammonia Avenue went gold, the Project's subsequent LPs earned little notice, although records like 1985's Vulture Culture, 1987's Gaudi, and 1996's On Air found favor with longtime fans. Time Machine followed in 1999. After taking a five-year hiatus, Parsons returned in 2004 with A Valid Path.

( allmusic review )

Orson Welles , Leonard Whiting / narration

1976 Original Album:

1. A Dream Within A Dream
2. The Raven
3. The Tell-Tale Heart

4. The Cask Of Amontillado
5. (The System Of) Doctor Tarr And Pfofessor Fether
6. The Fall Of The House Of Usher

a) Prelude
b) Arrival
c) Intermezzo
d) Pavane

e) Fall
7. To One In Paradise

Flac  Size  ;  245 MB 

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Lou Reed : The Raven 2003

The Raven is a concept album by Lou Reed released in 2003 . Its goal is to recount the short stories and poems of Edgar Allan Poe through word and song . Both "The Bed" and " Perfect Day " are new and very different versions of well-known Reed songs from previous albums , and the song " Fire Music " is noise music . In addition to Reed it features a number of guest vocalists including Laurie Anderson , David Bowie , Antony Hegarty , Steve Buscemi and Willem Dafoe . The producer , Hal Willner , had previously overseen the Poe tribute album Closed on Account of Rabies .

The recording was simultaneously released as a two-disc set of recordings and in an edited single-disc version .

This is the Limited Edition 2 -CD Set .

Lou Reed has called The Raven " A movie for the mind " and that description just begins to capture this double CD's phantasmagoric impact . Though it's based on the writings of Edgar Allan Poe , The Raven is less a strictly literary or musical work than a dreamlike evocation of Poe's obsessions : Loss , Guilt , Violence , Self-destruction and failed bids for redemption . Of course , those have been Reed's own obsessions for more than three decades . It's an artistic marriage that could hardly have been made in heaven -- the album's demonic power clearly emanates from the fires down below .

In that subversive spirit , The Raven will confound purists of every stripe . Most provocatively , Reed is far more faithful to the spirit than to the letter of Poe's work . He stirs verses from "Annabel Lee " , "The Bells" and " The Fall of the House of Usher " into a hallucinogenic stew , boldly altering Poe's language and adding his own as impulse dictates . On the other hand , the readings by actors such as Willem Dafoe , Elizabeth Ashley and Amanda Plummer not to mention the serene deconstruction of Reed's "Perfect Day" by the otherworldly singer Antony will bewilder the rock & roll animals among Reed's following .

Open-minded listeners , however , will revel in The Raven's impurities , its Poe-like perversions . Heaven and hell collide in Reed's raucous duet with the Blind Boys of Alabama on " I Wanna Know (The Pit and the Pendulum) " and he revisits the purgative roar of Metal Machine Music on the instrumental " Fire Music " On " Who Am I? (Tripitena's Song) " meanwhile , he delivers some of the most personal lyrics of his career . " One thinks of what one hoped to be " he sings , " and then faces reality " . The reality here is that Reed has once again stretched the boundaries of popular music and , in doing so , has honored Edgar Allan Poe's illustrious legacy , along with his own .

Rolling Stone Magazine

Disc 1: Act 1

1. The Conqueror Worm
2. Overture
3. ld Poe
4. Prologue (Ligiea)
5. Edgar Allan Poe
6. The Valley of Unrest
7. Call on Me
8. The City in the Sea / Shadow
9. A Thousand Departed Friends
10. Change
11. The Fall of the House of Usher
12. The Bed
13. Perfect Day
14. The Raven
15. Balloon

Size 121 MB
Bitrate 320

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Disc 2: Act 2

1. Broadway Song
2. The Tell-Tale Heart (Pt. 1)
3. Blind Rage
4. The Tell-Tale Heart (Pt. 2)
5. Burning Embers
6. Imp of the Perverse
7. Vanishing Act
8. The Cask
9. Guilty , spoken
10. Guilty , sung
11. A Wild Being from Birth
12. I Wanna Know (The Pit and the Pendulum) Listen this track . It' s great !!!
13. Science of the Mind
14. Annabel Lee - The Bells
15. Hop Frog
16. Every Frog Has His Day
17. Tripitena's Speech
18. Who Am I? (Tripitena's Song)
19. Courtly Orangutans
20. Fire Music
21. Guardian Angel

