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The Visitors: Visitation '79

The Visitors were an Australian rock band formed in 1978 after the breakup of popular punk rock band Radio Birdman. The songs were written by Deniz Tek but unlike many other Tek bands,

Tek did not sing vocals in The Visitors. Instead the vocals were sung by long-time friend of the band Mark Sisto. The addition of Sisto's vocal alongside a predominantly ex-Birdman lineup, created what many [who?] believed as the next generation of Birdman, with a vocal which mirrored that of The Doors. They played only 12 shows in the Sydney area starting in late 1978 and continuing into August 1979.

It was from an intense desire to play that the energy came to form The Visitors, the same desire fuelled

the live performances and recording of the album. From 1978 to 1979 The Visitors were Deniz Tek on guitar, Mark Sisto on vocals, Ron Keeley on drums, Pip Hoyle on keyboards and Steve Harris on bass. Their style was a dark mixture. The band being 3/5ths Birdman, including the chief songwriter, was almost like the next phase of Radio Birdman had that band continued on. At the same time, the sound of the band was more like the early Birdman days with the single guitar plus keyboard format.

Visitation '79 by the Visitors is a legitimate follow-up to the two classic Radio Birdman albums

that preceded it.
The material certainly stands with guitarist/writer Deniz Tek's other work, and although Mark Sisto's singing certainly isn't better than that of Rob Younger, it is very similar in style and holds up well by comparison. This is the only album the Visitors made, and this reissue has been remastered to great effect by Tek and keyboardist (and fellow M.D.) Pip Hoyle.

The songs are pretty dark and pure rock & roll. The moody opener, "Living World," sets the tone with Hoyle's Manzarek-like organ work. A song about John Needham, "Brother John," follows.

Needham became Tek's manager, but was then just a friend of the band who issued the album as the first release on his own Citadel Records, a label that probably put out more great music than any other indie label in the '80s. "Haunted Road" is next, a song about North Territorial Road near Ann Arbor, MI, Tek's hometown. Other highlights abound. "Sad TV" is absolutely devastating, and a song many should relate to.

"I'm going home to watch my Sad TV" pretty much sums up life for many in this world. "Let's Have Some Fun" is an upbeat rocker in the tradition of Radio Birdman's "More Fun." "Hell Yes" is a hair-

raising footstomper that sounds like a good show closer. Appearing for the first time on the reissue is "Skimp the Pimp," a song by Tek that dates back to his first Australian band, TV Jones. The version here is chaotic (in the best way possible) and fully realized. Several of these songs were performed by New Race on its one and only tour; that band elevated the material to an even higher level. [Note: the original Citadel album cover had an Easter Island motif and was seriously cool.]

The Visitors – Visitation '79
Label: Red Eye Records – RED CD 39, Polydor – 517 017-2
Format:    CD, Compilation 1994
Country: Australasia
Released: 1979
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock, Garage Rock, Punk



01. Living World
02. Brother John
03. Haunted Road
04. Life Spill
05. Journey By Sledge
06. Sad TV
07. Miss You Too Much
08. Euro Girls
09. Let's Have Some Fun
10. Hell Yes
11. Disperse
12. Skimp The Pimp



Bass – Steve Harris
Drums – Ron Keeley
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Deniz Tek
Piano, Organ, Backing Vocals – Pip Hoyle
Vocals – Mark Sisto

Flac Size: 320 MB


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Dodge Main: Dodge Main 1996


"Dodge Main" was a band made up of Detroit and Ann Arbor musicians from the old days. The band was a loose and variable collection of players, but each lineup and project that Dodge Main did was


notable and worthy. In the early '90s Patrick Boissel began a crusade to resurrect the late 60's-early 70's Detroit Sound through a series of reissues and new releases of obscure live performances, outtakes and other material, doing for the MC5, the Rationals, the Up, and John Sinclair what had already been done by Revenge and Skydog Records for the Stooges. Patrick managed Alive and Total Energy Records, offshoots of Bomp! Records, the label created by Greg and Suzy Shaw in 1974.

