Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Midnight Choir : Amsterdam Stranded 1998

A somber European trio who plays a decidedly American form of rootsy rock, Midnight Choir has steadily built not only a fervent fan base, but a unique take on Americana as well.
The trio of Paal Flaata (vocals/guitar), Ron Olsen (acoustic and electric bass), and Al DeLoner (guitar and various other instruments) began in Norway with the less-serious name of the Hashbrowns , busking and occasionally playing club gigs until they were heard by veteran keyboard player Lasse Hafreager.

Midnight Choir took their new name from Leonard Cohen's "Bird on a Wire."

Chris Eckman of the Walkabouts , decided to produce their second album.
Eckman was intrigued by the Scandinavians' take on Americana and recording commenced this time in Seattle, . Aided by fellow Walkabout Carla Torgerson, the production found Midnight Choir settling into their own sound .

Chris Eckman was brought in to produce their next record along with Phill Brown, a noted engineer who is best-known for his work on Talk Talk's landmark Spirit of Eden album. The result, Amsterdam Stranded, was a well-written, confident recording that outsold its predecessors and earned praise both in Norway and abroad .


1 Harbor Hope 8:02
2 October 8 4:25
3 Mercy of Maria 5:37
4 Amsterdam Stranded 4:10
5 And the Rain Redoubled in Violence 1:10
6 Muddy River of Loneliness 6:59
7 Death's Threshold Step #2/The Train 4:20
8 Dear Friend 5:16
9 Bayview ( Time Ain't No Friend ) 5:12
10 Finest Hour

Υπάρχει και σε βινύλιο , στο χάος που διαθέτω , υπάρχει και σε CD .
Προτίμησα να το ανεβάσω απο το CD γιατί τα Σκράτσα - Σκρούτσα
δεν ταιριάζουν σ΄αυτό το αριστούργημα .
Τα Σκαναρίσματα είναι πάντως απο το Βινύλιο
γιατί μου αρέσει να βασανίζομαι !



As I drink too much

As I scream out of lust
At the moon for someone to touch me

As I fail to please
What the moon won`t ease
I can`t sit still from running wild

As I wipe my past
For something good to last
As demons are crowling under my skin

As I walk away
There`s nothing to do but pray
That Maria will take me in her arms

At the mercy of Maria
Will I lay my aching head
At the mercy of Maria
Will I find my resting place

At the mercy of Maria
Will I lay my aching head
At the mercy of Maria
Will I find my resting place

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Bitrate : 320


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