Size 172 MB
Bitrate 320

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Ornette Coleman : alto saxophone on " Guilty "
Laurie Anderson : vocals on " Call On Me "
Antony Hegarty : vocals on " Perfect Day "
David Bowie : vocals on "Hop Frog"
The Blind Boys of Alabama : backing vocals on "I Wanna Know (The Pit And The Pendulum)"
Willem Dafoe : voice on "The Raven" and "The Cask"
Steve Buscemi : voice on "Broadway Song" , "Old Poe" & "The Cask"


Lo! 't is a gala night
A mystic throng bedecked
Sit in a theater to see
A play of hopes and fears
While the orchestra breathes fitfully
The music of the spheres

Mimes, mutter and mumble low
Mere puppets they, who come and go
Disguised as gods
They shift the scenery to and fro
Inevitably trapped by invisible Wo

This motley drama
to be sure
Will not be forgotten

A phantom chased for evermore
Never seized by the crowd
Through they circle
Returning to the same spot
Circle and return to the selfsame spot
Always to the selfsame spot
With much of madness and more of sin
And horror and mimic rout
The soul of the plot
out are the lights
out all
And over each dying form
The curtain a funeral pall
Comes with the rush of a storm
The angels haggard and wan
Unveiling and uprising affirm
That the play is the tragedy "Man"
And its hero the Conqueror Worm


Under the intense scrutiny of Ligeia's eyes
I have felt the full knowledge
And force of their expression
And yet been unable to possess it
And have felt it leave me
As so many other things have left
The letter half-read
The bottle half-drunk
Finding in the commonest objects of the universe
A circle of analogies
Of metaphors
For that expression
Which has been willfully
withheld from me
The access to the inner soul denied
I wanna know, ooohhh
I wanna know
I wanna know, oh
I wanna know
In consideration
In consideration of the faculties and impulses
Of the human soul
Of the human soul
In consideration
Of our arrogance
Of our arrogance
Our radical, primitive irreducible arrogance of reason
We have all overlooked the propensity
We saw no need for it
The paradoxical something which we may call perverseness
Through its promptings we act without
Comprehensible object
We act for the reason we should not
We act for the reason we should not
For certain minds this is absolutely irre-, irre-
The conviction of the wrong
Or impolicy of an action
Is often the unconquerable force
The unconquerable force
It is a primitive impulse
It is a primitive impulse
Primitive impulse
The overwhelming tendency
The overwhelming tendency to do
Wrong for the wrong's sake
To do wrong for the wrong's sake
We persist in acts
Because we feel that we
should not persist in them
Because we feel we, feel we
should not persist, per-, persist in them, ah
So I wanna know

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The Detroit Cobras : Mink Rat Or Rabbit 1998

The Detroit Cobras signed with Sympathy for the Record Industry and released their first full-length album " Mink Rat or Rabbit " , in 1998 . After a three-year gap , they released a second album " Life, Love and Leaving " . Their RETRO - GARAGE formula proved popular in the UK and prompted the London-based Rough Trade Records to sign the band . They were one of the late , great John Peel's favourite live bands . They released an EP " Seven Easy Pieces " in 2003 and their third full-length album " Baby " in 2005 . " Baby " broke with the Cobras' tradition in that it included one original song , "Hot Dog (Watch Me Eat) " . " Baby " was picked up for release in the US by Bloodshot (who added the songs from the Seven Easy Pieces EP to the end of " Baby " . In April of 2007 , Bloodshot released the band's fourth full-length , " Tied & True " .

The band is known for multiple lineup changes , as noted in the side ba r . They generally have a touring lineup different from their recording lineup . Greg Cartwright of Reigning Sound (aka Greg Oblivian of The Oblivians) has been a constant creative force along with Nagy and Ramirez , who have been around since the group's genesis .
The Detroit Cobras play The Santa Fe Brewing Co., 6 June , 2008

For the summer of 2009 , The Detroit Cobras are headlining a tour w/ the Dex Romweber Duo in support .

( Wiki )



Mink Rat or Rabbit (1998, Sympathy for the Record Industry)
Life, Love and Leaving (2001, Sympathy for the Record Industry)
Baby (2005, Bloodshot)
Tied & True (2007, Bloodshot)
The Original Recordings (Singles and Unreleased 1995-1997)

Singles and EPs

Village of Love 7" (1996, Human Fly)
Over to My House 7" (1996, Black Mamba)
Ain't It a Shame 7" (1996, Scooch Pooch)
Seven Easy Pieces EP (2003, Rough Trade)
Cha Cha Twist CD, 7" (2004, Rough Trade)
Ya Ya Ya 7" (2008, Stag-O-Lee)