Song selection was a mix of new originals and old standards. The MC5 songs that we did were "Future/Now", written by Rob Tyner, and "Over and Over", written by Fred Smith - both from the great "High Time" album. I think Wayne wanted to do the other guy's songs as a tribute to them - may they rest in peace. Wayne chose "I-94" as the Radio Birdman song, and the Jimmy Cliff tune

"The Harder They Come".
Because Scott Morgan was there, we did "City Slang". I suggested that we do the Stooges tune "I Got A Right". Some songs were written on the spot, others in my motel room. The new originals were Wayne's "Citizen Of Time", my newly penned "Fire Comin" and a co-write, "Better Than That". I also contributed "100 Fools". The band rehearsed minimally, and the songs went to tape with very little preparation. The entire album was done in less than 5 days. Wayne told me that the album, and the group, was going to be called "Dodge Main" - named after the huge, abandoned Chrysler assembly plant in Hamtramck, the burned out heart of north central Detroit.

Various line-ups under the name "Dodge Main" have gotten together for occasional live performances since then. The first, in February '97, was a benefit concert at the State Theatre in Detroit held to help pay fellow Detroit musician Greasy Carlisi's medical bills incurred following a heart attack. The band played free, and we paid our own expenses getting to Detroit for the show. The lineup was Wayne and

myself, with Dennis Thompson and Gary Rasmussen on drums and bass, respectively; and Scott Morgan (American musician, singer, and songwriter, best known for his work with the Rationals and Sonic's Rendezvous Band. Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan) on guitar and vocals. Now this, truly, was an all-star Michigan lineup ! We rehearsed at Dan Hurley's house, in his basement. Wayne had brought  his Stratocaster, but Dan pulled out a beautiful mid-60's Epiphone Wilshire that had once belonged to Wayne. I guess Dan had been keeping it since the old days, and it was a happy sight to see it back in the hands of Wayne Kramer. With only the one brief rehearsal, the show was rough and chaotic, but the energy level was high and the crowd of about 2000 people lost their minds.

The second show was a gig at the Euclid Tavern in Cleveland, in conjunction with the release of the paperback version of Please Kill Me, the oral history of punk by "Legs" McNeil and Gillian McCain. After a book reading at the R&R Hall of Fame museum, the gig went down, this time with Scott Asheton from the Stooges on drums. It was at this show that the band hit its full potential, causing a

near riot in the tiny, packed club. Despite Gary Rasmussen repeatedly complaining about my guitar volume, I had a great night. We were joined on stage for the last four songs by a very loose Jimmy Zero, guitarist for the Cleveland legends The Dead Boys. Tapes of this show were reviewed by Wayne and Don Was. Because the performance was so wild, and in retrospect, historically significant, there were tentative plans to produce and release a recording from them. But the tapes remained unreleased in the archives of Muscletone Records - and for all I know, they may still be there.



Wayne Kramer opened on Radio Birdman's Australian reformation tour of January 1996. During the

tour he and Deniz had discussed the idea of working together. Patrick Boissel from Alive Records had been trying to organize a Motor City supergroup recording for years. The following July when both Deniz' and Wayne's schedules lined up, Boissel booked a small studio in North Hollywood. There was no preparation or planning for this record whatsoever. With Wayne's expert rhythm section and gallons of coffee, Dodge Main was cranked out in just 4 days.

It's little more than a jam session of tunes old and new from various sources by a group of friends, but what a group of friends to have around! Legendary MC5 guitarist Wayne Kramer, fellow Detroit music figure of renown Scott Morgan, and Motor City-via-Australian Deniz Tek of Radio

make up Dodge Main, with help from bassist Paul Ill and regular Kramer drummer Brock Avery. With Kramer overseeing production, the result is a hearty celebration of Detroit's rock music history, along with a few surprising but fun detours along the way. The three lead members all tackle main vocals at various points, with the others providing backup as they go. Arguably the originals in all cases should be chased down first, but in the hands of the group everything sounds like they're ready to kick butt and take names, while the new numbers are energetic, great romps.

