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Embryo : Ni Hau 1996

This is a musical collective from Munich that has been active since 1969

In 1969 the band was founded by multi instrumentalist Christian Burchard (drums, vibraphone, santur, keyboard) and Edgar Hoffmann (saxophone, flutes). To date more than 400 musicians have played with the collective, some, such as Charlie Mariano, Trilok Gurtu, Marty Cook, Jurji Parfenov, Alan Praskin, X.Nie, Nick McCarthy, and Mal Waldron, have played on multiple occasions.

Longtime members are Edgar Hoffmann(sax,violin) ,Dieter Serfas (drums), Roman Bunka (guitar, oud), Uve Müllrich (bass), Michael Wehmeyer (keyboard), Chris Karrer (guitar, violin, sax), Lothar Stahl (marimba, drums), and Jens Polheide (bass, flute).

In 1979 the band started a nine month tour to India by bus, which was documented by the movie "Vagabundenkaravane". Embryo developed from jazzy Krautrock to a world music band, which is able to merge different styles and trends. Many of their albums originated during collective journeys on 4 continents. The band played many festivals around the globe: in India (Mumbai Jazz 1979), England (Reading 1973), Nigeria (Port Harcourt Jazz 1987), Japan(Wakayama 1991) to name a few. In July 2008 Embryo was awarded the German World Music Award RUTH 2008 at the TFF.Rudolstadt Festival.

Track Listings

1. After small coming good coming (9:08)
2. North of the chinese wall (4:43)
3. Haikus (7:08)
4. Deep in the night (Tiefe Nacht) (3:41)
5. Raft (8:35)
6. Onyeni Melek / Shengjazz (5:48)
7. Sehen/Sikahbines in Shan Dong (9:57)
8. Dhurga (5:14)
9. Hungry Horse (Hungriges Pferd) (2:34)
10. 7 x 7 (5:31)
11. 11/5 (3:27)
12. Sai che (6:30)

Total Time: 72:16


Christian Burchard / vibes, percussion, marimbas, cymbals
Paramashivam Pilai / vocals, tavil
Chuck Henderson / soprano sax
Chris Lachotta / bass
Geoff Goodman / mando-cello, guitar
Xizhi Nie / ehru, muyü, sheng, gaohu
Yulyus Golombeck / oud
Albert Kuvezin / vocals
Chris Lachotta / bass
Lothar Stahl / percussion, marimba
Jens Pollbeide / flute, bass
Roman Bunka / sitar, oud
Sascha Alexandrov / bassoon
Jamal Mohmand / harmonium, vocals
Yusuf Eshaq / tabla
Paramashivam Pilai / tavil
Chris Karrer / oud
Mostafa Raafat / nai
Hermann Breuer / trombone
Peter Michael Hamel / keyboards

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Bitrate 320
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