Rachel Nagy - Vocals
Maribel (Mary) Ramirez - Guitar/Vocals
Steve Shaw - Guitar/Vocals
Jeff Meier - Bass
Damian Lang - Drums/Vocals


1. Cha Cha Twist
Original by Brice Coefield
2. I'll Keep Holding On
Original by The Marvelettes
3. Putty (In Your Hands)
Original by The Shirelles
4. Easier To Cry
Original by The Shangri-Las
5. Bad Girl
Original by The Oblivians
6. Summer (The Slum)
Original by The 5 Royales
7. Midnight Blues
Original by Charlie Rich
8. You Knows What To Do
Original by Barrett Strong
9. Can't Do Without You
Original by Dusty Wilson
10. Hittin' On Nothing
Original by Irma Thomas
11. Out Of This World
Original by Gino Washington
12. Chumbawa
Original by Gabriel And The Angels
13. Breakaway
Original by Jackie Deshannon

Size 77 MB
Bitrate 320

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Gregory Isaacs : Out Deh 1983

Gregory Isaacs ranks as one of the true superstars of REGGAE MUSIC , with a career that spans three decades and legions of loyal fans worldwide . His humble upbringing began in Kingston , Jamaica where he was born in 1951 . Like many before him , he started his singing career in the early 70's by working with a number of producers and entering various local talent competitions . His first records of notice were on Rupie Edwards' Success label . To gain artistic freedom and financial control of his own work , Isaacs was started his own African Museum label and shop in Kingston in 1973 with singer Errol Dunkley . In order to finance his label , he continued to work with other producers such as Winton "Niney The Observer" Holness , Gussie Clark , Lloyd Campbel l, and Alvin "GG" Ranglin for the rest of the 70's . His early recordings were responsible for the development of his singing style , love ballads with his cool relaxed nasal style , as well as his ease with songs about social protest . By 1980 , Gregory had become one of the top stars in the reggae world , touring the UK and US extensively . He signed with Virgin Records' Frontline label and gained a considerable name for himself outside the reggae world . Isaacs continued recording singles on his African Museum label in Jamaica - ultimately those singles were gathered for the Virgin releases . His preeminence during this period was confirmed by the nickname of "Cool Ruler " , given to him by critics and fans after the title of one his albums . By the mid 80's , he had a number of personal and financial problems and ended up in a Jamaican prison for a short time . After his release , he began work recording for scores for different producers , which included some of his best material for King Jammys , Bobby Digital , and Steely and Clevie . His 1988 landmark album , "Red Rose for Gregory ", and the single "Rumors" brought him to worldwide prominence again . Since then he has recorded a number of albums , scores of singles , and has continued to tour extensively worldwide . Over the years , Gregory Isaacs has worked hard to keep his legendary status and reputation in the reggae business second to none. Artists Only! released "Gregory Isaacs - Live at Maritime Hall" in conjunction with 2B1 label the fall of 1998 to a great response . This all new studio album "Turn Down The Lights ", produced by the legendary Lloyd "King Jammys" , really brings out the essence of this veteran singer , who sounds as strong as ever with the best up-to-date musical tracks.



1. Good Morning
2. Private Secretary
3. Yes I Do
4. Sheila
5. Out Deh
6. Star
7. Dieting
8. Love With Feeling

Flac  Size  :  190 MB

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The Flowers Of Romance - Pleasure And The Pain [1993]

The Flowers Of Romance
Pleasure And The Pain
LP [1993]

* * * * *
They said [insert] :
"This album is dedicated to all the lonely hearts of the universe. Remember that people need to communicate as much as they need to breath.
Try to understand the ones who live around you".

Label : Wipe Out Rec.
Catalog#: WOR 069
Format: Vinyl, 12", LP,
Country: Greece
Released: 1993
Genre: Rock
Style: Gothic