"City Slang," originally recorded with Morgan in Sonic's Rendezvous Band, sets the tone from the start, Kramer and Tek more than adequately filling the shoes of the departed Fred Smith. He also takes the lead on gloriously loud and in-your-face takes on the MC5's "Future/Now" and the album-concluding

Stooges cover "I Got a Right," Tek and Kramer's guitars as blasting as they need to be. Tek's moments of vocal glory occur with the blasting, tough grooves of "I 94," his spoken word sections on "Fire Comin'," and the short snap of "100 Fools." Kramer, meanwhile, contributes a fantastic solo composition -- "Citizen of Time" -- which could have easily fit on his series of '90s solo albums, burning with righteous anger while the Ill/Avery rhythm section hits a solid swing. His other vocal lead is an inspired winner -- Jimmy Cliff's reggae classic "The Harder They Come," given a distinctly Detroit musical revamp.

Deniz chose the MC5 tracks and Wayne chose the Birdman track. Deniz wrote Fire Comin' in his motel room on the second night, with Paul Ill contributing the middle 8 bars the next day. Wayne had previously written Citizen of Time and the band free jammed behind the simple riff. Better Than That

was co-written by Deniz and Wayne while sitting in the studio with unplugged guitars. I-94 featured fresh lyrics, Deniz being tired of the old ones. Wayne added a ska beat with Brock Avery on African finger drums. The opening track is the Sonic's Rendezvous classic, City Slang, with Scott Morgan from that band on vocals. Scott happened to be in LA and was called over, ending up doing several songs. The City Slang mix is heavy on rhythm guitars. There is a lot of the soloing on this track but it is barely audible, a tribute to the late Fred Smith.

Dodge Main – Dodge Main
Label: Alive Records – ALIVE 0025
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 1996
Genre: Rock
Style: Hard Rock



01. City Slang   4:36
02. I.94   2:57
03. Citizen Of Time   3:48
04. Future/Now   3:01
05. Fire Comin'   4:11
06. 100 Fools   2:38
07. The Harder They Come   2:54
08. Over & Over   2:49
09. Better Than That   3:29
10. I Got A Right   3:38


Wayne Kramer - Guitar and Vocals, Lead Vocals on tracks 3, 7  
Deniz Tek - Guitar and Vocals, Lead Vocals on tracks 2, 5, 6  
Scott Morgan - Vocals, Lead Vocals on tracks 1, 4, 8, 9, 10  
Paul Ill - Electric and Acoustic Bass  
Brock Avery - Drums and Percussion



Produced by Wayne Kramer  /  Engineered by Mike Wolf and Jon Newkirk  /  Recorded at Music Box Studio, North Hollywood 1996

Flac Size: 230 MB


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The Cynics: Noise In The Garage


The Cynics are an American garage rock band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The band, at the time

consisting of guitarist Gregg Kostelich, drummer Bill Von Hagen, vocalist Michael Kastelic who joined in 1985, bass player Steve Magee, and keyboardist Becky Smith (later founder of New York City's Bellwether gallery), debuted with their first album, Blue Train Station in 1986. Many of their songs "carry the torch" for other favorite bands as cover songs or tributes.

The Cynics themselves roared out of the gate in 1986 with "Blue Train Station," went “Twelve Flights

Up” in 1988 and then unleashed one of the best rock albums out of Pittsburgh with 1989’s “Rock 'n' Roll.” After two more albums, the Cynics played what seemed to be their final show on New Year's Eve 1995. They formed their own independent record label called Get Hip Records in 1986.

“It was getting to the point where it was becoming a grind, the same thing every night, people expecting me to jump and fall down and do this and that,” Kastelic said in 2002. “Sometimes, I just didn't feel like

it. And if I didn't feel like it, how can I expect other people to enjoy it?" Within months, the Cynics were on the comeback trail, playing one of their best markets: Spain. The band marked the reunion by releasing “Living is the Best Revenge” in 2002 and then came back out of the garage in 2007 with the made-in-Spain "Here We Are," praised by USA Today as "one of the best neo-garage-rock albums in years."

