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V.A : 4 AD Records : Lonely is An Eyesore 1987

"Lonely Is an Eyesore" is a real rare compilation of music by artists on the " 4AD " label released in June 1987 . It was originally available on LP , cassette , and in a limited edition wooden box CD containing all audio formats , video tape , and etchings .

A VHS and Beta compilation of music videos for all the songs was released as well . The CD was released in the 1990s in a few copies all over .
The album title comes from the track "Fish" by Throwing Muses , at that time the newest signing to the label.

These are tracks released by the bands , only for this rare compilation and they are not available in their LPs or their CDs .

Για τα φιλαράκια :

Global Entropy
Pirate Industry
We Love Punk

Για πάρτυ σας ρε παιδιά , Μάλλον δύσκολο είναι να το βρείτε κάπου αλλού .
Μακάρι να έχει ανέβει κάπου , κάπως και σε καλή ποιότητα .
(Για το Εξώφυλλο , Οπισθόφυλλο δεν παίζει τίποτα και πουθενά σε καλή ανάλυση . Κρίμα !
Σας τα δίνω ελπίζοντας να τα έχω σκανάρει αρκετά καλά )



Were an English electronic musical group on the 4AD label, releasing a number of records between 1982 and 1987. The band was formed by brothers Martyn and Steve Young, along with guest singers, until Lorita Grahame joined as a permanent member in 1983.
The band had an international hit in 1987 with "Pump Up the Volume," a collaboration with A.R. Kane under the name M/A/R/R/S. The song was notable for being constructed almost entirely from samples of other records, a novelty for a popular record at that time.


Was a gothic dream pop supergroup led by Ivo Watts-Russell, founder of the British record label 4AD. Although Watts-Russell and John Fryer were technically the only two official members, the band's recorded output featured a large rotating cast of supporting artists, many who were signed to, or otherwise associated with, 4AD.[2] About half of the songs released were cover versions, often of 1960s and 1970s psychedelic and folk acts, which displayed those two genres' place in the history and formation of dream pop. On each of the band's three LPs, at least one song would also be a cover of a 4AD artist, and most of the original songs were instrumentals.


The Wolfgang Press were an English band, active in the 1980s and 1990s. While many people were involved in most of their recordings (especially in later years), the core band consisted of Michael Allen (vocals, bass), Mark Cox (keyboards), and Andrew Gray (guitar). The band recorded for the 4AD label. Allen and Cox had both been members of Rema-Rema and Mass, while Gray had been a member of In Camera. All of these bands had also recorded for 4AD. The group scored a #2 Modern Rock hit single in the U.S. with "A Girl Like You" in 1992, which was also their biggest international hit. The band's album, Funky Little Demons, spent one week in the UK Albums Chart at #75 in February 1995.


Throwing Muses is an alternative rock band formed in 1981 in Newport, Rhode Island, that toured and recorded extensively until 1997, when its members began concentrating more on other projects. The group was originally fronted by two lead singers, Kristin Hersh and Tanya Donelly, who both wrote the group's songs. Throwing Muses are known for performing music with shifting tempos, creative chord progressions, unorthodox song structures, and surreal lyrics. The group was set apart from other contemporary acts by Hersh's stark, candid writing style; Donelly's pop stylings and vocal harmonies; and David Narcizo's unusual drumming techniques eschewing use of cymbals.


Dead Can Dance (sometimes referred to as DCD) were an ethereal neoclassical world music duo which formed in Melbourne, Australia, in August 1981. Its mainstays were Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry. The band relocated to London in May 1982 and disbanded in 1998, but reunited temporarily for a world tour in 2005. Their 1996 album Spiritchaser reached No. 1 on the Billboard Top World Music Albums Chart.

Dead Can Dance's albums were not widely available in the United States until the early 1990s, when 4AD made a distribution deal with Warner Bros. Records


They were a phenomenon. Not necessarily the kind that plays to stadiums or fills MTV's timeslots or even sells millions of records. Rather, the kind that quietly causes a fundamental shift in perception, exerting a seminal influence that is universally felt if not always seen.
Even after having called it quits in 1998—ending a 15-year career together that was impressive by any measure—their mark continues to be recognized everywhere, and legions of fans still hunger for more. But more is not likely to come soon.

Elizabeth Fraser

Born: August 29, 1963 in Grangemouth, Scotland.

Liz is the vocalist and lyricist in Cocteau Twins, and co-founded the group in Scotland in 1981 with her long-time companion Robin Guthrie and their friend Will Heggie. Her unique vocal stylings and mysterious, indecipherable lyrics have generated much debate over the years, but she has often been taciturn on the matter when asked about it.


Originally formed as the punk band London Pride by brothers Dave and Alan Curtis, the band included bassist Gary Bromley and drummer Richie Thomas by the release of two EPs for 4AD Records in 1981, Huremics and Vibrating Air.

Both works contained textured instrumentals with a wispy, barely there feel which became a cottage industry for 4AD -- ten years later. A third EP in 1983 (Who Says So?) saw Dif Juz recording for the Red Flame label, and the band's 1985 debut album appeared on Pleasantly Surprised Records.


Also known as Xymox , are a goth band founded in the Netherlands in 1981. In the 1980s they knew moderate success, even scoring a hit single in the United States; they have been referred to as the "founding fathers of goth."

The band was formed in Amsterdam in 1981,
They were invited to support Dead Can Dance and were signed to the indie label 4AD , which released their eponymous debut album in 1985.

Early 2009 Clan of Xymox switched labels , going to Trisol Records in Europe but staying on Metropolis in the USA and Gravitator in Russia . In July 2009 the single "Emily" was released


The Protagonist


1. Colourbox : Hot Doggie
2. This Mortal Coil : Acid, Bitter and Sad
3. The Wolfgang Press : Cut the Tree
4. Throwing Muses : Fish
5. Dead Can Dance : Frontier
6. Cocteau Twins : Crushed
7. Dif Juz : No Motion
8. Clan of Xymox : Muscoviet Musquito
9. Dead Can Dance : The Protagonist

Size : 100 MB
Format : Vinyl LP
Label : 4AD
4 AD-VG 50342
Year : 1987
Made in : Greece
Distributed by EMI and Virgin MT14601
Bitrate : 320



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  3. here again! great compilation and great stuff. really great.
    yours Michael (dj SÜNDENFALL) from vienna/austria

  4. Love 4AD, thank you!
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