ogg @320 & Covers

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1.Love Commandos
2.The Ocean Floor
3.Gerda & Kay
4.Pleasure And The Pain
5.Who’ s Playing Jesus
7.The Royal Hunt Of The Sun
8.Winter Waltz
THE FLOWERS OF ROMANCE A brief history of the band as written by mrs Darkness: Flowers Of Romance was one of the most successful groups to emerge from the Greek rock scene of the 1990s. They started more or less as a pure punk band (although already their first album, Dorian Grey, showed signs of poppiness and gothic influences as well), then moved closer to traditional gothic rock with the album Pleasure & The Pain and then exploded into a gazillion of styles, combining missionesque riffs, gloomy atmospheres, and electronic pulses with a newly-found love for jazz, industrial, and spaghetti-western film scores. The band was originally formed on February 2nd, 1981 by members Mike Pougounas-vocals (later will perform keyboards and synthesizers but played the bass when needed), Tasos Dimitriadis-bass and Costas Venos-guitar and were named after Sid Vicious's band (of the pre-Sex Pistols era). Recruiting George Venizelos on the drums, they started gigging regularly and quickly gained a number of followers in the punk rock scene and the university circles with their a la Dead Boys/Lords Of The New Church style. Trying to put down the Flowers Of Romance would be ridiculous as Greece was never a friendly ground for greek bands with english lyrics, playing rocknroll, gothic, new wave, punk rock or whatever you wanna call it. Cause you see, there aren't any famous bands coming from good old Greece that people heard of, except maybe Vangelis, Aphrodite's Child and this means we go a long way back. It was not until 1988 that the Flowers Of Romance finally obtained a record deal and released their first track Autumn Kids on the compilation "12 Raw Greek Groups", followed in 1990 by the album Dorian Grey. The catchy ditties with distinct, memorable guitar riffs and tight, mesmerizing rhythm sections of Dorian Grey, will get you a complete and pretty meaningful overview of the band's earliest days. Having a talented songwriter (Mike Pougounas who was the only one from the original line up to make it to the first album) and a highly professional rhythm section in every release of theirs, the Flowers Of Romance did everything well, enough to earn their legendary status in Greece and partly in some European countries. They recorded the Love Means Death EP in 1992 with bass player Harry Stavrakas, who became a full-time member to stay with the band till the end. The 7" single "Winter Waltz"/"Pleasure & The Pain" was released in 1993 to be followed by their second album, "Pleasure & the Pain". The album was released on vinyl for Greece and on CD in Germany (the German CD included 4 bonus tracks). Both these first two albums got distribution in Australia too and several songs of the band appeared on German, English and Scandinavian compilations. During 1995, Wayne Hussey came in charge of the production of the band's third album, "Brilliant Mistakes". By that time, the line up was: Mike Pougounas, Harry Stavrakas, Jim Koukas (drums) and Aki Hadziantoniadis (guitars) The album was released late in 1996 in Greece and early next year Hyperium Germany, released a cd single titled "Channel Z" to be followed by the album "Brilliant Mistakes" (promoting the band as the Mission epigons). It is obvious that Wayne Hussey is doing backing vocals and some guitar parts. The album was recorded in Greece and Wayne's studio, Swirlsound - Bristol, engineered by Steve Whitfield. Rumor has it that "Brilliant Mistakes" attracted the interest of american producer/musician Bill Laswell. Lots of information were spread in the media of a Mission/Flowers Of Romance European tour back in those days but nothing realy happened. One thing is for sure, Flowers supported the Sisters Of Mercy and New Model Army in 1997 to break up in 1998 when Mike Pougounas left the band to launch both the industrial goth band Nexus and his own record label, Cyberdelia Records (released the Mission's album, "Aura" in Greece and Cyprus). Both, Nexus and Cyberdelia Records no longer exist since 2005. A new band was formed in 2006, by ex- Flowers and Nexus members called New Zero God, including Flowers Of Romance matterial in their playlist. For more infos, pls check:

DISCOGRAPHY (no compilations included)
LP/CD DORIAN GREY (Only on vinyl released in Greece)
PLEASURE & THE PAIN (vinyl for Greece/CD with extra tracks in Germany )
BRILLIANT MISTAKES (Only CD both in Greece and Germany too)
12" EP LOVE MEANS DEATH (Only Greece)
CD SINGLE CHANNEL Z (Only in Germany)

* * * * *
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Vodka Juniors : Dark Poetry 2008

VODKA JUNIORS is a Greek Band from Athens formed in 2000 and this incredible , great , lyric , Dub , Reggae , Punk album was released by the Cannonball crew , December 2007
I don' t want to write more comments about this album . The only thing I have to say is : JOE STRUMMER and BOB MARLEY are still alive in our soul.