They suffered an eight-year break up after the release of Get Our Way but returned in 2002 with the release of Living Is the Best Revenge. The release of their 2007 album Here We Are was accompanied

with a European tour. Scott Mervis of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette said "Here We Are might be best of the Cynics' seven records, and USA Today has already called it "one of the best neo-garage-rock albums in years." Entertainment Weekly called them "gnarly, sweaty, raucous, and brimming with snotty attitude". In reference to the band's first two albums, Blue Train Station and Twelve Flights Up, Trouser Press said they were packed with "surefooted atmosphere and excitement".



For a debut release, Blue Train Station sounds very mature in its accurate display of classic rhythm and blues tinged with portions of folk-rock, psychedelia, and Hammond organ garage stomp. More than mere camp '60s revivalism, The Cynics hit upon a style of timeless, melodic rock with momentous pop melodies.

The Cynics – Blue Train Station
Label: Get Hip Recordings – GH-1000CD
Format: CD, Album, Reissue 1994
Country: US
Released: 1987
Genre: Rock
Style: Garage Rock



01. Blue Train Station    2:24
02. On The Run    3:16
03. Waste Of Time    2:13
04. No Friend Of Mine    2:26
05. Soul Searchin'    2:30
06. Love Me Then Go Away    3:42
07. No Way    1:48
08. Hold Me Right    2:08
09. Why You Left Me    2:24
10. I Can't Get Away From You    2:24
11. I Want Love    2:07
12. Road Block    6:55


Bass – Steve Magee
Drums – Bill Von Hagen
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Gregg Kostelich
Organ, Backing Vocals – Beki Smith (Rebecca Smith)
Vocals, Harmonica, Tambourine, Maracas – Michael Kastelic

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The album Blue Train Sessions was later remixed and re-released as Blue Train Sessions including previously unreleased material.

The Cynics – Blue Train Sessions
Label: Get Hip Recordings – Naked 2cd, Skyclad Records – Naked 2cd
Format: CD, Compilation, Remastered
Country: US
Released: 1989
Genre: Rock
Style: Garage Rock



01. Blue Train Station   2:26
Written-By – Kostelich, Kastelic
02. On The Run   3:15
Written-By – Kostelich, Kastelic
03. Waste Of Time/No Friend Of Mine   4:39
Written-by [No Friend Of Mine] – Turnbow, Parks
Written-by [Waste Of Time] – Kostelich, Kastelic
04. Get Away Girl   2:53
Written-By – Hocko, Nicholson, Newton
05. Lying All The Time   3:40
Written-By – Splinter, Tax
06. No Way   1:50
Written-By – Kostelich, Kastelic
07. Love Me Then Go Away   3:54
Written-By – Kostelich, Kastelic
08. Blues In D   5:47
Piano – Chuck Guzelli
Written-By – Von Hagen, Guzelli, Kostelich, Kastelic, Magee
09. Dancing On The Wall   3:04
Written-By – Kostelich, Kastelic
10. Hold Me Right   2:12
Written-By – Kostelich, Kastelic
11. Soul Searchin'   2:31
Written-By – Warren Kendrick
12. Why You Left Me   2:23
Written-By – Kostelich, Kastelic
13. I Got Nightmares   2:26
Written-By – Baar, Roelofs, Yink, Bieler
14. I Can't Get Away From You   2:29
Written-By – Vern Miller, Jr.
15. I Want Love   2:09
Written-By – Lindsay Bjerre
16. Road Block   7:04
Written-By – Rosbotham, Armstrong, Demick, Catling, Tinslay


Bass – Steve Magee
Drums, Liner Notes – Bill Von Hagen
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Gregg Kostelich
Organ, Backing Vocals – Beki Smith (Rebecca Smith)
Vocals, Harmonica – Michael Kastelic


All the sessions for the "Blue Train Station" album, remixed and remastered, including previously unreleased material.
Originally recorded at Aircraft Studios, July '86
Remixed & Remastered at Audiomation, July '89

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The Cynics shifted their direction slightly for the second LP, Twelve Flights Up 1988, from R&B homage to a more poppy, psychedelic folk-rock sound. The results are often excellent, as on the ballad "Took Her Hand," which oozes with sentimentality and overpowering melody. Twelve Flights Up was also later remixed and re-released as Sixteen Flights Up with four bonus tracks.

