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Rockin' Bones - Psycho Mama EP [1994]

Rockin' Bones
Psycho Mama
EP 1994

Label: Παν! Records
Catalog#: 001
Format: Vinyl, 7"
Country: Greece
Released: 1994
Genre: Rock
Style: Rock'n'Roll , Indie , Noise []

A Psycho Mama
B1 Torpedo
B2 Never No More

Rockin' Bones :
Harry : L. vocals
Nick "Cage": Bass Uzi
S. "Pyros D." : Drums , vocals
Babi (Noise) B : Guitars

Produced and Mixed : Alex K. - T.H. Lime
Engineered by Coti Kyriakos
Lead Guitar on "Never No More" by T.H. Lime
Mp3 @ 320 & Scans
Take me Psycho Mama

Rockin'Bones are Babi Bone (guitar-vocals),Nick Cage (bass-vocals), S.Pyros D.(drums, vocals) . Babi and S.Pyros D. also perform with another importan Greek group, The Earthbound. Surely these guys don't know what fatigue means. They formed the band in 1992 and till now, they have been an unstoppable R'n'R machine, specializing in R'n'R noise. In 1994 they released a 7'' e.p. " Psychomama" and 3 years later a 7'' single "Mary Jane". Some of their songs are on several Greek independent labels compilation. Influences range from 50's r'n'r bands, The Ramones, Social Distortion, The Last Drive (the most legendary Greek r'n'r band ever!) to Rancid and Hellacopters with an upretending lust for tattoos and velocity. Their first album "On Fire" was released in Vinylust Records (2001). The fans have waited for ages but it was worthwhile. On Fire contains 13 R'N'R dynamites ready to exlpode your cd player!!! A new 7" single is out now since last October (Broke)from Blind Bastard Records. In early 2008, Fuzzy (ex Personality Crisis guitarist) joined the band and Adonis now performs with his swingjazzy group the Swing Shoes. 2008 was a great but also a horrible year for the band. Konstantinos Fuzzy Papahronis, the young and crazy guitarist but also a talented actor and person got killed in a car accident the night of December 2nd. We all miss him! R.I.P. The band is now rehearsing for some new gigs within this year. Until then Stay Sick!!! WARNING: If it's too loud, maybe you're too old!!!!


Wake Me Up : Track on VA - ΡΑΔΙΟ ΟΥΤΟΠΙΑ 4 - Workcamp [1993] Tape Compilation
Psycho Mama / Torpedo / Never No More : EP Παν! Records [1994]
Get Off My Back: track on VA - Toxic Babies In A Rock'n'Roll Land [1994]
Jimmy Bomber : track on VA - The Thing From Another World Vol.1 [1995]
Attitude : track on VA - Sub Collection No 2 [1997]
Attitude / Mary Jane : Single Bad Elvis Records [1997]
On Fire : CD Vinyl Lust records [2001]
Broke / Hard Way To Learn : Single Blind Bastard Records [2007]

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  1. Η αλήθεια είναι ότι δεν τους γουστάρω και πολυ... Εκτός απ' το Torpedo που κόβει κώλους!