Orestis : Guitars - drums - voices
Kostis : Guitars - voices - bass
Harry : Guitars - voices - percussion
Fudukis : Bass - percussion - piano

"Last year, every Friday we'd go to work with a secret smile... a dangerous, evil, arrogant smile.
After work a couple of friends drove to as far as possible from this shithole we live in, saw some of the most beautiful places, met some of the greatest people and had some of the craziest experiences of our lives. Every Saturday we'd get in a small room, bleed our guts out, scream, dance and become one soul. Just raw energy... A couple of hundred people packed in a room... bad sound, bad drinks, everyone in his own little world, everyone so alone but still for 2 hours we'd become one. Then suddenly silence... Monday morning back to work, with a bruised body, a fresh heart and a secret smile... For a couple of months it felt like living in the movie, so we called it the LiveClub... It became an addiction. Every Saturday you need your dose or you might errupt. This Christmas we took the club to foreign lands. This is our life"

CD 1

1. Sailing on
2. Whiskey and the rain
3. Blessed to be cursed
4. Break the silence
5. Dreaming and dreaming
6. Endless roads
7. Music' s all I got
8. Shadows in the sunset
9. Summer rain
10. Against the world
11. Naked in the rain
12. Burn
13. Of all the things I' ve lost
14. Nowhere close to home
15. Bedroom catwalk
16. Endless nights
17. King of the street
18. Bottle of hope
19. I wonder
20. Princess
21. Sleep

Size 122 MB
Bitrate 320
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As I lay in the shade with a bottle of wine
everything stops and the world is mine.
I fear no change cause it keeps me awake
changing skins in the sun like a snake.

New life, new rules every once in a while
and if I get lost for a moment in time
holding my glass I'll be there again
when the sun comes out after the rain.

I've got six strings and a thousand songs
for every single thing I've lost to sing so yeah,
I need some time away.

A world of memories in my heart
a collection of dreams is all I got.
People I've lost, lovers and friends
no matter the pain I got no regrets
cause we're all the same under the sun,
yeah we're all the same under the sun.

I raise my glass up to the sky
I'll get some sleep and then I'll fly away...
No I don't need no religion
no I don't believe in any god
my god is the sun
"No I don't need no religion, no I don't believe in any god, my god is the sun"

Many thanx to Orestis who gave me the permission to post this album on Urban Aspirines

CD 2

1. Bong
2. Hospital
3. Rise up
4. The masks are off
5. No religion
6. Dub and loud
7. We' re all going to Hell
8. Down south
9. Revenge of the dead
10. Early morning
11. Color of hate
12. All by myself
13. Remember this day
14. Where is my life ?
15. What freedom ?
16. Slow down
17. All we need is some gasoline

Size 159 MB
Bitrate 320
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Friday, May 22, 2009

Strawbs : Burning For You 1977

Biography by Bruce Eder

One of the better British progressive bands of the early '70s, the Strawbs differed from their more successful compatriots -- the Moody Blues, King Crimson, Pink Floyd -- principally in that their sound originated in English folk music, rather than rock. Founded in 1967 as a bluegrass-based trio called the Strawberry Hill Boys by singer/guitarist Dave Cousins, the group at that time consisted of Cousins, guitarist/singer Tony Hooper, and mandolinist Arthur Phillips, who was replaced in 1968 by Ron Chesterman on bass.
In 1969, the Strawbs were signed to A&M Records, and cut their first album, the acoustic-textured Strawbs, that same year. For their second album, Dragonfly, recorded and released the following year, the group broadened their sound with the presence of a group of session musicians, including piano/organist Rick Wakeman. Soon after the release of this record, the group became a full-fledged band with the addition not only of Wakeman but also Richard Hudson and John Ford, on drums and bass, respectively. These changes, coupled with Cousins' increasing dexterity on electric guitar, gave the Strawbs a much more powerful sound that was showcased on their next album.

The live Just a Collection of Antiques and Curios (1970) sold well, and was followed up the next year with From the Witchwood. In 1971, Wakeman left the Strawbs in order to join Yes; he was replaced by Blue Weaver formerly of the Amen Corner. Grave New World (1972) showed the band entering its strongest period, with Cousins' songwriting augmented by the new prowess of the composing team of Hudson and Ford.

The Strawbs' second and final album for their new label starts off promisingly with the moody and expansive "Burning for Me"; Dave Cousins sings with restraint over a somber repeating theme on piano and strings, and it ends with a hint of a Moog solo. Alas, later numbers like "Keep on Trying" turn out to be a limply insincere sort of "positive pop," which is all the more grating given the sincere moodiness of the band's earlier work. "Back in the Old Routine" is a patronizing mimicry of the working bloke, a sort of folky watering down of their old hit "Part of the Union." Cousins at least gets back a bit of his old bile in "Alexander the Great," where he gives a sour kiss-off to music critics -- who, at this point, probably weren't listening anyway.