The Cynics – Sixteen Flights Üp
Label: Get Hip Recordings – GH 1010CD
Format:    CD, Compilation 1994
Country: US
Released: 1988
Genre: Rock
Style: Garage Rock



01. Creepin'    2:50
02. Yeah!    3:10
03. I Know    2:18
04. Took Her Hand    2:40
05. I Never Loved Her    2:55
06. Erica    4:50
07. A Basket Of Flowers    2:07
08. Abba    3:09
09. Nothin'    3:00
10. Useless    2:10
11. Gloria's Dream    2:30
12. I'm In Pittsburgh And It's Raining    2:07
13. Smoke Rings    2:30
14. Little Girl    3:22
15. Cat And Mouse    2:04
16. But Now I Find    2:25


Organ, Backing Vocals – Beki Smith (Rebecca Smith)
Drums - Bill Von Hagen
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Gregg Kostelich
Vocals, Harmonica – Michael Kastelic
Bass – Steve Magee


All of the tracks from the sessions for the second Cynics album, "Twelve Flights Up," including four tracks that weren't on the album. Recorded at TRS (The Recording Studio), Pittsburgh, PA June-July, 1987
Remixed at Audiomation, July, 1989.
Remix – Gregg Kostelich.

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Recorded at VPRO Radio in the Netherlands during The Cynics' European tour for Rock 'N' Roll, this EP has better sound production than the other two Cynics live albums available, Stranded In Madrid and No Siesta Tonight, but lacks the energy level and general drunkenness heard on those. The true bonus of this record is a three-minute interview between guitarist Kostelich and a Netherlands radio jock.

The Cynics – VPRO Radio Broadcast
Label: Get Hip Recordings – GH-1002
Format: Vinyl, LP, 45 RPM, Album, 150 gram
Country: US
Released: 1991
Genre: Rock
Style: Garage Rock



A1. Interview    2:48
A2. Took Her Hand    2:46
A3. Close To Me    3:29
A4. On The Run    3:13



B1. Baby What's Wrong?    2:29
B2. No Way    1:43
B3. Love Me Then Go Away    4:11


Bass – Kris Kasperowski
Drums – Tom Hohn
Guitar – Gregg Kostelich
Vocals – Michael Kastelic
Written-By – Kostelich, Kastelic, Magee (tracks: B1)


Recorded live on the NOZEMS-A-GOGO Show, Wednesday afternoon, April 4, 1990 on VPRO RADIO, The Netherlands

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Stranded In Madrid, import from Spain, contains some songs from the American version of the same concert, No Siesta Tonite, and others left off that project. In its entirety, this record is more effective than the American version and is worth its import price. Though left off the domestic version, Cynics standards like "Get My Way," "Waste of Time," and "Ain't No Friend of Mine" set better examples of the band's power. Stranded In Madrid packs more punch than VPRO Radio Broadcast and is less scattered than No Siesta Tonite.

The Cynics – Stranded In Madrid Live At The Ya'sta
Label: Imposible Records – CD-017
Format: CD, Album
Country: Spain
Released: 1991
Genre: Rock
Style: Garage Rock



01. Girl, You're On My Mind   2:50
02. Get My Way   2:56
03. Different Worlds   2:04
04. Nothing   2:43
05. Yeah!   2:57
06. Blue Train Station   2:10
07. Waste Of Time   2:10  
08. Ain't No Friend Of Mine   2:17
09. I Want Love    2:06
10. Why You Left Me   2:00
11. Bussiness As Usual   1:42
12. Born To Lose   2:42
13. No Place To Hide   3:40


Bass – Kris Kasperowski
Drums, Vocals – Tom Hohn
Guitar, Vocals – Gregg Kostelich
Lead Vocals, Harmonica – Michael Kastelic


Concert recorded Thursday May, 3, 1990.