Track Listings

1. Burning for Me
2. Cut Like a Diamond
3. I Feel Your Loving Coming On
4. Barcarole (For the Death of Venice)
5. Alexander the Great
6. Keep on Trying
7. Back in the Old Routine
8. Heartbreaker
9. Carry Me Home
10. Goodbye (Is Not an Easy Word to Say)

You can take HERE the album : " From The Witchwood "

Size 85 MB
Format : Vinyl LP
Label : Polydor - Polygram Company
Made in USA
Year 1977
Bitrate 320

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VA : Give Me Innocence . I' m Sick ! Tales from The Greek Underground No 2

This is not an official compilation made by indipended Greek Labels
Here is the smell of URBAN ASPIRINES ' best Greek groups No 2.
This is made from me to you
Take it or leave it

VA : Give me Innocene , I' m Sick No 2
Bands and Trakx

1. Purple Overdosed : Holes
2. Yell O Yell : Froggy
3. South Of No North : Annabell Lee
4. Villa 21 : The Land Where The Sun Never Shines
5. Make Believe : Leave Me Alone
6. Sharp Ties : Ties
7. XLOS : Kick In The Head
8. Forward Music Quintet : Prelude
9. Groove Machine : How Colourful Is To Die
10.Rockin Bones : Mary Jane
11.Deus Ex Machina : Let' s Pretend
12.Honeydive : Kick Inside
13.The Mute : This Boy
14.Frantic V : Brand Ford Mist
15.Pillow : Rebecca Deruvo ( Space Mix )

Δυστυχώς εδώ στο Ελλαδιστάν οι παραγωγές είναι ανύπαρκτες . Και όμως ! Βγαίνουν Διαμάντια .
Πέγκυ Ζήνα ζούμε για να σ' ακούμε !!!

Size 152 MB
Bitrate 320

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Monday, May 18, 2009

The Saints : Eternally yours 1978

The Saints are an Australian Punk rock band, formed in Brisbane in 1974. They are considered to be one of the first and most influential punk groups. By 1975, contemporaneous with the Ramones, The Saints were employing the fast tempos, raucous vocals and "buzzsaw" guitar that characterised early punk rock. With their first single "(I'm) Stranded", in late 1976, they released a record ahead of better-known punk acts like the Sex Pistols and The Clash. Bob Geldof has been quoted as saying, "Rock music in the Seventies was changed by three bands — the Sex Pistols, the Ramones and The Saints".

Eternally Yours is their second album released in 1978 . For their follow up album (with Kuepper and Bailey in the producers chair) the band chose a more bigger R & B driven sound, including the addition of a horn section.

This is one of the best PUNK Albums , my dirty friends


1. Know Your Product
2. Lost and Found
3. Memories Are Made of This
4. Private Affair
5. A Minor Aversion
6. No, Your Product
7. This Perfect Day
8. Run Down
9. Orstralia
10. New Centre of the Universe
11. Untitled
12. (I'm) Misunderstood
13. International Robots


I'm just sitting in my chair when a voice comes on the air
Says "Why don't you try it? You'll feel allright!"
"Got some great new brand of smokes
"Cool your head and clear your throat
"Keeps you young and so in touch."

Cheap advertising, you're lying
Never gonna get me what I want
I said, smooth talking, brain washing
Ain't never gonna get me what I need

"Our new soap that's peachy keen saves your soul and keeps you clean
"It's recommended, used by the queen
"Gonna improve your IQ, help in everything you do
"It's economic, don't cost too much."

Said advertising, you're lying
Never gonna give me what I want
I said, smooth talking, brain washing
Ain't never gonna get me what I need

I said take it
Come on
Soul man
Let's shoot the professor!

I'm just sitting in my chair when a voice comes on the air
Says "Why don't you try it? You'll feel allright!"
"It's a great new brand of smokes
"Cool your head and clears your throat
"Keeps you young and so in touch."

Said advertising, you're lying
You're never gonna give me what I want
I said smooth talking, brain washing
You're never gonna get me what I need

What do I care?
Yeah! Hey man,
Where's the professor?
We need him now!
Gonna tell you 'bout them
Yeah we take it all the way 'round the world
For that west coast feel
Yeah man.
Yeah everything, let it out
It's not what you love
Look out on the radio
All right.


The tv screen becomes my eye
It's the legal monster of a future time
There's no opinion that ain't my own
No thought that isn't mine...

I said 21 years is a long long time
To be in this prison when there ain't no crime
So go on jailer won't you bring the key
I want to break down the door
Can you hear me?

You know the damage gets done so fast
It's all the truths that just don't last

I got creeps in drag crawling round my door
Disguised as priests they quote the law
Selling bibles for a secret fee
They say it's all done for me
I'm such a lucky man

You know the damage gets done so fast
It's all the truths that just don't last
It's another lie they want to uphold
Another day till we all grow old and break down

So I get bored with a TV mind
No place to go no future's mine
NF banners flying in the wind
Like free lobotomies
I don't recommend one

So open your mouth and you get done
The police state keeps you on the run
Scream injustice better scream it loud
Get punched down in the crowd
And what can ya do?

You know the damage gets done so fast
It's all the truths that just don't last
It's another lie they want to uphold
Another day till we all grow old and break down

You know that damage gets done so fast, listen one time. You know that justice that'll never last. I said I'll break down and another day when my life grows old. We'll never listen. Another day when we'll never get told about what's going on. And that's just when I wanna break out, I wanna get out get out of here now. You know I just want to smash that door. Wanna take my time and I don't wanna see no small TV. Don't wanna see you. I don't wanna listen to a thing that they say. I wanna crash out, I wanna smash, I wanna smash it all. I said I got to take it away. I can't stand it no more. Because I just want to break out. I said I can't take any more. Because it's too much to handle. I said no more. A crime against the state. That's another shame...

Take it HERE

Sunday, May 17, 2009

O.S.T : Dogs In Space 1987

This is the censored version with the band name " Thrush & the Cunts " bowdlerised to " Thrush and the C**ts " and the offensive song " Diseases " .

Dogs in Space is a 1987 Australian film set in the " little band scene " in Melbourne in 1978 . It was directed by Richard Lowenstein and starred Michael Hutchence as Sam , the drug-addled frontman of the fictitious band from which the film takes its name .

With virtually no plot , Dogs in Space is a stylish and chaotic film about a group of alternative music fans sharing a house in the inner Melbourne suburb of Richmond . The plotless and artistic style of the film is a legacy of Lowenstein's background in advertising and music video production ; Before Dogs in Space he had served as director for a series of promotional clips for songs from the INXS album " The Swing " .

Richard Lowenstein
Richard Lowenstein


Michael Hutchence :Sam
Saskia Post : Anna
Nique Needles : Tim
Deanna Bond : The Girl
Tony Helou : Luchio
Chris Haywood : Chainsaw man
Peter Walsh : Anthony
Laura Swanson : Clare
Adam Briscomb : Grant
Sharon Jessop : Leanne
Edward Clayton-Jone : Nick
Martii Coles : Mark
Chuck Meo : Charles
Caroline Lee : Jenny
Fiona Latham : Barbara

The album came in two versions : a censored version with the band name "Thrush & the Cunts" bowdlerised to "Thrush and the C**ts" and possibly-offensive song vocal tracks removed , and an "R"-rated version in a black sleeve with all band names in full , movie dialogue between the songs and all vocal tracks in full .

Chase Records went out of business soon after and , despite much effort , the record has never been reissued and has remained unavailable since . It is now a collector's item , commanding high prices . It was only available on LP and cassette and was issued on CD - at least the censored version appeared on discount bins in shopping malls in Lisbon , Portugal , somewhere around 1996-1997 .

Side One:

1. Dog Food (Iggy Pop)
2. Dogs In Space (Michael Hutchence)
3. Win/Lose (Ollie Olsen)
4. Anthrax (Gang of Four)
5. Skysaw (Brian Eno)
6. True Love (Marching Girls)
7. Shivers (Boys Next Door) Vocals by Nick Cave

Side Two:

1. Diseases (Thrush & the C**ts) ( Thrush & the Cunts )
2. Pumping Ugly Muscle (The Primitive Calculators)
3. Golf Course (Michael Hutchence)
4. The Green Dragon (Michael Hutchence)
5. Shivers (Marie Hoy & Friends)
6. Endless Sea (Iggy Pop)
7. Rooms For The Memory (Michael Hutchence)

Size 116 MB
Format : Vinyl LP ( Limited Edition )
Label : Chase Records
Imported in Greece by ? Records
Bitrate 320


Dedicade to our brother Blog "Global Entropy" who gives us many good films .

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Strangelove : Time For The Rest Of Your Life 1994

Strangelove were an English alternative rock band , formed in Bristol in 1991 .
The band released their first EP " Visionary " in 1992 on Sermon Records .
Their second EP , " Hysteria Unknown " , in 1993 earned them a support slot on Radiohead's Pop is Dead tour .
Strangelove released their first album , " Time For The Rest Of Your Life " to critical acclaim in August 1994 on Food Records .