"Nothing" originally performed by The Ugly Ducklings.
"Ain't No Friend Of Mine" originally performed by The Sparkles.
"I Want Love" originally performed by The Sunsets.
"Born To Lose" originally performed by The Heartbreakers.

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This Japanese greatest hits CD collects the best songs from The Cynics' first three records, plus a cover of "I Got You Babe" done for a Sonny Bono tribute. "I Got You Babe" is surprisingly touching, as the camp value of the song is played down and it's turned into a serious love ballad. Of course, The Cynics' greatest hits are a worthwhile purchase.

The Cynics – Cynicism
Label: 1 + 2 Records – 1+2CD 015
Format: CD, Album, Compilation
Country: Japan
Released: 1991
Genre: Rock
Style: Garage Rock



01. You Got The Love   2:46
Written-By – Kostelich, Kastelic
02. Close To Me   3:27
Written-By – Kostelich, Kastelic
03. Yeah!   3:10
Written-By – Kostelich, Kastelic
04. Took Her Hand   2:40
Written-By – Kostelich, Kastelic
05. Waste Of Time   2:13
Written-By – Kostelich, Kastelic
06. No Friend Of Mine   2:26
Written-By – Turnbow, Parks
07. Now I'm Alone   2:42
Written-By – Kostelich, Kastelic
08. Blue Train Station   2:24
Written-By – Kostelich, Kastelic
09. On The Run   2:42
Written-By – Kostelich, Kastelic
10. Business As Usual   1:40
Written By – Speica/Written-By – Kastelic
11. Brother The Man   1:51
Written-By – Talton, Proctor
12. Baby, What's Wrong?   2:42
Written-By – Kostelich, Kastelic, Magee
13. Way It's Gonna Be   2:45
Written-By – Kostelich, Kastelic
14. Get My Way   3:04
Written-By – Kostelich, Kastelic
15. Girl, You're On My Mind   2:09
Written-By – Bernard Kugel
16. Creepin'   2:50
Written-By – Kostelich, Kastelic
17. Erica   4:50
Written-By – Kostelich, Kastelic
18. Blues In D   5:44
Written-By – Kostelich, Kastelic
19. I Got You Babe   3:36
Written-By – Sonny Bono
20. What You Get   2:07
Written-By – Kostelich, Kastelic
21. Get Away Girl   2:52
Written-By – Hocko, Nicholson, Newton
22. No Way   1:48
Written-By – Kostelich, Kastelic
23. Love Me Then Go Away   3:42
Written-By – Kostelich, Kastelic
24. Cry, Cry, Cry   3:05
Written-By – Stults, Mack


Bass – Steve Magee
Drums – Bill Von Hagen (tracks: 3 to 6, 8, 9, 13, 16 to 18, 21 to 23), Mike Kolesar (tracks: 11)
Drums, Vocals – Tom Horn (tracks: 1, 2, 7, 10, 12 to 15, 19, 20, 24)
Guitar, Vocals – Gregg Kostelich
Organ – Beki Smith (tracks: 3 to 6, 8, 9, 11, 13, 16 to 18, 21 to 23)
Vocals, Harmonica – Michael Kastelic

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Learn to Lose was a Cynics marketing tack, more straightforward rock songs, fewer covers, more riffs than chords, and more vocal harmonies.

The Cynics – Learn To Lose
Label: Get Hip Recordings – GH 1008CD
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 1993
Genre: Rock
Style: Garage Rock



01. Never Again
02. When You'd Go
03. How Could I
04. Right Here With You
05. Someone Like Me
06. You Must Be A Witch
Written-By – Fred Cole
07. Learn To Lose
08. Haunted
09. I Want It All
10. One Day You'll Come
11. Pressure
12. I Want You
Written-By – Frechter, Page


Bass – Mike Michalski
Drums, Vocals – Tom Hohn
Guitar, Vocals – Gregg Kostelich
Organ – Joe West (tracks: 2)
Piano – Joe West (tracks: 10)
Vocals, Harmonica – Michael Kastelic
Written-By – Kugel (tracks: 8), Kostelich (tracks: 1-5, 7-11), Kastelic (tracks: 1-5, 7-11), Michalski (tracks: 11)

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The Cynics regrouped and hired another rhythm section before releasing their best work to date, Get Our Way. The group's folk-rock influences are more exposed on this album, as the heavier guitar riffs present on Learn to Lose give way to excellent pop craftmanship and more emphasized and impassioned vocals from Michael Kastelic. Witness the melancholy chills induced on "Hand In Hand" or "Time Alone" and the subtlety of the surging instrumentation on the power ballad "I'll Wait." Though a couple of psychedelic pieces stick out, The Cynics have struck a balance on Get Our Way. Every song is imbued with a tight focus that marks rock and pop at its best.

The Cynics – Get Our Way
Label: Get Hip Recordings – GH 1030CD
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 1994
Genre :Rock
Style: Garage Rock, Psychedelic Rock



01. No Reason
02. Private Suicide
03. Hand In Hand
04. I'll Wait
05. Lose Your Mind
Written-By – R. Evans, V. Pike
06. That's How I Feel
07. 13 O'Clock Daylight Savings Time
08. Don't Shoot Me Down
Written-By – Whittington, Rodrigues, Cole, Elmore, Campbell
09. And She Said Yeah
Written-By – William Hay
10. I Live Alone
11. Dave V's Car
12. Love Me Now
13. All These Streets
14. Time Alone
15. Dirty Trick
16. Two Rooms
17. Beyond The Calico Wall / STP-00117


Backing Vocals, Theremin, Organ, Other [Spiritual Guidance] – Erik Lindgren
Bass, Backing Vocals – Dave Vucenich
Drums – Max Terasauro
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Gregg Kostelich
Lead Vocals, Harmonica – Michael Kastelic

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The American version of Spain's Impossible Records' Stranded In Madrid, No Siesta Tonite includes several tracks not available on the Spanish import, in addition to a wretched, hopefully tongue-in-cheek cover of "Angel of the Morning." Some of the better tracks from that 1990 concert are left off this version, however, including a great cover of Johnny Thunders' "Born To Lose." Although this remixed CD version has a better sound quality than Stranded In Madrid, the mix is rough, as the bass overpowers the guitar tracks in almost every song. No Siesta Tonite is for fans only.

The Cynics – No Siesta Tonite
Label: Get Hip Recordings – GH-1014 CD
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 1994
Genre: Rock
Style: Garage Rock



01. Intro
02. Baby What's Wrong?
03. Girl You're On My Mind
04. You Got The Love
05. Close To Me
06. Now I'm Alone
07. Yeah!
08. I Never Loved Her
09. Angel Of The Morning
10. No Way
11. Love Me Then Go Away
12. Blue Train Station
13. I Want Love
14. Shot Down
15. Erica
16. Took Her Hand


Bass – Kris Kasperowski
Drums, Vocals – Tom Hohn
Guitar, Vocals – Gregg Kostelich
Lead Vocals, Harmonica – Michael Kastelic


Concert recorded Thursday May, 3, 1990.

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The Cynics – Living Is The Best Revenge
Label:Get Hip Recordings – GH-1050CD
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 2002
Genre: Rock
Style: Garage Rock



01. Turn Me Loose    3:09
02. Making Deals - Written-By The Satans   2:37
03. Marianne    2:46
04. The Tone    1:50
05. Ballad Of J.C. Holmes    3:02
06. She Lives (In A Time Of Her Own) - Written-By – Erickson, Hall   4:22
07. Revenge    2:26
08. I Got Time    2:43
09. Let Me Know    3:13
10. You've Never Had It Better   2:04
Written By – P. Sangster, R. Schwarts/Written-By – S. Poncher
11. Last Day    2:36
12. Shine    5:52



Vocals, Harmonica [Harp], Maracas – Michael Kastelic
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Gregg Kostelich
Guitar, Vocals [Yells] – Tim Kerr
Organ [Hammond] – Patches
Bass – Smith Harper Hutchings
Drums, Backing Vocals – Thomas Hohn


Recorded at Sweatbox Studios (Austin, TX) May 5 2002

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