Time for the Rest of Your Life (1994) Food/Parlophone
Love & Other Demons (1996) Food/Parlophone
Strangelove (1997) Food/Parlophone
One Up: The B-Sides (2008, iTunes only) EMI


1 Sixer 6:03
2 Time for the Rest of Your Life 4:44
3 Quiet Day 5:55
4 Sand 3:17
5 I Will Burn 5:58
6 Low Life 4:39
7 World Outside 4:07
8 The Return Of The Real Me 3:04
9 All Because Of You 3:24
10 Fire ( Show Me Light ) 6:57
11 Hopeful 2:54
12 Kite 3:46
13 Is there a place ? 10:54


What am I
Surely not this awkward frame
that carries me round
Not part of emptiness that's still to be found

I want to know

Thoughts rain down
World spins round
Upside down
As my confusion grows

Who are you
You look the same but you are different again
With all your questioning that makes me insane
I need to know

Thoughts won't clear
Caught down here
End seems near
As my vagueness grows
I need to know

Give me the direction of a river that flows
Cutting through the land of misconception I've known
Clarify the meaning that I once saw in the sky
Show me light

Clap the dance that circles through
All the thoughts I ever knew
A step for me a step for you


Smoke shall twist beyond my trying eyes
Through a fire rest my place inside
Pondering the night with shapes

What am I
Just another dreamer with sun in his eyes
Another pointless being who was trapped in time
Show me light

Who are you
You hide yourselves away the same as I
We carry on this game of shameful lies
Shown as night

Thoughts won't clear
Caught down here
End seems near
I need more, I need more

Give me the directon of a falling star
It shoots away the permanence
I've known so far
Clarify the meaning of the words up in the sky

Show me light

Size 116 MB
Format : Vinyl LP
Label : Food / Parlophone Records
Distributed by EMI
Made in England

The Von Bondies : Pawn Shoppe Heart 2004


Jason Stollsteimer: Vocals and guitar
Leann Banks: Bass guitar and vocals
Christy Hunt: Guitar and vocals
Don Blum: Drums and percussion

Past members

Lauren Wilcox: Bass guitar (2001)
Carrie Ann Smith: Bass guitar and vocals, (2001-2004)
Yasmine Smith: Bass guitar and vocals, touring member (2004-2006)
Marcie Bolen: Guitar, (2001-2006)
Alicia Gbur: Guitar, keyboards, vocals, touring member (November 2007-March 2008)
Matt Lannoo: Guitar, touring member (November 2007-March 2008)

In 2000 Jason Stollsteimer attended a concert by Japanese garage punk band " Guitar Wolf " with Marcie Bolen . At the time , Stollsteimer was working a job as a bowling alley bartender and Marcie as a hair dresser . The performance spurred him to create his own band , " The Baby Killers " , which toured with fellow Detroit bands " The Detroit Cobras " , " The Go " and " The White Stripes " . After recruiting Lauren Wilcox on bass and Don Blum on drums the band changed their name to the Von Bondies .

With their White Stripes connection now shattered , the Von Bondies have been seeking their own space , away from Detroit's hipster scene . Their sense of liberation is evident in Pawn Shoppe Heart , one of the brashest, most flamboyant releases in ages , far surpassing the band's intense , misanthropic debut Lack of Communication . The main reason for this is Stollsteimer himself . Now an assured showman and writer , he possesses an archness and brazen faithlessness that recalls glam rock greats David Johansen and Mike Monroe and his delivery of songs ranging from garage grind through bubblegum rock tomore… shrieking blues is marked by a stylish feel for wit and rhythm . Happily held in check by producer and ex-Talking Head Jerry Harrison , the band back their singer with a tight and spiky performance , guitarist Marcie Bolen and bassist Carrie Smith adding vocal sass and sexual balance to such gems as " C'mon C'mon " , " Tell Me What You See " and the excellent " Not That Social " . They also shine during the thudding , rough-house blues of " Mairead " , " Right of Way " and their raging cover of " Try a Little Tenderness " , which arrives after what is apparently the closing title track . Pawn Shoppe Heart is an impressively dirty major-label debut .

( Dominic Wills )


1. No Regrets
2. Broken Man
3. C'mon C'mon
4. Tell Me What You See
5. Been Swank
6. Mairead
7. Not That Social
8. Crawl Through the Darkness
9. The Fever
10. Right of Way
11. Poison Ivy
12. Pawn Shoppe Heart
13. Try a Little Tenderness

Size 91 MB
Bitrate 320